Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Read After Movie Fan Theories | ELLE

– Hi, I’m Josephine. – And I’m Hero. – And we’re here to read
some fan theory tweets. – Yeah. – Mmmm. – I dunno. – I don’t know. – So we know a lot of you readers know what happens in the story, but a lot of you have been
speculating over the trailer. So we’re gonna look into
some of your theories. – Oh, they still don’t know. – It’s Khadijha. – Well, yeah, but now you’ve told ’em. – Oh, I don’t understand this! – I wanted to keep the mystery. – I think that’s meant to be and. I dunno. – Yeah. – Yeah! – That’s my face. – Well ’cause it’s, I guess
it’s the same expression. – Yeah, similar enough. – Well, thank you – Wait, what? – @devilishhayleys for that suggestion. – Oh! – So when you make a movie you can’t fit everything
into one and half hours, so sometimes stuff changes. – I like that they don’t
know this stuff though. I thought they knew
everything, but apparently not. – Oh yeah! Oh, it’s not really a question, is it? – No, it’s nice though. – Yeah. – We shot it over 16 hours. One scene, 16 hours. – Yeah. It was a long day. (Josephine groans) But we got there in the end. – Yeah. – They’re so clever! How do they, like I mean, I can’t say you’re right or wrong. (laughs) – What are we? What are we looking at? – Okay, so, the question is, is the poster in the same
place as the dorm room? – If I’m being completely honest (laughs) That picture was taken at a photo shoot with a white background. – And it was just photoshopped in. – So that would’ve just been
slapped in the background. But I reckon the intention was
to replicate that same room. – No, it was the other,
it was the other room. – Oh yeah! – Yeah! Hmm. – Did they? – Well. – Have you seen my Instagram? – I was just gonna say that’s
why we don’t post too much, because we’re so busy on
the After movie account. – In what world would I have, not one, but two Instagram accounts? That’s just madness. – See, sometimes you’re wrong,
you’re not always right. I don’t wanna reveal where that was shot – Good job though! – but that’s untrue. – Well, thank you for listening to us read these fan
theories, and talk about them. – And we can’t wait for you
guys to see the movie in April. (chuckles)


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