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♫ Clang, clang, clang went the trolley ♫ I just want what everybody wants. I’m sorry it’s so late. Mrs. Garland. Oh please, I’m Judy. I’m very sorry but your suite has been released. What do you mean released? Where exactly has it gone? Your account was in arrears. ♫ Clang, clang, clang went the trolley ♫ Momma… …please don’t go to sleep now. No, no, no. These are the other ones. ♫ Zing, zing, zing went my heart strings ♫ The kids need a home, Judy. I know what kids need, they need their mother. You can’t have the world’s greatest entertainer… …out here without a drink. Frank Sinatra is here? Frank is great but he is no Judy Garland. ♫ Chug, chug, chug went the motor. ♫ I don’t have a home, I can’t even get a manager. ♫ Bump, bump, bump went the brake. ♫ London would offer you a lot of money. Talk of the Town is desperate to do a deal with you. You’re saying I have to leave my children… …if I want to make enough money to be with my children? I would very much like to stay. Judy? Have you seen Judy? There’s an audience out there waiting to hear you sing. My mouth’s… …dry and it could fall apart. Listen to me… [off-screen] Judy! I can’t. [off-screen] Garland! You’ll be fine. On you go. What?! Room service. I didn’t order anything. There’s a man… …under the trolley. [gasp] Surprise! Mickey! [laughing] ♫ You’re gonna love me ♫ The kids miss you… …and they also want to stay put. I’m coming back for them. You’re not listening. I have someone I can rely on now. ♫ I’m gonna love you ♫ [off-screen] You’re late! So what?
You have to be home for your mommy to put you to bed? Are you going to be all right? What if I can’t do it again? Momma? Momma, are you there? ♫ Somewhere… ♫ You need to take better care of yourself… …you understand? ♫ …over the rainbow… ♫ Everybody has their troubles… ♫ …way up high. ♫ …and I’ve had mine. I just want what everybody wants… …I just seem to have a harder time getting it. Do you take anything for depression? Four husbands… …didn’t work. ♫ There’s a land… ♫ ♫ …that I’ve heard of… ♫ You won’t forget me, will you? ♫ …once in a lullabye. ♫ Promise you won’t.

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