(K-Drama) Tell Me What You Saw – Highlight (Eng Sub)

Ugh Is he alive [music] Hey hey Then it will appear Anything that looks
like it’s just a copycat I can think of it like a picture. A checkered carrier floats on the beach It looks like a sneaker. Outstanding Given specific conditions I remember everything. Iron
car characterizing abilities. I thought about how credible memory is. I wondered why you called me well. Because of him. You wanted to
know if he was resurrected. If you’re alive Ugh I think it’s worth it. You don’t know why I’ll pay you back
even if you’re so obsessed with him I’m behind, so I have to catch someone. I just thought so that I could
be a greater man than I thought The more you see, the
tighter one is involved. From now on, what do you think I think so Go in Ah Now tell me what you see once. Even when I want to

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