Jonas Brothers ‘Chasing Happiness’ – Official Trailer | Kevin, Nick, Joe | New Documentary 2019

Kevin: It had been
nearly 6 years since we had spent
time together, just the three of us
as brothers. We were not supposed
to get out of Jersey. Kevin: We loved music
growing up. Dad was the pastor
of a church. As a child, like it was
just always around us. We had a really tight-knit
family and we became each
other’s best friends. We started to write on our own. Overnight, we’re a band. ♪♪♪ We’re doing it.
We’re living our dream. Joe: Things began to
shift in the church that became
really challenging. Our dad leaves the church, I think in the same month
the label dropped us. We really were struggling. And we were playing roulette,
you know, on the boys. Kevin: And we got a phone
call from Disney. Kevin: We’re gonna hand
you a record deal. And it was just
non-stop from there. We had no idea how big
the band was getting. In one week, they had 3
albums in the top ten. Kevin: Sell-through Madison Square
Garden three nights in a row. Kevin Jonas, Sr:
The gold record in a week. I started to become aware of how much better I
wanted to become. You’re like, let’s take a
pause and take a break. Nick says, “The Jonas Brothers
should be no more.” What hurt the most was
that it came from Nick. He is my best friend. There were moments I thought
they’ll never speak to me again. Nick: I love my brothers to death. I think that the
brothers had to grow apart to be able to get perspective. I found that success isn’t
always tied to fame and fortune. Everything’s amazing. I really want to have a second
chance with them. I’d rather we be brothers and not have our band
dictate our relationship. Nick: Once we got past the
emotional sting of it, we actually had a
better relationship. It wasn’t about the money.
It wasn’t about the fame. It was – “Hey brothers, do you want to do something
awesome again together?” Kevin: We spent the last year
traveling the world and really reconnecting. This makes me happy. ♪♪♪


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