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Were you waiting long? – No.
– Let’s go inside. Pay 70,000 won and half the maintenance
every month. If you can’t, move out. You can’t pay me with things,
and we buy our own food. Okay? – Okay.
– Okay. Then… I sleep here, and you sleep here. I’ll sleep here. Sure, why not. This is important. When you
vacuum, open all of the windows. And remember to separate
the garbage. This is important. The top two shelves are mine,
and the bottom one’s yours. If you put your food elsewhere, label it. And… What? What? It’s nothing. You’re just
different from what I heard. In what way? You nag more than our house maid. Watch your mouth too. Give it to me. We don’t have
that much space here. Spread it out, fold it… and then put it away like this. Okay? And… Doesn’t it seem like
Senior likes our Mi Rae? What? Now that she’s pretty, guys are
coming into the picture too. They are? Who? That punk? Who are you calling a punk? He’s Mi Rae’s senior. He’s her TA. Whether he’s a senior
or a TA, all men are animals. If he’s a TA, he should guide students.
He shouldn’t go around liking girls. Don’t speak harshly about
another family’s precious son. He seems like perfect
son-in-law material to me. Son-in-law? Son-in-law? Mi Rae’s not old enough
for that! She’s still a young girl! Fine! Focus on your driving. Where does that punk live? Is he close by? Who is it… Oh, Mi Rae. My mom told me to give this to you. – Your mom?
– Yes. I’ll give you these containers
back. Come inside for a bit. Wow. Tell your mother
that I said thank you. Okay. You have to put this in the fridge. Okay. Hey. What are you doing here? I live here now. What? I put up a post looking for a new
roommate, and he showed up. He begged me for it. I guess you’re at that age
where you want to live alone. And seeing a cool big bro living alone
probably makes you want to do it too. Right? Wow, these side dishes look amazing. Do Kyung Seok moved out? I know, right? I was surprised too. Why would Do Kyung Seok
move out of that house? I’m sure he had his reasons. In any case, I wonder if he
talked to CEO Na about it. The timing of this whole thing
bothers me a little bit. Are you worried? A little bit. About Do Kyung Seok or yourself? Me? Why? Are you worried being in close
proximity will make you like him? What are you saying? If you ask me, I have a feeling
something will happen between you two. – Write a story about it, will you?
– What? It’s possible. Do Kyung Seok treats you well. Stop with the stories. You should have
gone into creative writing instead. – What?
– Eat up. This is delicious. I’ll provide you with dinner today
since you just moved in. – You’re on your own starting tomorrow.
– Okay. Let’s eat. Wow, Mi Rae’s mother is
a great cook. This is delicious. How do you know Mi Rae’s parents? I’ve coincidentally met them a few times. How many times is that? What did you say? – What about breakfast tomorrow?
– I don’t really eat breakfast. Have you ever worked before? No. Then you’ll have to become
a real adult tomorrow. Real life starts after you move out.Take the next right.Recalculating your route.[Do Kyung Seok]I’m sorry. This is my first time,
so I missed the last turn. That’s okay. It’s not because
of that, so take your time. Okay. Thank you. I wonder if CEO Na knew about this. You startled me. Sorry. – Do you do your recycling?
– Yeah. Wait your turn. I’m still
throwing out mine. Okay. Who throws out cans like that? Do it like this. Are you okay? Yeah. I’m fine. Are you hurt? Come here. I’m fine. Let me see. I’m really fine. Good night. – See you again.
– “See you again”?Just like this tomorrow?– Good night.
– Are you sleeping already? I have an early morning tomorrow. Go to bed early.
Real life starts tomorrow.[Rent – 50,000 won, Maintenance – 20,000
won, Debt to Yoo Jin – 50,000 won]
[Food + Transportation…
Total – 600,000 won]
I shouldn’t have taken a taxi. Are you okay? Let me see. I’m really fine. Hey. There’s no hot water.Hot water? I don’t really use it,
but there should be a button.
But what kind of guy showers
in hot water in the summer?
[Episode 9: A 20-Year-Old’s
Survival Story]
– Gosh, I’m about to faint.
– He’s not human. – Go talk to him.
– No. You do it. No. Gosh, seriously. Hello.[4,000 won][3,500 won][4,500 won][4,500 won][900 won]Kyung Seok. What are you doing here? Let’s go together.He waited?For me?But you didn’t even know when we’d come. Well, you’re here now. – The weather’s so nice.
– There’s a lot of dust today. The weather’s bad today. But why did you move
into Woo Young’s house? Didn’t you move out to live on your own? Because it’s cheap. I don’t
have money right now. Isn’t your father going to
pay for your rent? Did you run away from home? Am I in high school? I didn’t run away. Does CEO Na know? I haven’t told her yet. Oh, it’s here.[Adult – 1,200 won with card,
1,300 won with cash]
Aren’t you getting on? I’m sorry. You guys go ahead. – Hey.
– Hey. Is he mad at us? Why did you have to ask him
about his personal life? Hey, can’t friends ask
about that kind of thing? You asked him if CEO Na
knows about it too. Anyway, it doesn’t seem like
a good situation, does it?Real life starts after you move out.Why is he asking me for a study guide? – Who is it?
– Jang Won Ho. But why is he speaking
in such a tender way?Ji Hyo, do you have
a study guide for the finals?
Can you lend it to me?Has he given up on you
and moved on to me? The iced coffee is here. – Hey, you’re here.
– Drink it. Sung Woon. Look. Look.[Hyun Soo Ah]This is the picture I took,
isn’t it? She just changed it. Wow, how did you know she just
changed her profile picture? I’m impressed. Hey. Didn’t you say you’d take 10 hits if
Soo Ah used this as her profile picture? That Hyun Soo Ah shouldn’t
give a guy hope like this. – This isn’t right.
– Okay. Come here. Hey. Aren’t you in a good mood?
Let’s just do one hit. Okay. – One.
– Come at me. – Two.
– You’re strong-willed. I know. Three. Not bad. Sung Woon? Sung Woon? Sung Woon. Oh. Hey, Soo Ah. – Hi, Eun.
– Can I go over to your place sometime? It’s pretty late by the time I get home
from my part-time job though. Oh, really? Then what about on a weekend? I visit my parents on the weekends. – Oh, Dogok-dong?
– Yes. Then do you live with your grandparents? Living with a big family makes you want
to live alone. That’s why I’m asking. My grandparents passed away. I can handle it on my own. You seem to be more curious about me now. Yeah. If you run into any
difficulties, let me know. I’m here to help. Okay, Eun. I should get to class. – See you next time.
– Okay. Should we eat spicy
pork or omelette rice? Hm, I want pork cutlets. No, should we eat spicy
pork or omelette rice? – I said I want pork cutlets.
– I had pork cutlets yesterday though. – Pork cutlets. Let’s go.
– Pork cutlets. – Hello?
– Have you eaten? No. Come to the cafeteria.You don’t have to if you don’t want to.We were eating cold noodles
when Tae Young gave me his egg. You know how you always ration
the toppings to eat with your noodles? So you end up eating
the egg in really small bites. But do you know the crazy part? He gave me his pear too. It sounds like he knows how
to make you feel touched. “You don’t have to lose weight.
You look cute the way you are.” He meant all of that. Have you kissed yet? Have you at least held hands? Tae Young’s really conservative,
so he can’t do those things. Hey. Even conservative men do
all of that with their girlfriends. Hey, what are you saying?
Be quiet. What if someone hears? Tae Young! Hey. Sit here. Ye Na’s here too, so no one
will suspect anything. I’m really good at keeping secrets,
so you don’t have to worry. I’m not worried. – Enjoy your lunch.
– Aren’t you going to join us? No, I’m going to eat with them. I’ll call you later. Ye Na! But why are you guys keeping it a secret? Why put it out there? The other kids
will just spread rumors about us. Is that what Tae Young said? Well, I think that way too. But why aren’t there any campus
couples in our department? I’m not sure. Maybe we just
don’t know about it. – Hi.
– Hello. – Are you going to eat?
– Yes. Oh, I see. Enjoy your lunch. – Thank you.
– Thank you.If you ever want to go for
a drink, feel free to call me.
I’m a huge fan of yours. I feel like you feel hungrier
when you don’t have money. – Did you find a job?
– Not yet. If you look on the job hunting
sites, you can find one in no time. Or look into tutoring since they
pay you more than minimum wage. If you go to our school,
you immediately quality. If you don’t like that, fitting models
get paid more than 10,000 won per hour. And make sure it’s close by. It cuts down
your transportation costs and time. Also…. Oh, if they hire often,
you’ll have a hard time there. That means their part-timers
quit all the time. Also… Anyway, if anything seems off, ask me.
I’ve tried pretty much everything. I should go prepare for class. Eat slowly. Remember to chew. Are you living with Woo Young? I heard you guys talking. I’m avoiding a lot of people.
Let me eat here. I did an embarrassing thing.
I deserved to get hit by a junior. I took advantage of my seniority as if
my year means something. I’m sorry. You should be apologizing
to Kang Mi Rae, not me. What? You’re right. I need to
apologize to Mi Rae too. The truth is, I’ve been looking
for her so I can apologize but I can’t find her anywhere.
Do you know where she is? If you’re going to
apologize, do it properly. Of course. I’ll do it properly.
I did a horrible thing. Do you want me to introduce you
to a good part-time job? – I’ll be going.
– Okay. What’s with that bastard?
Does he like Kang Mi Rae? Why not Hyun Soo Ah? He must be crazy. Geez, managing personal
connections is hard work… What’s wrong? Kim Chan Woo? – That Kim Chan Woo?
– What is this? – Did something happen again?
– No. Then why is he suddenly… – Should I answer it?
– No. Are you still scared of that punk? Hey. People don’t avoid poop
because they’re scared. It’s because it’s dirty. What? Is he that poop? Mi Rae, how have you been? Can we talk for a minute?
Let’s go somewhere quiet… What’s this about? Oh, I have to apologize to
Mi Rae for something. – I can bring my friend, right?
– What? I really don’t want to be with you alone. Oh, I see. I’m sure
you don’t. I understand. Would you like a refreshing drink? – I have one already.
– Oh, I see. Curse at me and hit me. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.
You should do exactly what I did to you. Why are you being
like this all of a sudden? I don’t know if you’ll believe me,
but I’ve been having a hard time. As a class of 2013 student,
I attacked a class of 2018 student and I got rejected by Soo Ah,
but I took it out on you. I’m really sorry. Hit me all you want and forgive me. It’s fine as long as you’ve
reflected on your actions. – Hey.
– Are you forgiving me? Get up. Thanks. – Let’s get along…
– I got it so don’t be like that ever again. I won’t. I promise. Mi Rae was really hurt by what you did. Be thankful that she’s
forgiving you like this. Yes, of course. That’s a given. Then, I’ll be going. Bye, Mi Rae. Why is he doing this now? I guess he wanted to apologize. Yeah, right. What’s that short girl about?
Who does she think she is? Is your father a congressman too? You must be so busy.
What brings you here? I have a lot on my mind, so I came
to hear your words of comfort. I hope I can be of some help to you. Then I’ll… I’ll remember you in my prayers as well. Thank you, Sir.[DramaFever Ver] jTBC E09 My ID is Gangnam Beauty
“A 20-Year-Old’s Survival Story”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-What? Is there a problem? Kyung Seok left the house? Why did he do that? After he met Na Hye Sung, he asked me
why I lied to him about her cheating. Geez. So did he go to her place? No. He’s with Yoo Jin. Then he’ll be back soon. It’s just a matter of time until his bar
goes down and he comes crawling back. There’s no better place than this,
and the area isn’t bad either. Oh, take a look over here.
Right this way. Oh, you’re here. You should have called an adult
for this. Why did you call me? My mom only knows how to spend
money. She doesn’t know this stuff. Can’t you tell by how she let
a newbie like me start this business? For the premium, we’re thinking
of around 80 million won. 80 million won? I paid
1 billion won for this place. But business isn’t good. It won’t
be easy to find a better offer. He only failed because he doesn’t
know much about business so it still has good business potential. How can you deduct 20 million won
from a place that was just renovated? Please think about our loss as well. Then let’s do 90 million won.
I can’t do more than that. Sure, let’s do that. If I go back with any less than that,
Father will beat me to death.It all comes down to money.
What can they do without money?
Right? He’ll probably come back
and apologize, right? Stop paying for his tuition too. You’re right. He probably won’t
be able to pay for his tuition. You have to come off strong. If you start being lenient,
it’ll never end. I’m not lenient. They say no parents
can win over their kids but no kids can win over their
parents either. You know that, right? Geez… Button up your coats inside the lab. Tie your hair back too.
Tie your hair back. Your hair. What if you get hurt? And why did you turn in
your reports late? – That was his fault!
– That was his fault! He should go easy. What a total fossil. Do you think he’s like that with other
people? Then he must have no friends. Thanks for not calling me Satan. How did you know I don’t have any
friends? Are people spreading rumors? – No.
– We’re just kidding. We should follow the manual. I don’t think of you as a fossil. And I’m sure you’re popular
around your friends. Oh. Hey, thanks. What did you want to tell us? – I like Yeon Woo Young.
– What? I want to date him. But I don’t know how to do that. I’d like your advice. This is crazy. Kwon Yoon Byul, you’re driving me crazy. You’re so cute. – Really? Do you really like him?
– She’s not the type to joke. Wait, how did that happen? There’s a lot to learn from him.
I agree with the way he thinks and he lives an exemplary
life. He’s handsome too. What do we do with her? But how can you say that out loud? Why? I heard Yeon Woo Young
doesn’t have a girlfriend. He doesn’t right now but from what I’ve heard, all of his
ex-girlfriends looked like models. – Really?
– So? Yoon Byul’s pretty too. It’d be perfect if you were
a little girlier though. Yeah. If you grow out your hair
and put on some makeup… Tomboys are great too, but I don’t think
Woo Young’s into that kind of style. What’s wrong with my style? It’s nice. – Hello.
– Hello. Hey. It’s been a long time. Do you know of a good part-time job? Why are you asking that all of a sudden? I’m helping Kyung Seok
look for a part-time job. Why are you looking into
a part-time job for him? – I’m close to Kyung Seok.
– Kyung Seok? They say the rain makes
the ground stronger. After all of that we got closer. It’s a lot better now. Hey. Do you guys work part-time jobs? – No.
– No. Geez, that’s your problem right there. Hey, learn from Kyung Seok.Where do I find a job for Kyung Seok?Geez. What is he saying all of a sudden? Yoo Jin put the bar up for sale. Really? Then what about Berlin? It’ll still be there,
but with a different boss. He’s going to sell it to someone else. – Then what about Yoo Jin?
– He totally failed so he’s going to crawl back home. Really? – Thank you, young man.
– Please have some water. Wow. Look at how sweet Woo Young is. Yoo Jin is two years older than Woo Young but Woo Young seems much more mature. – This goes to the back, right?
– Yeah. One, two… 800 won. Can I sit next to you? Do what you want. That’s the general physics assignment. It’s due today. A few of them
were hard to solve on my own. – Are you stuck on anything?
– Not really. Everyone had a hard time with it. Huh? You got that one. Can you show me how you solved it? Happy? I had a really hard time with that one. Thanks. Kang Mi Rae. You’re here? What? Yeah. – Hi, Mi Rae.
– Hi. Sit here. – What?
– What? It’s nothing. – Is that the physics assignment?
– Oh. I’m finished. Hey, Do Kyung Seok! Did you move out? – Yeah.
– Really? Wow, I was wondering what nonsense
Chan Woo was babbling about. Did you ask him for
help in finding a job? – No.
– He’d be crazy to do that. And why would he work part-time? – I have to.
– Why? Because I have to make money. Don’t you get money from your parents? No. Really?Please don’t say that you
live in my neighborhood.
Soo Ah, you moved out too. You too? I’ve just started to live alone too. – Since when?
– It’s been a while. It’s pretty fun. Right? What is this? Are you
two living together? – What?
– My thoughts exactly. Two people born with
silver spoons in their mouthes move out at around
the same time for no reason. Geez, I smell something. – Hey.
– That doesn’t make any sense. I think it does. Do Kyung Seok and Hyun Soo Ah
are like parallel lines. You look good together. Just date! – Date! Da…
– Hey! Watch your mouth around me. I… I will. Oh. Buy a designer bag.
It’s for a female. For a female? It’s for Kyung Hee,
so buy the latest design. I don’t care about the price,
so the buy the best one. He’s going to give
Kyung Hee a designer bag? These are the two top bags in this store. This one has been bought by
top stars of this country and there’s only one left. This one is a limited edition
with only five in this country and it’s the latest item in Hollywood. Famous girl group members looked
at it but gave up because of the price. I see. Then this one must suit
a 17-year-old better. A 17-year-old? – Oh my. She’s so pretty.
– Is she a celebrity? She looks rich. – We look forward to working with you.
– We look forward to it as well. She’s the CEO of Kellun. They’re
going to collaborate with our brand. Please tell the CEO for me. Sure, no problem. Shall we get going? What’s up with this weather? Excuse me. Please show me
bags for older ladies instead. Sure. Let me show you some other ones. You don’t have any more appointments
today. Should I drive you home? Just a minute. Hello, CEO Na.I was wondering if we can meet.I have a few questions for you.
I’ll go to your neighborhood.
Just text me your address. Sure. I’ll see you later then. Okay. You already hired someone? Thank you. Have you not found a job yet? No. Do you want an interview
at the place where I work? It’s close by, and
the boss is really friendly. How much do they pay? If the boss likes you, he pays you
more than minimum wage. Isn’t that Do Kyung Seok
of the chemistry department? Is he going to work here? The truth is, we’re not hiring right now.
You know how to make lattes, right? No. Then have you worked as a server before? No. I’ve only helped with
serving at a school festival. There isn’t much to learn anyway.
That’s all you have to do. I can’t refuse our Soo Ah’s
special request. You can start tomorrow. Come together. – Sure.
– Thank you, Manager. Isn’t this great? Yeah. Friend, I have a feeling
one of us will get fired. It’s for the best. The manager always
hires according to physical looks. I’m so sad that I’m ugly. – Me too.
– Look. He’s calling already. I can’t stand this. Where are you? I have something
to say, so come here. Okay. – Manager.
– Yeah? I’m sorry. I can’t work here. – What?
– Goodbye. Wait… Good-looking people
do whatever they want. – Did you call for me?
– Yeah. You’re doing a great job
these days. Keep it up, okay? – Pardon?
– Get back to work. Do Kyung Seok. – What’s the matter?
– Didn’t you know that someone had to leave
if I started working there? What are you talking about? I only tried to help you. Okay, thanks. – But stop worrying about me.
– Kyung Seok. You’re being so mean.
Is this my fault? I just don’t want
to bring harm to anyone. See you. Do Kyung Seok. Me? Me? – Were you waiting for me?
– What? No. No way. I’m just waiting to meet someone. Who? Woo Young? – What?
– Are you meeting him? No. Do you like him? Do you? What are you saying all of a sudden? Why can’t you answer me? – Do you like Woo Young?
– Hey, be quiet. That’s ridiculous. But you’re not saying no. No. No, I don’t. Happy? Okay. What if someone hears? Why do you care about that?
I thought you didn’t like him. Hey. I don’t know about you, but
normal people care about rumors. CEO Na. You’re here. – This is who you were going to meet?
– Yeah. But what are you doing here? – I live nearby.
– What? Oh, yes. He recently moved here. I see. Is it okay? It must be
uncomfortable compared to home. – It’s not bad.
– That’s good. Let’s get together for a meal sometime. – Mi Rae, shall we get going?
– Oh, sure. Let’s do that today. What? If that’s okay. Of course, that’s okay. Will you join us? You never liked food like this
when you were little. What if you choke? Eat slowly. Why did you meet Mi Rae today? Mi Rae is interested in fragrances. It’s a mentor-mentee relationship. Yeah. That’s why. How are you feeling? I’m a lot better now. – Can I order something else?
– Of course. What would you like? Soju. – Soju?
– Yes. Or Soju and beer. Yeah? Excuse me! Please bring us
one soju and two beers. Cheers?I guess drinking capacity is genetic.This is mine? It was the most expensive one
in the store. But don’t brag too much. You can have your computer back. Really? I’m only saying this just in case. If that woman calls you, tell me first. Don’t meet with her. I’m glad you live in the same
neighborhood as Mi Rae. Are you living alone? – No, I have a roommate.
– Really? Aren’t you going to ask
why I left the house? The truth is, I knew you left the house. Your father came to see me. I was worried and curious. But I couldn’t call you. Why not? Because you might have hated that. You’re a good drinker. Kyung Seok’s really famous
for being a good drinker. – Really?
– Yes. I probably… got that from you. Let’s stop after this. You have class tomorrow.
You shouldn’t drink so much. Isn’t it too late? I’ll treat you again next time. Okay. Thank you. CEO Na. Woo Young. Do you live
in this neighborhood too? This is my roommate. Oh, really? That’s great. The truth is, Kyung Seok is my son. Oh, I see. How do you know each other? Oh. Professor Park of your
department adores him. I know him well. Since you’re here already,
please stop by our place. Can I do that? Of course. I even bought
a bottle of soju for Kyung Seok. Oh my. We already drank though. Then you can have round two at our place. But I’d feel bad doing that. Please don’t. Let’s go. Then should I drop by
for just a little bit? Mi Rae, come with us. It’s this way. I’ll just get going. Why? Let’s go. Your place is beautiful. But Kyung Seok’s bed isn’t so great. It’s fine. Please take
care of him for me. Please visit us often, CEO Na. Next time, I’ll come with delicious food. – Thank you for today.
– Don’t mention it. It’s not much. – Then, cheers?
– Yes. Haven’t you already had two glasses? – Your tolerance must have gone up.
– Um, I guess. Mi Rae, are you really all right? Yes, I’m fine. But CEO Na, please drop the formalities.
I’m Kyung Seok’s friend. – Would that be okay?
– Yes. I’m glad you seem close. Are you? Do you have a girlfriend? – No.
– Do you like anyone? I think he does. Really? – Who is it?
– What are you talking about? Who is it? A classmate? A senior? I never said I did. You’re not denying it either. – I don’t.
– You can’t lie, can you? You were like that
when you were little too. Think whatever you want. Why alcohol?CEO Na is probably the happiest
person right now, right?
No, it could be Kyung Seok.What… brings you here? You’ve grown up a lot.Until not long ago…they probably didn’t imagine they’d be
in a rooftop room chatting and laughing.
People keep changing,
and so do relationships.
And I never…imagined I’d meet my savior again
and have this kind of relationship.
It has nothing to do with you.I never knew I’d become friends with
genius face Do Kyung Seok either.
I’m not an outcast anymore.
I have a friend now. What? I have you.No matter how small the change is,
we probably can’t imagine it now…
– You look really similar.
– Really?but we hope that it’s a warm
change, just like that.
I realized how happy someone
else’s happiness can make me
for the first time.– Mi Rae.
– Mi Rae. What happened to her? – Mi Rae.
– Mi Rae! Wait… I’m fine. I’m really fine. We should take her home.
Put her on my back. No, I’ll carry her. – I’m fine…
– No, I’ll carry her. Put her on. – No, I’ll carry her.
– I’m fine though. Kyung Seok, you carry her.
Can you put her on his back? – Let’s get you up.
– I’m fine though. I’m fine… Don’t worry. We’ll bring her home safely. Okay. Mi Rae, are you okay? Geez… – I’m fine.
– She’s really not fine. – Woo Young, we’ll be going.
– Goodbye. Get her home safely. We will. Be careful. Please get home safely. Be careful. What happened to her? – She had three glasses of soju.
– What? Oh. Hello. Oh, the friend who came
to the fragrance event? – Yes.
– Where is it? Oh, over here. What happened? Be careful. She’ll be okay, right? Of course. She’ll be just fine.
Thank you so much. – See you next time.
– Sure. Goodbye.– Please get home safely.
– Okay.
I’m so glad. What a relief. You can live with me, you know. But it’ll probably be awkward since
we’ve been apart for so long, right? It’s not that. I want to try living on my own. Do you need some spending money? No. I’m fine. Buy Mi Rae some hangover
medicine tomorrow. I don’t have any change. Here. Can I give you a hug? Sure. Come over sometime. Okay. Hello. – I’d like a transportation card.
– Sure.[Hangover medicine]– This too.
– Sure. Are you up? Do you remember anything? – Remember what?
– Do Kyung Seok carried you here. What? CEO Na came too. Why did you have to butt in and ruin
a mother and son’s reconciliation? – What happened?
– Ugh, I don’t know. Gosh. I have to get to class. I made you some hangover
soup. Eat it before you go. I should have stopped after two glasses. Hey.[Hangover medicine]– I’m fine.
– No, you’re not. Isn’t three glasses of soju your limit? Take this. Are you feeling all right? Yeah. I feel better now. Don’t worry. You didn’t
make any mistakes. What do you mean?
I heard you carried me home. What’s wrong with that? I’m sorry for causing you trouble. From now on, don’t drink more than
three glasses if I’m not around. What? I don’t want any other guy carrying you. Subtitles by DramaFever[My ID Is Gangnam Beauty]Are you her boyfriend?– Yeah.
– No.
Why do you keep acting like this?Huh? It’s Mi Rae and Woo Young.You’re the prettiest in our department.
Are you interested in dating?
– I can go to the interview today.
– Are they hiring any more people?
Why are you doing a face mask
before going to your part-time job?
– Are you working with Mi Rae?
– Have you ever cried from happiness?
– What?
– I don’t know if I’d cry about it
but I’m happy that we met again.Are they hiring any more people?I like Kyung Seok.

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