K-Drama My Id Is GangNam Beauty (Episode 15) Full Subtitle Indonesia/English

You’re wearing that perfume. I used to hate this scent so much. But I like it now. You smell nice too. But I’m not wearing any cologne. There’s this scent I always smell when I’m around you. By the way, what’s this smell? What smell? Oh, no. My gosh, we ruined it all. All of the water has evaporated. Don’t touch it. It’s still hot. I’ll clean it up. Let’s eat the cake after that. Okay. – Why is there only one candle? – It’s the first time for us both. Shall we blow the candle? Sure. In 1, 2, 3. Bottoms up. What? It doesn’t contain any alcohol. Here. What is it? I got it for you. I wanted to thank you. You waited for me even when I rejected you twice. Open it. – Thanks. – Don’t mention it. Hey, Yoo Jin. – Where are you? – What? Are you okay? What happened with that girl? Why are you talking so loudly? Because it’s loud in here. How did things go with her? Didn’t it work out? No. It… worked out. Then you should’ve told me. Who is she? I’ll call you later. Bye. Hey, wait. Gosh, why won’t he tell me who she is? It was Yoo Jin. He was with me when I drank that night. What do you think he’ll say… if he finds out? He probably won’t say much. I’m sure he’ll congratulate us. Don’t worry. I won’t tell him. To be honest, I’m scared about people finding out. But… it’s kind of sad that we have to keep… hiding from people. And I feel sorry for locking you up like this. That’s fine. Should we just tell everyone? I want to tell people. Hyun Jung, Woo Young, and your mother. We already have three people rooting for us. I think that’s already a good enough number. Don’t force yourself. I’m okay with this. No. I think I can do it. (Episode 15: My boyfriend is Do Kyung Seok.) You can do it, Mi Rae. Good luck. What are you doing? What? Nothing. Hey, you guys are coming to school together. – Yes. We’re… – My stomach hurts. Bye. He only mentioned that we came in together, so it’s awkward… to tell him that we’re dating. Don’t try to force anything. Just tell anyone who asks. Okay. But I feel like no one will ask. I guess not a lot of people are interested in us that much. – Let’s go. – Okay. – Hello. – Hi. Eun, are you close with Soo A? Pardon? What kind of person is she? Why do you ask? I saw her meeting Tae Young in private a few days ago. I saw them together. What? And apparently, Jung Yeob and Chan Woo fought over her yesterday. She told everyone that she likes Kyung Seok, but she’s going around meeting so many other guys. Isn’t that a little weird? Well… I’m not really sure. Let’s just ask Soo A directly. Do you think she’ll tell us the truth? It’s weird that Tae Young isn’t even answering my calls. Soo A, where are you now? Soo A. You look pretty from every single angle. Can you not take photos of me without permission like this? Isn’t it illegal to take photos without asking for permission? Bye. What is it that you need to say? Do you still take photos of me without asking for permission? – What? – You secretly took photos of me. You’re the one who uploaded all those photos on the web, right? No, that’s not it. I only sent it to a couple of my close friends. Should I report you to the cops and make you become a criminal? A criminal? You had hopes about me and took your revenge. I knew you were a dork, but I didn’t know you’d be this bad. Hey. Is there something going on over there? It’s nothing. Delete all the photos you uploaded. And you better not tell anyone. What? My gosh, I can’t believe this. (Delete) (Delete) (Delete) Hey, Soo A. You never really liked Kyung Seok, did you? What are you talking about? What a joke. You’ve been learning how to find your own personal scent. And today, you’ll finally be making your own perfumes… by using what you’ve learned until now. So go ahead and get started. – Okay. – Okay. Don’t think too much. Just try making one using your favorite scents. I don’t think… I’m really fond of perfumes. Why not? I think the natural body scent is better than perfume. Natural stuff are always better than artificial stuff. Well, everyone has different tastes. You’ll be able to take the perfume you make today. And if you wait for about three weeks before using it, you’ll be able to enjoy a deeper scent. You guys can also try making one as a couple. Pardon? Are you two not dating? I’m sorry. I must’ve been mistaken. Actually, we are dating. She’s my girlfriend. Right? You made me think I was mistaken. My gosh. My goodness. Since when? It hasn’t been that long. Awesome. That must be why you came in together this morning. Since when? It hasn’t been that long. You two stuck together all the time. Were you on a date with her… when you ran into me and Yoon Byul? – Yes. – My goodness. You should’ve just told us that you came with her. You got surprised for nothing. I knew you’d end up like this. You two look good together. We look good together? How jealous. I know, I’m so jealous. Seriously. I don’t understand. How could he date with her instead of you? Do they really mean it by saying how they look good together? How ridiculous. I was afraid for nothing. So why were you afraid? You suggested that we eat outside to hold hands on the streets, no? What? Is there another reason? Well, Soo A might feel uncomfortable if we eat together. Why do we have to care about her? – Still. – I’ve had this thought all along, but I wish you were less nice. I’m not that nice. If you’re nicer, it means you’re a fool. What? – Hey. – See? It doesn’t hurt at all. Sorry. Does it hurt? See? It doesn’t hurt. – Stop it. – What do you want to have? Shall we go there? Okay. Are you okay? What do you mean? I just wondered if you were eating well. It’s not like I dated him. I’m fine. Right, it’s fine. His standard in women is lower than I expected. – What? – Can you stop saying such stuff? What a high pride of hers. Don’t you think she’s more strange the more you see her? This really was nothing. I’m sorry for troubling you until now. It wasn’t that much of trouble. – It’s delicious. – Yes. What are you doing? What do you mean? He’s stealing my food. What? Well… Is it the exam period right now? I see a lot of teenage students. I used to be envious of those things. I was envious of how other boys and girls… went together for snacks after school. It’s not like I wanted to hang out with boys. I’ve never done stuff like that before. – Then do it. – What? Do it. Do you still have your school uniform? Did you throw it away? No, I might still have it at home. Are you telling me to wear my school uniform? I might still have mine too. – Are you going to wear it too? – Do you want to do it alone? Something seems to have happened to your father. I’ll take good care of Kyung Hee. And I believe you’ll do fine on your own. You may come to my house at any time. (“Mayor Do Sang Won’s Daughter Does a Show-off Streaming”) (“Mayor Do Bought His Teenage Daughter an Expensive Bag”) – Someone’s coming down. – Someone’s coming. The mayor isn’t here, so please go back. Where is he? Did he know about his daughter’s streaming? Did she buy the bag herself, or did he buy it for her? – Please answer. – Tell us. – Where is the mayor? – Tell us. – Please say a word. – We want to know. I can’t hold this in anymore. I’ve got to ask her why she met Tae Young. She won’t tell the truth even if you ask her. She won’t admit that she coaxed him. People will think you’re venting your anger out on her… for being dumped. Still, I want to know at least what excuses she’ll make. Hey. What is she doing right now? Did she just throw up what she ate? She said she didn’t easily gain weight. So she was throwing up every food she ate. To be honest, it didn’t make sense… that she never gained weight when she ate so much. Right. She always went to brush her teeth right after every meal. That was actually for throwing up. She’s unbelievable. I think you’re mistaken. I saw her throw up before, and she said she easily got an upset stomach. I do that sometimes too. No, she checked every single stall to see if anyone was in… and threw up after that. I saw it. Goodness. – Did you see her face just now? – How scary. Soo A, wait. It’s okay. Don’t worry. No one… You really burn me up. – Are you feeling pity on me now? – That’s not it. Now that you’re going out with Kyung Seok, do you think your class has gone up? Do you think you’ve won? How funny. You wouldn’t have been able to date him… without your plastic surgeries. Even if he said he liked you, you wouldn’t have been able to be with him. You had a surgery on every single part of your face, so why do you act like you’re unselfish? Why don’t you be honest? Don’t overstep your place and worry about me. I’m not worried about you. And who are you to judge how much I like him? How do you know whether I’d give up or not? What if I do? Hey, you’re here. Soo A. She’s being like that because we caught her forcing herself to vomit. She must be so embarrassed. You’re always with Soo A. You didn’t know? She was throwing up every time she said she was brushing her teeth. Soo A. Hyun Soo A! My gosh. I’ve clearly warned you. Delete it. – Delete what? – Just delete it! What are you talking about? We took selfies because it’s our last day here. What’s the matter? Hey, Soo A. Do you think I’m still chasing you because I like you? I only had three photos of you, and I’ve deleted them all. I closed the group chat too. Are we good now? Kyung Seok is a good judge of character. It was wise of him to choose Mi Rae over you. Why do you have to treat Won Ho like that? He really liked you. I know things didn’t work out with Kyung Seok. But are you taking it out on him? I was wrong? He’ll obviously say that. How strange. There’s no way it’d be here. Actually, here it is. I didn’t even want to see this ever again. Gosh, it’s hot. I’m sweating. She bought many bottles. How thoughtful. Gosh, I ate way too much. You’re back. Why are you sweating so much? Did you exercise? Yes. Yes, I did some stretching exercises. I feel like I’ve gained some weight lately. Hey, gaining 1 or 2kg doesn’t even show because you’re tall. With me, even 500g shows right away. What brings you here? To check up on what kind of mess I’m in? (“Daejin Daily”) Your mom has surely managed to get back at me. Kyung Hee shouldn’t have run away and taken off that darn mask. Then this wouldn’t have happened. I told Kyung Hee to focus on her studies, but she didn’t. She’s been stuck in her room wasting her time like that. I feel bad for Kyung Hee. What? And I feel apologetic. What do you mean? She wants our affection and attention, but I can’t give her enough of either. Mom didn’t do anything. It’s all your fault, Dad. Leave if you’re here to talk nonsense. Bye. – You haven’t eaten yet? – No. My gosh, are you guys already having a fight? No. Then why didn’t you eat with him? Kyung Seok said he had to go somewhere today. Hey. I told everyone. About what? That we’re dating. Hey, seriously? What did they say? Well, you know. They didn’t say much in front of me. They congratulated us. Thank goodness. That’s such a relief. I feel like I worry you all the time. What are you talking about? I put you through an ordeal too back in the days. You had to teach me math. Oh, that’s right. I showed you how to solve the question three times. Hey, get it right. You only had to show me twice. Didn’t I once go over something five times? Hey, I’d appreciate it if you could get it straight. Be quiet. Quiet, please. I’m doing all this to make my old wish come true. You look like a school uniform model. You too. You look pretty. I didn’t know you could make such a remark. Why did you come out so early? I wanted to leave when Hyun Jung was still asleep. She might make fun of me. By the way, where are we going? I know that we’ve made our relationship public, but what if we run into someone we know? That will be… Shall we go to our middle school? What? I’ve always wanted to visit. Really? I have no good memories about that place. Do you not like the idea? Where do you want to go? No, let’s go there. I want to go there. Let’s go. It’s changed a lot, hasn’t it? Yes. Some things changed, and some things are the same. Have we ever seen each other on the streets back when we were students? I never really walked around. I was always stuck in my room after school. Me too. Let’s walk around a lot today. Are we allowed to hold hands while wearing school uniforms? Middle school kids are always holding hands. You’re right. He’s so handsome. Which school’s uniform is that? It’s not from our neighborhood. She’s wearing Jaryong High School’s uniform. Do you really think they’re really high school students? I guess so. What’s wrong? Is there anyone you know? No. And even if there was, they wouldn’t be able to recognize me. The exams must be over in this neighborhood as well… since they’re all outside at this hour.[VIU Ver] jTBC E15 My ID is Gangnam Beauty
“My Boyfriend is Do Kyung Seok”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-– Do you not like burgers? – No, I like them. Then why are you eating yours like that? It’s too thick. I won’t look, so you can eat freely. I really won’t look. Okay. Did you take a bite? Yes. Was that your one bite? You’re cute. Apparently, Jung Yeob and Chan Woo fought over Soo A. Soo A’s gone completely insane. Exactly. Okay, bye. – Chan Woo. – Hey. I heard you got beaten up even by Jung Yeob. Who told you that? Did Jung Yeob tell you that? That’s nonsense. I beat him up a lot more. Everyone’s talking… about how you fought with Jung Yeob at Berlin over Soo A. My gosh. But what did Soo A do? I heard she even made Tae Young and Tae Hee break up. – What? Really? – Yes. I heard it was a complete mess. They broke cups and everything. I didn’t know she was going around meeting all those guys. And I really didn’t know she threw up after eating. – Really? – Yes. She wanted to pretend like she was naturally skinny, so she threw up everything she ate. You used to be her best friend. Must you badmouth her about that? Hey, I’m annoyed by all this as well. People might think I’m weird because I’m friends with Soo A. You’re already weird on your own. What? Did she just throw up what she ate? She said she didn’t easily gain weight. So she was throwing up every food she ate. Apparently, Jung Yeob and Chan Woo fought over Soo A. Soo A’s gone completely insane. (Yoo Eun) (Yoo Eun) Hey, it’s Eun. What are you doing? Why do you ask? I was wondering if you wanted to eat with me. No. Please leave me alone. We don’t have to eat. Can we meet? Where are you? Are you at home? What do you want to hear from me? Nothing. But you can talk if you want to. I just feel like I’ll regret it if I don’t reach out to you. I’m sorry if I annoyed you. This is where you were cleaning. Yes. It’s when I misunderstood you. You had every reason to. Have you seen me in other places other than here and the bus stop? – Of course. – Really? You were always alone… just like me. But why didn’t you hang around with Hyun Jung? I felt sorry. She got into a lot of fights at school because of me. So I just didn’t hang around with her at school. We mostly hung out at her place or mine. We also studied together. Those were the times when I could feel at ease. I guess I should be nice to Hyun Jung. How exactly? By buying her food? She’s on a diet right now. She wants to get a boyfriend. The classrooms must be empty right now, right? Nothing’s changed. Of course. It’s only been two years. (Kang Orc) It really is the same. Was there always a basketball court over there? What? Where? I never got to do that either. – You can do it. – What? Whenever guys played basketball, girls would always cheer for them beside the court. I sometimes wanted to watch the game as well. But I never could. Then you can do that today too. What? Let’s go. You can cheer for me. You’re going to play basketball? Right now? – You can do it. – You can do it. Can I play with you guys? Who’s that? – My gosh. – He’s so good-looking. Is it okay if I play with you guys? – Sure. – Let’s play with him. How should we split teams? – 2 against 3? – Sure. I guess he’s really going to play. Pass. – My gosh. – Goodness. Good job. Don’t dare stop me. – My gosh. – He’s so good. Get the ball. Come on. Block him. Good job, Kyung Seok. – No! – Come on. My gosh. Hey. – Gosh, seriously. – Go, Kyung Seok! Go, Kyung Seok! You were really good. You cheered pretty well as well. I know, right? I didn’t know I’d be so good at cheering. Excuse me. Is he your boyfriend? Yes. – I’m so jealous. – Me too. Shall we go now? – Bye. – Bye. But didn’t she call him Do Kyung Seok just a while ago? Wait, I think I heard it too. So it’s right. He’s the legendary handsome boy in our school. Awesome. What should we do now? Shall we eat and watch a movie? A movie? You’ll be teased all day long if you go back in that uniform. You should go late when she’s asleep. You’re right. Soo A. Have you eaten? What for? I’d throw up after eating anyway. I guess everyone in the school thinks I’m a psycho now. I even lied to you. My grandma is alive. I once told Kyung Seok that I had a grandma, so you must’ve known. He isn’t the type who’d say such a thing. Right. He’s not even interested in me. He cares only about Mi Rae. Do you hate her because of Kyung Seok? I don’t think it’s because of him. The way I see it, you’ve hated her from the start. That’s right. I did. Why? Becoming pretty isn’t the only purpose of doing plastic surgery. They do it because they want to do something after then. I had a close friend when I was a third grader in middle school. She was good to me… like a servant. She had an ordinary face, but she got a double eyelid surgery as she entered high school. She became really pretty. And she purposely dated a guy whom I had a crush on… even when she knew that I liked him. But you hated Mi Rae from the beginning. Because she’s pretty. I guess I hated her because her surgeries were done so well. Hey, did you post… a picture of the beauty in my department… somewhere online? No, I showed the picture to others, but I never posted it online. By the way, I saw some pictures that looked like her on the Internet. She wore the same clothes too. What are you talking about? Hello? Hi, Won Ho. What’s up? I have something to tell you. What is it about? Now? – Hello. – Hi. Did something happen? I think so. What is it? You know who Hyun Soo A is, right? Yes, I do. What about her? She told some strange stuff to me, so I wondered what it was about… and found this. Who is this? Her face isn’t in the picture, but it’s Soo A. I’m sure about it. But she thinks I took this picture and posted it online. I took another picture of her before, but it really isn’t me. Please help her. We have to go catch the last bus as soon as it ends. Let’s go right after then. Okay. I can’t believe those little punks are dating. Don’t mind it. They won’t make it to college like that. Gosh. Gosh, I hope my daughter isn’t like that. Goodness. Whom did you mean just now? I was talking to myself. You’ve changed a lot. I told you before. I usually don’t get intimidated. Didn’t you say you don’t usually get intimidated? I’m not intimidated. Why are you eating that alone? It’s gross. Are you a beggar, Soo A? Shall we play rock-paper-scissors and make the loser kiss Soo A? I might get sick. I heard her parents abandoned her. Poor thing. But why? – Because she’s dirty? – Because she’s dirty? – Telepathy. – We thought the same. How funny. I would abandon her too if I were her parents. Same here. Don’t you wash yourself? I don’t know about anything else, but make sure you wash yourself. You can go home alone, right? Finish that before you go. Don’t go. Don’t abandon me again. I can’t do that. Why? You have no friends, but I hope you do well. Mom. Mom. Hey, is that Hyun Soo A? That’s Hyun Soo A? My goodness. It is her. I didn’t know she was so pretty. I know, right? Why did she look like that before? I’m pretty? Your skin is so fair. Are you wearing makeup or something? No. Don’t you think Soo A is the prettiest girl in the entire school? – No, I’m not. – You are. Soo A, this guy has a crush on you. – Hey, cut it out! – What was that about? Hey, did you see that? – Her face looked so cute just now. – I know, right? To be loved, I must be pretty and cute. At the same time, I mustn’t know that I’m pretty. I must be obedient, and I should never be too smart. I must always smile and agree to others. I must always be kind and friendly. Let’s go. Right, the bus. We have to hurry. We’re two minutes late. Gosh, what should we do now? – Should we take a taxi? – All the way there? Hang on a second. Let me see how much cash I have on me. I have 26 dollars. How much do you have? If we’re short, I can bring money from home. Then I’ll call a taxi. (Searching for a taxi nearby) (No taxis currently available) – There are no taxis available now. – Then what should we do? Then should we just go to a sauna? A sauna? Minors can’t use our facilities from 10pm to 5am. We’re actually college students. Can’t we show you our school ID cards? (Sauna, Open for 24 hours) I’ve only been here with my mom, so I didn’t even think about that. Are there any cars going to Seoul? Okay, thank you. Shall we just go to my parents’ place? Shall we just go to my parents’ place? It’s probably not a good idea, right? – You should go home. – Then what about you? I’ll wait a few hours and take the first bus. – Then I’ll wait with you. – Just go home. No, I don’t want you to wait alone. Let’s just go to my parents’ place. We have no other solution. – Just go by yourself… – Hi, Mom. You’re still awake? Where are you now? We’re at your grandmother’s 70th birthday party. We can’t go home right now because your dad has been drinking. – Who is it? – Mi Rae. My pretty daughter? Mi Rae! Dad sounds really drunk. – Is something wrong? – No, nothing’s wrong. Then when will you come home… I mean, when will you go home? Mi Rae, Mi Rae! When can we go to a karaoke lounge together again? Go in. Go inside, okay? Gosh. By the way, why did you call me at this late hour? Are you sure nothing’s wrong? Yes, don’t worry. Everything is fine. Yes. Then tomorrow, come home… I mean, get home safely tomorrow. Wait until Dad sobers up completely. All right. My parents aren’t home now. This is it. Did you live here back then too? Yes, we’ve been living here since I was in elementary school. Shall we go in? This is where my family lives. I see. Have a seat. Okay. I’ll go bring something to eat. All right. (Squid) This is squid. This is also squid. This is beef jerky. Gosh, what’s going on? They’re all bar snacks. Are there any chips? (Tomato Ketchup) Soju. Do you want some soju? Sure. I couldn’t find many snacks to eat. There’s a lot here. Isn’t the uniform uncomfortable? No, it’s fine. Yours must be more uncomfortable. Get changed into comfortable clothes. I’ll be right back. Hey! Hey, you can’t. – Come on. You can’t see that. – Why not? – Give it back. – I’ll just take a quick look. I know what you used to look like. What’s there to see? Give it back. No, you can’t see it. Gosh, give it back. Give it back. – Just for a second… – No, don’t be like this. Are you mad at me? Yes, I am. I’m sorry. But there’s something I’m curious about. How can you like me when you know how I used to look like? If I had kept that face, would you still have liked me? You’re just you. I’m saying it doesn’t matter. But… I do miss your old face from time to time. Then just for a moment… You can see it for like a split second. No, it’s okay. I don’t have to see it if you don’t want me to. Just for three seconds. No more than that, okay? Here we go. 1, 2… Three. If you still like me after seeing this, that means you really like me. (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) I had my first kiss. – Who is he? – Mi Rae’s boyfriend. That guy is super handsome! Her phone is still off. I can’t get a hold of her. It was obviously taken without her consent. Why can’t you delete it? A victim? No, I don’t want people to think of me weird like that. I think Kyung Seok likes you more. Am I right? This would be a nice spot to propose later on. You said hi to me first. You smiled at me. Do you know what this is? Have you seen Soo A today by any chance? What did you do?


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