Joker Movie Review (Classic Or Trash?)

hey good evening star report on a Friday
night I’m your host star aka the Big Kahuna
okay okay hell of a day on the screen you see it the Joker
movie review I went to the movies this this afternoon 12:30 to be exact
got my ticket we deal with receipts ah huh I want to take my time I want to be
sensitive I am gonna be giving out some spoilers so if you you don’t if you
don’t wanna hear me spoil the film for you don’t watch the show tonight but I
went to two movies and I’m not a movie goer I haven’t been to the movies well
you know what in the last five years I’ve gone to the movies literally four
times I don’t like the experience of the movies anymore I don’t like to sit in
assigned seats you know because you might be sitting next to someone who’s
you know just doing too much or they’re playing with the fucking phone but I
went today so that I could talk about this film also um on the screen second
topic coming up a little bit later should black people identify as color
neutral don’t laugh just think about this for a second let
me say it again should black people in America identify as color neutral think
about the whole gender neutral dolls trans trans or everything that’s trends
right now is so sensitive so so hypersensitive if you ask me that you
have to be careful of what you say so that you don’t offend people black
people in this country have suffered more than anyone else hundreds of years
and what do you think that they deserve anything or not by way of reparations
they are the the oppressed people of this country that’s just a fucking fact
so I want to ask tonight and we will talk about some of the other things that
go along with that particular topic a little bit later okay I’ve got some
notes also holy smokes last night last night
I went to see Tyler the Creator here in Atlanta at the State Farm arena there’s
my ticket we deal with receipts shit was lit as fuck I don’t care about who’s
been kissing white boys since 2004 I don’t care about the blonde wig although
he was working it hey Tyler hey girl concert was lit as fuck or what
do you guys say live is fuck I went by myself the young lady that I spoke to
well over a month and a half ago about going to the show to the Tyler create a
concert she was a little Aggie because I got some fire coochie the other day
remember I spoke about that and you know I called her I said hey concerts tonight
it was yesterday she said I don’t know if I want to go I don’t know if I have
fire coochie or not I said so you don’t want to go and she said no I don’t think
so so she curved me or canceled whatever
you want to call it I then called my cousin he didn’t pick up I called
another guy but yeah I don’t really wanna go with a guy so I went by myself
had a great fucking time some of you saw me there all right we’ll talk about that
also or if you were at the concert give me your thoughts live as fuck what can I
say anyway all right so let’s get into the
UM the new Joker movie and for those of you who are be there like you know DC
world comic-book enthusiasts give me a minute before I lay some of this out in
case I say something wrong because you know you know that world is very very
tricky you say the wrong thing there come at your neck oh you don’t know the
fuck you’re talking about this film starring Joaquin Phoenix the
Joker rated-r okay not for kids
I like that okay this new film is not hear me out not an adaptation from any
single comic book the name Arthur Fleck is different from the film with Michael
Keaton and Jack Nicholson that was it the name of the joke it was different
then and in the Dark Knight if I’m not mistaken the Joker did not even have a
name so this film is not an adaptation of any single car
book story okay the one that they’re saying it may have some similarities to
is a comic book written called The Killing Joke by Alan Moore where the
Joker was a stand-up comic but he was married in that particular comic so
again it’s not an added adaptation of any single comic book the film deals
with modern mental health and anxiety issues and I’m going to tell you these
things before I give you my opinion of this film all right a fifty five million
dollar budget that’s it fifty five made some movies like two hundred and fifty
thousand I’m sorry two hundred and fifty million to make only fifty five million
all right no GCI action sequences thank you Jesus
you know I’m 55 years of age I can’t take all that shit zooming across the
screen no GCI action sequences no hollywood
assembly line no nobody from a different movie who’s a superhero well with the
exception of a young Bruce Wayne a young Batman but nobody else I like that okay
um what’s the film violent yes but there was no big guns
none of that shit the Joker got busy with the old-ass revolver anybody the
live-chat I know what I’m talking about hmm he got
busy with the old revive old revolver and clap three white boys on the subway
oh I’m spoiling it let me let you know right now clap three white boys on the
subway okay someone’s a star at CGI not Jesus whatever whatever at CGI who gives
a fuck none of that fast-moving shit but thank you write that down
the Joker got busy with a revolver and he stabbed the guy in his apartment
stabbed him in the head and all sorts of shit and bang against the fucking wall
um the guy who gave him their revolver oh it wasn’t it beautiful how the I’m
gonna say little person even though in the film they refer to the little guy as
a midget when the Joker said you can leave
he goes to the door but he couldn’t reach the fucking chain hahaha oh that
was beautiful and sadistic um let me just say right now before I go to the
phones and I hear you out this film in my opinion this film that stands on its
own merit this film that Joaquin Phoenix in my opinion gave an Oscar performance
this is beyond a classic this is a monumental film and you know I’m the
hater the objective hater I went to that theater this afternoon to find something
to hate on it so that I could come back here it’s our trash trash I can’t
honestly sit here and do that the film is is lit I’ll just say lit but
again monumental film I think that it’s gonna stand stand the test of time yes
Heath Ledger stellar performance Academy Award was the Best Supporting Actor I
forget Heath Ledger but this one here something else
milking live-chat early hey greeting hey guys doing anybody see how the Joker yet
yeah monumental the cinema toxin Emmet
ography loved it yes and I said old school violence yeah pulled out the the
knife for the scissors I forget yeah gosh dad the fuck at a homie who gave
him the goddamn the revolver oh I got some other spoilers for you just give me
a little time I want to talk about how I’m Robert DeNiro how he caught it
oh that was beautiful and the Joker’s mother I’m on that bullshit tonight all
right full handsome coming to shortly um boss chick Ronny will be calling it and
also Jennifer if you’re after I sent you an email I did not get a response yet
the second topic should black people identify as color neutral again with the
the wave of people now that are talking about you know I’m gender free sexually
free um back in 2016 I did a show and I was
talking about queer theory for some of you who remember that and remember you
said ice that sounds stupid get out of here
look where we are now with queer theory so we have black race hustlers let’s
keep it real there are hustling black people we have
hundreds of years of oppression racism and so on and so forth and I’ve got some
notes on that as well so we can talk about that a little bit you know when we
get into it but um I want to just ask the question should black people
identify as color neutral now the reason why I’m saying color as opposed to race
is because most of you should know that race is a social construct here in
America back in Africa back during the era of the Moors they didn’t use the
term black they didn’t even use the word well in Africa the word King was a
different word so so here in America we’ve had the issue for hundreds of
years with something called race a social construct so I’m more so focusing
on color or the lack thereof and should black people try to adapt that
particular thinking what do you think that’s too far-fetched either way we’ll
chop them tonight and again if you at the UH the concert last night Tyler the
Creator I would love to hear what your thoughts are okay let’s go to the phone
lines early area code two one five hey have you seen the Joker yeah two one
five two one five good evening good evening okay doing a lot why we just
hang on the line area code for 690 there 469 talk about the new Joker movie have
you seen him leaving so you gonna speak up you’re breathing in my ear come on
what are you doing Friday night let’s go joke a movie have you seen it be
interested let’s go man what do you think okay you have the floor sir what
was awesome about it yeah okay so what the important thing to understand about
the different DC movie that they’re all a part of the
multiverse so every time you see a new joke or a new Batman they’re all on a
different earth in the multiverse and so this is a different Joker that we’ve
ever ever seen ever so this Joker is way older than the
other Joker’s ever seen because this guy was in his 30s I think and so you got
Batman as a little kid I mean Bruce Wayne a little kid and he is maybe his
brother maybe not we don’t know and after the Joker went into the
refrigerator or whatever after he went for that we’re not really sure if he
actually died and if she was maybe illuminating the rest of the movie or
whatever else but man I really really like this movie was really good I agree
with you Oscar performance good ass how old are you yes sir told you I’m 42 42
years old okay okay so why can’t Phenix was born in 74 so he’s not in his 30s
that’s number one um I’m not trying to act like a know-it-all but you know this
film stands on its own and what you’re talking about the MCU world the reason
why Joaquin Phoenix – my based upon my research the reason why he took this
roles because this film will not be attached to the other DC as you just
said universes he will not be you know with Ben Affleck if he’s even playing
Batman anymore and these other stars this is a standalone film you do know
that yes so when you talk about you know different universes in yada yada yada
that’s not where this film was coming from you definitely correct about that
but I can already see you don’t have some callers calling in and talking
about things like traditional or this ain’t like the comic books and all that
and a lot of people just don’t really get it that’s well stay with me because
I’m not looking to argue again I watched this film as a piece of art and I
fucking enjoyed it I went there to hate I went to the artists is gonna be
bullshit they’re just gonna beat this guy up and then he’s gonna start killing
killing killing people now he had psychological issues what I thought that
his thing was a fuckin stellar performance
he dropped that thing 52 pounds to play this role you know that yeah yeah you
can definitely tell he really gets into his role he’s one of those actors that
really really gets into it and will drop the weight or gain the weight whatever
he needs to do yeah anything else you want to probably shake
this performance wanna make the film an under percent agreement another percent
agreement I love the ponies he’s easy don’t tell that just ya know I’m gonna
break that down later pushed his wig back before you go before you go the
second topic should black people identify as color neutral your thoughts
on that but why don’t you go definitely don’t believe in that man I’m so I’m
original black man okay you know we really need to have an identity we need
to know who we are as a people we need to know our place on this earth and we
need to own it we need to claim it and and black people span our whole spectrum
of colors and we need to understand that and unify with our Brown brothers who I
know I’m not your brother hang on stay with me because if you’re
if you’re X foi follower of Islam yes yes some people say follow it Islam okay
for the vislon um you know the the the teachings of the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad clearly and I say this respectfully Minister Farrakhan has gone
astray from them he’s so he talks about Jesus more more so than the the
messenger ever did he also taught he’s injured wine the Nation of Islam with
other the Church of Scientology so even he he’s trying to get on you know board
with uh-huh you know mainstream America yeah you know the science how’s your thing
really putting me off man and I can’t get down with that l ron hubbard total
rain I read diagnostic Dianetics poor me dine eggs back in the mid eighties the l
ron hubbard wasn’t fucking with black people
no way not at all not fucking with niggers right so you say no black people
should remain identifying as black you know five on the black hand side you
know sale out on black and I’m proud yes I thank you thank you
Friday night folks got my little cocktail it’ll be I’m
gonna be sipping a little turnt up just give me a minute
Oh candy on deck you know that sugar rush um what else with via the Joker
movie did I forget to lay out here again stellar performance by Joaquin Phoenix
wasn’t he a rapper at one point in his career didn’t he he retired from acting
to become a rapper I could he’s really out there and his his brother River
Phoenix who I remember from the 80s he died I forget when he died but um great
performance you know method a method actor and again I just love the fact
that this film was not like just full of explosions and all the just the effects
to take you away from the story I’m gonna tell you how he killed his mother
Shirley oh that was beautiful that was that’s fucking incredible so to
every code to and five good evening two and five The Joker
movie have you seen it yet two one five gravy Yes No maybe okay it’s get yeah
it’s go to area code two zero one hate till one of you they’re talking about
the new joke a movie hey good evening how you
all right I’m looking forward to seeing the movie I’m going to see it on Sunday
but uh the perspective perspective I have is that I worked on it so I got to
see it from behind the scenes and how Joaquin Phoenix his regiment um he was
very very skinny and sickly looking and that he did that to himself in order to
get into the role on like you said the explosions they didn’t have any of that
they took a very simplistic outlook with the film most of those
most of the locations that you see are actual locations like when they were in
the train station they did that and they did that up on the Grand Concourse in
Bedford they did it also out in Brooklyn the grand conquest in the Bronx for
those who don’t know Bronx New York yes yes they and I mean when they did it
they did it while people were getting off the train so I think there’s a
bouncing in the subway station they actually started like letting off the
guns while as a train pulled in and people were coming out of the car so
people thought that this shit was real like they really did you say a shootout
scene are you talking about the Joker who was clapping those three white boys
well shootout well there was there was a scene I haven’t seen the movie but I was
there when they when they because I worked on it okay there was a scene
where it seemed like they were in the in a trunk they were in the train station
in the subway and in the subway yeah in the trench okay my busin Bob um he was
left-handed and everybody started running like hell like that was it
yeah and um they filmed that in Brooklyn they filmed that in Newark the scene in
Newark was really good oh that’s the part where um you see him
get hit with the sign and and he was chasing after the guys who took the sign
looking up some sign in the movie in the street and they also did location in the
Bronx by Yankee Stadium up in the hills and the hood okay okay I hear what
you’re saying sir I’m talking about this movie standing on its own mass you have
not seen it yet you’re going Sunday yes yes burger like you said how they did it
like it’s oscar-worthy like I saw how they put it together like because I was
thinking I’m like it was Batman gonna be in the movie like you know how is this
gonna go and young Bruce Wayne was in the movie and and and the Joker had his
fingers all in his mouth you know helping him a smile but uh but listen
man get back to me after you see it because you know all the behind the
scenes stuff that’s cool that’s great this film in my opinion stands on its
own and also CGI is what I said earlier computer-generated imagery and there was
none of that stuff none of the action sequences correct not they didn’t even
the scene there was a scene on a subway train the subway train was actually in
the stage and they set up huge TV screens around the subway car and the
subway you know they they made it shake and everything with these pumps and all
of that there’s no green screen like that CGI when they use a green screen
didn’t use any of that like they really took a simplistic look at it but yeah
I’ll call you back Thank You Mila and I’ll let you go my take thank you so
much okay so yeah I was right earlier I said CGI there’s no CGI action sequences
computer-generated imagery um also you know what he killed his mother took her
out quick and cold put put a pillow over her head in the hospital got her to fuck
up out of there and those other things about the film that that just made it
really connect to even though again it was filmed or it was supposed to
represent Gotham City in 1980 if I’m not mistaken I didn’t write that down it’s
very much connected to people today that are depressed you know
going through anxiety he was taking seven different medications now the
reason why this film stands on his own is because other different Joker
storylines and comic books in the past I think the one that I referenced earlier
hold on a second the comic book The Killing Joke the way that the Joker
became the Joker’s he fell into some type of green whatever that was some
type of I don’t even want to say some type of a mixture but he fell into
something that that transformed him into the Joker but this one he just it’s a
process and he snaps and when he snaps shit got lit real fucking nice and and
and fast I’ll just say that anybody in the live chat see the film you know how
Robert Robert DeNiro catches it huh oh that was beautiful how smug and
condescending was Robert De Niro in the film pushed his wig back okay
a couple of people saying what is color neutral tell me tell me what color
neutral is it’s on this on the screen should black people try to equate
themselves with color neutral so question so to every coat um
9/11 for homeless secondaries good evening nine one for you they’re talking
about the new Joker film have you seen it
yep yo hello hey hey yo phenomenal film phenomenal phenomenal act in yeah you
see you see from the time the movie starts what’s happening to him and
what’s leading up to him snappin but then as the movie’s going on you see
that he’s hallucinating remember when he like with the whole
thing with the girl and mean her and talking to her like you start to see
that the medication was wearing off yeah you know what I mean because he
stopped taking it but it was what it was very well put together even if it wasn’t
called the Joker it was it was a it was a very good movie
it means acting was crazy are you into the whole DC world and do you know that
the comic strip of the comic-book you know series of the
Joker keep it real I’m submit I’m familiar with it yes I am
but I don’t I believe this one is not supposed to have any connection to the
DC Universe at all right right right so you know there’s this is just supposed
to be its own thing and that’s what makes it great you know the mean like oh
I thought it was cool how they it was a little twist in there where they try to
say that his mother was sleeping with um Thomas Wayne then he goes to confront
him and he’s like yo your mom’s a psycho like then he goes to the psych ward
figures out that she was crazy and then you’d like you really start to see the
effects of like his childhood like he I guess he forgot that he was abused you
know and that’s what led up to the crazy scene that you know when he went into
the hospital and smothered uh and I locate his dad’s bugging out yeah now
even though you know there was some dream dreaming or her partner
hallucinating on his part and now you have these people in the Internet Oh The
Joker movie ending explained I don’t give a shit if he was hallucinating or
not the film is a good film so so what could have been possibly you know all
that stuff is is that whole layered thing that really just takes away from
films if you ask me now in present times it takes away from going to see a film
and saying hey you know that was a good film because we have to think about
people who don’t know the Batman DC Joker fucking world and they just want
to go to the movies and see a good film and I think those people can go watch
this and say hey I enjoyed it and I don’t know the fucking history nor do I
give a fuck you feel me right what yep yep yep exactly exactly yeah okay thank
you yeah thank you alright take it easy okay yeah yeah there’s a lot of people
on the internet there Joker movie at the ending explained as if you know we’re
all just stupid we’ll never get it why the film is the film a monumental film I
think you will enjoy it if you don’t know anything about the goddamn the
franchise the his feel enjoyed every code 704 clearly there 704 704 yes you
know maybe okay so every killed me good evening how are you
The Joker movie I’m good I just wanted to comment on a color code between
colors okay should black people identify as color neutral when your thoughts well
I don’t know why so called like two who are describe myself as a as a color in
the first place I mean is the adjective and also okay my daughter knows the
difference between a cutter a color and a human being so well yeah I mean that
that sounds great and I say that respectfully but you know here in this
country for hundreds of years the agenda of color and race has been pushed and so
I’m just asking a question I’m throwing a curveball so what you know should
black people claim color neutral yeah I think they should claim color neutral
because a human being cannot be painted it’s not a noise on your phone so are
you doing a drug transaction what’s going on you’re moving around what are
you doing are you doing well thank you thank you
thank you hey also let me just point out that uh
is za z beats that’s her name she plays the Joker’s love interest and yes he was
hallucinating with her we thought she was at the hospital with him you know
when his mother had the stroke and who gives you shit if he was hallucinating
on that she’s a hot bitch I think she’s from Germany she’s German American but
if you don’t know a couple of months ago I think Ronnie sent me something on
Hershey this is the chick who says that
Americans we shower too much that’s just a side note you know I think that’s her
she’s the one that said we shower too much so maybe she doesn’t believe in
Washington kuchi that often I don’t know but uh
za z beets she’s in the film great acting as well hey is that Ronnie 732
greeny Ronnie hey star hey hey you pretty good at in yourself I’m
sitting here talk about the joke a movie you and I spoke earlier you have not
seen it correct no I have not seen it but you are dropping a lot of spoilers
I’m about how he puts Robert De Niro’s wig back but hey if we can shift gears
for a second because I did reference to you that I would be talking about should
black people identify as color neutral I do have some notes I don’t you know go
too deep tonight but them you know we had the whole gender neutral wave now
gender-neutral dolls Mattel just introduced gender-neutral dolls people
are transracial some people are claiming well you know I’m not really black you
know and you have other people that are just really pushing their whole gender
and they don’t want to be classified so I’m just asking the question
you should black people identify as gender I’m sorry color neutral what are
your thoughts well I mean I think that you can self-identify is whatever you
choose but if you have to put a label on it you know I think color neutral sounds
as ridiculous as when people claim to not see color because the fact is that
you know despite whatever you choose to classify yourself as Society and more
specifically your environment is going to classify you regardless so they’re
going to make that determination about you for themselves and so even for to
people like that might look racially ambiguous you know they’re still going
to be classified as one of five races based on you know visual observation yes
and that’s exactly what I’m talking about because what you just said in all
actuality is marginalizing people I’ve got notes here and I’ve gone back in the
past hang on a second to Johann Friedrich blumenbach who’s one
of your leaders in anthropology you know in classifying different skulls and
things like that by way of you know what was what was perceived then to be race
and there have been other studies right since then that have said that race is a
social construct I have notes here Psychology Today even though I’m sitting
here sipping tonight I wanna have a good time I did pull out some notes for this
particular topic Scientific American denounces race says it’s a social
construct so yes what is right isn’t that marginalizing what you just said
yeah they’re gonna they’re gonna classify you as black anyway isn’t that
wrong well it is what it is essentially and like you were just speaking about
you know former anthropologists see we sort of progressed a little bit because
back then and you know the 1700s the 1800s they had classified three human
races the Caucasoid the mongoloid the nig the negroids so for short that would
be white asian and black now you know we have five and these classifications
although they’re loosely based on you know the region of origin they’re mainly
distinguishable by the physical characteristics so unless you’re going
to change your physical characteristics you cannot change the classification
the classification that you technically will fall under ha so you you are
sticking to what you’ve been saying which is consistent with just because a
male wants to transition to a female he’s still a male fuck that dumb shit
right well I mean it’s it’s sort of complicated when it comes to color and
race and ethnicity because like you said race is a social construct race is not
biological you know there isn’t a cluster of genes or any one specific
gene that is common to all blacks or always it’s just self-identification
so from the from the inside looking out you know and but from the outside
looking and to an observer a person’s race is
decided by their phenotype so it’s what you see or you know it’s what you hear
okay stick with me Ronnie I want to open up
the phone lines also do work mech I see a cash shop I do not see you in the
queue do work mech says bout to roll up some platinum Kush salute eight four
three okay I’ll look for you on the line I do not see you do work mech I’ll keep
looking for your call also I see a universal one says uh my
free movie site don’t work any suggestions send me an email and I want
to talk reckless on the show but shoot me an email you know see if I can assist
you in some way shape or form John blaze once it’s gonna phone hang on a second
John blaze gleaming sir you there area code 707 job late on the second hey
could hear from you man Hawaii what hey Ronnie start man fuck these
colored neutral niggas man I’m tired of it let’s no because it’s the fact it’s
the fact that nigga look the example was already made when ever Gardner oh the
captain killed the brother in the department they were already a declared
demonstration of niggas who’s : neutral you know so it really falls in line with
niggas who already run in that in that lane in terms of them identify as being
something as other than being black with even though the worship of a white
Christ I mean black folks in United States is the only Negroes that worship
a deity that is not reflected in them so we have already our Negroes have already
for me have already been color neutral given the fact that they are now and and
in fact that they have already been given forgiveness the white boat you say
in a fan so the color neutral has already been applied to niggas anyway
you know okay hang on a second Jumblies I hear what you’re saying but I’m more
so talking about by way of consensus arrest information he’ll everybody just
got up in arms because Stacy – was arrested over some domestic dispute and
the police came out and said that they made
era and class have classified her as white people thought that she was
calling herself white while the people so fucking upset I mean so what did she
think she’s white I mean in reality you know again gay people transgender people
are correcting every goddamn body about being trans gender neutral sexually free
Yaya why can’t black people do it I understand that but you know let me
preface my statement to say that I wanted to see Stacy – and cuff in an
orange jumpsuit front of the judge with sixteen charges right now me personally
for me personally look at the history of black folks in terms of how they already
identify themselves you see them saying you know Negros always want to say that
there’s something other than black anyway so I understand what you’re
saying because when you look at how you define what to be neutral black white
and grey is sometimes known to be considered neutral you see what I’m
saying so I understand the idea of the concept as well as the idea of races
being a construct you know black people as far as my opinion as far as where I
proceeded for years have always been color neutral because they’ve never
identified with themselves as they’re black anyway you know the IVA mix with
Indian or something else but ankle hold your timer man I had to send you a cache
that man Ronnie before you go before you go are you are you into the Joker movie
all because you are a ps4 guy any interest in a film what oh yeah oh no
doubt man I just went picked up the bootleg over in East Oakland over at
Walmart so I’m not – go ahead what’s that right now you’re gonna enjoy
how he kills Robert De Niro pushes his wig back yeah I gotta turn you throw up
I’m gonna check you I’m gonna check the show off tomorrow man but you know I
already got about a couple for those already so I think you know it’s in
effect right now man i holla at you man yes sir okay hold on a second Ronnie
yeah Joaquin Phoenix puts on the motherfuckin the goddamn the paint goes
on Robert De Niro’s talk show kiss that old
whoever the guess weapon she was kisses her in the mouth I thought he was French
kissing I said damn he’s loose sat down talking talking that shit and then
admitted to killing the three white boys in the goddamn train shook it up and
then push Robert DeNiro’s wig back wow that’s good there you go two to one
three are gleaming two on three the new joke a movie oh you have to speed hello
green yes sir how are you hey calling in from Las Vegas okay so I go to cool
cooler movie I’m gonna check it out this week should black people identify as
color neutral in America what say you sir oh no sir I just think that uh black
people need to do a little bit more reading and looking back on what we were
classified as before you things that we were classified as you look better we
will classified now as african-american or black before that we were Negro
before that black people were classified as Indies Oh like you would like to call
this the West Indian am I correct well serve respectfully the black man
invented language so all that y’all black people need to read more you know
that’s propaganda man I mean I hate to hear that I really do know what the
Moors taught taught the goddamn cave dweller how to wash his body come on man
never liked them civilize them also several lives at 85 a dip divert
civilize 85 oh come on black were you going what about their term America that
term wasn’t originally applied to the copper color racing around here in
America are you more copper or are you black
you’re not the colored right you’re not physically black you’re more if you look
at the fucking penny you are a copper color first I’m saying but I just think
over timing you know us not being allowed to go to school learn our
history and things like that new thing is good luck though I thought about that
I’m a truck driver I just parked my truck okay so you’re gonna believe the
grafted man that the black that the black man he’s he’s not a reader he’s
lazy no not everybody there are plenty of black people who are educated and
understand certain things about the passing history but majority of
motherfuckers just want to get high I don’t want to get high they want to
fucking bitches if they want to go grab the rim until we until we get off that
mean we’re not gonna move forward you know nothing all right thank you sir I
appreciate your cash absolute maybe I’m doing too much tonight maybe we should
just talk about the joke movie night goes so deep with the whole you know
call the neutral thing get me started talking about talking about the cave
dwelling the Grafton man and Jakub and all that shit let me fall back hey
Tiffany thank you darling for your super chat good evening hold on Ronnie let me
just set some of these calls up Tiffany on the check-in she says I have no proof
my ancestors came from Africa except for history unless there is proof my family
are from America before a YT hashtag color neutral yeah Thank You Tiffany I’m
not saying if you’re if you classify yourself as color neutral that your
coning I’m saying don’t let America tell you that you fit into a certain category
or you’re black and here’s here’s the limitations here’s
what’s expected of you and you have to follow certain black leaders I mean
that’s that’s that’s marginalizing dinky crow three one four says this is a
brainwash movie on whites I’m white three one four blacks should stay black
so came a whole in a second all shit three one four is that drinky cow three
one four in the building okay hold on so stay right there I got you a home stay
right there I’m trying to find the graph to the caller three one four is that
blinky I’m sure drinky cro3 boys that you drinky Crowe
drinky crow hey good evening grab the man how are you I’m good brainwash movie
okay it’s talking shit on white people making them look like trash on you know
a bunch of pills and stuff and they’re getting crazy and everyone’s talking
about this movie’s gonna be violence okay so that stuff’s weird and then what
hang on a second sir are you white white or are you European trash when you say
you’re white give me your your background all right
that’s a great question because if you’re not white anglo-saxon Protestant
you’re not really away you’re some type of mutt mixture like German Dutch you
know French what what are you yeah I’m German Irish Oh German Irish rapper name
bitches is like oh I’m fuck the stitches heavy I know he’s like oh no I I know
hang on a sec you stay with me stay with me
so separ have you seen the movie The Joker have you seen it I get free stuff
on the internet but I haven’t seen that masterpiece listen to me listen to the
a p– graph the devil masterpiece a monumental film is it violent yes but
it’s not it’s not like some Rambo Chuck Norris running around fuckin big guns
blowing shit up all that crazy what are the cgi action sequences it’s rigged
Joaquin Phoenix doing what is it caramel-like
turn like white people like acting like the devil now and fuckin on you know on
pills and that’s stupid and shit so now it’s turned it back on us I guess well
say you are the double respectfully yes you know that come on let’s not play
that game let’s get real can we have that real conversation tonight please we
can we don’t have to go go we don’t have to go back thousands of years we can go
to them well we can go to the Manhattan Project the white minds that sat around
and created the fucking what bomb was that come on you know hey or the end
bingo-bango so the movie The Joker monumental film you’re not gonna go see
it you’re gonna deny your whiteness no I’m gonna go see it but I didn’t write
you off hey you know yeah times are changing but is Ray on say you know we’re talking about color we’re talking
about whatever you know I figured out trans people should just date trans
people and you know if there’s like a trance dude he you know he has a dick
and a trans woman take it easy with the language sir YouTube made it very
sensitive though take these new language please so I’m talking about you can
still give life so we’re talking about God and stuff numbers rap music is crap
and all this brain washing on the TV is crap so did you say
rap is crap is that what you said rap his crap yeah okay yeah that’s what
Gregg Allman’s said years ago he said you put a C in front of it and what do
you got Gregg Allman’s and Allman Brothers right yes well I just listened
a lot of other lyrical rappers that talked about you know stuff that’s going
on in the community and trying to bring people up not like bitches hoes do on
the coke and crack and you know whatever yeah we don’t like that shit no one
likes that shit but that gets most clicks hang on sir sir respectfully the
white man is the biggest drug addict and killer on the planet come on now come on
all of your great white or all of your great white philosophers built a lot
hang on hang on all of your great white philosophers poets they were either
doing coke opium and they had they had you know I want to be very sensitive but
they had you know young male servants but that’s where pederasty came into
effect yes pederasty okay yeah oh yeah Ron did you and jumbo is a Boston 20
where you Ronnie I’m here you want to comment just want me in this guy to
finish having our white conversation with we’re bonding on on some uh some
cave-dweller and history he sounds like he’s all over
the place he has a problem with rap music but you know it’s actually white
people were the biggest consumers of rap music so if he feels you know that it’s
so much like crap you should tell your people to stop buying it stop buying
into it stop buying all the concert tickets and everything else so you there
yes yeah hey she brought up a great point
huh I am all over the place okay let me tell you the affirmative action you know
he’s wrong iris iris were slaves a bunch of people were slaves yeah black
people were slaves who sold black people to America did they actually pay money
or trade something for it so it was wrong at the time but but according to
the country it was right but then a front of action you know at some point
you got to forgive someone if someone did something wrong you got to say okay
we you guys were slave for sure I’m not a Christian I don’t believe in forgiving
I’m no Christian oh you don’t believe forgiving at all I want to take
everything you have my five affirmative and my father taught me that the black
man I’m sure my father taught me that the white man worked the black man for
hundreds of years for free labor I don’t want a white man shit my father told me
he said take everything I can from you including your woman I’m not a forgiving
forgiving all right your last word though good point so there’s no
forgiveness then so forever we’re just gonna have a firm interaction you know
what they say the okay symbol is a white supremacist symbol
well actually everyone wants to be white because we have white power money and
everything else but let’s go white boys say it louder say it louder
let me hear you say white powers so I dare you say it say white power
no you you want white power you want what I got
say it don’t be a coward you called me you sent a donation
come on you want what I got I’m gonna take what you got like
I’m gonna take with you guys Thank You Man thank you okay
oh we keep it real in the star report don’t we yeah my father I don’t wanna
get into what my father said because it’s a different day in time and and and
the shit that he used to say will get you thrown all thrown off YouTube for
but uh he prepared me for the battle yes he did
and my mother to wholeness second guys Ronnie let me go to some super chats in
cash that stick with me Ronnie Daniel Daniel sends in a super chat hey Brandi
fuck star come to the Savannah GA I’m not stingy with the tool okay mmm
snicker trying to pimp on top of me thank thank you for the donation player
and let me just say thank you once again to drinkie crow three one four thank you
so much me he sent to the donation thank you sir
and drynke sent me an email so I can get you back on the show
that’s the guy who we just spoke to okay um Clark Hunt on the check-in I’m
drinking Coronas like a Mexican on payday read this slowly and clearly star
fuck you fuck nigga I say that respectfully salute I’ll make Clark cunt
Thank You Man salute mint money you see when you say fuck you to me it reassures
me of certain things you know that I’m doing what I need to be doing we’re not
friends I’m not your man’s in them and you sent
in a donation salute my respect Clark cunt
all right J grant for six to zero says fuck you ah Lee Kuan okay get back get
back in this barrel with the rest of us and fuck your rims thank you sir say
city girl hey baby city girl aren’t you in Atlanta are you
married if not do you have any friends a city girl I think she’s in Atlanta she
says hey hey Oh nikka why you didn’t take the girl with the
fire coochie to the concert I just got I just got an alert from Twitter saying
the Joker says the n-word okay when you listen you’re in Atlanta if I’m not
mistaken and the young lady that has has the fire coochie I want to stay away
from her just for a couple of weeks you know she caught me slipping and now I
didn’t want to be called her and asked her to go to see Tyler they’re creative
because then that would made me look like a simp you know she caught me like
in I’m sure she got some pictures of me like you know and her I’m probably be up
on Instagram somewhere but you know no I didn’t want to take her to tell the
Creator um but the very nice young lady who um who canceled on me she’s tight
about that episode Titan well thank you send me an email when you get a chance
and if you have any friends in the Atlanta area I would I would love to
talk to you okay full blast radio on the check and says
did you worry about catching slugs by a white terrorist at the Joker movie
question mark also someone say I’m sorry someone saw you someone saw you bogey at
the Tyler concert strike a pose lol hey Ronnie I spoke to you about the Tyler
concert yeah how the Creator I told you about it
yes yes and I did see your video that you made inside of the concert
yo lit as fuck do you know any any of his on his catalogue i I really don’t
but it looked like everyone was having a really good time in there at the crowd
seemed to be enjoying themselves you know he put on a great show
no yo concert was lit as fuck and guys I put a small as Ronnie just said a small
little video on my IG page Troy terrain shit was lit thank you a
full blast really okay let’s get some more calls in line guys I’m coming in
super chat as well talking about a few things tonight the Joker movie in
theaters I saw it loved it okay so the area code five one eight
good evening five one eight have you seen the Joker movie
five morning how are you that shit was fucking trash me let’s go
you hear me let’s go white people are mad because I
said shows them as they truly are fucking savages psychopaths killers
fucking faggots all that shit I watch your mouth or I will hang up on you i do
not own youtube slow it down did you really see the movie don’t lie did you
see the movie sounds like you’re lying not in I didn’t say that but no think
about it most killers are fucking psychopath and they’re white let’s keep
it real throughout history what now hang on a second now so you did not see the
movie you did not see the movie no but everybody know what the joke is about
fucking psychopath okay well you know that one of the biggest serial killers
hang on a second in America was a black man fuck that we talk about in history
yes think about the fuck in history do you have you have your laptop in front
of you your phone Google coral Eugene Watts Ronnie can you google coral Eugene
coral Eugene Watts I think he was like the biggest serial killer black man I’ve
spoken about him before Hitler fucking now Google coral Eugene Watts in America
with him in America okay Native Americans sir are you on Google
or not yeah what do you see yeah what do you see read it coral Eugene watch I
think he had like over 90 killings that definite that’s isolated incident that’s
isolated incident come on make sure more people than Ted
Bundy and John Wayne Gacy we do so you read it can you read nigga yeah I’m
reading I’m reading this shit I’m reading it I’m leaving let him be Ronnie let him read what do
you guys say read it please call on Eugene Watts what do you got I really
don’t want to read this shit let’s get you the fuck up out of here
nigga and denial Ronny what do you got coral Eugene watch is he dead
was he actually cure for you he has 14 confirmed kills but they
suspect that it’s over a hundred right yeah
over a hundred they don’t want to give him credit he used to ring people’s
doorbells in the open door he stabbed him and run
there was no method to his madness so he never got like you know credit like Ted
Bundy just a random killer is he dead I forget did he kill him who’s Ronnie why
don’t you there hello yeah yeah he’s dead
he is dead I just looked that up woman he died maybe yes he was a freedom
fighter when did he does morning slasher 2007 and he was known as a Sunday
morning slasher yeah yeah you go wake up and have a cup of coffee coffee and
slasher when you slow down all right hang on a second uh hey Vanessa Thank
You Donna she sends in a cash app she says Joker was lit and he wasn’t stupid
he was trying yeah I enjoyed the film Lorenzo gleaming sir he says majority of
the movie was shot downtown Newark New Jersey okay thank you sir hold a second
Ronnie um go back up there okay oh wow this guy had a long run for about eight
years killing people yeah hold on a second
Ronnie Vanessa also says the Joker movie was simple and sweet yeah I really
really enjoyed it I’m not talking like you know do too much but I enjoyed it
okay somebody says gonna get there who is this send where’s where’s drew
donation donate to the pass I thought the okay I’ll get back to you guys after
the show okay get after the show Jesus Christ Elvis the chef Rosenberg thank
you sir for your donation I got you on the check-in you appreciated okay Jason
Jason says I saw it hater okay let me see if I can get Jason on
the line you see if you really saw the film Jason’s on area code five one six
Jason I don’t see you on the line man let me go to area code two two five in
the meantime to two-five you there good evening the new
joke a movie how’s it going how’s it going mr. star hey this is a boy kid
danger’s man what’s going on hey how do you man come on with you I’m doing good
man and then I thought yeah I still were supposed to take you information on the
battles men are toxic even informational clips wanting to buy them for $5,000 I
got everything that you said that you needed to show poop there I am going to
be battling good stay with me don’t rush up the line Ronnie this is
the guy that called him before and you google you money yes yeah this is kid
harmless dangerous dangerous okay listen man awesome really shit do you battle
right have you ever been on URL or any other battle battle platform keep it
real yeah I actually have a very um I have charlie crist number two I can all
right I got Charlie Clips number in my phone but are you bad who are you
battling who have you battled prior to Charlie eclipsed if you’re cloud chasing
that’s cool it’s Friday become a home you battle man well better people in my
area because I’m from Louisiana actually so I’ve been doing a bed so when tell
the clips they do instead in front of me it’s old friend
they came s to me already yeah I got three styles on my Twitter shear
dangerous King of Mexico I have three styles of me doing them going I’m bad
and people say like it’s fire so like you know and I’m like you saw that thing
in my name is the greatest so I’m an m-type rapper like I get it any late
you know so I think you know yes I’m ready to battle in November okay okay
slow down please in him of Jesus now so you didn’t see the joke a movie correct
it not yet oh not hitting but I was calling in our
movie saying I’m going to you tomorrow okay what about the second topic should
black people identify as color neutral what are your thoughts on that I mean I
this is how I feel let me say this first of all even when they go in the god
whatever about Hitler you actually find that they actually had black Nazi to
that his I had a multiracial army so yes I feel like you can know you can you can
be interracial there’s no such thing that my grandfather was late I have got
two sisters that are white and Hispanic so there is no such thing as own I have
no problem with us or like we’re all mixed sir race is a social construct but
now do you have any thoughts with regards to black people or people that
are so-called blacks identifying as color neutral what are
your thoughts on it why do you mean this like in the color you mean like oh just
dating outside the room can you explain like I’m doing no no no no no here in
America you know saying against the establishment stop classifying me as
black stop sending consensus you know stuff to me and then wanting me
to identify myself as black stop telling me that when I when I get arrested I
have to check off black white Hispanic or other yada yada yada any thoughts on
that yes or no yes I do I don’t see anything wrong with it um even if even
if you look over within the Mexican race you have what you call or asshole
Mexican like when you look at like I feel like there’s nothing wrong to me
was being classified because at the end of the day Mexicans are proud to be
Mexican and I know blacks that are proud to be black so I just I I don’t have any
issue with it okay but Monty any questions for this guy que dangerous
he’s claims he’s a battle rapper one yes I thought you said before that your
battle was supposed to happen in September yeah yeah it was supposed to
but it got postponed because um I actually
Charlie clips actually in boxing and he said well I mean he was going to do a
battle first you know it’s actually going to be for $5,000 and good how much
you paying Charlie Clips the bow because I can text him right now
how much you paying Charlie Clips a battle buck $5,000 I think because I had
my own a friend of mine get the number and I eiseley have clip number we talked
and he said about five thousand yeah he said between November and December you
sent me three rags I’ll battle you for the privilege and I’ll let you come on
the Star report every week up until the battle send me three racks what do you
say okay I want 300 I just did to you Twitter
now check on your Twitter I did 50 some of my freestyle sent to my PayPal and
you and I will set up a battle I’ll battle you for three racks all right
okay all right all right thank you man have a good night thank you Oh hold on a
second Ronnie all right Friday night guys were a
little sloppy okay so you did google him right Ronnie kid dangerous you said no
sorry it’s rolling I know I know I I’m gonna look him up we’re all
trolling yeah give it a sec hey guys I’m coming back to Kashyap hold on a second
and superjet where’s Jason Jason sit tight I got you I’m coming to you
dirt dog sends in a super chat I would take a chick to the gangster party if
she if she caught me lacking vision of me and my man’s smashing would bring me
back to reality miss those bitches okay thank you dirt dog thank you so much all
right Jesus is the one I’m a dip my okay my blank and some Thousand Island
dressing because I got depression almost skipped my taxes and I’m gonna get
arrested because I got depression okay those
lyrics Ronnie I’m confused I’m sorry I was I had you I had you muted I was
trying to I pulled up a clip of a dangerous but it’s not that kid
dangerous okay all right I’ll come right back to home a second white powder clam
chowder says hey star you’re my brother just kidding FL uck
fuck you nag riding nigga lol okay salute respectfully hey Ronnie hey girl
too – okay Eric X cleaning so he says what is the colored man question mark
the colored man is the Caucasian white man or yacouba’s grafted devil the skunk
of the planet Earth okay okay and Brandi’s all for one four holy second
let’s get Jason on the line first where’s Jason says he saw the Joker
Jason did you really see the movie keep it real Jason absolutely 100% I
told you opening 9:30 opening night Thursday I changed mine from Friday to
Thursday I saw it at 12:30 this afternoon I got my ticket right here
these night what do you think crazy beginning but I liked it like you
said it was a masterpiece you really have to go deep and just really Lee I
smoked a couple blunts before I watch this I was stoned out of my mind but I
loved it Robert De Niro was awesome as Murray his
mother and the movie played an amazing role and I called it are we doing
spoilers on the show tonight haters thinkin why did you have to smoke weed
before you went to the movie it was really a great acting performance from
Joaquin Phoenix you asked were you I believe this me you didn’t have to go
get high there there was no special effects zooming across the goddamn
screen there was no no watch there was no corny fucking over a catchphrases to
remember great fuckin film okay every move every movie it’s my tradition but
I’m gonna watch it again sober that’s the movie I’m probably gonna watch five
times I liked it I didn’t like you know the whole median especially the left
liberal media’s reaction response Lee hater on Rotten Tomatoes they got 69%
from the critics I know but just like Dave Chappelle they got 28% from a
stupid fucking critics right this one got 93% audience score just like Dave
Chappelle got 99 fuck that PC culture bullshit this will not inspire white
school shooters as I said there’s so many black serial killers I have it all
I had Christopher Dorner you know Samuel little there’s so many Henry Lewis
Wallace I can keep going on Chester Turner Lee it’s whatever the media goes
with hater pedophile priests black thugs virgin water runoff Christopher Dorner
didn’t kill many cops and what respectfully Ronnie come on Christopher
Dorner was not a serial killer how many people did he kill like three
or four but that’s still enough running if you if he was a real killer
no he was somebody who had an axe to grind against
apartment that basically screwed him over so but he killed people as well he
killed cops and he killed it then he killed those not innocent people in the
cottage he took over in the cabin didn’t he kill that guy what it was well those
people escaped and gave up running with the uppercut pay attention down did it
okay it was a while ago so she might be right I’m not saying she’s wrong but
Christopher donors in that list your honor
but what I’m trying to say is there are black serial killers the media just
plays a white school shooter because if it’s been aired if it’s very easy it’ll
get clicks but other than that Joker was a beautiful masterpiece don’t ever
listen to the media to tell you how to think watch whatever the fuck you want
to do because those are masterpiece I loved it
Jason can you answer the other question should black people identify as color
neutral what say you that’s that’s enough for me boss Shawn I
can’t I can’t say that it’ll just it’ll bring up the whole area just bringing up
a whole discussion well then Latinos will start doing it well then why people
start doing it and everybody will feel sour like always the white people no no
you can’t identify as calling neutral so why is it any time black people you know
it puts it over hang on hang on black people put something on the table ah
it’s not gonna work you know yeah the reparations it’s too it’s too layered
what do you why do you want to be color neutral point now I just just stick with
being black you know but but here you have people like yourself you know a
young white guy or Caucasian European mix or whatever here you are if you say
something slick about a guy damn a trans woman you will fucking bow and kowtow
and apologize but why is it the thought of a black people saying hey you know
what we are now color neutral all the said no it’s not gonna work what do you
think like that I don’t I don’t even agree with you know the tranny and the
agenda you know you’re born agenda you’re born are calling you cannot
change what you are your all you cannot destroy your own limits but that’s my
belief as a person that sounds hot but if
there’s a trans woman I got your job who comes comes over to your fucking desk or
your cubicle and says hi my name is Chrissy you’re gonna call that trans
Chrissy you’re not gonna call her it or whatever mark you’re gonna address
her as Chrissy you’re gonna fuckin play your position right if I if I knew
respectfully this is just my opinion if I knew her before as a mark and I do
have trans friends I will go with a mark if I just met her as a trans woman is
Chrissy I’m not a piece of central I swear on my life I throw my life I’m not
a piece of shit roll by just matters I see
oh she’s you know she’s really making an effort to transition I all my life I
will call her Christy but I find you her as a mark that will always be a mark to
me guys yeah but everybody can choose what they want all this I don’t I don’t
bow down to the pronouns Jason good to talk to you man thank you so much for
calling you thank you Jason Jason on the check-in stumblin bumblin I’m just
asking a question you know it’s not that deep should black
people identify as color neutral you know Iranian earlier you and I were
trying to decide should I say can black people identify as color neutral or
should black people yes and you want to address the other perspective that we
were thinking about money yeah well I mean because as individuals we
self-identify right I will say what I am you will say what you are but as a
society we observe to identify others so you know personally I feel that it’s
intellectually lazy to reduce myself to just a color but if the topic is color
race or ethnicity I’m just going to skip all the semantics and agree you know if
your observation of me is that in black I have to agree with that now if I’m
self-identifying I would say that I’m a person of color so what does that mean
that means if you asked me to check one of the five boxes on the census I’m
gonna check the box for black slash african-american because none of the
other boxes provided are applicable to me so why not check them all check them
all I mean I could I personally I don’t fill out the census it really doesn’t
come around that often it’s not something that comes every day but I
don’t do that and when I’m asked that on any type of form I normally don’t check
that box because I know what’s going into stats and figures and
you know things of that nature ever since the the mid-80s I’ve been checking
all the boxes it feels something else just I checked them all or I’ll even
argue that hey I can’t check all these boxes if it’s some type of little you
know computer you know system I checked them all no talk
so you basically trolling on the forum no I’m as serious as colon cancer race
is a social construct and I’m a human being made up of many many different
backgrounds mean I’ve got Italian I’ve got african-american slaves from the
south I’ve got West Indians from Saint Kitts and Dominica I’ve got all sorts of
shit so yeah I’m not gonna just let somebody limit me to one particular
thing it’s not truly real well the bottom line is that it’s really of no
consequence how you choose to identify yourself in terms of color you can call
yourself all the boxes you can call yourself color neutrals you can say that
you don’t see color right but the rest of society has eyes to observe and how
about the white people that say you know I really don’t see color when I see my
black friends how about those people yeah that’s ridiculous we all believe
the same you know we’re all we’re all human there’s only one race there’s just
the human race listen I I agree that race is a social construct so is a snit
City that you know but that that’s why I said that it’s a little bit more
complicated than just it being a biological fact that a man is a man and
a woman as a woman don’t you because in terms of race and ethnicity it’s
subjective I’m gonna save money every coach six one seven are you there good
evening six one seven talk about the new Joker movie have you seen it yeah taking two on the line is this Mike from
Boston yes I can’t take I can’t take any more of this shit man I can’t take it
what are you talking about Mike Jason you hey you got a problem with Jason
right by your respectfully bullshit one more time I’m gonna smash my head window
now hang on a second do you want this smoke with Jason the egg I can tell them
to call back in and i can bring you on do you want to I don’t hear his voice
over here say respectfully one more time or whatever it is he says I’m gonna I’m
gonna injure myself like so hard okay Mike did you see the new Joker film or
do you have any plans to see it I thought it was a masterpiece I tried to
walk into that theater and hate on it I monumental beyond classic monumental
what do you thoughts might well I didn’t see the movie didn’t want to speak on
serial killers if you want to go left we can talk about serial codes black white
asian what do you wanna start all right number one worst serial killer in the
history of mankind he was a Hispanic male named Pedro Lopez called the
monster of the Andes I’ve heard of him continue on he murdered easy
easy Mike easy please when it comes to kids take it easy please okay well he
was caught at one point when he was up to about a hundred but they let him go
in Colombia they let him go and he went on to complete about 200 more so he he
takes the cake is the worst but if we’re going to talk about America just innate
and the history of our country as far as we know it the word
a guy named Gary Ridgway he was always the Green River Killer he was like a
white male I believe now didn’t he have only like 60 confirmed kills if I
remember correctly do you know how many right now this is the top number on
record now we believe that people like Ted Bundy killed over a hundred but we
can’t confirm it Ted Bundy didn’t kill that many but his method of killing was
you know highly for some reason respected and he was handsome they say
he was debonair he was charismatic but you know Carl Eugene watch you know he
was just was just a black guy and nobody believed him but he can quote well he
confessed open night over 90 fucking killings they said we don’t believe you
you’re black knock it off well here’s the thing about Ted Bundy head grundy
the reason why he gets so much you know you hear so much about him is because he
was such a methodical killer he was so organized and approach but he was able
to go and kill people on a nightly basis he could go out five nights a week and
kill young women and get away with it and they think that most likely he had
the kind of guy that wanted to confess to anything but if they really got him
to confess really the truth of what he did though you know there’s very little
doubt that he was triple-digit and most likely started the age of fourteen years
old yeah okay okay Ronny any questions from Mike oh do we want to just let him
have the final say in shift gears was a foster quani I mean here I really you
know I’ve never seen any of the movies Minoo I know it this goes back decades
so I know what to ask okay my good man thing if you call thank
me okay Michael magic and Mike from Boston all right hang on a second guys
I’m coming to the phone lines if you’re sending in a cash app or a super chat
bear with me I will get to you tonight the link is right up under the
description all right hey drinky Crowe hey man salute to you thank
you he says you are black you Joker you are a nigger I’m Irish I’m a green
nigger no work for Irish hey man thank you salut I got you man drinky crow I
like the name to salute to you ma’am I’m Maura am i saying your name right um
I’m a runo I’m a rule pardon me the Joker depicted the white man’s true
nature very well directed and capturing the 80s real well very dark I’m a rule
Diego custom unsheathe I’m saying that right okay
Yeah right any plans to go see other Joker movie did I ask another video what
yeah I kind of want to see it because I know that you genuinely probably didn’t
want to like it but um you know it sounds like it’s gonna be a good movie
so you didn’t drop too many spoilers so I might check it out I was trying to
hate I went into that theater again 12:30 this afternoon and I brought
myself what do you call Thea the little kitty some type of little kitty fucking
uh that fact snack packed the small popcorn the little box of a okay what
are those called Butterfinger bites and a very small soda for like eight dollars
in change now I passed on the I passed on the cancer-causing oil that they that
they have out there you know that looks it resembles butter I passed on that and
I went I sat down and I that makes the Pape
taste more delicious I hear your money but y’all have a date or you don’t have
a date we’re all going to expire someday so might as well enjoy your popcorn
while you’re at it right okay okay so I really I sat down I watched this film oh
I was trying to hate and it just it was really it started out nice and slow and
it picked up fast and again when he was on the subway and the three white guys
tried to try to well they did that they tried to you know harass him they threw
him on the ground they started kicking him then all of a sudden all of a sudden
the Joker got into it bang bang bang bang
he started popping off and then he shot one guy in the fucking in the foot or
the leg somewhere he’s fucking hobbling trying to get up to the goddamn the
stairs and the Joker’s coming up behind him picked him in the back bang and then
empties the revolver shit was lit hang on a second let me go back to the phone
lines then we’ll come back to the super chat and so on and so forth area code
nine one zero good evening talking about the new Joker movie did you see it nine
one zero hello okay sounds crazy trying to be patients gonna every code for one
for good evening falling for you they’re the new joke a movie did you see it I
plan on seeing it like Sunday or something but from everybody’s review it
sounds like it’s a good ass movie so you kind of had me shirt talking about the
white boy suited up so I’m sitting like that is bound to
happen over years no kind of suits I might go Sunday morning with my
grandma or something well if I can just say this you know um is it violent yes
but it’s not like a whole lot like your crazy gun busted bang bang bang bang
it’s not all that I mean he is busy with either either a knife or a pair of
scissors I have to get like in when he has um his former co-workers come to his
apartment and then he just he snaps start stabbing
him and then banging his head against the fucking wall blood everywhere and
and and then as I said he shot the three white guys in the subway and um so I
don’t know if it’s necessarily gonna inspire like you know white boys to get
out there with fucking assault rifles because you don’t see that in the film
you see that right my question my question is because you’ve seen it that
they try to implicate like the mental illness thing in there you know how some
of you do that today they try to implicate that in there yes yeah I think
that’s one of the elements as to why this film will connect so much to what’s
going on now because he was on seven different medications and then they had
city cutbacks so he couldn’t even go see his psychiatrist anymore and uh his
medication was getting cut short and then he had some issues issues with his
lyin ass mother and he just he fucking snapped but it it was a beautiful
process was beautiful and all the ways growing up just watching like the Batman
series and stuff like that I always want to know his background so I’m gonna
definitely go check it out this weekend but to the other topic with that when it
should black people identify as color neutral thoughts Brandi no like no it’s
like we have a word for that it’s called mulatto like no we can’t color neutral
what the fuck is that no I don’t agree with that I don’t agree ending you had
that one like southern caller I was a white guy sound like he’s from the
south and like honestly she was he was really wrong when he started talking
about like the drugs and things like that because honestly when I went to
college like white people were there people that introduced me into like the
heavy drugs and I did psychedelics like when I was growing up I knew nothing
about that like people would tell me like don’t do that don’t do shrews don’t
do essex things like that but you know once i went to college it was like yeah
this is it this is the thing I’m like what is he talking about right Grindr
hang on a second Brandi respectfully respectfully did some white boys get you
high in turnout put me out but they definitely like
timing on to like from the shit that I was like okay this is actually cool but
the guy before he was like four or five collars before you got to me
drinky cro3 one for that that’s my new homey drinky grow that’s him so not
hanging on sin is you said some white boys turned you on to some hard drugs do
you want to elaborate what were your needle popping what were you doing what
were you smoking crystal meth we don’t know no no no no like throw myself under
the bus but it was just like things other than we basically you know no gang
bang you run any questions for Brandi what come on Brandi give us a clue tell
us what you were doing when you come on Somali where you drop an acid what were
you doing I mean I just don’t feel comfortable saying I don’t air but you
know what I mean when you’re in college you do experiment with different things
but it’s like when I grew up a lot of those things were kind of looked down
the pond and then I went to an art school and I’m
these light privilege people and they kind of just made it like no this is
this is fine and won’t you know saying this is cool but never nothing like no
heart shoot no heroin crystal mess when I hang out Brandi because you said the
white boys introduced you to hard drugs you said hard drugs
I heard her uh drugs I heard that like psychedelic secondarily you were
hallucinating and pegging white boys what were you doing keep it real come on
I wasn’t peg and nobody sorry the fuck out of here
not like that I’ve ever done is some some white you know I don’t say I’m soft
white that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done okay and you can relate to
that right I only sniff coke I wasn’t smoking now I sniff coke now you said
you said hard do see that was that was your drug of choice so like don’t try to
play me so you were sniffing coke oh you were smoking it I tried it Friday okay and what happened you didn’t like it
thank you no I was in I was in college I’m experimenting I didn’t I didn’t even
you know saying know anything about it like I said I came up in a community
where all that stuff was looked down upon so when you try to have any how
many days were you out there on a binge how many days we out there on a binge
I’ve never been on a binge you tried it one time and then you said nine fucking
with that no more I’m sorry I’m a few times on my hands I mean sounds I’ve
done okay yeah salute to drinky Crowe three one four he
says nigga my nigga toes 9 hey Thank You Man
hey wait sir I want one more thing yes with that person that sits in the
superset talking about they want to smash me some shit okay I’m gonna go
back hold on we got a brand you in the line where any rollin up she say he said
fuck star fuck with me yeah I think he’s from Savannah GA hold on a second it
says Savannah pimp hold on they could turn the pimple on top of me hold on
what was that was that okay no no okay Daniel Daniel Talley he says hey Brandi
fuck that nigger store come to Savannah I’ll put you out on the track I’m not
stingy with the tool okay Ronnie any questions for Brandi before we let it go
Ronnie no gonna be forthcoming I want to get some tea but no no long time ago
back in my college days I got a career now but the statute of limitations is
over to us come on it’s Friday night that was it like I did I never went
crazy when I was in college I didn’t do the most it was just it was shocking to
me to get into that type of environment and people are like oh no it’s not cool
like you’re not gonna do this once and become a crackhead basically stay away
from drugs stay away from drugs okay thank you for all right Brandi only
check in John blaze I got your cash up thank you man he says Ronnie sounded
like a sexy Eartha Kitt hashtag Newports you you admitted to
smoking Newports right I don’t want to like put that on you you said that
before the show yes Ronnie no no I have it okay do you do you smoke Newports
yes hey do okay do you know John blaze why is he saying hashtag Newports because that’s an assumption that I
thought I smoked I guess because of the wrasse penis of my voice and I have been
smoking for a very very very long time so that that is probably true okay
do you smoke the red pack of Newports or the Aqua standard aqua the Aqua the
menthol right Darryl sends in a cash app he says tell
Ronnie let me crack dem toes for her okay thank you sir just watch Dallas
police what is this guys yeah you gotta send in a cash app
with some of these requests I don’t do a whole lot of extra shit on via email I
really don’t Roberto’s Roberto he says I want to
battle kid harmless for three racks – yeah lock team peace he says
assalamualaikum Minister Farrakhan is the truth okay thank you sir
thank you okay someone says okay I don’t see a
cash app someone to ask me about the Joker movie gotta do it the cash yep I’m
sorry I don’t just sit here just answer questions you know I left a live chat do
what they do right there you know I’m over here pay attention Moe Greene says I’m sorry I Jason is Special K post up
they sound alike okay he meant to say is Jason Special K post up no no ma’am
thank you for your cash yep though Duval 777 says Ronnie should dress up as a
black woman for Hollywood oh yeah deval 777 says Ronnie should dress up as
a black woman for Halloween respond to that right I did that one year I don’t
think I’m gonna do it again it was hard touch me a long time to get into
character Scott Scott in Texas says Brandi is the
worst fucking caller ever so please don’t bring her back on this show she
serves no purpose holy shit okay thank you man all right let’s go back to the
phone lines here area code five one claiming five one eight the new joke a
movie have you seen it five one eight good bitch nigga I’m back
set your whore mother at up or mother’s not here if that’s how you’re calling
into the show now your whole mother’s not here I read all Carl your whole
mother’s not here right all car thank you all right yeah I feel some goddamn
respect Nicole hate talkin reckless day I get you the fuck out of here fast
every ACO 5:05 grivna 505 the new joke a movie have you seen it 505 yes okay you
got to come to the phone I can hear you man in five four three two
yo yo yo just gonna matter him so let me cook
through them for gravy in three one four new Joker movie have you seen it do you
plan to see it three one four leave okay let me go back to cash I’m homeless
second people joking around begging for a pegging sends in a donation
this show is lit let’s go big nigga let’s go boss chick Ronnie I’m lit woo
ha respectfully okay okay and is it I’m
just gonna say hunter I do not see a message hunter thank you so much but it
just says hunter okay thank you so much okay Ronnie also um any new developments
I mean I don’t want to drag this out but the Jean family I saw the brother who
was forgiving amber Geiger I saw him on was a Good Morning America dr. Phil
they’re making their round so you have to speed on any of this am I am I just
seeing red yeah they’re doing a lot of interviews a lot of press the father is
you know you had asked me yesterday and I did look and confirm the father had
expressed an interest with being friends with the person who murdered his son so
you know I expect next they’re going to be you know arranging some sort of
petition maybe to get her released early so that she can get started on her new
life and Christ right she accepted the Bible that was given to her oh also
there was a complaint lodged against a judge for her for judicial conduct as
far as her coming off the bench to give amber a Bible and also you know
witnessing to her and the entire charade that she yeah and I think working where
that goes yeah I don’t have that complaint in front of me but the
complaint made a reference to the judge crossing a moral line it may have it may
have had something to do with the the Establishment Clause the separation
of church and state am I am I wrong I don’t have it in front of me right that
that’s pretty much what it’s based on because there is supposed to be a
separation and you know there is but technically there isn’t because like you
said when you go in to testify you you know they bring out the Bible and ask
you to put your hand on it and swear on it and then if you look all around the
courtroom it says you know and God We Trust and then you we have the Treasury
printing fiat currency that says and God We Trust
you know printed on it so you know is there really a separation yeah okay
drinky cro hang on a sec oh that this is the homie right now drinky crow three
one four he says 90s radio likes like super ho no black what is it this is
hard to be hang on a second Ronnie no black ones invent your own like spawn or
daylight okay thank you man if I read this correctly 90s radio like supra ho
no black ones invent your own like spawn or dealer okay you talking that talk now if I understand you correctly with
regards to what you’re saying inventing your own you know the internet
now gives people that their own power if I if I understand you correctly drinkie
Crowe three one four and thank you for that donation man and I’m kind of on the
same page with you because when certain stories are you know not being given
light by let’s just say mainstream media that it is up to the quote-unquote black
community to address these things if that’s where you’re going but with
regards to 90s radio I’m not sure what you’re saying but thank you again I
appreciate the donation man and I read begging for pegging I got that one let’s
go to area code that was crazy area code six four six screaming six
four six are you there hello doc Matt the Joker movie 646 good
evening good evening moving slow okay it’s gonna every code 3-1 for living 3-1
for you there Joker movie have you seen it – your plan to see it no it’s gonna every code eight six four
three one for your dragon I tried to pick up earlier eight six four good
evening good evening good evening hello hey hey hey hey how are you good how are
you good talking about the Joker movie did you see it you plan to see it new
thoughts um I think I do want to see that it definitely feels I do with the
internet into lodges so I just wanted to see the perspective especially with all
the reviews that everyone’s talking about that it’s going to incite violence
we don’t think I just think it’s probably something conceptual okay are
you a comic book fan or do you like the superhero films and DC world or the MCU
I like Marvel better than I think maybe Man of Steel Superman okay okay so I’ve
been reviewing it I did go see it this afternoon around 12:30 and uh I enjoyed
it I tried to hate I went in saying I this gotta be bullshit yeah and I came
out and I said yo this was lit this was lit gotta admit it when you liked it I
thought it was a monumental film beyond a classic I gave it 5 out of 5 stars
I thought not only did what Joaquin Phoenix take it into a different
direction from Heath Ledger I think it stands on its own merit
I don’t know if he’s gonna do a sequel I don’t know because this particular film
is not part of that DC world you know but uh thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it
and I recommend it around the haters saying that the objective here
yeah I definitely endorse anything like that so I definitely want to make sure
that I watch it especially you saying it and then also because while see why can
Phoenix is already kind of like a weirdo but he’s a really good at the Ritter so
you do want to see it because he’s gonna make you feel weird watching the England
yeah I thought that he did great um gonna say I’m forgetting some of the
things that happen and I don’t want to tell everything in the film but I
thought that he took the character and he owned it and the time period again I
thought it was just really really just impactful but um you know you want to
chime in on anything else should black people identify as color neutral any
thoughts on that um do I think Bonnie was identified
color neutral I think that right now with the way that everything is going
with everyone invading some kind of space with everyone else black people
should go ahead and take the opportunity to be opportunities as well right so
somebody like know what I want to be trans racial I want to be color neutral
I want to go on my job avocation and pull those safety – and put way I
definitely want to do that why not come on everybody else decide that you got to
be black what country yourself even though all Africans know that they’re
African they can’t come over here and tell me what country I’m from everybody
else can tell you that oh you’re up woman oh you got identified as okay
you’re a woman but you don’t want to be considered like you don’t want trans
women to be considered women because they don’t have a service okay okay well
if you know what fine let up let me go get cervical screenings I’m gonna be a
fuckin gender neutral race neutral person let me go ahead and do it and if
I have to even attach this to it you know even if it’s for purposes of
capitalism this is a capitalist nation so yeah if everybody else is playing
that fucking game I’m gonna play the game too and I want to benefit
that’s my thoughts yes definitely I really feel like everyone to do this is
like why not why isn’t that black people are spending so much time complaining
and protesting all this dumb shit like why the fuck should I care that
some Islander went and hugged some white bitch who shot his brother accountable
so she’s not making me money take advantage of the shit that they’re doing
these motherfuckers are about to fucking sue and get money and we’re up here
supposed to be upset and I suppose a run behind Tennessee to get mad every fuckin
easy easy I don’t wanna take shots any of anybody else’s channel I don’t do
that well I’m you know I don’t want to do that understand like that’s how much
blood are like you know I got a B for like some dumb shit I don’t care about
and it’s not making anybody money no one is protesting the fact that black
people need financial literacy black people need to get better primary
education in K through 12 when I talking about college but y’all want to go get
mad and protest because somebody’s not kneeling nobody’s hang on a second stay
with me don’t rush off til I’m riding dealers jumping on the conversation
Bostic money well I mean she brings up both in a jean situation as far as that
you know I’ve had a couple days to sort of cool off and I’ve come to the
decision that you know it’s his own family can’t care less I can’t really be
too too broken up about it if they love his killer and they you know don’t want
her to go to jails and you know I’m wasting my time being emotionally
invested in the situation I agree I mean I feel like also you know what I would
take it one step for and like why even consider about the emotionality of those
people why would you even want to care that they are giving her hugs or
anything like it was the proper reaction was to have no reaction to it
you should have blinked your fucking eyes because being a black person in
America you’re supposed to be so invested and brought protests and
I’m a white person gets into an argument and even starts to utter the n-word
alright but y’all don’t have me this is safe with a fact the two motherfuckers
are out here spitting your fuckin kids and killing each other but you don’t
want to talk about that I like the kids face oh oh we don’t want to have that
conversation but I’m supposed to get upset because of these people ain’t even
fucking from here the mothers say that you could go back
to head country your office can’t go back to no country here so why the hell
will I care about what’s going about that situation uh need to go get some
money and quitclaim yeah hey I thank you for the call and uh
please I’m recommending the Joker go sit and enjoy it I definitely will say thank
you have a good evening take care alright hang on boss chick one
let me go back to a couple of cash apps and super chats and get these off the
table what else do I have to mention you a homeless second guys Oh in case you
joined the show late I saw Tyler the Creator last night here
in Atlanta at the State Farm arena the concert was lit as fuck if you go on
my um my IG page you’ll see just a short clip I actually streamed it live on my
and we call it the story section of some shit like that but it the sound was
really bad I got an Android so I deleted it but um that that concert was lit as
fuck as you guys you’re alive as fuck alright
okay Frankie Crowe Thank You Man he says you do look color neutral but after
talking to you Oh user nigga oh wow okay
now he says I’ll knock you out till you see stars sleeping’s star lane okay now he’s
talkin reckless before we were cool now I’ll knock you out
thank you for the donation homie all right I got you man salute um hang on a
second is it Cody Cody sends in the cash at hot lava to all the bottie boys more
fire you know that sounds hot man Cody and thank you for your support man but
you know in Jamaica they they got the whole gay wave now just lit
out there man Bashir al as is peace I’m seeing your
name right star Joaquin Phoenix is the most bugged out actor ever
hey he lost 52 pounds to play this role great fucking job I gotta say that okay
someone wants to go in the line area code 601 hold on a second they were
doing the conversation with regards to the movie 601 are you there is that
Danielle C name right hey what’s up man come close to that phone please turn
that down the background also you get turn that down give me a sec give me a
sec it sounds crazy you turn it down turn it down turn it down Jesus Kim I
said guys I’m a second me take this other line off yeah good email Owen it
much been a good evening yeah Oh star honestly I’m just checking
in on the conversation ship black people identify that color newsroom yes sir hey
one point I do want to touch on just real quick you and washing Ronnie y’all
were talking the other day and Ronnie see this painting on the baby is just a
movie thing that’s not a movie thing that’s a real life thing like when
babies come out of their woman of their mother’s hoo-ha keepin it respectful
yeah that’s a thing that when babies don’t cry you snack on it I won’t say
smack them but you spanked him on the first night on the bed I always thought
that was the reality but you know they do shit different now so I wasn’t sure
but hey you saying I didn’t want to harp on that and to be honest I’m just now
calling lady star and I appreciate you taking my car just two black people I
have in the past come on neutral neutral we are
colors we identify this filament you win I am all of the colors I’m Ellen ated
I’m Dorothy I’m black I’m dark I’m dark okay so yeah you know should black it
hang on a second because you say you join the conversation late if I can just
give you a little more a little more context now I’m not in any way shape or
form saying oh you you should assimilate and become a cone I’m not saying that
what I am saying is that you know race is a social construct
here in America we also gave some history as to regards to how this whole
classification of race has come about you know of going back to the eighteen
hundreds and also keep in mind that in in most of Africa the continent of
Africa you know no one made reference to being black so that’s more that’s more
of an American thing so so when I say color neutral
I’m really trying to flip it back on you know the the new trends of America now
to say stop marginalizing people of color that’s I’m saying in a roundabout
way but go ahead very true I mean the concept of black and white that was
around 1912 right when when that initially came into prominence of black
and white especially applications and things of
that nature that was more so in 1912 I might be missus or in my days but as far
as identification put on black people identified and I know and I will say
this I’m calmer from Dallas Texas by way of Mississippi oh I just my you to just
pop back on I just pay my bill let’s go let’s go identification and I know you don’t like
you don’t like to miss the news cycle the other day you guys were talking
about our black people on cold may are happening I don’t really want to go back
too far why do you want to chime in on what this caller is saying do we just
let him speak Ronnie in terms of being on code okay continue on so yes we would
talk about the other day our black people on code you want to say what now
okay so I’m coming in on the children a bit yes black people are on so they’re
not on a monolithic way running this is the foundational black American ideal is
as pushed for chronic recreation to the presidential to the presidential
conversation if black people wasn’t on cold it’s been years
it’s the years that they was talking about regulation so the conversation of
let me interrupt you though because if that’s your shining example hold on a
second if that’s your shining example to illustrate that black people are on cold
it’s you know it’s not really it’s not telling me much because this isn’t a new
conversation reparations and at this point the conversation is only
functioning as a carrot being dangled in front of you you don’t have any
legislation in the works you know the most was an introduction by Cory Booker
to have an exploratory committee review reparations and what it would entail but
all of this data and all of this information is really out there and then
the one spectacle that they had on Congress you know they had Donnie Danny
Glover there yeah Red’s I’m sorry Jane pardon me
fuck Tony global respectfully that a collective of black people and like I
said we’re not a monolith we’re not a monolithic call me a genius thinking
machine or group of people small just like star is a part of the new black
media in addition to other people and he’s been doing his thing so it’s not
like all over all collected old black people are cold a hundred percent it
would never be a hundred percent ok it will never be a hundred it’s not a
hundred percent a white people are cold it’s not but it is growing it is a
growing or growing thing and people are becoming aware of the situation’s around
them or they aren’t and they aren’t galloping rigs ok hang on Santa if I can
jump in pardon me upon me um so now you mentioned Atos I support event Carnell
and tone talks are you going to the convention this weekend or will you be
streaming it live and you just got your internet back on yes I’m not going out
so no I won’t be at a B or a girl convention I won’t be there but I
support everybody then we’ll be there not you but at the same time if every
black person that supports a g-wiz wanted to be at the convention they
don’t have them up ceaseless here all of us they don’t have enough seats if your
life impossible they don’t good there is a constituency of people that support it
and are honk oh and like when you explain but work immediately cooler the
cold and all that but Google people just saying yay or nay we support this we
don’t support they aren’t you we are there hang on a second strap I want to
let you have the last word but Ronnie do you want to interject before we give me
the last Ronnie yeah I don’t really have anything
on that time okay all right so I thank you for the cash before you
we want to say come on Ronnie you was telling sorry that you haven’t given
birth I’ll assume it’s a different just like it’s the difference between bloody
onstage oh I love we do this he was slow dancing with a white girl maybe she got
her hair change to come with the goddess of fit star yes it was so it was so it
was so profound and you said up at night I’m white with white women get a hair
belief right to look with the goddess thank God stupid black women a friend
with you say black women who spend it with me they change they heard a man say
shoes listen I appreciate you man I’m glad you got you YouTube back on and
thank you for your support man have a great weekend all right yes sir salut
thank you man okay hold on a second boss chick Ronnie oh I got my new homie on
the check-in oh shit drinky cro3 one for he says I’m not 1,000%
what your name is star Tyler the Creator concert you in the bathroom getting
stuffed okay now he’s talking reckless about the gay people okay hey listen man
thank you but yo that Tyler the Creator concert last night I’m gonna put it
right up there and with the fucking the Smashing Pumpkins who I saw a month or
two ago shit was crazy Ronnie didn’t I send you a picture or
something like that from the the concert last night
yeah it looks super lit inside of there shit was crazy I’m so glad I went and
hey thank you drinky cro3 one for Gatchaman salud to you again
and now Clark cunt sends in the superjet he says salute star but fuck you I don’t
want to hear you say you don’t own you two one more time put your shit on
pornhub and get reckless Dana is still a gorilla okay so can you not make those
types of references towards Dana fucking Dana heavy listen there’s a lot of
people that are losing their channels I’m playing the game I’m not sitting
here it’s a conspiracy I ain’t do all that shit man if I if I let that happen
that then I’m not respecting the viewers the numbers that that are popping right
now so yeah man I have to let people know hey you slow it down take it easy I
did all that crazy reckless shit back in the days I have nothing more to prove I
appreciate the people that tuned in they want to hear me address the topics
everything doesn’t have to be so graphic man and you know that that’s the reason
why I tell people slow it down all right running it someone’s time oh shit it’s
almost time for me to get the hell out of here it’s getting late um let me just
read these cash ups for any of them we’re gonna sign off Christian Christian
sends in a super chat 301 okay where are you a Christian area code 301 I do not
see you how the eagle is that Christian good evening 301 yes good evening sir I
was dead hey how are you man what’s going on with you hey real quick real
quick real quick about top of the creator’ because I’ve been watching the
Star report for a minute and I heard I heard you talk about out of the creator’
concert was lit as fuck last night it was lit man yeah but what made you go
though because that’s like not your type of music you know what I mean well hang
on hang on please do not marginalize me I’m not one of those people who someone
can say ho I know what you like right you wouldn’t like this I’m not one of
those people I am limitless I’m not predictable I always tell people that
don’t try and put me into a fucking box where you think you know what I’m gonna
say you know what I’m gonna do I started talking about Tyler created what when he
beat out DJ Khalid for the number one spot
ago yeah yeah yeah exactly and I say yo I’m gonna push him as speckle his name
when he comes to town and last last night you know I mean I was in bed man
and it’s nice young lady who uh I had spoken to about going to the concert she
started acting a little funny style because I had some fire coochie Oh
earlier in the week no I’m not a ho I’m not out of here smashing chicks like
that yeah I never had the disturb in my father so then I said see you want to go
to concerts she start acting funny so I said all right you know what fuck it
let’s not go ultimately I went by myself Nigel I enjoyed it yeah cuz I saw your
Instagram on your Instagram and that shit looked insane like it looked like
packed like like how many people were there like that shit was fuckin crazy
sold out it was sold out I’m sold out yeah and you look pretty close not up
that’s the only reason that call her yeah at first I was streaming live I was
on the floor at first but then I went and set up in the fucking seats because
you know there were so many young people they were like you know on the floor
they were jumping around and shit I was worried about me dude
I was worried about me all right thank you tie the guy down for his crown fuck fuck
what you heard okay Ronnie um we’re out of here thank you so much Ronnie um
maybe we’ll talk to Marnie get a busy day tomorrow thank you for being
available today no problem star take care have a great
night okay you two take care all right boss chick money on the check-in yeah I
streamed the concert live last night on my Instagram page again for those of you
who you know didn’t catch this show early earlier for me and it’s great
so I signed some autographs because a couple young people they said hey aren’t
you that guy from everyday struggle and I said I don’t know am i and then there
was like a couple of white kids they had on the fucking wigs like like Tyler a
one girl she said I use that hater guy yeah I guess you know I had a great
fucking time great fucking time I’m gonna go to a concert in the next couple
of weeks I think I’m gonna go see some a classical music concert I was doing a
little research I’ll keep you guys posted on that as well
alright let me check super check make sure to miss anybody um Brandy’s
bachelor hey brandy okay hold a second brandy wants to get back on the line we
was Kang’s sends in a super chat star I just
crushed some cougar coochie okay now I’m eating an oven baked pizza landing the
plane with the star report salute man thank you yeah sometimes that cougar
couch is what you need you know I haven’t had Cougar coochie a long time
what is 2019 okay I got the homey drink drinky crow Clark Hunt okay let me make
sure I got all of drinky Crowes super chats that’s my new friend he’ll he
spent screwin tonight Thank You Man salute drinkie Crowe he
says nigga I’m a nigger two brandies back when I hold a second brandy you
back there girl for one for hey yeah I’m back I just had one more thing I want to
ask you about the Tyler show do you are you a fan of Frank Ocean I know some of
his music I can’t say I know his whole catalogue
and truthfully I don’t know Tyler’s catalogue like that but I will say that
the first four songs in his concert last night bangers the crowd the crowd was
like with him verbatim and the music was just pumping that’s good like because
I’m really looking for I’m a big Frank ocean’s fan and I’m really looking
forward to like him and Tyler doing some type of collaborative thing because they
you know that they all come from odd future yes future Tim a lot of things so
yeah raving about that so if I can also say this you know what I really liked
about Tyler he is an incredible showman I mean there wasn’t a bunch of people on
stage he was the only one he played the shit out of the piano and he didn’t have
a whole bunch of niggas on stage took my yo-yo free my nigga
so who so none of that shit yes he had on the crazy blonde wig hit happen the
fuck fucking suit and the whitey shoes but he got busy that shit was lit I’m
glad I went I would love to see you like one of those shows they hardly ever come
to Milwaukee we will have to go out to Chicago to see their show but yeah I was
just listening to your reviews and and it just kind of made me crave for Frank
Ocean to do something like that but that’s all I want to start man thank you baby okay brandy we chopped it
up via DM sometimes you know IG hey smokey thank you darling
smokey sends in a cash app she says for the machine with two hearts thank you so
much she’s rocking some some nice sunglasses in her picture looks like
they might be Varney’s our barne is still popular
no lung butter on the check-in Zack Lee writing 69 love letters hashtag gay way
is that exactly in the live chat hold on a second let me let me look in the live
chat what’s going on in there oh okay okay
talking reckless as always if you new to the show guys the live chat is down here
I’m always looking over here I don’t bother them I let them do what the fuck
they do okay they get that brandy now yeah everybody gets it fuck all that
putting a wrench up in there you know trying to block people and shit okay
somebody said are you lying you like the Cougars oh listen I’ve
tried to date women you know Cougars just I strike out I was on I was that
shit I was on I was on plenty of fish trying to date
women over 45 they’re all depressed I don’t know I don’t want to hang out with
some old to press bitch party that was right I don’t want to
hang out with somebody who’s like you know on pills and shit you know and
she’s talked about her ex-husband who who broke her fucking mouth
broke her eye socket Thank You lung butter
I don’t chase young girls they holler at me you know and then and then the shit
just goes and goes someplace else Basheer peace man he says the hater
misses nothing slow thank you sir thank you and I think that’s it for tonight
guys let me get uh let me get these batteries ready
guys boss chick Ronnie is banner her banners coming up first please pay
attention to her banner so that you don’t have to like you know Imam yo whoa
what does Ronnie look like put her I put her banner on first okay hold on and
then I’ll put some other banners as well hey um I don’t think I’ll see you guys
tomorrow I got to make some moves tomorrow but I will see you Sunday at
some point please keep me up to speed on all the monkey shit um anybody brawling
and fighting up in Waffle House Walmart and um what is that those other stores
please send me all that dumb shit I like to be entertained all right all right
have a good evening take care of salute you


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