Joe Rogan Bernie Drama Exposes the Worst of the Left

I hate that I have to do this next story,
but I have to do it because there’s so much riding on this next election. Joe Rogan recently said very nice things about
Bernie Sanders and that he’d likely vote for Bernie Sanders. Some people are calling it an endorsement. Others are not. Um, whether it is or isn’t an endorsement
or just praise, a portion of the left has gone absolutely crazy in the really toxic,
self-destructive, circular firing Scott squad way that I have been begging and pleading
the left not to do since day one of the 2020 democratic race. Now it’s important to understand there are
two sides to this. There are people who are sort of in the Bernie
camp who are furious about Bernie accepting slash not rejecting the nice words from Joe
Rogan. There are also centrist opportunists who are
using this to fuel unrest within the left. And I’m going to talk about both of them,
but first, let’s look at a sort of condensed version of what Joe Rogan said. This was assembled by the Bernie Sanders campaign. This is part of the anger that Bernie would
use, what Joe Rogan said and use it, uh, as campaign video as campaign material. Let’s take a look at it. Who you can vote for the primary, I think. I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie. Him as a human being when I was hanging out
with him and I believe in him. I like him. I like him a lot. What Bernie stands for is a guy who will look,
you could dig up dirt on every single human being that’s ever existed. If you catch them in their worst moment and
you magnify those moments and you cut out everything else and you only display display
those worst moments that said you can’t find very many with Bernie, he’s been insanely
consistent his entire life. He’s basically been saying the same thing,
been for the same thing his whole life, and that in and of itself is a very powerful structure
to operate from and there are people on the left, including
Bernie supporters who were saying, this is disgusting. Joe Rogan is horrible. He’s transphobic, he’s sexist, he’s homophobic,
he’s racist, misogynistic, throwing everything out there, and Bernie should reject the endorsement. If it was even an endorsement. Again, Joe says he’s going to vote for Bernie. Not everybody should vote for Bernie. He’s not saying, I’m endorsing Bernie. He’s saying, I think I’ll probably vote Bernie. That doesn’t even really matter here. What are we doing? Why are we this stupid? There are two camps here, okay? There are the people who genuinely support
the Bernie politics and are furious about Joe Rogan because they don’t like Joe Rogan. They don’t want Joe Rogan’s help in getting
Bernie elected. Then there are people who don’t actually support
Bernie Sanders and they’re fabricating the anger to try to hurt Bernie concern trolling,
Oh, if someone as transphobic and sexist as Joe Rogan is supporting Bernie, that should
really get us to be concerned about Bernie Sanders, right? Those types of people. I want to focus on the people actually mad
at Bernie for embracing rather than rejecting the endorsement first. Joe Rogan is one of the biggest podcasts in
the world. You combine the YouTube audience about seven
and a quarter million subscribers on one channel, but three and a half million on the other
channel. That’s 10 million YouTube subscribers. You combine that with one of the largest audio
podcasts in the world. Joe Rogan is saying to his audience, especially
by the way, if you believe Joe Rogan’s audience is to the right of Bernie Sanders and to your
right, like if you’re a leftist and you see Joe and his audience has to, you’re right. Joe Rogan is saying to his audience, Hey,
I’m probably voting for Bernie Sanders. Arguably the leftmost person here. Wouldn’t you be happy about that as a leftist? Joe Rogan could single handedly be handing
primary wins to Bernie Sanders with his endorsement or praise of Bernie in some of these States
where it’s Bernie Biden by a few points within the margin of error. Um, and they’re, they’re both going to end
up with a similar number of delegates because of proportional apportionment. Why wouldn’t you want Joe Rogan to possibly
flip States in Bernie’s favor? That’s how big an influential Joe Rogan’s
platform is. So if you like Bernie and you want Bernie
to win, and you’re publicly denouncing Joe Rogan and saying you don’t want the endorsement,
what’s wrong with you? Joe actually makes the argument in analyzing
Bernie that we should make about Joe Rogan. If you look at, what is it, 10 years or more
of Joe Rogan doing this type of media, I know he’s been around longer, but where you’re
kinda hearing Joe Rogan’s thoughts, you can compile stuff that most Progressive’s wouldn’t
be comfortable with in terms of comments about women, trans people, others. I’ve always seen Joe Rogan be willing to talk
about this stuff. He had me on his program and I told him when
I thought he was doing things on his show that weren’t necessarily useful in terms of
how he platforms or interviews, and we just had a conversation and it was perfectly fine. But so then what? Like if Bernie wins the nomination without
rejecting Joe’s endorsement and eventually Bernie as president, you’re going to be upset
because it happened with the help of Joe Rogan. If Joe Rogan convinces people in his audience,
imagine that there’s a whole bunch of transphobes in Joe Rogan’s audience that hear Joe say,
I think I’m voting Bernie. And they say, you know what? I’m also going to vote for Bernie. Okay? Hopefully after voting for Bernie, their views
on transgender people would be revised in the direction that we would agree with. Like what’s the downside to that? Why are you mad? This is the height of missing the forest for
the trees. And unfortunately, some major groups are making
this worse. And this is an example now of the other group,
the left wing group move which some call a progressive groups, some call a centrist
establishment democratic group. They are now calling for Bernie to renounce
the so-called endorsement of Joe Rogan, where they tweeted quote, it’s one thing for Joe
Rogan to endorse a candidate. It’s another for Bernie Sanders campaign to
produce a video, bolstering the endorsement of someone known for promoting transphobia,
homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, and misogyny. We urge Senator Sanders and his campaign to
apologize and stop elevating this endorsement. We stand in solidarity with folks hurt by
this. This is the exact self-destructive nonsense
that will lead to four more years of Donald Trump. And again, a lot of these concerns are not
genuine concerns. People aren’t genuinely concerned. They’re using this to try to hurt Bernie. People who support Biden or boot edge, edge
or warrant, you know, establishment candidates or simply other candidates. They are dishonesty and in bad faith, pretending
like this is a huge thing that upsets them about Bernie in order to just foam an anger
and division at Burnie. They just don’t want Bernie Sanders to win. I don’t know that I have much more to say
to them other than it’s working because they are firing up actual Bernie supporters and
getting them to say things that make no sense. This is the worst of the left. Okay. Being angry about praise from someone with
one of the largest platforms in favor of your candidate. And it’s absolutely and totally horrible. Now let’s do the full thing though. Let’s deal with the things Joe Rogan has said. Um, there are clips that have been circulating
of Joe Rogan saying things that sound to be racist years ago, or Joe Rogan having, you
know, insensitive or unenlightened takes on trans issues. Um, okay, so what do we gain by attacking
Bernie over this? Clearly Rogan agrees with Bernie on enough
that he says, I’m probably voting for him. Shouldn’t we say Joe? That’s great. We love that you recognize that your values
and Bernie’s are aligned on a lot of issues. It’s good for the country. Come on over. And by the way, hopefully as you get into
this and follow Bernie’s campaign, your views will evolve where we don’t agree. Isn’t that the actual progressive and smart
and logical thing and correct thing to do? This slice of the left is not something that
I’m a part of. It’s small, but it’s loud and we need to make
sure that they don’t join forces unwittingly with the AstroTurf firs who are actually doing
this to support Centrus candidates and hurt Bernie because this will all damage our opportunity
to defeat Donald Trump in November. Let’s not fall for it. And I hope people in my audience will join
me in not participating in it. Next Sunday is my birthday. We have a huge membership, special plan for
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