Kaande Pohe | Ahsaas Channa & Tushar Pandey | Valentine’s Day Short Film | TTT

We built this home ten years ago so that we could get Manisha married from our own home and not a rented house. He has just applied for a car loan He will then buy his own home. Here our astrologer has seen both their horoscopes there is a 32 quality match between them. I don’t believe in it. Oh, if you are shy to talk to him in front of us, you can spend some time alone. Yes, of course. Hey, Paapya, show Sanjay our terrace? You… I hope you don’t have any pressure from your parents BF or.. No. Manisha I… believe in equality and being open-minded. I am progressive. After you finish college, will you continue working? The wives of all my friends work as well. You know how it creates a good impression in society. I work I won’t give up my on my career Your parents didn’t mention this They don’t approve of what I do. But you are progressive. You will understand. Is this a career or just a hobby? Performers can’t have a career? No i didn’t mean to offend you. What I meant by career was a job – with a salary. Something that pays you. I get paid. Paid? I get paid Rs. 50,000 to inaugurate events and upto Rs. 25,000 to put up promotional posts. What future do you have in this? I can go to the Big Boss and who knows Salman Khan could spot me there. You want to be an actor? Star. Star! What does M mean Million. 5 million means 50 lakhs. 50 lakh people follow me every single day. 50 lakhs? Sorry. I didn’t know I was getting married to such a famous girl. Who told you we are getting married? Why? You don’t like me? My opinion about you is one thing, but you know better than me how important it is to make an impression on society, right? What do you mean? Look, my decision to get married and to whom will affect my followers as well. So they must approve of you as well right? Come let me introduce you to them. You mean 50 lakh people will judge me right now? Don’t think of it like this. Imagine 50 lakh people, liking you. What if I fail? You won’t be the first? Ready? Let’s What am I suppose to do? I have never done this before Come on, let’s do it. Ready? But what are we doing? I’ll tell you When will we find out? Right away. What if I fail like everyone else? The rest didn’t fail because their video was bad. They failed for not agreeing to even make one with me.


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