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Subscribe Now 🙏 Graceful Family (Episode 2) I’m home! 15 years ago, there was a murder case. Honey! Honey! Who are you? Who sent you? Prosecutor Joo Hyung-il? From now on, this isn’t your home. It’s Art Villa in Cheongdam-dong. It seems like your wife really likes the house. Your son, Tae-hyung, seemed especially taken with the large house. Since you were passed up for promotion this time, will you just spend the rest of your life in the countryside as planned? You should become the central district’s deputy prosecutor general and then the attorney general in the future. If you join us, that will be possible. A murder case will be given to you tomorrow morning. Make it a closed investigation and prosecute the suspect as soon as possible. (Ahn Jae-rim’s murder case report) In exchange for covering up a murder case, a prosecutor received a luxury villa in Gangnam and a bright future. It probably wasn’t easy for anyone to resist that tempting offer. I took care of it. Yes. Rest up. It was probably the first mission that TOP team had to take care of after it was created. (Graceful Family / Elegant Family) (Episode 2) Are you okay, sir? Are you hurt anywhere? What do you think you’re doing? Have you lost your mind? You’re not hurt, right? Ask for hundreds of thousands of dollars as compensation. I’m rich. And I’m also drunk. It counts as attempted murder, right? I’m going to run away now. So report a hit and run. This lawyer will take care of compensating you for any damages. (Suspect Interrogation Report) I’m telling you I’m guilty of DUI, attempted murder, and even a hit and run. I got caught by this man while I was trying to escape. Mr. Kim. I did do a hit and run. I drank a bottle of soju. Your alcohol level was high enough to suspend your license. I’ve never seen a person who’s so desperate to become a hit and run suspect. How much do you think it costs to pay for a child’s education? Including study abroad? I have 2 kids. It’s very expensive. $100,000 isn’t even enough for studying abroad. Mr. Kim. Add another zero. What? $1 million? This is all I can give you right now. MC Group will never give you more than this. Use the money to hire a law firm or fight so you have a new start. I’m telling you to never be fooled by MC Group again. Ms. Han. I committed a DUI, attempted murder, and a hit and run too. I need a million dollars to settle so send it. Oh… There are many reporters gathered outside right now. Should I just tell them who I am? I’m considering it right now. (Transfer of $1 million dollars) Raise… …your child well. Is this how your express your sincerity? Yes, this is my style. I understand your intentions but you could’ve helped him differently. How? You think I can even spend a dime without Ms. Han knowing about it? Why is it me though? Because you’re not an elite lawyer. Han Jae-gook’s list doesn’t include a third rate lawyer like you. Since you’re a lawyer, you must be somewhat intelligent. Plus, you look like resilient and stubborn too. I especially… Well… I especially liked your old fashioned suit. What? When did you drink? – DUI is…
– Whatever. I don’t want to waste my energy arguing about you with Ms. Han so do a good job. Good luck. What is she saying? Hey! DUI is…! Yes, Heo Yun-do speaking. Pardon? It seems like I’m your senior so I can talk comfortably to you, right? Of course. Ms. Suk-hee couldn’t control her temper and she wasted a million dollars. That’s typical of her. What did you think about that? I thought the way she resolved the situation was very appealing. Even though she wasted a million dollars? You can’t say she wasted it. Why? Mr. Kim resents MC Group so he would’ve spent the rest of his life cursing it. But if he changes his mind because of this, then I think it’s not a bad amount. How are you so sure that he’s going to change his mind after receiving that money? If we do what she did because we’re afraid of people like him every time, then MC Group would cease to exist. Doesn’t TOP exist because MC Group is worried about what others think? Of course. But we would use a method different from Ms. Suk-hee’s. Every corporation’s goal is to make maximum profit with minimum expenditure. TOP is not an exception. We can’t give a supercar to a person like Kim Doo-man. That’s wrong. Read it. Yes, ma’am. This… I know it’s an internship contract but isn’t this too harsh? Disclosure of MC Family’s private lives will result in a penalty of 10 times of my salary. I understand that. Respond and report 24/7 whenever I’m contacted? This is a violation of the labor law. You’re not only Ms. Suk-hee’s lawyer but also her personal assistant. So what if she gets into an accident at 3 a.m.? You’re just going to sleep and ignore her until it’s time to go to work? Oh, then… I’ll modify it so it says special situations are exceptions. Address her as “Ms. Suk-hee” and speak to her in honorifics. Isn’t this archaic too? You two work that out. In the public, you must address her as “Ms. Suk-hee.” That’s a rule. Yes, I can bend on that. (Annual Salary: $160,000) Does this mean I’ll get this salary if I’m hired after my internship? I’ll sign. Thank you. Excuse me. I need to use the restroom. (Contract Agreement) Empire? If I sign here, what will you give me? Okay. Sign here? Sign the hiring contract too. I’ll be her lawyer. Yes, ma’am. It’s done, right? Take care, ma’am! – How much is all this?
– Uncle! What did you sign to get this money for? Kids don’t need to know, brat! – Go away!
– Hold on! – Go away!
– Uncle! Let me see it! – Hey!
– What is this? – What is this, uncle?
– It’s none of your business! Go away! – Go away!
– What is this? The salary amount was too high. I guess I got a little excited. You may be Ms. Suk-hee’s lawyer but you’re a part of MC Group’s TOP team. So don’t forget you’re my direct subordinate. TOP needs to know everything and anything about each family member. So you’re not only obligated to and responsible for reporting Ms. Suk-hee’s schedule to me but also following my instructions and orders. You also may not disclose TOP’s information to Ms. Suk-hee either. Yes, I understand. Is it ready? Three briefcases must always be inside the car. You may use them when you need them. This is for basic settlement. Use this when you urgently need cash during the nighttime and weekends. Please submit what you spent as a report. Oh… If you don’t like it, you can switch to a car to your liking. You have to return it when you leave the job, of course. No, I don’t plan on changing cars. Access cards for MC Group and the family residence. Yes… Phone just for TOP. And a company card. Why do I need a company card? You need to change your outfit first. I can’t even wear what I want? TOP team is MC Group’s pride. You can’t just wear anything. Wear whatever he recommends. Disregard my personal preferences? He’s an expert who will make you more attractive than you can. So don’t go against him. Any more questions? I was going to get a new suit anyway so this is great. Does this include a new pair of shoes too? Of course. Do I have to return all my clothes when I leave the job? Here you go! Thank you! – Thank you!
– Yes, goodbye! Welc…! Wow! Look who it is! Wow! I guess large corporations really have their perks! You look like a different person! It’s because I have a great body. What do you think? Do I look like a model? Of course! Celebrities are no match for you! I’m worried that they might retire because of me. Anyways, congratulations, son! You’ve been dreaming of becoming a large corporate lawyer! You finally became one. I told you I’ll become one! That’s right! But everything comes at a price. Seeing as how great the perks are, the work must be hard, right? I’m sure it’s not like conglomerates eat 4 meals a day. People are all the same. Don’t worry, Father. You know my specialty. Too good at adjusting! Yes. Too good at adjusting. Did you buy anything for me? No. Ma’am. I need to report a few things to you. Ms. Jung. Would you give us the room? Oh… Yes, miss. Mr. Wang has not yet regained consciousness yet. He doesn’t even know Mrs. Ahn was murdered. Really? Keep an eye on Mr. Yoon too. Yes, ma’am. Can I trust Ms. Jung? I don’t know what she’s up to. But she has been taking care of Mr. Wang ever since the accident. That’s why she could be a spy of theirs. Anyways, you must obtain management rights this time. Mr. Wang has been hanging in there for the sole goal of making you into MC Group’s CEO. Do you think so too, Mr. Yoon? What Mr. Wang wants is what I want. You must become the owner of MC Group. What’s the current situation? In addition to the shares you’ll inherit from Mr. Wang, you must purchase additional shares to become the greatest shareholder. That’s the priority. In Korea, you need to be even more careful of your well-being. I’ve been on edge because of TOP for 15 years. I know more than you about how scary TOP is. But… Were you the one who contacted me when I was in the U.S.? No. Because TOP did a thorough job of hiding you, I didn’t even know where you were. I see. (Heo Yun-do) (Notice of Trial Date) Yes, Mr. Oh. I’ll pour it for you. It looks like I should buy dinner tonight. Why? I’m sorry. It looks like I can’t be of much help. You couldn’t pull up the case? I asked help from my prosecution contact but that’s the only case that can’t be accessed. I don’t understand why I can’t access a murder case from 15 years ago! I don’t know if someone did something. It seems like there’s something fishy going on. It’s okay. There may be another way. What do you mean? It’s nothing. How’s MC Group? Are you sure you can survive in the midst of those who are considered the best? I have to. I must. I’m going crazy. Hello? It’s me. Who are you? Mo Suk-hee! Yes, what is it? What does a baseless accusation mean? What? What does baseless accusation mean? It’s when you blame and resent someone else for no reason. Okay. Ms. Mo Suk-hee. You’re supposed to sleep at night so your skin gets better. Hurry up and go to sleep. I can’t sleep because of jet lag. You know how to swim, right? Did you compete as a swimmer? No. If you weren’t, why are you doing this so late at night? It’s 2 p.m. in New York right now. I’ve been doing this for 15 years. Can you change that overnight? Then are you saying you have to do this every night because of jet lag? – Of course.
– I can’t do it. Hire someone part-time for it. This isn’t something I can handle. You’re right. It looked like you didn’t have a proper coach. This is what you call a commoner’s swimming. Survival swimming. Forget it. Let’s go sleep. I’m tired. No, my schedule starts now! – What?
– Doesn’t Dongdaemun Market open early? You must have poor stamina. Yes, I do. So I need to go sleep. Let’s go. Fine. Then come to my house by 7 a.m. – Why?
– My family members eat breakfast early. You have to be introduced. You scared me! Where did you go so early? Why’s your hair wet? I’m tired. Don’t talk to me. Please wake me up after 2 hours. What? Ms. Park, Ms. Il. Is Picasso’s breakfast ready? We’ll get it ready. Please hurry. Hello, miss. What’s this? It’s Picasso’s breakfast. Picasso? Ew! That’s gross! Please be quiet. Picasso is very sensitive. Is that goldfish named Picasso? Yes. It’s a fish Ms. Ha loves. How long do we have to sleep on separate beds like this? If you need a man, go out and meet one. Stop bothering me so early in the morning. You’re so cruel. Your father became a chief in exchange for you putting up with a cruel man. Plus, you got money to pay for your younger siblings studying abroad and to spend for the rest of your life. You made the choice. Just wait until the heir is decided. When that happens, I’ll give you a divorce. You’re awake, right? Ma’am, I’m sorry. Wan-joon’s so busy that he only has time to meet me now. Honey, would you please excuse us? Soo-jin’s always so elegant. Anyways, I’ve been curious about something for a while. Why do you two use separate beds? Is your relationship with Soo-Jin rocky? Do our lifestyles have to match just because we’re married? I use that bed when I have to read late at night. Happy now? Jeez. Stop reading. You need to make a baby first. You two would be perfect if you just had a kid. Jeez! Why are you here? Invest. This script is great! I’m going to have this go to Cannes. I don’t want to. Do you know how much of my money you wasted? Why are you pouring salt over my wound so early in the morning? Does it even hurt? Hey. The moment I become greedy as the eldest son we’ll all became part of a soap opera. I have no desire for power because I’m an artist. If you can do it, become the heir. Hey, Wan-joon. The script… Yes, what brings you here? Oh, yes. (Heo Yun-do) Thank you! Mr. Mo is here. – Ma’am!
– Yes, miss? Please give me steak. Yes, miss. What? Why are you all so surprised? In New York, it’s steak time right now. It doesn’t seem right to eat Picasso as sushi so early in the morning. – What?
– Mo Suk-hee! I held back because I knew my stepmother liked the fish. Suk-hee… Isn’t it difficult adjusting to Seoul? Do you want me to play with you? It’s fine. Why? Did you get yourself a guy already? Please bring him in. Yes, miss. The man who’s standing over there is my lawyer and personal assistant. Hello! My name’s Heo Yun-do! I guess he’s your style. What are you saying? He’s not my style. Wow! How did you manage to become the lawyer for the pickiest person in the family? You must be very talented. Welcome to the MC Family. Please take good care of our Suk-hee. You there! Can you do a good job? Yes, I guess so. People’s monthly wage statements ultimately seem to determine whether they continue this job or not. Money seems to determine that! I don’t think money is a deciding factor for everything. But an unhappy life is determined by money. Something’s missing. Follow me. Goodbye! Much better. You don’t have to be this nice. Don’t get the wrong idea. I just can’t stand someone being so old fashioned. What’s today’s schedule? I’m just going to rest. Go to TOP. Investment in Myanmar’s mines and the funds to purchase land for Vietnam’s apartment have gone through. What’s going on with MC Museum’s right to auction paintings? Yes, we got it and he went back to Israel. Plus, we transferred the funds to the Hong Kong account. Good. It seems like we’re gathering cash as planned. We need to move up the date for Green Technology to go public. Yes, we’re working on it. Before that, don’t we need to work on improving Mr. Mo’s media exposure? Yes, I’ll schedule for him to appear on some shows. What happened to convincing MC Distribution’s shareholders? They’re founding members along with Mr. Wang so it’s not easy. If all fails, we’ll have to use another way to convince them. Yes, ma’am. Mr. Wang’s side has to purchase additional shares and they’ll need cash to pay for Ms. Suk-hee’s taxes after she gets them. They’ll send land in Yongin and Yangpyeong to free up the cash. We have to stop them. Yes, ma’am. They said Mr. Heo is here. Be nice to him. Yes, ma’am.[OnDemandKorea Ver]
MBN / DramaX E02 ‘Graceful Family’
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-You’re decent in English, right? MC Group is signing a logistic services contract with New York’s TJ Group. Please review the contract. Please do it as soon as possible. What? He’s a loner from the first day of work? The text was sent from Seongbuk-dong. Who in this household sent it? Hey, if I upload the article on my social media account, then even TOP won’t be able to stop it. Please lend me the help of your internet group members. I’m telling you I won’t give up on MC Group’s Mo Wan-joon’s slush fund this time. Just trust me. Yes, okay. Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! I got pictures of Lee Byung-Soo leaving Choi Soo-jung’s house in the morning! I caught them! Unless Trump is shot down, this will be number one in views, right? Isn’t it great? I’m really amazing! Wow! Right? Go on. – It’s amazing, right?
– Good work. What’s with this reaction? How can you treat a junior who brought an exclusive like this? Kwang-mi, you no longer have to tail celebrities anymore. You’re making me uneasy again. There will be an article about MC Group’s Mo Wan-joon’s slush fund. Are you determined to have our office closed down by provoking MC Group? Why do you keep targeting MC Group? I have a lot of resentment towards them. There’s a sad story. I will pay them back one at a time. I’m not interested in that past. My paycheck better not be late. There are many places that want me. Kwang-mi. How long are you going to keep writing trashy articles? Let’s deliver a blow to MC Group this time and rise up. To the major league. Boo-gi. Let’s go. This came off again. We may live differently from now on. Ma’am. The search keyword, MC Mo Wan-joon’s slush fund, is quickly gaining popularity. People’s personal social media accounts are especially going crazy. – Where did it originate?
– We’re searching right now. – Gather everyone.
– Yes. Sir, we have an urgent situation. What is it? We have a problem, sir. Green Technology led by Mr. Mo Wan-joon showed an upward trend in profits last year despite the fact that the Eco-friendly businesses were stagnant. Thank you for explaining how Green Technology will use new ICT technology to develop and expand on new businesses. Please keep up your great work. Yes, thank you. Good work. Good work. Good work, everybody! Good work! Good work! Good work! Good work. Good job. You need to be careful of scandals. I’ll report her to Ms. Han. Excuse me. Yes? I understand. What is it? I’m urgently needed at the office. Mr. Mo is here. The reason I pay you such high salaries is because unfortunate events are not allowed. Do you know why I use a whip when I ride my horse these days? The horse has gotten very lazy with age. There’s nothing as effective as a whip to use on lazy guys! If I’m wasting my money on you when you’re incompetent and lazy, then what exactly should I be using on you? We’ll deal with it within 3 days so there’s no change in the stock market. One day! Yes, sir. Mr. Mo Wan-joon is claiming that he didn’t know about the paper company. Is it true that this isn’t true? Yes, I’m the one who instructed the establishment of Mr. Mo Wan-joon’s paper company. It’s Mr. Park, right? What is he thinking? He didn’t even come home. He went into hiding. The first one to report this was NewsPatch’s Mr. Kim Boo-gi. Do you know the reporter? Yes, very well. He’s called Poisonous Snake because he has quite a temper. I thought he was just tailing after celebrities after leaving his job. I guess people don’t change. Let’s get this off of the search portal first. – Get in touch with Mr. Choi.
– He’s not answering. – Find out where he is.
– Yes. He’s at a VIP viewing in Samseong-dong. You heard her. Go meet with Mr. Choi and take care of the portal. Yes, ma’am. Yes, Mr. Prosecutor General. The prosecution will probably conduct an investigation. Will there be a special team? The prosecutor is a stickler for the rules so it seems like he gave his permission. Joo Tae-hyung’s part of that team too. So let’s wait for now. He told me the prosecutor in charge is Lee Hyuk. He was a classmate. We’ll take care of the prosecution so work on media. Yes. Oh, right. What is Heo Yun-do doing? I’m making him study English. Tell him to find Mr. Park and respectfully bring him in. This is important but you’re going to have him do it? We need to test if he’s good. So you want me to find him and bring him in by 9? Why? You can’t do it? No, that’s not it. I don’t even have Mr. Park’s contact number. Here’s his number. Good luck. Aren’t we searching for him because he’s not answering? You need to give me another source. What does he even look like? Ma’am. Welcome. – What brings you here?
– We have an urgent situation. After a hour, several articles along the lines of “Mr. Mo Wan-joo with a movie star like body” will be uploaded. So put up comments that will appeal to younger generations. For TV stations’ news, we’ll have stories about him volunteering at convalescent homes and supporting a cleaning worker. As soon as they air, please start working. Yes. Starting tonight, the popular search words will be… Papami Mo Wan-joon and Papami MC Group for a few days. Oh, the more you get to know him, the more you realize he’s great? I understand! We’ll work all night. Hold on. Do it while you’re enjoying some snacks. Thank you. You heard her. Starting now, the search words will be Papami Mo Wan-joon and Papami MC Group. – Let’s get started!
– Yes! You must bring down the search portal’s main news article and the keywords. I heard MC Group recently became the greatest shareholder of Carmine. They released a game that’s similar to ours this time. How could you purchase our rival’s shares? Then what do you think about releasing a game with them? Did Ms. Han agree to that? You know we can’t do anything without her permission. Yes, Mr. Kim. You need to get to work. Not bad. Yes, I’m the one who instructed the establishment of Mr. Mo Wan-joon’s paper company. Hey, it’s me! Can you get me a list of people staying at a hotel? Mr. Park Young-chul? Who are you? I’m from MC Group. How did you know I was here? Right, there’s nothing TOP can’t do. You should relax now. I haven’t seen you in TOP before. I’m an intern. What did Ms. Han tell you to do with me? She told me to respectfully bring you to TOP. How can I trust her? I know that there are bodyguards all over the first floor! I won’t step a foot out of this room. Leave before I call the police. I think they’re going to make an offer. Offer? TOP works in two ways. They either make you join them or utterly destroy you. In your case, it’s the former. Ms. Han still thinks of you as a part of the family. I guarantee it. Come in. I brought him. Leave us. Please have a seat. How much do you want? It’s not like I wanted a lot of money. It felt like the world was over after I was passed up. I felt hurt because I dedicated decades of my life to this company. Anyways, I’m so grateful that you’re thinking of me. Is it ready? Bring it. “It’s not like I wanted a lot of money.” “It felt like the world was over after I was passed up.” Upload it to refute what he said. Yes, ma’am. Ms. Han… Why are you doing this? This is not what you promised me. I never made any promises. Hey, intern. You told me! Say something! I brought him because you said you were going to negotiate. You believed an intern? It seems like you lost your touch. You leaked confidential company information. Plus, it was false. In addition to slander, you made threats so that will count as a crime too. It’s enough to ask him to pay for damages. I’m… I’m sorry! Please just forgive me once! Please save me! Ms. Han, I’m sorry! Take him away. Ms. Han! I’m sorry for everything! I’m sorry! Ms. Han! I… I… I…! Please forgive me! I’m sorry! Ms. Han! Good job. Did you have to go this far? MC Group believes there’s no mercy for traitors. I became a liar. I think it’s a skill set. I believe that even if you’re a murderer, as long as you have skills, I should scout you. Don’t you think suing him is a step too far? Not at all. Everybody has a standard. I may not have a temper but my patience is short. Great styling. Oh, right! This is the ladies’ restroom. Come to my house. Welcome. Have a seat. What is it? Within 12 hours, the original news article became fake news. And prosecution refuses to even lift a finger to investigate MC Group. The internet’s going crazy, saying that Mo Wan-joon’s an angel. Isn’t TOP amazing? You helped too. What? How do you know my schedule? You bugged me? You made me into a spy. Do you know that? Don’t go overboard. I only eavesdropped the meeting. If TOP finds out, they will sue me! I thought you knew but you were pretending ignorance. I thought you were on my side. No, I’m not on anyone’s side. Did you choose me to fight TOP? – If you did, then you failed.
– Why? I won’t live as a third rate lawyer anymore. After my internship, I will become a regular employee. I may be your lawyer right now but I’m a TOP employee. Fine. Thanks for telling me. I don’t know why you bugged me. But I don’t agree to it. You think everybody in TOP is the same? Become a real TOP member. I’ll call you again. No! That’s expensive! No, no! That’s expensive! Bring me something cheap. Bring me something to throw! Bring it! Bring it! They took Mr. Park from the hotel and stopped all the articles. Dirty bastards! (Kyung-ah) What are you guys? We should respond when you attack. We’ll sue you for slander. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Just you wait, you dirty TOP bastards. I can throw this, right? No! This is new! It’s new? – This is new too!
– It is? Wait! Wait! That’s… okay. Hey, this is it? Bring me things I can throw! Go! Bring it! Bring it! Bring me things I can throw! NewsPatch Kim Boo-gi? Kim Boo-gi? (MC Family’s back story) (Kim Boo-gi) (Kim Boo-gi) (Stories of Mr. Mo Wan-joon’s good deeds) Good work. How’s Suk-hee? Seeing how she’s getting Mr. Yoon’s reports, it seems like she does have some desire to control the company. We need to check what her intentions are. How? Use the marriage card. Wow! Wonderful! That’s a good idea. You should marry her off. She’s old enough. Tell Suk-hee to come in. Ms. Suk-hee’s here. Someone might think we’re having a conference or something. Would you rather get married or get on an airplane right now? Didn’t we already agree that I’m going to live in Korea? You need to give one to gain one. That’s negotiation! Choose. I’m not interested in taking over the company. It seems like you all don’t believe me. Will you believe me if I go on a blind date and get married? Of course! We chose him based on his character, looks, and family. So you’ll find him to be perfect. Fine. I’ll… …get married. I do feel a little lonely because I lived abroad for a long time. I don’t know anyone in Korea either. But I can get a divorce if I don’t like him, right? That won’t happen. He might turn out to look down on women after we get married! Or he could be a serial killer. No way. Anyways, who is he? (Prosecutor Joo Tae-hyung) Joo Tae-hyung. Joo Hyung-il? Can you tell me the time you saw your dead mother again? (Prosecutor Joo Hyung-il) My blind date is Prosecutor Joo Hyung-il’s son? I’m much prettier than you expected, right? I’m prettier and classier than a celebrity. What do you think? How’s the blind date with a conglomerate? What do you think you’re doing? Even while we’re sitting here right now, my wealth is increasing exponentially. You don’t get paid much as a prosecutor, right? To become a conglomerate’s son-in-law and have a beautiful heiress wife, you need to give me something in return. What will you give me? I passed the bar exam while I was still in school at Seoul University. I’m the central district’s prosecutor and my father is the prosecutor general. I’m the ultimate elite prosecutor who received countless offers to go on blind dates with many rich women. Aren’t all prosecutors pretty much the same though? A common prosecutor. What I’m saying is tell me a reason why I should marry you of all people. “You?” I guess you don’t have anything special to offer. There’s no reason for me to accept an offer that won’t benefit me. Why did you come here? Isn’t it embarrassing for a prosecutor to live off of a conglomerate family? I heard sons take after their fathers. I’m talking about you. I guess she doesn’t know what a prosecutor does. How could you drink after making such a mess? Why did you go after MC Group instead of celebrities when you’re NewsPatch? You got sued for slander. What are you going to do now? Being sued is a honorable badge for reporters. If I was afraid, I would’ve quit. You refuse to admit you were wrong. That’s your pride speaking. So I was thinking… Never mind. What is it this time? Why are you hesitating? Kwang-mi. Let’s do a stakeout. That’s my expertise. I heard the only daughter of MC Group, Mo Suk-hee, is back. She’s the real smoking gun. We should do a stakeout since we have nothing to lose. MC Group again? No. I don’t want to. This isn’t about MC Group. This is your specialty. No celebrity reporter in Korea has ever taken picture of her when she’s supposed to be prettier than celebrities. If you do, it will be a first and an exclusive. If you pass up this chance to get that many views on your article, it’s a waste. So you’re saying no reporter ever got a picture of her, right? Yes. Plus, they say she’s pretty. You hate women who are prettier than you. I’ve always been proud of your tenacity. Kwang-mi. Let’s go. Ms. Han. I’m sorry to bother you during your break. We have a code red. What is it? We got a tip that Joo Tae-hyung’s conducting an investigation on us. He turned off his phone and he didn’t show up at his office. It seems like he’s determined. Does his father know? His phone is off too. What’s the reason? It seems like Ms. Suk-hee provoked him while they were on a blind date. Mr. Joo won’t be able to persuade his son even if he’s his son. Mr. Joo Tae-hyung’s the type who can’t tolerate his pride being hurt. Is Mo Suk-hee slowly starting to show her claws? If Mr. Joo’s pride was hurt, then we’ll have to help him recover. We’re going to send… Mo Suk-hee a little far away. You came just in time. Let’s go. (Ahn Jae-rim) May I ask who she is? She’s my mom. She passed away? How? Her heart stopped. Stop making up stories and just concentrate on your work. You’re under arrest. – We’re going to search your bag.
– Hold on. This is illegal. What are you doing without a search warrant? – What are you doing?
– What are you doing? You’re under arrest for drug possession. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney Take her away. Let go! Let go! I didn’t do it! I… I didn’t do it! (Graceful Family / Elegant Family)What’s with that psycho?Sorry. I yelled because I was annoyed.It seems like they decided to place her under arrest while investigating her.– Why are you here?
– Do you admit you’re guilty?
Don’t get involved. This is a TOP order.I need to find out the truth as a lawyer.Look, Mr. Heo Yun-do.To me, you’re a suspect too.Prove that I’m innocent.It seems like Ms. Suk-hee will have to stay in jail for a little longer.Subtitles by OnDemandKorea

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