John Cena Shares the Best Acting Career Advice Dwayne Johnson Gave Him

-We have done almost
every single thing together. I mean, we’ve been a guest
on a show — -Does that mean
I can never come back? -No, you’re our favorite!
We love you so much. -Because I love you guys.
I love to be here. -No, we —
[ Cheers and applause ] It’s good.
-Great audience, great studio. Amazing band. Good to see you guys again,
as well. -We did a —
We did a — It was like an NBC
upfronts commercial. This is something
that no one will ever see. -So we did do
an NBC upfronts commercial, but that’s just
you and I hanging out. [ Laughter ] -This is us
before we went to the club. -Yes, they forced us
to wear suits for this gig. That’s just you and I have —
-But we had fun. That was a fun —
-So, it was, and this is where I actually get
to shower you with praise, because this is one thing you
don’t know about Jimmy Fallon. He just works himself silly. I know we’re all busy in life,
but this man goes with a reckless abandon
that makes me jealous. So that day, we’re shooting
all day in Los Angeles. I see Jimmy.
He looks like his normal self, fun, happy to be there,
doing bits for everybody while he’s there. Knows everybody,
learns everybody’s name, will completely
make himself look ridiculous for this
network commercial exposé that he has to orchestrate. And the next day,
I just am like, “Hey, man.
So what have you been up to?” He’s like, “You know,
just flew if from New York.” I’m like, “Hey! When?”
He’s like, “Yeah, like, you know, an hour ago.” And he’d worked all night,
flew to L.A., shot this bit, was completely professional. Not once was he like, “Oh, man.
I’m just so tired.” Never once did I know
he was on a 24-hour clock. And as soon as he was done, like, the last shot is him
running out of thing. He just ran straight out,
caught the plane back to New York
and went back to work. [ Laughter ] -And I did —
[ Cheers and applause ] -So, Jimmy is — Jimmy is always being so nice
to his guests and showering his guests
with compliments. You are not only
a consummate professional, you are an inspiration
on how to conduct yourself around other people. I think you tirelessly
work yourself to the bone to entertain
these people every night, and you’re
a wonderful human being, and I’m proud
to call you my friend. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you for saying that. [ Cheers and applause
continues ] Hey, you guys
always cheer for the guests. For Jimmy Fallon!
-No, no. [ Cheers and applause ] No, no, no. All right.
Stop, stop, stop, stop! All right, two things.
Two things. One, I’m 100% drunk
in this photo. Number two,
I didn’t like your movie. -All right, now let’s —
[ Laughter and applause ] -You know, Jimmy,
every time we talk, I feel when I leave here, we’re better friends
than when we started. And then you go
and do something like that and totally ruin it! -You’re shooting
a lot of films right now. I know
you’re in “Suicide Squad.” Right now,
you’re filming that currently. -Yeah.
-That’s amazing. You just finished a movie
from “The Fast and Furious.” -Yeah, “Fast 9.”
Yeah. -“Fast 9.”
[ Cheers ] Oh, thank you, guys.
Thank you. -These are giant, giant movies. [ Cheers and applause ] Did you get any advice from your
buddy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? -That’s a great question, Jimmy.
-Thank you. Yeah, no one’s
ever asked you that. -No.
Actually, no, they haven’t. So, it’s actually — You know, The Rock and I
are most known for our tremendous WWE feud that
broke WWE Pay-Per-View records. And we kind of talked a lot
of trash about each other. -Yeah. -Now, we also had a follow-up
match a year later. So we spent a year
making fun of each other, and then, one night,
beating each other up. And then we were like, “Did we
just become best friends?” “Yep.”
[ Laughter ] So, basically, we were able
to set aside our differences on that night.
And in the next year, I begin to get more chances
at opportunities. And I had an audition,
and I had to put myself on tape for a movie called “Trainwreck.” I hadn’t yet got any news that
I was gonna be in the running for anything
to be involved with the movie, and I was really nervous. And I’m like, “Well, I should
talk to the one guy I know who’s in a lot of movies.” And Dwayne
just happened to be at WWE. I’m like, “Hey, man.
You always — We have a pretty good
talking relationship. Is there any advice
you can give me on how to turn this
into a success? Because it’s something
I really want to do.” And he gave me a piece of advice
that still rings in my ears like he said it yesterday. And it was —
I don’t even know if he knows this was such sage advice. He just turned to me as, like,
smooth and casual as he always does
with everything he says, and in such
an inspirational tone, as with everything he does,
he was like, “Just be yourself, man. That’s why they asked you there
in the first place.” And that message of ‘always be
authentically yourself’ has stuck with me and created
the opportunities that I have. [ Cheers and applause ]
-And that’s where you — -Thank you, The Rock.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
-And you got “Trainwreck,” and you crushed that movie! You were so funny in that movie. -Because I don’t know
if you’ve seen that movie. I was absolutely myself
in that movie. -Yeah. Oh, really?
[ Laughter ] You were fantastic
in that movie. You were great. And I want to talk about
“Playing With Fire,” because you crushed
in this movie, as well, with Keegan-Michael Key…
-Yeah. -…who’s also another
funny human being. It comes out November —
-November 8th. -November 8th.
It is — -You guys
are going to Texas, right? -Yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. -[ Cheers ]
-November 7th. Yeah, the one person
from Texas is like, “Yeah!” [ Laughter ]
“All right!” -I’ll give you a ride over.
I’ll give you a ride over. -Yeah.
-I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s the great John Cena
in “Playing With Fire.” Take a look at this. ♪♪ -You hurt? -Are you a
real-life fireman? -I’m a smoke jumper, which is like a firefighter
but way cooler. -What does a smoke jumper do? -Oh, we jump into fires
to fight them. -Firemen fight fires. -Yeah, but there’s over
a million firefighters. There’s only 336 smoke jumpers. -A million’s more than 300. -Listen, stop.
I don’t have time. We do what I say
and we do it now. -Copy that.
We are go for extraction. -No, wait.
No, wait! Whoa! Whoa!
Unh! Wait!
-The button is jammed. -Ohh!
Unh! -Ooh. [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on.
-So, that’s what I do for work. -Come on.
That’s what you do for work. You’re the best, bud.
We love you. -Thank you very much.
Man, I’ll see you next time. -My dad says hi.
-Oh, please tell him hello! -John Cena, everybody!


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