Jude and the globe

hi how’re we doing
welcome back to the Buchanans after a long time so here we go
so we’ve got Jude here so hard you’d hide okay so Jude is now I’m going to play go
to play I’m a little game called around the globe so what we’re gonna do is I’m
look rather good so listen to Jude now dude is very clever and why are you so
clever dude my brain your brain awesome stuff okay I don’t think I know I don’t
think you’re pretty smart I know you I am
you’re very smart Sonya okay cool so let’s do two guys right so so first a
date we’ve got you brought oh um Japan Japan Wow and tell everyone about Japan
what do you know about Japan they do speak Japanese we’ve got scary animals
yes like how about spider rapid fast furious and freaky yeah look completely
weird alien shag of a night store will face in a monster al not not worth all
cured but bigger factor between both goodbye but can spider wow that sounds
really scary Thomas for just was a remarkable I’m Alan is on our biggest
relation to the very late and learn like printed on now the most powerful jaws in
animal kingdom baby no and mostly mostly a big camel
spider can high kind of snap a pent soul Wow
what about you finger would you fingers if you are dumb enough to put your
finger inside of a big can of fires now yeah it’s gonna crunch that and it’s
gonna like this yeah I wouldn’t like to try hmm nothing can kill this nocturnal
callable very good night okay so what else have we got around the globe let’s
have a little look Africa Africa Asian animals hi ujin animals what’s the next
one we’ve got a next one Asian animals how many other one how do you have one
how do you hunt you think it’s okay to go back in the
water ahna in the sea when you had the one
about big fish new doctor a sha scary sea monster scary with jaws of death
they are completely scary not look why the Dunkleosteus all ora ora ora saber
fish but bigger factor between scarier what it’s not actually a Megalodon
it’s called aa scariest um sea creatures on earth why because they are jaws do
you know there was a film called jaws I didn’t know that was a film is it
awesome awesome what how’s about sharks what’s scary
about them there were lots of other sharks called
nebula dawn old old shark wasn’t it yeah but much bigger than a shark yes much
bigger big scary shit great quite right sure yeah it’s been a big bad boy in it
big bad so there’s the Asian whereas we got well
as we got in there so next Asian animal howling you heard the one about a stripy
orange and black time uh animal Asian a rat’s load
scary scary fear for you sir then a leopard what is it then
not not quite a lot not not a lion or a leopard but scarier
it’s aa tiger Tigers only the stripy ask i’m animals on earth
they even more than a zebra even scarier oh so exciting yeah I know I know those
colors are really good yes some but some animals a carnivores yes they are
absolutely okay so when you had another carnivore finger Peter enough scariest
night I got scary fast too like they are completely scarier Alina no don’t say
anything it’s not it’s not quite a tiger not quite a tiger or a leopard but
bigger scarier the lion a smile lines are one of the scariest
Carnivale of an hour yeah they are a lot it is their big armor do you know that I
can’t get that just big pussy card that’s why a scary and under up and
there’s another line called a 9s yeah that’s the man that’s the girl isn’t it
the mom yeah the market yeah I’m the babies does a lion car
though I clever boy well done have you heard of a fast carnival in
Asia but more scarier it’s a liar in it that Shh not it’s not
this time it’s not a it’s not a tiger or a lion but but much faster
it lies in its life the Indian Asian natural or leopard so out there you say
the fast yes they are indeed much faster and our crocodile sorry so so next up
country we’ve got Australia having you had a cute animal with bounces it’s a
kangaroo a big one trigger race time rules living kangaroos are really cute
um fancy animals they are big you know kind of messy huh they’re really big
what kangaroos yeah they’re really big good I might what we’ve got we’ll go
around the globe the globe globe globe there’s a globe where we go in North
America North America tell me what what animals live in North America with okay
haven’t you heard daddy we were going to do that one in hot plays okay let’s spin
it again for them do it down so so they can see which by the way this is a
world-class live obviously $2.99 catching Michael I know no freaking Wow
my favorite country yeah Jude’s favorite country he loves Africa
cuz it’s really hot and has wild animal with yeah so vines do live in Africa
I don’t but not Tigers you clever boy they’re Asian at night yeah amazing
okay so haven’t you heard a great animal that lives in Africa with tusks okay
much much mm-hmm okay it’s good your favorite isn’t it not not gal elephant
haven’t tusks but boy elephants have tasks yes
some have longer tasks they do William Alice had long tusks were lean amateur
they were found in da in the wall I say wow that’s right yeah yeah they do not
got a question for you what um what do they speak in Russia what language Russian completely different language
hey dude yes okay I’m what about him
what about Japan what that’s what I speak Japanese Wow
awesome I mean Spain I speak this they speak
Spanish brilliant what about what so how do you not speak
Russian you can Wow I still can’t share it to them ok ok
next up yes Japanese but haven’t you heard this African animal it it sways in
these two won’t come can’t swim in water or one can swim in water in the city
ok crocodile and alligator yeah who would win on that crocodiles
didn’t live in Africa and they’re one of the scariest on sea animals turn that’s
a shark they are very vain I think Ken the scene
is made our salt yes crocodiles comes from the ocean but alligators come on
that’s for high hoping ours can get rid of the salt but I just can’t they do
that they get very very very sick you’re very clever aren’t ya I think we’ve got
to go and have some breakfast now however I think we can return with this
and over time what do you think dude wait fingers one more go
what do we got how exciting have you finished South
America South country gone well what Oh baby God having you had another one
about spider-man doctorate ah okay okay it’s scary scary scary I’m freaky
they are completely scary okay not it’s not quite a common spider
forest I mean not not even a black widow spider a bigger factor between this this
spider it’s good ah South America below if you do not like spiders on a scale of
1-10 how much you dislike and if you do they apply to you it’s da black and
orange tarantula very scary very very scary yeah lots of different spiders
have poison us yes they are my but the come spider didn’t have any poison
that’s scary do you want to say bye to everyone and
so we will return shortly on another one say bye dude bye take care

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