Kaabil Official Trailer #2 | Hrithik Roshan | Yami Gautam | 25th Jan 2017

Now, the purpose of my life
is to be so capable that I can fulfil your
every dream. I play the piano and
students dance to my music. You literally make people
dance to your tunes. Rohan… Bye! I am Amitabh Bachchan. Rohan’s friend. May you have a
happy married life! Did you hear that? Such wonderful blessings
from Mr. Bachchan! Things will never be
the same for us again. [I’m with you, burning in this fire] If the law had helped me I wouldn’t have to do anything. Now, I’ll have to… [All my dreams, burnt away] Your eyes will be open, but you won’t be
able to see anything. Your ears will be open, but you won’t be
able to hear anything. And most importantly… you’ll figure everything out, but you won’t be able to
explain it to anyone! [My beloved engulfed in flames] [The ashes of our yearning rise] [To ask me] [Am I worthy of your love, or not?] You will come, won’t you? I hope you won’t run away.


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