Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 04 – 24th Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

What are you people doing?
Rida, come down. What happened brother?
Its so much fun in riding. No, you fell from the horse
last time too. So what, I was young then? Hey, you are still young. You are young for me,
please come down. Brother, leave her, she is doing horse riding,
let her be strong. Man, you don’t know, its dangerous. I am here, why are you worried?
She won’t fall. You are here,
that is what I am worried about. What if you do some mischief. Rida, you come down. Please. No brother Afam, no. No. Let her sit calmly, she is not a child. Okay fine, then the condition is that I will hold
your hand and walk with you. Okay, come on. Okay, lets go. Come Sameera. Coffee? Thank you brother. You are most welcome. How is your preparation going?
Will you pass. I hope so. Okay, lovely. Man, tell me something, did Rida call? No. So didn’t she call and tell you
she got the notes and books. She must have got them,
that is why she didn’t call. Yes, call her then. I mean to say that I gave
the notes to the maid, what if they got misplaced. I don’t want anyone to miss out on
their preparation. You know… You are right, let me ask. Her phone is off. Call at her home. Yes. Hello, sister Zahida, sister Zahida, please put Rida through. Ok? Ok, I had sent some notes and
books with brother to her, did she get them. Okay fine, I wanted to find this out, when Rida comes tell her I called. What happened? Brother, Rida went out to party with her brothers. How do you feel today? A dream. A beautiful dream. I am trying to believe it that will
I be happy all my life. I really like being with you
and your family, I am really happy Fahad. I want this that you always consider this your family. Jameela, mama spent her whole life
to keep us all together, we all love each other a lot. I just want that this love stays all our life. I have high hopes from you. Why? Don’t you trust me? To be honest, I trust you more than me. I know you will really care for my family, especially Rida. Yes, I will care for everyone, but why just Rida. Shamila, I really love Rida. So much that I don’t even know. A small worry of her takes away
the sleep of my nights. If it was in my hands… I know Fahad, I know you love her a lot. She is so nice and naïve, that you want to love her
and care for her. You don’t worry, I am here. I will take care of Rida
and everyone else. Anyway, I am going to play, you too come. What play…. After my wedding, mama will be alone,
you too get married. Fine, I will get married, but you will have to try. Try what? You need to find a good girl for me. Good girl. Now see you won’t get
a good girl like me, so let me see. Forgive me, I don’t want a girl like you, I want an intellectual, intelligent and smart girl,
who can impress me. Intelligent. Hmmm.. then that is Rida, you just said it. One second brother, Faraz is calling. Talk. Hello. Come on, I will teach you people now. Hello. Hello. Yes, hello mama. Yes, yes, yes. Brother! Yes mama, we are at the beach, no we will be late. Yes, talk to Rida. Don’t talk long,
the game is on. Yes mama, we are having a lot of fun, no I am fine, yes we will eat.
we will be a little late. Okay, bye. Bye. Brother Afaam. Rehana, you did the right thing
you came and we talked heart to heart. Yes sister, it felt like the the darkness on
my heart got removed today. I didn’t know about this that Salman
and Naila’s behavior with Jameela is bad and Salman doesn’t earn well. Sister, I wouldn’t have discussed this today, I don’t know how I said it. I have no one apart from you. Are you mad? A person shares their worries with their
brothers and sisters after their parents. Who else would you share it with? If brothers and sisters realize this then only. I don’t know what Naila has said to Salman
about Jameela that he doesn’t ask her and now he doesn’t even talk to me. I don’t know what happened to him sister, he stays away. Okay, don’t worry, I will talk to Affam, we will marry Jameela
soon and bring her home. Sister, you are so good, you realize what is in my heart. I am your elder sister that is why. What is the deal? You are in a really good mood today. The house is no relaxed today,
its so much fun. Because my sister is not home. Its not that. Then what is it? Every woman wants that she has a home, her husband lives there, he lives there, her children live there. Children Yes, we will have children, we have only been married for 2 years. The doctor says everything is fine, I am only tensed about the
arguments I get into with your sister. Don’t worry, she is here
for a few days here. Meaning? Is the loan approve? As soon as it gets approved,
fix her date. Hello. Hello. Mama, you came alone? Yes, I came with the driver, Shameela and the children went out. Okay. Aunt’s home is so nice, everyone enjoys. Look at our home, we only… Sister was talking about
marrying Shameela, till the loan is approved, how can I fix the date? I will talk when we have money. Mama, God willing… God willing, tell her that the loan is getting
approved soon. Tell her. Really? Yes mama, it will be approved in a few days. Yes, you start preparing for the wedding and on that I will make tea for everyone,
you people sit, I will bring it. You look pretty even when simple. I will take you with me, I cannot live without you. You are colorful more than colors, you look pretty when simple. What is happening? One minute. What? What are you talking to
each other using your eyes? What are they saying? I am just singing and clapping. Okay, what song were we singing?
Now its your turn. I think D. We are playing in Urdu,
sing with ‘Alif’. People. People. Presenting you the groom and the bride to be. Come on the dance floor.
Hey, I cannot dance. Hey, come on. Here, fresh pancakes. Thank you brother, you are so good. Give me a pancake too. Here you go. Thank you. Hassan, I don’t like riddles. I like riddles and girls too. Yes child, the jokes you make,
these girls taught you. Of course, or you know how naïve I am. Ok, one second. Brother, you two should get married. We will have a function, have some fun.
What do you say? Best. We should talk to mama. What do you say? Yes. You must be really happy. He will be happy when you
get married along with me. here, where did my wedding come from? I don’t want to get married,
I have to study. Anything can happen. Yes, if that’s possible, then do it with me. I have no problem, I am cool with that. Excuse me. Yeah? Where did I go? You? America. He’s a genius. Rida, why are you not eating? Brother, how can I eat all this,
I am eating. eat fast, we are late. Aunt is calling. Hello aunt, yes, she is with us, we are coming in a while. Yes, in 30 minutes. Bye. Aunt called, she says its late,
we should come back. Yes, its really late, lets leave. You will get scolded. We had fun. Yes, but we are tired,
lets go home directly. Yes, we will go home, brother first drop us,
then drop sister in law. No, we are going together. Rida is right, you drop us first,
then you drop her. What is the need for that?
I drop you first… It is needed. First drop us,
so what? Yes brother, absolutely. Don’t make new stories, we will decide on the way. Bone. I don’t want to be the bone
in the meat. Come on. Bones. We are bones. Come on Rida. We are bones. Thank you Fahad, for the picnic and giving me
so much happiness in one day. Why thank me? We are a family. After all, whatever happens in
future we will face it together. , Okay, come inside,
I will get you tea. No, its late. After all, the day was hectic, you must be tired,
I am tired too. I will just go home. Yes, we are really tired. Ok fine, you go, take care
and rest. I will leave. Listen. I have to say something to you. What Fahad? For you. Earrings? But Fahad, what is this for? Do you need an occasion to give a present, it should look good that reminds you of someone. I went shopping for Rida, I saw these earrings, so I thought of you, so I thought you wear them, they will look good on you. Fahad, they are beautiful
and they are black. Wont you put them on? Right now? Right now. Fahad, you are stubborn. See are they beautiful? They don’t look that nice now. I feel in front of your
beauty they are nothing. Fahad, you are too much. Rida. Rida. Rida. I am tired of Rida.
Everyone just talks about Rida. What happened? You went to the picnic happy, what happened now?
What happened with Rida? I didn’t do this on purpose, I lose importance cause of her. Fahad treats her like she
came from the sky. Child, Rida is her sister, he has brought her up. Stop it mama. She is her only sister. Look at my brother, doesn’t love me half this much. That is not true, he loves you a lot, he doesn’t express it. I am not a child. I am no child. The way those three brother’s treat
Rida with love and my brother, he doesn’t even ask me how I am. Look child, don’t compare yourself with Rida, everyone has their own fate. Child don’t get so much hatred in you, you have to get married and go there. If there is so much hatred,
then how will you survive there. Mama, we cannot blame
everything on fate. Treatment is something, agree that brother doesn’t
give any importance. Rida’s brother really care for her, fulfill her wishes and if
you say this is fate, then I have bad fate. Your fate is also good and the home you will marry in they are good people,
Affam really loves you too. I only like my life cause of
Affam or else no one loves me. Don’t think too much, pray to God for what is best, all will be fine. You are really irresponsible
and careless. There are some ethics and
manners to doing a job. Sir, I am really sorry, actually my mother was unwell. Lame excuses, I don’t accept it. What do you mean sir? I am lying? The person who is not honest with his job, you can expect anything from him. and sir the person who makes assumptions
and blames the other person, what do you think of them? What? You are criticizing me? Sir, if you don’t give anyone space, the other person won’t give
you space either. You get lost. I will not tolerate you another minute. Sir, nothing is worth more for
me than my self respect, I am leaving this job myself. Zeeshan, one minute. Sir Zeeshan is telling the truth. I have called Zeeshan a lot of time,
he didn’t pick up so I had to go to his home, when I went there, there was a lock on the door,
I spoke to the neighbors they told me Zeeshan took his mother to the
hospital in an emergency. Sir, if you don’t clear misunderstandings on time, they become more complicated. Zeeshan is telling the truth. I am sorry, I didn’t know Zeeshan’s mother is unwell. No sir, don’t apologize, I admit that because of
her health there have been delays in the past, this in no way means that I am dishonest, or I am lying. I am definitely not careless. At times things happen that
you cannot control them. Fine, go to your seat and complete the work. Sir I completed the work. I brought my mother home from the
hospital and worked all night. The file is complete, I will bring it and show you. Thank you. Sir, this issue is resolved finally. Zeeshan is an honest and nice guy. Rida, child wake up, its morning, mama is calling you.
Go fast. Come on. Sister Zahida, I slept really late,
all night I was studying, why are you waking me,
get me coffee please. Why coffee? Its time for breakfast, I will make it, you go meet
your mother. Come on go. Why is she calling me so early? I don’t know, come on get up. Okay, I will get up,
get fresh and come. Zeeshan. Sir, come have a seat. Thank you. Sir brother. Yes. Thank you very much sir. For what? Whatever was happening with sir there, had you not come on time,
I wouldn’t be sitting here. Come no, I didn’t come here
to hear your thank you. A few of your and my habits are the same. Which one sir? That I am conscious about my self respect. Yes, sir, I am a little more. You are a good man. You have a good heart. You don’t get such honest people nowadays. Thank you very much sir, but how can you say all this about me? I felt that way so I said it. Thank you. I think this is your first job,
you haven’t worked before this. I have worked, but not under anyone. We used to have 174
branches all over Pakistan, we had a public limited company
which went into liquidation, so to survive I had to work. So I got this job. can I say something, if you don’t mind. Please sir. Zeeshan, think about the present, think of making your present good. I believe it will bring positivity in your life. God willing sir. Zeeshan, I am still thinking how
you responded to boss, so straightforward. Someone like me… NO one spoke to me like this in my life, when he said all this, I couldn’t think and said what I said. Can I say something. Yes. Sir, surely you are a good man. Okay… Sir, have tea. Thank you. Have it sir, I will have it too. Rida, care for your health a little. What was the need to study all night? Mama, I have an exam tomorrow. Yes, but I worry more for your
health then your education. Why is that? That night you went with Hatim
and that incident happened. I am really scared for you after that. You are right, I was scared myself. But then brother Affam talked to me,
gave me courage. Look child you always have to care for
your brothers’ respect, they really love you, you need to care for that love. What do you mean? Look here. Yes mama. I want you to ensure that you don’t say
anything that your brothers won’t like. I want your brothers to always love you. Mama, I will never let my brothers get upset and this will never happen that
they lose their respect or hate me. I promise. Why are you so worried? God bless you. Come on,
let me put oil in your hair, do your work. Get oil in your hair twice a week, your hair is dry. Fazeela, we have specifically called you today that Zeeshan has agreed to get married, you start finding a girl. Oh wow, this is great news. A daughter in law is necessary in this home, sister is all alone. Its possible that the girl’s fate will clear
all of sister and Zeeshan’s worries and happiness returns. The girl you showed. That one? She is getting married somewhere, if you want I can stop it. No need, you have a lot of proposals, show us a good girl. Remember one thing, the girl needs to be educated
and also homely. Don’t worry, I have a lot of girls. I will show you. Here you go. Show me. These pictures,
she is a pretty girl. Yes, she is good. Well done, run. Brother, this is wrong.
Its all correct Come on. Come on, that was close, This is cheating brother Afaam. Stop and have juice. Trying my best. Very nice. You will become Serena Williams. Although she was a tennis player. You lose every time,
although you cheat a lot. This is what you learned in America?
Come here. I am not playing with this cry baby.
Brother Afam, what is this? Come on play. Here, come cheat. What? I cheat. No,
my Rida is not a cheater. One minute, what is the issue? She has started cheating. Its best, I will play basketball.
How are you playing? Really? Yeah. One moment. Hey, what are you doing? Watch it. Ouch! My foot. What? What happened? id it hurt bad? What is this nonsense brother Asim. Asim what is this? What is the need to play? I cannot play with brother Asim. Oh God. My foot hurts,
you always hurt me. Shall we go to the doctor? No. Its hurt bad, take her to the hospital,
get her a drip. Yes, it hurt bad. Pick her up.
Come on. I am fine. Be careful. I am a strong girl. Oh, my phone. Leave the phone. Be strong. Come on. Sit down. I am fine.
Come on sit, have juice. You hit me on purpose. I don’t do it on purpose. You do it with all your heart,
not on purpose. I hit knowingly. Sit mama, you sit. No problem mama, no problem.
I won’t play with you people now. Have another one. No this is fine.
Have it. Keep it, don’t misbehave. You sit. Hatim, have juice son. Hey, what happened to him? What happened? Nothing. I feel… Here you go. Shamila.. Take this out. What? I am going to the tailor, don’t you have to go, don’t want to alter
the shirt sister gave to you? No, I don’t. Why? I don’t like it, why would I get it altered. Wow, you told sister that you
really liked that shirt. I said it cause of Faham. What does Faham have to do with it? Mama, don’t you know that Faham is not willing to
hear no for his family, if I had told her that I don’t like the shirt,
she would said it to Faham, what would have happened then? Faham would get upset for no reason. This means that you like sister’s family
cause of Faham or you don’t like those people. Hey, when will you learn child? Hey, why would someone
make me understand, I know it well. I know how much respect
I need to give someone and how to treat someone,
you go to the tailor if you want to. They only want me to understand, they are all angels here. You are back. Hello. Sit down, you came late today. Yes mama I am really tired today. The workload must be a lot, you took a few days off cause of me. No mama, the workload was a lot but I almost lost my job today. Oh God, why is that? You know an angel came
and saved my job. What happened? Boss said I am a liar, I told him I don’t need to work for you,
I will leave. You get upset so easily,
then who saved you? Then he assured boss that
my mother is unwell. He came in the neighbors and found out. He must be the son of a good mother. Yes mama, he studied in USA. They have their own factory, he works for his own hobby. See, someone has their own business
and is doing a job. Mama, my heart is at rest after
meeting someone like him. What is his name? Hatim. He must be Hatim Tai. Yeah, he is. Bring him home someday,
I would like to meet him and thank him. You find good people with difficulty, you don’t lose his friendship, respect him. Who is it? Who is there? Who is it? Who is it? Boo. Brother Afaam, she is coming. Did she get really scared? She is really scared, coming downstairs. Downstairs? Ok. Mama. Mama. Mama. Afaam, brother, come with me,
there is someone in my room. What? What? I am scared.
I am telling you someone is in my room. Quiet, even I feel someone is in the house. But don’t be scared, you come out with me. But brother Afaam. Come. Come. Everything looks ok mama? Yes, its fine. She is coming. Brother, listen to me, someone is inside. Nothing will happen. You don’t know,
you will know when you come. You listen to me. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Rida. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday. You really scared me. Such a big surprise, couldn’t
you have told me earlier. Hey. Happy birthday sister. Happy birthday. Thank you brother. I am really lucky that I got such good brothers. We are lucky to have a sister like you. True. You had said no to a
celebration since you have exams. Ma, you should have told me at least. How did you like the bubble effect. Its good. Come on. Thank you, the bubbles look great.
thank you. Can I have a knife. Come here. Thank you brother.
I swear I am so lucky. Hey one minute, let me light the cancle. Come on. Asim, you didn’t prepare well. Oh no, come on, one,
two, three, start. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Rida. Happy birthday to you. What did you get? the cake is awesome. Thank you. Forget the cake, check this out. May God always keep my home
and children happy. Amen.


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