Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 14 || English Subtitles || 26th Dec 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Now if you try to create a scene,
I… What will you do? What can you do? That time is gone, Rida’s bad time has begun, she is ruined. Now wait and
watch what happens… Speak up, where are you lost? What happened? You have no reply. Obviously aunt, what will you do? What had to happen, has happened. Now you don’t take what I said to heart, you will get unwell. I am just saying something, now see, you married Rida
away from her status, there will be issues. i will not create issues, I am not like that. Rehana used to laugh at these things, I thought it was your naivety, but now that naivety is turning into
cunningness and schemes. Aunt, I have not done anything yet. Remember one thing, a person’s actions come
back to bite them one day. These cunningness of yours will come back to you one day. In any form. My aunt get upset so easily. You are sitting here, I have been
looking for you all around the house. You are tired? What is the matter, why are you sad and worried? No mama, there is no worry or sadness. There is something. I am lost, someone said something I am lost. Tell me. Think about it
Rida has no lacking, she has lived her life of
luxury since childhood, there status is really good if
you compare it to us. They are much better than us, then why did they fix my wedding
with a girl like Rida. I… You think so negative, you are not like that, nor did I bring you up like this. There is something, why did their no turn into a yes,
there can be any reason. You don’t lack anything, this is what God willed so
you got married. This doubt ruins a husband
and wife relation. You are right mama, God wanted this so it happened. I am sorry mama, I… I feel I am being over possessive,
I am doing too much. No don’t be so possessive that it becomes suffocating for her. She is a really naïve girl, give her ease. I am sorry mama. Whoever put this doubt in your heart, they are not true to you or Rida. The beauty of a husband
wife relation is love, and I want to see that, that I see the beauty of love in
your relation. Understand? Someone take a picture with the groom. Come brother Zeeshan. No, you guys carry on. Son, take something. I just asked for tea, you did so much. Zeeshan, we don’t only serve tea, and after all you are the elder
son in law of this home, we cannot do that. Take something. Thanks. Stop the pictures, Zeeshan came home for the first time, sit with him. Okay, I have a question for everyone. The wedding had to happen,
so it happened, but when will the routine for everyone get normal.
I mean do you guys have any idea. He has started again. There is one thing, we didn’t think Rida you
would leave like this and this won’t be your home. What are you saying brother Faham, this is Rida’s home and will always be, she can come over when she wants to,
there will be no restriction from my end. God willing. Long live my son. Listen, you have come to stay today right? We have a huge feast tomorrow in
celebration of your wedding. Yes, it was your order, there is some custom,
how can I say no? Thank you son. A girl’s real home is her in-laws, look at me, I have not gone to
my mother’s home to stay. You are great sister in law, there can be no comparison with you, right brother Faham? Rida, what did your in-laws give you in gold, we didn’t see anything in the Bari,
nor are you wearing anything. No sister in law, I got a lot, I will wear it next time I come. Why next time, why not today,
was it a light set? No sister in law,
I am not in the habit, that is why. RIda, you don’t need gold to look pretty, you look pretty this way. Please, don’t become like
the average woman, this gold bangles, earrings,
heavy dresses, gold watches, please don’t do that.
You will look like an aunty. Hasan is right, you look good like you are. Zahida, get the tea please. You are here, I am looking for you. Yeah… What happened? You look worried? Yes, you don’t mind what sister in law
Shamila said. What did sister in law Shamila say? What she was saying about the jewelry, I have no problem, my love is not materialistic. I just love you, your love is everything for me. I have an idea, I didn’t mind anything she said. Because you are not to blame in what she said,
so why are embarrassed. Thank you so much for
understanding me Zeeshan. Rida, this wedding relation is a pure
and strong relation, there is no place of
any misunderstanding in it, it works on understanding. I am really lucky that I got a loving husband like you. No, to be honest,
I am more lucky to have a wife like you. Don’t worry. Faham, there is a funny picture of you,
see this. Faham. Yeah? What happened? You look worried. I am not worried, just thinking about Rida. Time passed so quickly. Till yesterday, she was with us in our home,
she came as a guest today. Faham, Rida is married now, she has in-laws a husband and you brother’s reduce your love for her. Its her married life,
it can cause a problem. What problem? I feel Zeeshan doesn’t like you
3 brothers being so possessive. What do you mean? We are her brothers,
we will be possessive about her, why would Zeeshan have a problem. Faham, a husband has the most right on
her wife after marriage, and if Zeeshan gets irritated of your love and
stops her from coming here, then? Will you keep her in this
home all your life. no, that cannot happen,
Zeeshan wont do that. Anything can happen, you are elder, you should talk to the
rest as well and make them understand. If Zeeshan gets upset, then we wont be able to do anything. After all, a girl’s family has
to look at a 100 things. Okay, fix your mood,
she is here right now. Thank you sister Zahida, you fixed a great table,
nothing is missing. Brother Zeeshan..Yeah? You know Rida rides really well. Riding? No, we went on a picnic, brother Hatim tell him. Yes, she is a great rider,
right brother Faham? Yes, Rida rides beautifully. Us three brothers were
impressed by Rida and learned to ride the horse. Okay… Hello mama. Yes mama, yes, Rida is here. Here talk to her. Mother. Hey, one second. Hello. Yes… My mother has changed. Really? When she used to call me earlier, she used to
ask me how I was after the hello, if I ate or not. Now she calls and
asks me how Rida is after the hello. Our RIda is like that, she makes her place where she goes. God bless. Zeeshan, you will have to work hard
to make your place. Yes, for sure. Your phone. We were talking about you. About me? This means you people
must have really praised me. Yes, when they talk about you,
they praise you. Excuse me,
leave the breakfast for 2 seconds. Brother Zeeshan,
2 seconds. Okay. I will stand on the chairs. No, stop. Our Rida, is one in millions,
our heartbeat, our kidney stone, our blood flow and…
That’s it, stop. Should I stop? Yes, this is enough. Someone ask Rida, who she loves the most,
who is most important for her, her brothers or her husband. What do you mean? Each relation has its own love, its own place. That is not true aunt. Ask me,
I will only take Faham’s name, no one is more important for Faham,
in my life. Thank you. Tell us Rida,
who is important in your life? Excuse me. I have the answer for that. I am most important for Rida. Not you Asim, she is brother Faham’s beloved, so he is the most important. I am beloved too, but…
You are not important, RIda is. Ok, stop the jokes,
we will discuss this later. Rida, what are you dinner plans? Zeeshan,
you tell me, what do you like to eat? Hey son, talk about dinner later,
have breakfast. Yes ma’am, I have it. This is my favorite doll, if I was really happy or sad, I would talk to it. Childhood is strange.
I am really attached to this doll. You know what I am thinking? What? Are you prettier in the picture or when in front of me.
Should I ask you something? Yes. Please, don’t take me wrong. I want to know, what position I
have in your heart, in your life. What are you saying? You are everything for me. Why didn’t you say it on the table, when sister in law Shamila
asked you this. My brothers were there Zeeshan, and you are really important for me, what is wrong with you?
Don’t put me in this test. I love you, I really love you, the person who
loves someone the most, they have a right to hear that they are the
most important for the other person. Zeeshan, I really love you as far as my brothers are concerned, you cannot take their place,
nor can they take yours. After all, I know well, no relation can be formed without love. You didn’t answer me. Can we go home? I have a headache, I don’t feel well. Fine. You pack. Zahida. Yes? You do one thing, get the suits we have
packed for the party in the evening, get them. Hey… Hello. Hello. You look pretty.
Are you people going somewhere? Yeah…Yes, we are going home. Home? But child, we have a feast to celebrate your wedding, you two need to be there. Yes, I was unwell, I have a headache,
I just want to go. Son rest. In fact, I will ask Faham to call the doctor,
he will see you. No need to call the doctor, I will go home, rest in my room,
I will be fine. Okay, but son, it doesn’t seem nice, everyone will come in the evening, ask about you two, it will sound weird that you are not there. I will talk to your mama. No,
no need to talk to mama. I will take medication and rest here,
but we will leave after dinner . Thank you son. No, no need to thank me, I don’t see brother Faham,
I will go see, he must be outside. Rida, child, what happened? Some issue? No, nothing like that, Zeeshan gets upset cause
of sister in law Shamila. I see it all, but what can I do, this girl leaves me helpless. Yes, I am thinking I should come here less. You won’t come see your mother? I will definitely, but you tell me, what do I do in this situation? okay son, as you see fit,
as you see right for you, do that. May God always keep you happy. Amen. Hey, brother Zeeshan. Here you go. Its my phone. Come on basket it first. You people play. Why? Don’t you know how to play basket ball. I used to play cricket but for the
past 2-3 years…Leave it. Give it to me. Hatim, your phone has been ringing for so long. Thank you. Thank you sister in law. Will you have juice? Zeeshan,
you? No, thank you. Don’t be so hesitant, if not the son, you are the only
son in law of this home. After all, this home is yours now. Brother Zeeshan, has tea,
not juice. Get tea. Hello sir. Yes I will come sir. Okay. I have to go to office for some work.
Give me the car keys Huh? Yeah, I have them. All ok? Yeah, there is some work,
need to do that. Fine, thank you. Enjoy.
Sit. Sit. Enjoy. Zeeshan, the car you got in the dowry, why didn’t you come in that? Use it. Yes, the new car is yours,
drive it. Not mine, Rida’s. it’s the same thing. I have been driving this for a long time, so I am used to it. I feel relaxed driving it. Hey, brother Zeeshan, I am sure you
like but use the new car, and now see, our family has some status, what will people say that the
son in law drives such an old car. Yes, I get it, I know what you are trying to say. The new car has its own fun, drive it fast on the road,
it has its own feel. I don’t drive fast, I drive slowly. You are the only son in law of this home, next year you will get another
new model car, no? I will make you tea myself. No. no tea. Your sister in law is making you tea,
you will have to drink it Mr. Zeeshan. Thank you. Congrats to you sister, Thank God the wedding went fine. We are happy that the
function went well. Thank God all went well. The best thing is we got a
great daughter in law, I pray to God that he keeps you happy. Amen. Okay, you two tell me something, when are you going out on your honeymoon? Zeeshan, you are really lucky, you got tickets to Switzerland. Child, you must be tired, go rest.
You have been like this since morning. Yes mama, aunty I will come soon. Sister, Rida is really good, she is from a great family, but she has no pride. Usually girls from rich families
have a lot of ego. Why? What happened? I mean, thank God, we don’t lack anything
at home, right mama? No, thank God you don’t lack anything, but you don’t have everything
Rida’s family has. We had a lacking, we didn’t have a daughter,
that too is complete now. We just pray to God that they
always stay happy. Amen. Zeeshan. Yeah? See this is so pretty, brother Hatim gifted it to me.
Its real diamonds. Yeah. Can I ask you something:? Go ahead. This ticket to Switzerland, car, bank balance, wealth,
you needed this? No, I didn’t need it, you know I told them I don’t need it, but they gave it to me with love, I couldn’t say no. But don’t you think,
everything they have given us, we will have to return it. Why would that happen? We will not have to return it. No, you don’t get it, you are the daughter of that home, their sister, I am the son in law. If someone gets married in that home, then I too will have to return so much back and if God forbid, I don’t have this much,
then what? You don’t know my brothers, they are really good, if we return this, they will be hurt. If I get hurt? God forbid, what are you saying? God forbid, you have to be hurt. Why are you saying all this? Just like that. Let me take it off. What are you doing? Why? I am happy doing your work. Not at all. My mother has told me a woman’s position, and I know it well. Rida you are my wife, I really love you, your position is not in my feet,
its in my heart, you don’t have to do all this. Please. I will go keep it. Yes, hello Mr. Ahmad. I have forwarded you the email.please check,
it should get implemented before I come. Faham. Yeah? Will you drop me at my cousin’s?
Sadia’s place. What happened? Everything ok? I want to meet them. Please. Fine, I will. Did you ask mama? Faham, I am going with you to my cousin, for that I have to ask aunt? Ask her, we all ask her, there is no compulsion, but out of respect. Go, ask her,
I am waiting in the car for you. Zahida. Zahida, I am going to my cousin,
tell aunt. You tell her yourself. Zahida, she must be sleeping. She is up, I gave her tea. What is your issue Zahida? I have told you to do something,
why do you argue? I don’t get it, tell her I left. Ok, Rida, I will go to work, I need to talk
about my leaves too, I will be back soon. Sure. Why are you packing so much? We are going to Murree, all this will come in handy. Yes, are going to Murree,
but we are going for 3-4 days, so why so many clothes? Just 3-4 days? Yes, I am sorry, I am helpless,
I cannot get more than 3-4 days off from work. No problem, as you wish. I was just saying, last time we went for a month, me, brothers and mama. We used to bother new
couples at Mall Road. Its less, 3-4 days is less. Because the amount of
love I have for you, 3-4 days, in fact,
my whole life time will be less. Can I ask you something? Yes. That…nothing. I will ask you later, or I will get late, I have to go to work, take off, and mama
has ordered me to take you to a honeymoon. You are right, I forgot about mama, how will she live without us
for 3-4 days, you are right. She was saying something else too. What? Come soon. Bye. Bye. Did you go to sleep again in the morning? No Zahida, I never sleep once I wake up. Madam Shamila was saying you slept. Why? I was reciting the Quran. Did you not see when you came? What happened Zahida? Madam Shamila was going to her friend, she told me to tell you,
I told her to tell you herself, she said you are sleeping I should tell you. I told her I gave you tea, she scolded me and said I should do
what she tells me too. I don’t know what she wants. She was not like this before the wedding, now she has changed her colors so much,
that I am shocked. Before the wedding she
hid this side from us, really smartly. She started now. Now we have to save
ourselves from her. I have understood her well. Sister in law Khadija, can I say something? Go ahead. I am loyal to this home, I will be honest, since the time sister in law Shamila
came to this home, the happiness of this home
has disappeared. Some people are like that, where ever they go, the happiness and peace
of that place is ruined. Are you going son? I am going to a friend, I have to pick sister in law on my way back,
brother Faham told me. You have something tell me? Where do you have to pick her? From sister Sadia’s place. But she went to a friend’s Mama, she must have gone to
sister Sadia’s place from her friends, I just have to go pick her,
brother Faham is not picking her. What is wrong with you?
Why do you think like that. Mama, stop being this typical mother in law, she is our sister in law,
she just got married. Hatim son has never
spoken to you like this, but today… Get me a cup of tea. Yes, I will. Since the time you came,
you are quiet. Did sister say something?
Will you tell me or not? Ask me what she has not said to me. She is always sarcastic. No, sister is never sarcastic,
how can she do that? Yes, you are her sister, blind in her love,
why would you believe me? Where do I go to?
Who do I tell that she has made my life hell. She got you married after so much love,
why would she do that? She didn’t take me with love, I feel mama, aunt is taking revenge for you from me. Revenge, for what? That you were grandma
and grandpa’s beloved, and you got everything she liked, that is it, I get the same sarcasm. Yes, I was their beloved and sister’s too, she used to give me those gifts happily. I am surprised, sister took such
a small thing to her heart. It may be small for you,
but she is taking it serious, she does the same to her three sons. When I tell her not to, she gets sarcastic towards me,
she tells me that I am like my mother. She still has ill feelings towards
me and to this extent. Now you see, I came to tell you this, aunt wants to make you think
negative of me and vice versa. You don’t believe anything aunt says about me,
even if she means it. Do you get it? She does the same with
Faham, Hatim and Asim, they call them up in her room and she turns
them against me and gets sarcastic. Mama, you don’t have to tell anyone that I told
you this or I came here, or my life will be hell, it already is. Okay, tell me,
is your BP normal now? Yeah… I really liked that even having everything you are going to Murree
cause you husband asked you to, even though you had a visa and
tickets to Switzerland. You had everything, still you listened to your husband. My mama taught me that I need to
listen to all that you and Zeeshan say. God bless you.
She has brought you up well. Yes. Are all arrangements done. Hello. Hello. Give it to me. Hey,
what happened son? Nothing, I am not feeling well at all. Oh, you have high fever. I will get the medicine. I have a bad headache. What happened? My whole body hurts, I drove with difficulty,
I won’t be able to travel. We won’t go, I will get you
something to eat. No, its fine. Hey, you leave it. I will do it. Its fine, I will stay busy and time passes,
I don’t do a lot of work. You are not free, you cook bread for brother Faham, you make rice for brother Asim. Zahida, you know I used to cook so well, make such good food for my children. I am unwell. Zahida. Hello. Zahida, I got a headache make me a cup of tea.
What’s cooking? Cauliflower and meat. Asim loves it. I don’t know what Asim likes. Where did you go? Why? Didn’t Zahida tell you. Yes, she told me you went to a friend. Then why do you ask aunt? Hatim said he will pick you
up from Sadia’s. What do you have an objection on? Hatim picking me or going
to sister Sadia’s home. I don’t like you misquoting things. Fine, complain to Faham about me. I don’t like doing it and
I don’t want to complain. I was just asking that why
did you have to lie? Just like that. I was in the mood to have fun, I said it cause I wanted to. What aunt? Now you have a problem
with me having fun? What problem do I have earlier? Leave it aunt, I have a headache, its really hot outside. I don’t want to get into an argument. You can do what you want. I am going to my room. You leave it. Don’t talk to her. Let her do what she wants. You dare say this? I will teach you a lesson. Zahida, please make me tea, I have to ask
you 10 times to do one thing, you listen for the first time.


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