Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 05 – 31st Oct 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Yes, I am reaching,
have the files ready. Brother, brother, brother. Okay. Wait. Yeah? You seem to be in a hurry,
is everything ok? Obviously, I will go to work early morning,
what sort of questions do you ask. Ok, listen to me,
do one thing for me, its important. Okay, hurry up, I don’t have time. Today is Rida’s birthday and
we also have our exam tomorrow… So? So get lots of flowers and a small gift and
drop it at her home from me, please. Sorry, look, first off,
I don’t have this much time, if I had time I still wouldn’t do it. Why? Am I your servant, do this, do that, get this get that. I keep on going to Rida’s home,
that day I dropped the notes there. So are you not my brother? If I don’t ask you, who will I ask? Please, do it one last time. This last time, is never the end, then you bring this sad face
and I get sympathetic towards you. This means you are going. Here, get the gift with this money. What? 1000 rupees?
What will I get in this? This is what I have. Keep your money, go have a burger,
I will get a gift and give it to her. Thank you brother,
please don’t get anything expensive, something average will do. Yes madam. Because I don’t want you
to spend too much. Ok, madam, any other order? Can I go? No, this if fine for now, go now, you are getting late. Okay, thank you. Listen, don’t get one gift, get at least 2 and lots of flowers, also a cake! Yes Faham, you were calling? Thank God you answered. Where were you for so long? I was working in the kitchen,
I didn’t find out about your call. Were you missing me? I always miss you. Anyway, we will talk about all this anyway, you tell me,
did you wish Rida her birthday? Don’t tell me that you forgot. No Faham, I haven’t forgotten, I even had gifts packed, she’s busy with exams,
so I didn’t want to bother her. Faham, I was thinking of taking Rida with me, I will take her for dinner, what do you think? Thank you so much Shameela, you care so much for my family. Hello, your family? That’s my family too, in fact, our family. Your know Faham, that I love aunt and Rida a lot, they are really dear to me. And me? You are my life, I cannot explain it in words. I really respect your family Faham. And I… have to go now. I have to go to work.
I will put the phone down. Bye. Bye. Family. Dear Rida, I really love you and
this love is growing day by day. Today I want to say
everything in my heart, everything about you, your smile, your naivety, your actions have
pulled me towards you. Running away from thinking
about you is not possible for me, and you have become
a necessity for me, and I will need you till my last breath. You have a role in my life, had I not met you, I would have been incomplete. On your birthday accept
this love letter with this book, I love you. Aunty, Rushna sent these gifts for Rida, actually she is having her exams,
so she couldn’t come herself that is why. Mama, you called? Yes child,
see Rushna sent gifts for you. Hello. One minute child, an important call. Hello. What was the need of this formality? I mean its your birthday
and this is from Rushna. Why are you doing all this? There are no formalities in love. What do you mean? What love? The love I… Hey child, why are you standing? Sit. Tell Zahida to make tea. No aunty, no need to send tea, I have an important meeting, I have to go. I will have tea next time. Fine child, as you wish. Anyway, happy birthday once again. God bless you. Bye. Bye. Rushna has sent so many gifts. She is mad, she could have given these in college.
What was the need to send her brother? Okay, he came. Mama, I have an important paper, I need to prepare,
no matter who comes, don’t disturb me. Okay. Zahida! Hello. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Rida. Happy birthday to you. Thank you. Did you get the gifts? Yes. How are they? I have not seen them. What do you mean? Man, you know we have our
economics paper and I am bad at it. I am not even prepared.
I will see them in a bit. Yes, its difficult, I haven’t prepared, seems like I have not read anything. Keep them there. Tell me, have you made your notes? Yes. Fine, you listen,
should I pick you up in the morning? We will figure that out later,
let me prepare. Best of luck, bye. Bye. From Tauqeer. Look, I am having the dry fruits, you pleas eat some,
its good for you. Also, I need to get an appointment
with an orthopedic for you, your knee pain is getting worse.
Lets go and get it checked. Hey, I have no pain. Yes, I said I am coming,
we will sort this out today. Hatim, where are you going? I will call you. Nothing brother, there is some work,
will come back. Hatim, what is this important work? What problem will you sort today? Child… What is the matter?
Why are you hiding it from me? I don’t know someone is sending
weird messages about Rida on his phone. Messages about Rida? What messages? Come sit here. What messages? What happened? See for yourself. Mama. Mama. Look at this, your daughter in law’s cunningness. What do you mean? I mean she acts poor in front of us
and in her cupboard is this set of gold. Hey, her husband
must have gotten it made. What was the need
to get in her cupboard, go keep it back. Why should I? her husband only remembers to
fulfill his wife’s rights and duties and he doesn’t care
about the home. Now you will see mama, he has taken her to shop
for her cousin’s wedding. This is the limit. Mama, mama… Naila, you are back so soon. No mama, I didn’t come back,
there is something I had to do. There was a box in my cupboard,
my cousin’s set, I came to get it, do you know anything about it? Here you go. Why do you have it? I don’t know who it is, what problem can
someone have with Rida? Why is someone
sending such messages. What rubbish? Who is doing this? This has been happening for some time now
and every time it’s a new number. You didn’t bother telling me. What would I tell you? I was looking for a solution,
once I get my hands on this person, then I will… Relax, whoever it is,
we will find out soon. Obviously, these messages indicate
that Rida is not involved, whoever it is he is
doing this to bother us. I will talk and we will find out. If he was speaking the truth,
he would have come in front of us, he is a liar
so he is sending messages. I don’t know
who can do such a thing? I want to meet him once, I will ruin him. You don’t get tensed. Here, take your phone, I will handle it, I will talk about this,
we will find out, you don’t worry. What was I talking about? Mama has to be taken to the orthopedic,
do you know someone? Oh, okay, this means that the things that
were stolen from my cupboard, you used to do it. I don’t steal things,
I catch people stealing sister in law. Where did you get this set? You act like you got no money and
then you have gold sets hidden in your cupboard. You didn’t hear me clearly,
this is my cousin’s set, not mine. Okay, you cannot take brother’s name,
so you blamed your cousin. Fine, if it is your cousins,
then what is it doing with you? Does your cousin also
steal things from her in-laws. Have some manners, Shameela. Talk to her or I… Or what? What will he tell me? If he had the courage
he would ask his wife. What did you say? I am saying your wife is right here,
ask here where she got this from. Where did you get it from? What do you mean? This is sister Raheela’s,
she even called you. No, I will tell you
where this came from. The locket of mama that got stolen 2 months back,
this set has been made out of it. If you don’t believe me,
then see this receipt for 2 months back. What do you mean? Salman, I got this with sister Raheela
and I even told you. You are blaming me for theft? Mama, she is blaming me for theft,
don’t you know me? Don’t you trust me? If this is my position in this home,
then I will not stay here. Its not about trust,
you didn’t tell me about this. I did, but only if you listen. When did you tell me? Leave it,
you got me insulted today. Tell me honestly,
what did you do? I did nothing. Why did you falsely blame Naila? Mama, blames are to be put
and they are not honest. Shameela,
may God teach you a lesson. You had the husband and wife fight. No problem, if they fought one day,
brother really loves her. Today I realize this mistake. As a child you used to lie like this
and I used to smile instead of scolding you. That is what I am seeing today. At times, I think,
you shouldn’t get married at sister’s. Mama, fear God, why should I not get married there? I will get married there, you are worried for your daughter in law
that you are cursing your own daughter. Fazeelat came today. Okay. She shared a proposal, a family she knows, they seem like good family people, then she showed the girl’s picture,
she too is really pretty. So, what do you think?
Should I talk to them? If you like her, then fine. I really like her. Whatever you want to do. Fine, I will tell Fazeelat to take me there, I will see there family, home etc. Then I will take you. As you wish. Have food. I am going to meet your sister today. Who is it that is sending such
cheap messages about Rida, who is it? Yes, fine Rushna,
I am leaving too. Sister Zahida,
find out about the driver. Come here. Thank you mama,
pray that my exam goes well. God willing. Where are you going? For my exam. Yes, you have exams. Come I will drop you. You? No you go to the gym at this hour. Yes, I didn’t go to the gym so lets go. Okay son, don’t fight with anyone. Yes mama, don’t worry, come on, we are getting late. You pray that my exam goes well. It will be great, be careful. What is the matter brother?
Why are you driving like this? You are getting late that’s why. I am not that late. Did you get any message
or call from a wrong number? No brother. Okay, I was asking cause
a wrong number is bothering me. Is it a girl? Tell me, where does she live. There is no girl,
what is wrong with you. Ruksana, clean this room,
its so dirty, the books are lying here. Come, put the flowers in the pot,
take this cake. Take everything, I will keep everything in place. This Ruksana… I don’t know
if she read that letter or not. Thank God. Hello. Sorry, did I disturb you? Who is this? This is Tauqeer. Why did you call? Actually, I sent a poetry book with the gifts, I wanted to ask if you saw it. This is what you called for? No, actually… Listen,
I have no interest in poetry, and I don’t have the time to leave my studies
and start reading books. Rida, why is your tone so upset. Honestly speaking,
do you feel nothing for me? Nothing special at all. Stop this nonsense.
Don’t call me again. Okay, don’t cut the phone. Wait. Just once, hear me once, I request you please,
I have started to love you. Have you gone mad? I have told you numerous times
that I don’t love you, I have no interest in you,
don’t call me again. Mama, be quick,
I have an exam, I need to prepare. Ok, that’s it. Come on, have this water,
once your exams end, I will be fine. Why are you so tensed
about my exams? I have to stay up too,
pray for you. That what you are studying,
you remember. Come on have water. Yes, that is true,
you will have to do it. Who is calling? Rushna. This girl is too much,
now she is giving me a missed call, I will not call her,
I don’t know what will happen to her. Yes Rushna, call me on whatsapp,
I will not call you back. This mobile is a pain. You are right, brother Hatim is
also worried cause of his phone. Was he saying something? He was saying someone
is bothering him. Some boy is texting… Huh? Did you say something? Nothing, aren’t you getting late,
go study? Yes mama. Take this along. Thank you mama. Don’t forget to drink it. Yes. I have prayed on it. You 3 brothers love Rida
and she loves me. May I get my hands on him once, I will ruin him. Let me find out who he is. What happened?
Same guy messaging? Whoever it is,
I want to meet him once, I will kill him. Why are you still worried
cause of these messages? Should I not? Why is he messaging me? Why is he not messaging you or
Asim or anyone else in the home? Am I the weak link? You are laughing. Come, sit. Sit down. Hatim, you have started speaking loudly, obviously you have muscles, so you get upset. This question you asked me, have you asked this
question to yourself? Why is he only messaging you? I will tell you. Cause Mr. Hatim,
you are emotional, you get angry quickly and I observe everything, study it, then decide. Asim is young and immature,
so he won’t take this seriously. But he will upset you,
so you fight in the house and ruin the peace. What do you mean? You love your sister, learn to trust her. I trust her completely and
I love my sister a lot. But I cannot tolerate that
someone points fingers at my family. The three brothers
really love our sister. So how can I tolerate that someone points fingers
at her respect and all of us sit quietly. No man, not at all. We will not stay quiet
and we shouldn’t either. What happened Rehana?
Was there another fight? Sister, don’t ask. I pray to God that I die. God forbid,
what are you saying? What is the issue? Sister the same sister in law
and sister fight. When there are young
daughters in a home, the sister in laws have issues. What happened to Naila? She was fine earlier, I think she has become touchy
cause she doesn’t have kids. God knows. I don’t know what happened to her. Our Shameela is good and obedient. Rehana, earlier I was thinking
that once Rida’s exam ends, I will come over to fix a date, but now I will come tomorrow. See, only a sister can understand
a sister’s problem. May you have a long life sister. You don’t worry, relax.
Everything will be fine. God will make it fine. God willing. Okay Rehana, bye. You remember as children, papa had a great watch, that was Rida’s favorite too. Rida used to wear it
and run around the house, one day the watch
slipped and broke. Papa was short tempered, the 4 of us got scared
that Rida will get beaten. The 4 of us started competing that who will accept the fault of
the wall breaking and not Rida get blamed. When we went to mama and papa, Rida spoke the truth. We were such good friends, so much love. I still have that broken watch of papa’s
I have kept it safe for his memory. Just like that our Rida has kept her
honestly and naivety. Just keep your
faith in your sister strong, everything will be fine. Come on Asim. Where are you taking me? Sit down. One minute. Asim, open your eyes, its morning. I am trying, see.
I cannot keep it open. Come on try. You have to come to the gym
with me in the morning. Yeah, right. Mama, you had to say something. Yes, the reason I have called you
here this morning, that I am going to fix
Afaam’s wedding date today. Wedding? That too for this month. Wedding? Brother Afaam’s wedding. Oh my God. Wedding, meaning dances,
meaning songs, I will select the songs. No, the songs will be of my choice. Brother I know what songs
are going to be good. One second,
why are you so excited? One minute, mama what are you saying? Wedding, so quickly? Son, you will get married,
this month. This month? Mama, I think take some time,
take it to next month. What is wrong brother? You will look so good as a groom,
you will ride a horse. Oh my God. Yay. It will be fun. Why horse? Why not elephant? Why? The horse will be fine,
it will look good. You don’t know. Brother Asim, no. Why would I sit on
an elephant and horse? Its old fashioned. We will go on an elephant? Mama, leave them,
tell me what date did you finalize? That is what I want you
people to tell me, what date do you want? Date after date,
date after date, what is this? Can we do it day after? Why are you so filmy? Manufacturing fault. What do you mean? Hatim, so he is like hitler,
I am like John Abraham. I will tell you. Try and understand. Come with me. I want to expand my business,
I want to set Hatim and Asim, then get married. What is the hurry? Look, this has been decided,
you will get married, that too this month. Yay, that will be so much fun. What was that song we were listening to,
the one I really like. The Punjabi one. My brother is on a horse? It will be fun, I am super excited,
we will have all Punjabi songs. Fine, when you have decided
everything so what can I say? I can just say that I am going to work
and bring everything on the way back. No, Where? Why? Because you are getting married. Stup it. You are getting married. You too dance. Okay. Okay. You are getting married. Married. What is this? Wow, this is great. Thank God we have
prepared for the last paper. Yes. What is the matter?
You look upset? Did you fight with your fiancé. No, I am worried for brother. Why? What happened to him? That is what I don’t know. I don’t know
what is up with brother, he is sad and
doesn’t come out of the room. Its possible that
it’s a worry from the office. No, if it was office related,
he would definitely share it with mama. I think its something else. Something else? Meaning. I think its some girl. I think he is in love. How do you know? No, I have my doubts, his actions make me feel this. Mama, I have a good news for you, I got the loan. Okay. Thank you so much God, sister is coming
to fix the date today. Tell me,
how much money did you get? 1 million.
0.8 million. Think once more, is it 0.8 million or 1 million. Mama, we got 1 million. I am giving it to Naila,
take it from her as you need it. What do you mean?
We still have to beg for the money. What is your problem? Cant you shut up? Its true and something shameful. You got the loan for my wedding,
then why do you want to give it to her. This means brother
you don’t trust me or mama. Yes, this is right. Because no one can
trust you or believe you. I will go keep it back. Did you see how she clearly said
she doesn’t trust me. Shameela, change your ways,
you are going to your in-laws. Girls should leave
good memories behind. Yes, so the family should also give
the girl good memories and send her away. What have you given me? Its about give and take here,
you get what you give. Hey… What should I do? I don’t get it. I don’t get it now, you will get it later. Mama, talk to her
and make her understand, what if she fights there
and comes back. Salman, don’t say these things on
a happy occasion. I was saying lets go to
the catering and decide the menu. As you wish mama. You get fresh, then we will go. Fine. Rehana, I came to you today to fix
the wedding date for Afaam and Shameela. Rida’s exams are ending and
I want my daughter in law to come home. Sister as you see fit. Salman, son, what do you say?
You are the elder. Yes aunt, as you see fit. I will take care of
all my responsibilities. Fine, lets fix a date for this month. No aunt, what is the hurry,
we need some time to prepare. Salman, hear one thing clearly, I need no dowry. Afaam and Shameela have
ordered the bedroom furniture. Rest we have it all,
we need nothing. No clothes, no jewelry. No but aunt,
we will have to give her something, we cannot send her empty handed. I told you,
I need nothing, that’s it. As you wish aunt. Then give me a date. Sister you must
have thought about it. You tell us. Lets fix it for the 15th,
today is the 5th. You mean wedding after 10 days. Yes, why? Is there any hurry? No, no hurry. Then have some sweets on this. Here you go aunt. Here Rehana, you go ahead first. Your tea aunt. Here you go child. Zeshaan is a good boy, we can praise him
but it won’t be enough. What business do you own? We no longer have a business, I do a job. Okay, Fazeelat said you had a business. Anyway, what is your salary? By the grace of God, with the allowance
its around 150,000. Just 150,000? Can you run
the house in this salary? I want to Zeeshan’s name
on top in the business world, I want him to be an icon.


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