K-Drama My Id Is GangNam Beauty (Episode 12) Full Subtitle Indonesia/English

Mi Rae. If… something like that happens to you again, I’ll get involved without punching someone. That will be okay, right? If you keep saying things like that, I’ll get the wrong idea. About what? Just like how I’m feeling, you might… Never mind. Get going. I’m going to head in. Do you have… any feelings for me? What? No, it’s not that. If… If you’re offended by how I jumped to conclusions like that, I’m sorry. But I’ve never thought of you more than a friend, so don’t worry. What? “Worry”? That’s not what I meant. We’re friends, you know. I really think of you just as a friend. 100 percent. Hey. By any chance, do you… Do you have a crush on someone else? No, I don’t have a crush on anyone. See you tomorrow. I’m going to head in. Do you have… any feelings for me? No. No, don’t think about it. I’ve already given up. I can’t date Kyung Seok. I don’t want my life to get messed up again. Did something happen? You seem upset. There’s no alcohol. Oh, I noticed you didn’t clean today. I did it for you, so don’t forget from now on. I’ll just pay the full rent going forward, so let’s divide the housework. Your part-time job must pay you a lot. What’s with him? We’re friends, you know. I really think of you just as a friend. 100 percent. (Episode 12: Don’t you have feelings for me?) What’s wrong? What? No, it’s nothing. What am I going to do if I run into him? What am I supposed to say? – Hey, it’s a special lecture. – It must be held by Kelun. When’s the lecture? It doesn’t say. Does that mean we can meet Ms. Na Hye Sung in person? I can’t wait. It sounds fun. I’m glad I didn’t enroll for classes during the summer vacation. Do you think Woo Young will be attending as well? If you like him so much, you should doll yourself up like me. That’s not my true self. I don’t want to seduce him by putting on an act. Did you just say “seduce”? That word really doesn’t suit you. Hey. You put up a banner for me? Of course. It was the least I could do for someone so great. I didn’t think I’d be nervous. But I am now that I’m here. Are you going to sing? Will they make me sing? Of course. Kids these days are very difficult to deal with. Hearing you say that actually made me pull myself together. I wish you good luck. Good luck. What should I do? Are you sure Woo Young’s going to be here? Gosh, stop talking about him. I’m sure he’ll be here. (“A Scent That Will Make People Turn Their Heads and Remember You”) I guess the power of genetics really is incredible. My mother-in-law’s so beautiful. Since when did she become your mother-in-law? Since today. I can see where Kyung Seok got his handsome looks. His mom’s beautiful, but Kyung Seok isn’t that good-looking. He and I are pretty much on the same level. We’re both tall as well. Do you have any conscience at all? I’m sure you all know who she is, but I’ll still introduce her to you. She’s a proud graduate of Hankook University’s chemistry department… and the CEO of Kelun Korea. She’s Ms. Na Hye Sung. I’m glad to meet you all. My name’s Na Hye Sung. Where’s Kyung Seok? His mom came to school… to do a lecture, but he’s not even here. Our manager desperately waited for you to come, but he went to a seminar abroad. I might not be as good as him, but can I still give it a try? I don’t care as long as you pay me. Thank you for trusting me. Do I get paid right away? Yes, you’ll get paid as soon as you’re done. Let’s begin. You have a girlfriend, right? I hope she’ll like it. But then again, it must not matter since you’re so good-looking. Even an afro would look like a fashion trend on you. What I meant to say is that a person’s look… is what actually completes the hairstyle. I won’t do an afro on you. I’m not crazy. Perfume always comes last. Let me explain. When you get ready to go out, you put on your clothes, do your hair, and put makeup on. And nobody puts on perfume before doing any of those things. However, there are times when this invisible last step… ends up lingering in people’s memories for a very long time. It’s hard to remember a certain person’s hairstyle… or outfit from a long time ago. But you do remember their smell, and that stays in your head along with that person’s image. This is yours, isn’t it? You can wear that perfume. When you smell the steam coming from a new batch of rice, you’re reminded of your mother who lives back home. And when you smell the perfume you used to wear a long time ago, you’re reminded of how you used to feel back then. I’m not sure… how you’ll remember me… That’s Kyung Seok. I have to say, he kind of puts himself in the spotlight. I’m not sure how you’ll remember me after this lecture. – Don’t ever dye your hair like him. – But I hope… you’ll at least remember… – It doesn’t look good on him. – what I told you about scent. If you wish to take part in our company program, please send in your applications. I’ll end my lecture here. – Thank you for the lecture. – Thank you for the lecture. Thank you. Your finals are coming up, right? Yes. Is everything okay? What do you mean? Well… What’s your plan for the summer? Are you going to apply for the program? I’ll think about it. Okay, but I hope you do apply. I’ll see you. Is he going through late adolescence? What’s up with him? Girls get their hair done after they go through a break up. I wonder if it’s something similar. Sorry. You dyed your hair. Yes. – It looks pretty. – I didn’t do it to look pretty. Oh, sorry. It looks great. I didn’t do it to look great. Oh, really? Then I guess you just did it for no reason. Not exactly. Well, okay. I’ll go now. See you. Good luck on your exams. Why did I wish him good luck? The exams haven’t even started yet. This is driving me crazy. Do you think he’s getting ready to become a celebrity? His personality isn’t fit to be a celebrity. What’s wrong with Kyung Seok’s personality? It’s not normal. He’ll never do as he’s told. With Kyung Seok’s good looks, his manager should be the one following Kyung Seok’s orders. Do you still like Kyung Seok? To be honest, I gave up on him. I’m done. But he’s too good-looking to erase from my heart. I know you guys also have a small crush on him as well. Aren’t I correct? Be honest with me. My cooking was terrible, wasn’t it? You can be honest with me. It wasn’t that bad. By the way, Kyung Hee. Will you take a look at this? – Is that Kyung Seok? – Yes. I didn’t want to sound too nagging, so I couldn’t ask him why he dyed his hair. He’s not the type who cares about how he looks. I wonder what’s gotten into him. Maybe he’s dating someone. Do you think so? Or maybe he got his heart broken by someone. By whom? Thanks. I want you to write me a receipt. You said a verbal agreement wouldn’t be effective. I see you’ve gotten used to the life in the society now. Didn’t I say that I learn everything quickly? It’s partly thanks to my useful tips. It’s not cool to take credit. – How cool of you. – Aren’t you writing me a receipt? Did you do a modeling for a hair salon? How did you know? I told you I’ve done almost every part-time job. (Do Kyung Seok has paid…) I thought you wouldn’t do such a thing with your personality. Did you not like doing house chores that much? Or did you have a change in mind? Don’t act like you know everything about me. He changed his hair color again. I got this question wrong. The finals are finally over! The finals are over, so how about we go play games? Deal. Let’s get it. Let’s go. I’m free. Why don’t we go eat something delicious? Let’s not eat near school. I want to go somewhere far away. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hello, Ms. Na. Yes, I’m done with my finals. Okay. Didn’t I gain weight? I ate too much because I was stressed out during the finals. No, you didn’t. You say that all the time. How did you do on your finals? – Hello. – Hi. About going on a field trip to Kyung Seok’s mother’s company… Are there senior applicants? – Not that I know of. – Is that right? It might be quite awkward then. Are you going to apply for it? Never mind, it wouldn’t look good for me to be there. Are you still sulky? Goodness. Bye. Bye. – What did you just do? – What? Don’t you know that he spoke ill of me for being fat? How could you talk with him like nothing happened? But it’s not like I’m never going to see him again. Kyung Seok turned him into a mop. Even classmates care for each other. What’s up with you? Tae Hee. Tae Hee, let’s go eat something delicious. Tae… Gosh, it’s tiring. Dong Won, you must’ve been really hungry. Sorry I couldn’t take care of you because I was busy with my finals. Is it good? Hi, Dong Won. Guys, I think… the beauty in my department really has a crush on me. That’s only your delusion. No, I’m telling you. The name of her cat… is the same with my name. Maybe your name is Na Bi or Kitty. It’s rarely used to name a cat. It’s for people. Can this be a coincidence? Can you still say that she doesn’t like me? (Can you still say that she doesn’t like me?) It must’ve been hard studying for your finals. Eat up. Thank you. Let me do it. Moms usually do this kind of stuff. Eat up already. Thank you. By the way, didn’t you want to say something to me? Actually, I have a question. Nothing special has happened to Kyung Seok, right? I don’t think so. Then why did he do that to his hair? According to Kyung Hee, he isn’t interested in his looks. I’m not so sure about that, but he’s dyed his hair back to black. Really? I was worried… I might come off as being nosy if I asked about it directly to him. I see. I guess you’re the one in trouble. What? Are you worried about something? You must not want to share it with me. Sorry. Well… That’s… Woo Young, I want to apply for the field trip. Okay. Let’s see. (List of Field Trip Applicants) Your name is Hyun Soo A, right? Yes. (Ko Ye Na, Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Eun, Jang Won Ho,) (Lee Ji Hyo, Kim Sung Woon, Jung Dong Won, Hyun Soo A) It’s done. Thank you. Goodbye. Bye. Kyung Seok, are you here to apply… What’s up? Don’t tell me you’re here to call off the rent issue. I’m here to apply for the field trip. – To Kelun? – Yes. Do better for your mother. That’s my business, not yours. Are you mad at me? It’s done, right? Bye. He’s acting the opposite from the way he seems. You like him, and he seems to like you too, so why do you have to give up? I think it’s because I’m scared. He’s beyond my league. He’s too perfect for me. Still, you two like each other, so why? The thing is, a girl who’s super pretty has a crush on him. And everyone says that they’d make a cute couple. As you know, I got plastic surgery all over my face. If he dates me… instead of that girl, what will people say? I’m just so scared. I see. I must sound like an idiot. But still, what matters is the fact that you two like each other, so don’t think about other people. That’s what everyone will say though. I understand. I’m sure many girls will feel that way in your situation. I’m getting angry at the people… who made you think that. I don’t know the details, so I can’t really give you advice. But perhaps, that pretty girl… isn’t much different from you. I just don’t want you to have any regrets later on. You’ve applied for the lab experience, right? Pardon? Let’s eat. Have this too. Help yourself. Thank you for the food. Soo A may not be… that different from me? Hi, Woo Young. I’m on my way home now. Mi Rae. My gosh. Good timing. Hello. Can we talk for a minute? Sure. I noticed that you haven’t applied. Have you forgotten about it? No. I’m thinking of visiting my family during summer break. But it’s not for the whole summer. You can visit them after it’s done. I just thought you’d definitely apply… because you’re very interested in perfume. And most importantly, I think… it’d be a good chance for you to find out how suited you are… to pursue a career in the perfume industry. Besides, there may not be another opportunity to get… a first-hand experience at a perfume lab until you graduate. Can I still apply for the program? Of course. I’ll add your name to the list right away. – Shall we go? – Yes. Wait, Woo Young. Thank you. Then are you free on Wednesday? Sorry? Let’s watch a movie. We can get a discount that day. Then I’ll let Hyun Jung know as well. Just the two of us. I have something to tell you. Okay. Let’s go. I’ve gained a bit of weight. Hey, wait. Dong Won. I heard… that canned tuna is high in sodium. You shouldn’t give it to cats. If you still want to, you should rinse it in water… to remove the oil and sodium before giving it to them. Hey, Soo A! Oh, hi. – Have you eaten yet? – Yes. What about you? I’ve eaten too. Hi, Mi Rae. – Hi. – Hi. Let’s sit over there. Hi. Hi. Do you guys still work there part-time? No, we quit. Kyung Seok too? Yes. Hi, Kyung Seok. I heard you quit your part-time job. He shouldn’t have gotten involved in that thing. I feel bad. Nice to meet you all. I’m Chief Director Lee Soo Hyun. This is Ms. Yun Soo Kyeong, who will be your guide. Hello, everyone. It’s nice to meet you all. While getting your first-hand experience at our lab, you’ll also learn about theories and the history of perfume. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can speak to Ms. Yun here. – Okay. – Okay. Yes, come in. Why did you come to school today? I’m taking a summer class. Oh, I see. What brings you here? There’s something I want to tell you. Me? I’m not an eloquent speaker, so I wrote down what I want to tell you. Okay, bye. Dear Woo Young. I’m Kwon Yoon Byul in second year. I have a crush on you. You’re very responsible and have a strong sense of ethics. You also respect women. I like everything about you. I wrote this letter because I’m too shy to tell you in person. With warm regards, Kwon Yoon Byul. Shy, my foot. She’s so brave. My gosh, what should I do about this? First, go ahead and smell the undiluted scents. Then please write down which scents… are in the perfume I gave you guys. Because I’ve been smelling all these different scents, I can’t even smell anything now. You’ll have to reset your sense of smell here and there. You can either take a short break… or try smelling coffee beans here. It’ll help.[VIU Ver] jTBC E12 My ID is Gangnam Beauty
“Don’t You Have Feelings for Me?”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-I think it has these scents. You’re right. You guessed every scent in the perfume correctly. That’s impressive. Are you Kang Mi Rae? You’re the one who sent us that perfume. Everyone in our lab loved that perfume. We’ve been wanting to meet you in person. Thank you for the compliment. My gosh, you’re a perfume expert. It wasn’t supposed to rain today. Woo Young. Woo Young. Wait, Woo Young. What were you pondering? Well, just some things. Have you had dinner yet? Oh, right. Come to think of it, I didn’t even have lunch today. Are you saying you didn’t eat all day? That’s bad. Thanks for your concern. Well… Do you want to grab dinner with me? Sure, what should we eat? Then… Since it’s a hot day, let’s just go somewhere close. – Sure. – Great. – Welcome. – Hello. – Hi. – You can sit over there. He’s still here. He’s a part-timer now, not the owner. Really? – He must’ve gone bankrupt. – Exactly. Hey. What do you want? Beer? I don’t think I’m good with perfume. I can’t even smell anything anymore. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t interested in perfume, – but it was really fun. – I know. – Right? – Yes. Mi Rae, you looked really excited. You must really like perfume. – I’m hungry. – But you already ate. Why are you sitting here alone like a loner? I was a loner all my life. What would you have done without me? I know, right? Do you guys all want beer? – Beer sounds good. – Sure. Kyung Seok, what are you doing there? You should go. I can’t be bothered. I’m going to leave after I’m done with this. Kyung Seok, get over here. – Kyung Seok. – Come on. – Come sit here. – Just go. You’re practically volunteering to be a loner. I thought things were getting better, but you’re doing it again. – Kyung Seok. – Come on. Gosh, he’s so cold-hearted. Is there something going on? There’s something on my mind. What is it? Well, the thing is, someone confessed… their feelings for me today. What? Why are you so startled? Is it that shocking? No, it’s not shocking. Gosh, you’re really popular. I’m not popular. What are you going to do? I’m just thinking about how I’m going to turn her down. Have you already made up your mind? Yes, I can’t suddenly like someone… just because that person likes me. I guess you’re very clear with what you want. I just know what kind of women I like. Don’t be too harsh though. Some people say you should be cold when you reject someone. But if she’s a decent person, she’d appreciate it if you reject her politely. I guess you’re right. I feel like it’ll scar her for life if the guy she likes… says harsh things to her. That’s never happened to me, but still. You must know well even without experience… because you’re a psychology major. Isn’t Hwang Min Hyun so good-looking? I’m not sure. I think Ong Seong Wu is handsome. I like guys who look cold-hearted. What about you, Soo A? Who’s your favorite celebrity? Me? I don’t know much about celebrities. I’m just into guys who like me. What about you, Mi Rae? What? I’ve never heard you talk about guys. What kind of guys do you like? I haven’t really thought about it that much. Do you like guys who treat you a little coldly? You’re the first girl to treat me this way. Or… Let me become your firefighter. Do you like guys who are warm? Which kind of guy do you prefer? I just like normal kind of guys. What’s the standard of normal? This is so frustrating. Fine, let’s just say you don’t have an ideal type. I like warm-hearted guys. – I’m going to leave. – Kyung Seok. See you, Kyung Seok. Bye. It seems like he’s becoming more arrogant. It bothers me. Take it. It might start raining again. Okay. – Thanks. – No. I’m the one who should thank you. Is that for Mi Rae? It’s not for me, is it? I told you… to cut it out. What are you talking about? Stop pulling tricks I don’t understand. Why do you talk to me that way? I’m trying my best to become friends with you. I sincerely like you. Even if I hated you, I still wouldn’t have treated you like this if you were sincere. Do you still not feel anything? Wait. Did you really feel nothing? You must be mentally ill. Why didn’t you answer my calls? And why did you run away? Because I saw you with her. Are you okay? Did it upset you? I already told you… that I’m not interested in her. You’ll get wet. Don’t change the subject. Do you really not know? What? That I like you. Let’s start dating. Don’t try to avoid me and answer me this time. Why? Why would a guy like you have feelings for someone like me? What do you mean by a guy like me… and a girl like you? You know already. Can’t you imagine what people will say if we’re together? They’ll wonder why such a guy goes out with such a girl. So? What do you think about me? You’re someone… who can’t be nothing more than a friend. Forget about what can or can’t be done. What do you think about me? I think… you and I can’t be together. I told you the other day… that people would say you’re cool even if you live your way, but it’s not the same for me. I was bullied because of my ugly face throughout my school life. And now, people gossip about my plastic face. Hey. All I want to know is what you think about me, not what others say. Others’ opinions are important to me. You think I’m obsessed with appearances, don’t you? But you don’t know how hard it has been for me. If I’m with you, my life becomes a torture. Ever from the start, I didn’t have a chance? No. At last, it has ended this way. – Hi. – Hi. Hi. What? (To Soo A) Thank you for the drink. What? Here’s what happened with my flirt today. She enjoyed the drink I gave her. We’re flirting with each other for real, right? I think it’s true that you get a girlfriend when they enter college. But I had no idea it’d be such a pretty girl like her. It must be true how pretty girls don’t go for the hot guys. What is he saying? Soo A, I thought you might not be able to finish all the food you got, but you’ve actually finished it all. She usually doesn’t leave any of her food. And she’s that skinny? I don’t easily gain weight no matter how much I eat. She says that stresses her out. Why would you get stressed out by that? She’s so annoying. Seriously. Hey, lower your voice. Let’s talk for a second. Have you had lunch? No. If you’re going through a hard time because of me, I should stop doing that. But if by any chance, you think we can go back to being friends… I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. Still, I’ll wait. You look pretty, so stop looking in the mirror. It’s been a long time since I heard you say I’m pretty. Back in the days when you wanted to date me, you said it every time you opened your mouth… as if that was all you had to say. I told you so because you were pretty. You were the most beautiful woman in our neighborhood. Tell me about it. When I said I was getting married with you, everyone got shocked… for choosing a man by his personality instead of backgrounds. They said even my heart was pretty. Come on. I was a successful business man back then. And they got shocked once again… because this pretty woman was living a bright life… even after her husband’s business… went completely bankrupt. All right, you’re going through a lot thanks to your pretty looks. Let’s stop by that senior’s house first and go to Mi Rae’s. It must be hard for you to carry two watermelons alone. I’m fine. I can’t make my pretty wife carry them even if it’s hard. Do you think I look like Mi Rae? Do I look like a mom of the Gangnam beauty? Yes, you guys look very much alike. Goodness gracious. What do you think about your brother’s house? I’d like to take a look inside his house too. I’m glad you two grew up as affectionate siblings. Let’s go. Who are you? Are you Woo Young’s mother? No, I’m the mother of Woo Young’s junior. She lives near here. Near here? Are you Mi Rae’s mother by any chance? Hello, I’m the mother of a boy named Do Kyung Seok. He lives with Woo Young. He and Mi Rae are colleagues in school. Do Kyung Seok? Oh, that pretty young man? Do you know him? – Yes. – Yes. We know him. It’s good to meet you. It’s nice to meet you. I didn’t think… I’d meet with other parents once my girl entered college. I’m happy we met like this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for my kids when they were younger. Watching Mi Rae grow must’ve made you very happy. She’s kindhearted and smart. She also knows how to have fun. She’s a great dancer as well. Oh, really? I must say, I wondered who gave Kyung Seok his good looks. He sure got it from you. You look so young for your age. You really are a Gangnam beauty. My mom didn’t get any plastic surgery. Sorry? That remark about Gangnam. People say that to those who got a lot of work done on their faces. Gosh. All right. Great work, everyone. What you did today will take up most of your time… if you do join a perfume lab down the road, so don’t forget what you learned. Write down everything, okay? – Okay. – Okay. (Koo Tae Young) Can we meet up later today? Just the two of us. Hey, Woo Young. – Hey, are you done? – Yes. Where are you now? I’m near the Kelun lab. Where shall we meet today? Why don’t we eat something good after the movie? Today? Right, okay. Do you have a reservation? – Yes, under Yeon Woo Young. – Just a moment, please. Wasn’t the movie so good? That man’s dance was hilarious. Yes, it was funny. Shall we have a drink too? You want to drink? You know that I’m a lightweight. Right. I’m actually worse than you. I can’t drink more than two shots of soju. Seriously? I had no idea. There are many other things that you don’t know. I don’t like pork belly, and I get cold very easily. I hate studying, and I like you. I was worried that things might get awkward for you… at school because of me, so I’ve been hesitating. But… I’ve had a crush on you since we first met. I guess you really had no idea. – But why? – What? Why do you like me? Because you’re pretty. You always look grumpy as if you’re bothered by something, but I notice the subtle differences. Today, it must be something super serious. If it’s that serious, it must be about… something that’s never happened before. It’s about a girl, right? It must be. Hey, are you seeing someone now? Who is it? It’s none of your business. I wonder who it is. Who’s the girl that melted this cold guy’s heart? By the way, what’s the problem? She said she can’t date me. What? She even rejected you? She said she “can’t”, not that she doesn’t want to date me. I don’t get it. Is she ugly? – No. – She’s pretty? You don’t like pretty girls. She’s neither pretty nor ugly. She’s just herself. You like me just because I’m pretty? All guys like pretty girls. And you’re totally my type. Are you that surprised to hear all this? Yes. I didn’t know that you were that kind of person. What? Did you start liking me just because of my looks? What’s wrong with being attracted to good looks? Are you not attracted to handsome guys? It doesn’t have to be about good looks. Some like girls with double eyelids. Some are attracted to skinny girls or girls with fair skin. Everyone has a type, you know. I told you that I got plastic surgery all over my face. I used to be very ugly, to the point that you can’t even imagine. So what? So why… I have no idea why you’re attracted to someone like me. “Someone like me”? Because you are attractive. It is partially because you’re physically attractive, but my feelings for you keep growing with time. I just like you as who you are. To me, you’re just yourself. Coming home together after that confession… makes me feel so awkward. Go in. Okay. Good night. Woo Young! Woo Young. Mi Rae. – Woo Young. – Yes, catch your breath first. Well… You told me to think about it, but I… I’m sorry. All right. I got your point. I’m sorry. To be honest, I was mentally prepared for this. – I’m sorry. – Don’t be. You did nothing to be sorry for. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I can do this to you. Who am I to reject you? You’re at it again. It’s not like some people don’t deserve to be loved… or aren’t allowed to be attracted to someone. There are no such rules. And no one has the right to laugh at you. Also, when you’re attracted to someone, you can’t control your feelings. Good luck… with Kyung Seok. I figured out a long time ago that you two like each other. But… I still… wanted a chance tell you how I feel about you. Kyung Seok is a good guy, and he’s handsome. No, it’s not that. You’re handsome too. That’s really not the reason. You’re such a wonderful person. I’m fine. Don’t cry. Just go with your heart, Mi Rae. So don’t cry, okay? (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) (We’d like to thank Han Hyun Min for his special appearance.)


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