Justin Bieber: Seasons | Official Trailer Ft. Yummy | YouTube Originals

CREW: Speed. PRODUCER: You want to start by talking about the last four
years? JUSTIN: Wow. BBC ANCHOR: Justin Bieber says
he is cancelling the rest of his
world tour. KEVAN KENNY: As for why Justin
cancelled the tour, he spoke to maintaining a
healthy mind, heart, and soul. ALLISON: Performing is the thing
that he loves most in this
world. For him to say that he didn’t
want to do it… I was concerned. RYAN: There was a period where
it was really tough for him. He was a shell of himself. JUSTIN: As humans, we go through
so many ups and downs. So many good seasons, bad
seasons… You know, sometimes we want to
give up. SCOOTER: He’s taken a very long
break and in that time he’s… found his wife. He’s grown a
lot. And he’s ready to express
himself through music again. JUSTIN: I’m excited. Just nervous a little bit. This album is different because
of where I’m at in my life. SCOOTER: No one’s ever grown up,
in the history of humanity, like
Justin Bieber. HAILEY: There’s a lot of
pressure that I think people
don’t see. JUSTIN: I can never remake this
album. It’s got to be perfect. Oh! You’re taping. [LAUGHS] Weird. When you’re doing what you are
good at, you just feel like you’re where
you’re supposed to be. HAILEY: Maybe by watching this,
people will kind of get a
glimpse into his world. JUSTIN: You know what I say to


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