Judge recognizes Murderer as Schoolfriend ||inspired by true event||Courtroom drama || SwaggerSharma

Hi! What is wrong? Sir I was saying please save me from getting hanged I can do with lifetime imprisonment Yes, I’ll try my best Ma’am I cannot bring your sin back from death But I can surely get his murderer hanged to death! What is he saying!? Calm down! I’ll try my best You’ll try! He’ll fuck me up, I know! Everyone was right about cheap lawyers This fake lawyer won’t do shit! Dare you talk shit about me You’ll have to deal with this case on your own! Why did you murder if you even don’t know how to do it! Every witness every evidence is against you! And they want to be saved from getting hanged! Sit down What is it today? Such a shame! Killed his own friend for a girl! Ma’am this is India’s youngest judge He won’t think twice before getting him hanged These people should be hanged without even a proper trial Why don’t you do it Sorry sir Do it no! Sorry sir Advocate Yadav? Yes my lord Advocate Mishra Yes sir Dharmendra Saini? Yes 12th B, Meerut Public School right? Yes! Hey Dharam, it’s me! Dude it’s me, Shivam! Shivam Sharma! Dude it’s you! How are you buddy! It’s been such a long time Last we met on my birthday in 12th And you vanished after that My dad got transferred You remember Nikki? My girlfriend! Yes She’s married to me now! Wait, I’ll video call her right now Ma’am listen, please calm down Look who I met in the court Dharam from 12th B! I’m sure he won’t let his friendship come between his judgement I am sure he’ll be hanged! Hanged? Mad or what bro? No one is getting you hanged dude I’ll make it happen Ma’am! Let court proceedings begin Your honor The morning of 2nd October Dharmendra Saini was… Just a moment, who asked you to speak up? Your honor, I was just.. Sit down You’ll only speak when I ask you to You may proceed Mr. Yadav Your honor my client is not guilty He can’t murder Mr. Praveen because he was not even in Delhi I object my lord! Overruled Sit down Proceed Where was your client? He was in Panjim on the 2nd of October to attend the Satsang of Swami Chinmay Anand He was staying in a lodge there He ate Pao Bhaji from the restaurant nearby And he watched a movie on th 3rd Sir, he’s narrating you the story of the Movie Drishyam in court And you’re not objecting!? Oh I’ll object Overruled! Sit down Proceed My lord, these are the evidences that prove he was in Panjim on that day Your honor, how can a guy murder his own best friend! Valid Point This is a valid point The main point of the defence Friendship, this cannot be defended! Proceed, Mr. Mishra I’ll prove this Bollywood story wrong in 2 seconds Your honor, this knife and Dharmendra’s wallet was found near the body Praveen was murdered with this knife only It contains Dharmendra Saini’s fingerprints This clearly explains that the story told by Mr Yadav, and the evidences provided are completely false! Therefore I will request the court that Mr Dharmendra Saini should be… Mr. Mishra! Yes Mr. Mishra, whose fingerprints are on the knife, show them to me No my lord, it’s nothing You’re wasting the court’s time Mr Mishra We cannot hang someone on the basis of just this wallet If there is any strong evidence or witness? Sir, with your permission I’d like to call Sandy Singh Permission granted Sandy Singh should be brought now! I’ll slap you, crazy or what! What’s up fuckers! Mr. Sandy, please tell the court what did you see on the morning of 2nd October Morning of 2nd October… Reshma was returning to her home after putting on her clothes Not that! What did you see from the balcony Oh! From the balcony!? I was having my fucking tea and then.. Are you illerate?
I was having my fucking tea and then.. Are you illerate? Don’t you know this is a court and you can’t abuse here!? Sir, this is not a fucking cuss word This is the love of Delhi-ites sir! I’ll lock you in the jail forever! Behave properly and speak properly! Remove that cap Sir, why are you being so cranky,there you go My grandfather died so I put on a fucking cap Ok that’s fine. Continue with what were you saying about what you saw in the balcony Police in Seelampur, Delhi horridly beat the people with sticks I will definitely not go outside today What’s up Bhatia you fu… Tell it without using any cuss word! What’s up What’s up Sandy! You’re earning some money dude, new car right!? No dude Did you rob a bank or what! No dude! This is all due to Octa FX trading app Octa FX ? Sir, he’s blabbering nonsense No You don’t know about it? No They recently got the award for the best forex broker Asia, 2019! Forex? Is it related to currency exchange? Sir, I’m saying.. Why the fuck are you interfering, let us talk Is it currency exchange? No It’s totally like stock trading,but in Octa FX you can start off with only 20 dollars How does it work? How does it work? It’s really simple When the rates our low, buy stocks and sell when they are high You’ll take time to learn it through practice But once you get it, you’ll earn loads of money Have a look at my one week’s income! Dude! I’ll download it right away! Download the app from the link in the description and use Swagger as your promo code Your first deposit will be doubled I’ll fucking do it right away! Why are you sad Mr. Mishra No Sir, you carry on Do your business, earn money So what if somebody has been murdered I’m not sitting here to handle your mood swings Quietly proceed with the trial, if you want to! So, Mr. Bussinessman Tell us only what you saw related to the murder I saw this fucking monster entering the building After that I heard someone screaming from the first floor After that he ran away from the building Why didn’t you go to the first floor to see what is happening Sir Sandy never invites trouble for himself! So My Lord, the case is crystal clear On the morning of 2nd October Mr, Dharmendra got to know his girlfriend Akansha is cheating on him With his own best friend, Praveen And here he lost his temper and murdered Praveen! But he didn’t actually see him murdering He is making up this story Did he see the murder, no Bring some strong evidence or witness… Okay! With your permission, I’d like to call Miss Akansha Singh Permission granted Akansha Singh! Shut up! Can’t you see she’s already standing there! Shouting in my ears So Miss Akansha Singh Tell the truth to the court Me and Dharam are in a relationship for the past 4 years But due to Dharam’s import export business, he usually would be out of the city During that time I met his best friend, Mr. Praveen We bonded really well with time But.. Dharam had started doubting on me And on Dharam’s birthday party, I and Praveen had a moment What happened after that, skip all this What happened next I was feeling very guilty I wanted to tell Dharam everything But before I could tell.. On the morning of 2nd October Akansha! Dharam, I’m in the washroom Breakfast is in the kitchen, take it from there Praveen you bastard! Asshole You were involved with my girlfriend behind my back! Dude, listen to me we were about to tell you You will listen to me, when I come there! And on the morning of 2nd October, Praveen’s body was found from his own home So, my lord the whole truth is right in front of our eyes Gross! So, I was saying My lord the whole truth is in front of our eyes Nope! The girl who couldn’t be loyal to her own boyfriend cannot be considered as a credible witness Her statement has to be disregarded, she is not a credible witness I want a strong evidence Strong, Mr Mishra Strong! You want a full proof evidence I am going to present an evidence that will bring out the whole truth! Everything will be crystal clear What is it? Bring it here, to me No Sir! I’ll show it in front of everyone! You have forced me to show this! What is it!? CCTV What? CCTV footage of the murder! What a co-incident! The TV has been damaged for the past 2 days If the TV had been working I would have given the judgment today But no problem, I’ll give a hearing date after 3-4 days when the TV is repaired No Sir, I got it repaired in the morning You’ll be damned See, Mr. Mishra My son! Monster! You killed my son! I’ll not leave you! He killed my son! Calm down ma’am Sit down Please respect the court’s discipline You cannot take the law in your own hands ma’am I don’t think any other evidence is required! So, Mr Mishra… The evidence was legitimate But the murder was not really captured in the footage Who appointed you judge! You’re misbehaving with the judge!? All evidences and witnesses are clearly telling that Mr Dharmendra is the murderer But you don’t seem to get them! Don’t misbehave, otherwise I’ll get your license cancelled! Go hell with your discipline Mr. Mishra your license has been cancelled for 3 months I wish this happened to you! Mr Mishra 6 months! Shut up! I hope you and your wife get divorced 9 months, Mr. Mishra! One more word about my wife and you’ll wear this black court only in weddings I swear to God, I’ll end your career! Ma’am my license has been cancelled for 9 months! Please stay quite, please! Look Mr Mishra, never bring my wife in the argument, never Taking into consideration all the evidences and witnesses this court has come to a judgment that On the basis of this wallet and all the fake witness, hanging Mr Dharmendra will be shear injustice This court… Leaving everything like this will be useless Let’s tell him everything I’m sure he will understand Who will understand what? Okay, I will talk to you later, bye Who was it? It was a friend She was in a situation What situation? Actually she… She is cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend So I told her to tell him everything I am sure he will understand No he won’t He’ll bury both of them alive! How can people do that! She is cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend! Don’t lose your temper It is there situation, they will handle it I and Praveen had a moment on Dharam’s birthday party Nikki! Have you seen Nikki? We got other things to do You could respect me on my birthday at least! Nikki! She’s my wife now Wait, I’ll video call her Hi! Look who I met in the court! Dharam from 12th B! Hi Nikki! Have you seen Nikki? Nikki! Nikki Dharam have you seen Nikki Tell her I’m looking for her if you see her Nikki! Nikki Hey Nikki where you? I was looking for you I was just here only This court proves Mr Dharmendra Sahni guilty for the murder of Praveen Ranjan And orders him to be hanged till death! Adjurned

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