Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 03 – 17th Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

I am sorry, I have gone to
the shopping with mother, I do not know that, now when I came home,
I just saw your calls. Yes, I wanted to discuss
with you about farewell. So you can come to house,
right now. Should I come to house? Come home, what do you mean your brother did
not tell you that I came home? Brother, no, he did not tell me anything, he must forget it, he is not well, he do not went to office as well, that is why. Yes maybe. Now, what are you doing there,
just come home fast, I want to talk to you a lot. What happened,
I cannot come right now? You tell you have the dress,
what are you wearing? Yes, Thanks to God, Hatim came here and
completed his masters. Mother, Mother. Okay, I will talk later, bye. Mother, just see, this stole is not
matching at all with this suit. What happened? I have told about shocking pink color, dyer has ruined the whole stole, why have you sent the driver,
he does not know about the color. I was not well, that is why I have sent the driver, I do not know that he is colorblind,
this color is not matching. Non-sense, I do not know on
which stupid he went, I do not know just fix this for me,
I have to wear it tomorrow. Child, it is 10pm now, nothing can be happen,
go and wear something else. This is not the thing,
I have to wear it tomorrow, why do not you understand mother. What happened?
Why your mood is off? Just see, you see as well,
they have ruined my stole, tomorrow is the important day for me, and I have to wear it tomorrow. Just this matter? It is not the small matter,
tomorrow we have to act in the collage, it was the theme of our dress,
and Now what will I do? What will I wear? Okay, I will go and
make this dye happen, okay? Yes. You just came from office
and it is 10pm, all the shops must have closed now. Mother, we should try, we will see,
if any shop is open, we will do it, okay, listen, what I have to do in this,
tell me that. Just do this shocking pink
and tell him to do it half-black. You will get me confused like this. Thank you brother,
I bother you a lot. You bother us a lot,
and you are doing it since childhood, but what can be done in this? I will dye and come. Thank God, Faham brother is here,
he will solve my problem. You should thank to God that He has given you the brother,
who takes care of you, they love you a lot, May God give them life. Amen. Is there any shop for dyer?
Do you know anything? Why is Faham not
picking up my phone? Let me do it again, Faham where were you,
I have been calling you since long. Sorry, Shamina,
I did not received your call, actually I am driving. Where are you right now? There is a stole of Rida,
which I have to get it dye, tomorrow there is
a function in her collage. Okay, so is it done? I do not get any dyer. Faham, if you do not find any dyer
and the stole do not get dye then. So, I will not go home. You do not go to home,
just for the sake of stole? Look, Rida needs that stole,
it is important, if I will not get it,
she will get upset and you know I cannot make Rida upset. Okay, you can dye the stole, I am going to sleep now. Okay, bye. Okay, bye, he did not stop me as well. What happened? Why are you so angry? They have considered Faham a servant, can you see the time, and at this time he went to dye
the stole of her beloved sister. You know very well that
he have life of Rida in him, what is in that,
she is beloved of all the brothers. Yes, she is beloved for no reason,
what is there in her. Greetings. Greetings. What happened? Is everything fine,
why are you all worried? Faham went to dye her stole,
since long, he did not come back, I am dying for him. Okay, it is been limit, I mean. What happened? Just call the brother and you, you can wear any other dress too, the condition of city is not good Rida. No, Faham brother is
not picking up the phone. Mother, the bread is ready? Mother, mother… mother. Look, child, after marriage, you will not do any
contumacy with Rida, the way you treat Naila. Okay, I am doing contumacy with Naila, sister in law, everyone is
innocent in front of you, your own daughter is bad, right, May God spare me from this house, my life has been hell by everyone. You do not understand
the right matter as well. Her work, if he does not do,
that cannot be happened. All the mistake is mine,
I can wear anything and go. So, you have to
think this before Rida. Faham is here, God thank God. Everyone is worried. What happened?
Is everything fine? What do you mean?
What happened? You have taken so long,
I was so worried. Mother, listen to me,
you have send me to dyer, he was closed, then I have bought
all the matching stoles, apart from that, you can see these matching bangles, this matching jewelry, I have bought everything, to buy all this,
this time will be taken. Is there anything that is left? Rida, just see, if anything that you do not like,
you can tell me. You will go again to change? You do not need to do that, what has come,
you will wear that only, go. Mother, you do not scold her,
she is worried already. Brother, mother is already
worried about you, you know about the condition of city,
they have called the strike. Yes, she is your beloved, we will not scold her,
why would we? But at least a person,
can pick the phone, why have you kept the phone,
if you do not want to pick it up. Sorry, my phone was on silent,
I do not get to know that, I am sorry, Rida, you do one thing,
you go and try your clothes. Okay, brother. You do not get worried,
for no reason from their talks, mother, what happened to you,
nothing will happen. Doctor, is there anything
to worry about? There is nothing to worry, her BP is low because
of which she fainted, and she have weakness as well, I think we have to admit her
in hospital for 1 2 days and the test that
I have given you, just do it immediately. Okay, I will do it right away, thank you. But again, I will say that
what is the need of you to do job, why do not you join factory? Mother, he is doing for a reason,
he will get an experience, and it is good. My life Now, tell me how I am looking? Zahida. Mother,
this is the money for her life. Thank you brother. Zahida, just bring the red chilies to
stay her away from evil eyes. Zahida sister, just put my clothes in the car once
you are done giving the chilies. Look at here. Zahida, just hold it, just bring 7 chilies,
you always bring the whole cup. This will goes on Facebook. Not at all Asim, the pictures of the woman of the house
should not be shared on Facebook. America,
have not changed you at all, you are still rigid, I mean what is wrong in
the picture on Facebook? My values are the same, the thing which is wrong,
that is wrong. Okay, relax,
what happened? No need to get that hyperactive and you,
why are you bothering him? Do not put the pictures,
he does not like it at all. You are crazy. He is telling right, brother you can talk about it later,
brothers please drop me, I have to do the rehearsals as well,
please come, I will get late. Okay, let us go. Okay mother bye. Okay child go. Okay bye, let us go. Take care of yourself. And you give the money for bad sight
with your hands, while you go. Okay. Hatim brother, you are also ready,
can I put your picture on Facebook. Behave, just open these buttons,
why are you standing so tightly. Just ask him to behave,
I will beat him one day. I want that I will get married Sharmina,
by saying to sister. Okay mother, whatever you like. So, child, I want money to get married, what I have gathered, I have spent everything
on your wedding. Enough aunt, you have not made
me yellow in gold. Now, what can I do? I want you to, take loan from office. Loan. Yes, I am coming, okay. Just do the breakfast. Okay, I will come. You have not made him
do the breakfast, you can talk later on. Ali, Yes Sir. Just type the termination letter for Zeeshan
and send it to his house, immediately. Okay sir. Sir, why? For what? It is a limit of being careless, I have given an important
file to him yesterday, today, he did not came to office
and his phone was also off. Sir maybe, he is trapped in a problem,
any emergency. If there is any emergency,
he would have called at least, he should have
keep the phone on, I do not need this kind of people. Okay, sir,
you can stop this letter, I will just go and see where Zeeshan is
and why is he not picking up the phone, he might be in any problem and the file that you are talking about,
what was that? You can tell me that. It was the file of Aleem builder and I need to send them
the quotation today. Sir, I will search for that
file in the cabin of Zeeshan, please do not get worried, I will solve your problem,
and please stop this letter. Okay. Zeeshan where are e you? Please drive fast,
mother must be very worried, I do not know whether
Faham brother let her know or not that I am coming with you all. Rida, please grow up, you are always worried on
all the small matter. So, I should not get
worried for those, who takes care of me,
think about me and loves me? If you can see, Rida is saying right. Yes brother, you always know
that Rida is right, you just do not like what I talk. It is not like that, it is just that when Rida talks about something,
she says right, she talks truth. Truth, okay, then why have you hide from me? What I have not told you? That Rida came at home yesterday, you should have told me, Rida, told me everything. What? What I have told you? I have just told you
that I came to your house, I did not find you
and I came home back, I have said nothing else. This is what I a saying that you came home yesterday,
he should have told me, yes what else? Okay, do not create
the suspense for no reason. Suspense, is there any suspense as well in it? Brother, please stop here, I am hungry, I will take something to eat. Sure, one second. She makes the maid off to save money
and she kept on working, mother there is no
replacement of your love, none. The waves of sea, Do you all need anything? No, thank you. Okay, I will just come. Rida, what is going on there? Look, whatever happened that day, I do not have any wrong intentions, and how will I make you understand that? You have done the wrong act and if you want to make someone
understand you can do that after misunderstanding
and wrong acts, there is no need to understand
the good and true talks. I wish, I would have shown you
my heart and open it. Please, do not talk to me like this. But why? I mean you are not trying
to understand my talks, I want to own you, and I love you. For God sake enough, in fact, I will do one thing,
I will get off the car myself. No, Rida, please, listen, I am. Sir, it seems that no one is at home. There is no one at home, what should we do? We should ask from any neighbor. Sir, the guard is saying
that ambulance came in night and they have taken the mother. What is this entire mother and why did not you tell me
that you are not well? I do not know that I will be ill, it all happened all of a sudden, it is like that now, you can never rely on life, you will get the next breathe or not. God Forbid
if anything happen to you, I swear, I will die mother. Okay, do not talk non-sense, just go to house for
some time and get relax, you were sitting here
since the whole night. No, I will not go anywhere,
I want to stay here with you. I am fine now, you can go. Until you will be fine,
I will not go anywhere. Go, I am fine. I told you. Okay, then get the information
when will I be released? My heart is suffocating. When you will be fine,
they will give you. Go, my heart is suffocating. Okay. Child, go and eat something,
you will be fresh. Rida, what happened to you? Nothing brother,
I am just not well. Okay, get up,
we will take you to the doctor. No, I was just tired of the event. How was your event? It was fun, you know Rushna
was appreciating me a lot, I was looking so nice and
I have spoken a good Punjabi and everyone. Now, look brother,
she was not well but now, she is charged. Yes, it is with her, when you talk about her
for her collage and friend, she become charge. Brother. Okay, should I serve food? No mother, do not serve food for me,
I have eat the food, and I am tired now,
I will rest. Hatim brother,
I want to go and take the books, I have to take the key books
and prepare for the exam, and will you take me? Let him have food. Mother, we will have food once we will return,
let me buy her books. We will come back early,
I just need to buy things. Let us go. Hatim brother, I like Rushna
if she is not wedlock with Sheraz, I would have make her
my sister in law. Okay, like Shamina sister in law? No, why shamila sister in law? I will get her married with you. You will get her married with me? Yes. Okay, you will decide
everything by your own. Yes. If I do not like her then? How will you not like her? I know that you would have
never rejected my choice. That is a different thing,
but I will marry by my own choice. What? We will see that later, you have to take the books, come on. Take this, special tea for you. The day we have started talking
about the wedding of Shamina, your mood is very good. It is not like that, yes but now I am getting the vibes
that now I will have peace in life everywhere. I know. I do not have any issues with aunt, she is very nice, Shamina is the problem, yes, have you applied for a loan? I was not in mood,
I have just done it on your saying. Salman,
you are the only brother of her and you have to do
a lot to show the world, there is no shadow of father on head, if you do not do anything,
the world will speak a lot. You are saying right. How much loan, you have applied? For 10 lakh, we cannot do more than this, and then it will be deducted from pay. Oh yes, you will be deducted
from salary as well, it is okay, I will take care of that, once she will get married, I mean she will go to her
in laws with happiness. Okay, just take care of the expenses. Yes, I just came
to remember by this, do not give all
the money to Shamina, you know what will happen then, make up will come, shoes will come
or jewelry will come, that is it, nothing else will happen
and this time, we cannot afford
any extra expense. No, I will give you
the whole amount, happy. Have you taken the books? Yes. Finally, your work has been done. Brother, I am so funny,
I just need to take one book, a small one and
I have brought a big bag. Call is coming, you do one thing,
you go and sit in car, and I will come
and attend the call. Okay, come fast. Coming. Hello. What misbehaves is this? Listen to me,
where are you going? Just stop and talk
to me for time being. What happened Rida? Nothing brother, let us go, brother. You are doing misbehave. Brother. Leave me. You are doing nonsense, you have seen the girl and
you have started bothering her. Leave me. Hello Faham brother, come soon,
Hatim brother is in fight, come soon, Hatim brother, what happened to you, come on,
you have my swear, brother. Give me the keys, why are you crying? It is not your fault, I will report these boys. No brother, do not get into this, report issue. Why are you scared?
What happened to you? How dare you to hold my hand? Her shy act is what I like, I have accepted
all the acts of yours, and I have forget myself and loved you a lot. Enough. Then what you have done? What else should I do?
I do not get anything from here, how are they all, frustrated, once they see the girl,
they start bothering her, uneducated. I do not know how the mothers of
today’s world up bring their sons, they do not care about the feelings
of others mothers and sisters, they do not care. People come in between, if it would be in my hand,
I would have killed them. What happened to you, why are you so angry? Why have you done this fight? What are you talking, someone will bother our sister
and I will see silently. I am not saying that
you do not do anything but that does not mean
that you fight in public, thanks to God
that Hyder is my friend, I have called her on time, he took care of everything otherwise, they would have cut FIR on you. What do you want to say,
if anyone bothers Rida, I should stand and clap? Just bother my sister a bit more. Faham brother is saying right, these stupid people are everywhere,
whom you will fight? You just are silent, you need to talk in between, and I cannot tolerate all this and
I will never tolerate this all ever. I am laughing, what? This boy never changes. I will never go anywhere
with Hatim brother, I am scared. What is your fault in all that? Okay, from now,
if you have to go anywhere, I will take you and if I will not be there,
Asim will take you, okay. He came to insult me from America. You… Enough you all, you keep silent, nothing happen,
you have your brother. Child, that Shahab brother, he talks a lot for
Javeria’s proposal for you and I like Javeria as well, that Huma and
Hina is also good girls, I have thought that
first I will speak to my son that which girl he likes
then I will talk, okay you tell me
which one you like? For the time being,
I do not like anyone of them. Do you like anyone? I am trying. To like someone. No mother, I am trying to like someone. God, I am not getting anything,
what you want to say? Just forget all this, you know you will understand
everything by the time. But child, a little fast, I do not have time, I just want that I will bring my daughter in law
in this house, as soon as possible. Excuse me, can we go in? breakfast is getting cold, and I am very hungry, brother, after doing the breakfast,
please give my books and notes to Rida, exams are going on,
she have to prepare. Any other order? No. She is very sharp. No, this only. Face will grow in one week, I have to apply this immediately. What are you applying
every time on your face? Now you have problem in
applying this to my face, you tell me, have you speak to
them about marriage? No, first Salman will talk about loan,
then I will speak to them. Loan, brother, will take loan
for my marriage? Great. What was I came here to discuss? Yes, I called sister, she is not well, so I am thinking to go
and ask her condition. I will also go with you, I am she would be daughter in law, I have some right. Okay, just stop this nonsense,
I am going to get ready, you also come fast
get ready and come. If I put it on foe 10 minutes, glow will come. Rida madam. Yes. Rushna have sent
these books with her brother. Rushna’s brother, okay, he have just given this,
he did not say anything else? I have asked him to give by himself, he said that I am in hurry,
you can take it. Okay, you can keep it here. You do not listen to me that is why I am helpless
to write this letter, I love you a lot that
this word cannot express my feelings, just say once that
you love me as well. The moment I have to know
that you are not well, I have to come at that time but. You are crazy, nothing like that,
just my head was paining. Aunt, I have brought fresh
orange juice for you. Why have you taken this pain child? What is so painful in that,
your headache will be fine? That is why I said sister, that when Shamina will come,
she will serve you a lot. Great, why will I let her serve, I do not find any
difference in her and Rida, they both are my daughters
and I love them both. This is why I am relaxed that
Shamina is coming to your house, I know that you love her
more than me. Why I will not love her, my daughter is so nice, just leave it, I have brought a good suit for you, I will show you. You just sit down aunt, why are you getting up? You can tell me,
I will bring it for you. There is a white bag,
near cupboard. I will bring it. Sister, you have taken the medicines. Nothing happen to me, I am fine, just take it out and see. Aunt, this is so beautiful, mother just sees. You can see this too. The trouser is so nice too. The color is nice. It is nice. It will suit on her. It will suit on me? Yes, a lot, now when will you come,
you can wear it. Yes, thank you. It is very wrong, you were so ill and
you have not informed me. Zeeshan, why have you brought the tea? Why do you need it? If we need the tea,
we would have make it yourself, why did you bothered? Just drink it,
he makes good tea. Zeeshan,
at least you have called me. No, uncle, you have done a lot for us, I feel ashamed of bothering you
on all the small things, mother was so ill that I do not know
where I have lost my phone, I was not in my senses, I am sorry. He has taken care of me. How did you get so sick? You got cold and sick
and we do not know that. Sickness does not come by telling, it has to come, and it came. Now everything is fine, thank God. What happened, why are you not doing
your breakfast Rida? I am not hungry brother. She has left eating and
drinking in the tension of papers. What is the connection of the tension
of papers with eating and drinking? Now, when I am not hungry,
what will I do? Okay, you are not hungry? Yes. Okay, that means we will also not have food. We will also not have it,
food strike. Okay, we are not hungry. No, do not do that, I will have food. What happened, I am here. You are here to make meat. What is meat? Meat, just forget it,
he is just diverting you, you do not need to make meat, okay, one two questions
can a done by our sister, she went to the collage. I mean, will she be passed? I do not know about pass,
but if you talk about getting fail, so maybe she will not do
that by trying. Brother. You just ignore on
what they are saying. Sister, you family is very good, may God live them long and
they will laugh like that. Amen. Faham brother, Rida is getting weak by studying. Do not tell me that
you have noticed it too, you know I was also thinking
but I was not saying that, she is weak, I think that we should put
the bottles of glucose to her. Yes, a lot. Mother, you can see that
they are irritating me a lot. Now just listen to me, just bring daughter in law in this house, until when will you
get worried alone, there should be someone with you,
will take care of you and the house. Yes, we will bring it. Sister, I am very upset with you, what is the benefit of your own relatives
who do not come in need of yours. No brother, why are you making me ashamed? You are there for us only. Okay, sister we will go to
Nazish house after having tea, there is some death in her in laws, so we have decided
to do condolence, we will return early. Okay, just ask her
from my side as well. He has made tea
with so much love, we have to drink it,
and you can take it. Okay listens to me all, today, we all are off,
I am thinking let us go on beach. Good idea. Yes, let us go,
we will enjoy a lot. Yes. Yes but my studies. Just shoot the studies,
we are going and that is it. Okay, fine, aunt you also can come. No, I will stay with sister at home
and will talk a lot. Mother, you can also come. No, I cannot go. Yes but sister in law,
you will go with us? Mother. Yes, Shamina will go,
why not she will? Yes, but I will not go,
you all can go. What? Please get out the old ghost
from you and come with us, let us enjoy
and let us have fun. When you will not be there, we cannot enjoy,
you also will come please. Okay, now Rida have said,
I have to go. Mother, what are you doing? you should have told me,
I would have done this all. You want to see me fine? Yes mother. You want to see me happy, please get a
daughter in law for myself, I feel suffocated
while being alone, I feel worried, if something happened to me,
what will happen to you all alone? God Forbid,
what are you talking? Just get the daughter in law, my half of the sickness will be fine. Mother, I have nothing in this world moreNthan your happiness, if you will be happy with my marriageNso whatever you order. Stay alive. It is so strange that when you come here,Nyou can find the earth and sky one, I mean where sky isNand where is land, but If you come here, it seems that they are one. Yes, Faham, Faham I want to sit on camel, please.. Camel, why? It is good to sit on camelNin childhood but not now. So, Faham, we are not that big, we can sit. We are not big, it will not look goodNbut you leave it, just enjoy this place with me, look, so peace it is, just see the waves. This is on the seaside,Nplease stay strong. The waves of sea, it is so separate fromNthe noise of world. Yes, Asim brother, do not do this,Nwhat are you doing? Rida, rida, stop, Rida, what is going on there.


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