Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 15 || English Subtitles || 2nd Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Come mama. Come. How is he now? Mama, the fever has gone up,
what should we do? Call brother Habib. I will just do it. He is not picking up. What should we do? I will take him to the hospital. No, not so late at night, its not right. I will take him, you will be with me too. yes child, but that is not right. What should I do?
Should I call brother Faham? Yes, do that. I will get the ice. Sure. Hello. Hello, brother Faham. Yes, Rida, what happened? All ok? Brother Faham, Zeeshan has high fever, you please come quick. Uncle Habib is
not picking up, I don’t know what to do. I will come, don’t worry,
I will take Zeeshan to the hospital. Yes brother, come quick. Don’t worry, I will come. Doctor, nothing to worry about, right? I think he has typhoid, you get these tests done,
then we will know. Till then give him this medication. Thank you. Aunt, do you know
where Faham went? Zeeshan was unwell, Rida called last night,
he took him to the hospital. This means aunt, Rida will call his brothers for small things. She is married,
she should resolve these issues herself. Child, what is your issue in this? My issue is, Faham is my husband. He is my son and Rida’s brother before that. That is the problem on my head, I don’t know how long I will have
to face this torment! What is this? What tone are you using? How are you talking to mama? Oh God, why does the whole family
hate it when I speak the truth? You go in your room Asim. Because the truth you are saying is cheap. Stop this nonsense. Talk to me properly, you are always misbehaving with me.
Nonsense all the time. Who is she to talk to you like this? She misbehaves with you like this? Did you tell brother Faham?
You won’t tell him, I will. No Faham, doesn’t know, if he finds out all hell will break loose. Shamila will be rough with us. She should think about this, because of
her the peace of the home is ruined. How can she talk to you like this? That’s it son. Stop. Be quiet. Why is she doing this? God knows what she wants. I just pray that my God protects
you children from all troubles and the love of you brother and
sister stays alive. Be quiet. Don’t say a word. Be quiet. Sit, I will get you water. Zahida. Thank God. Rida. Yes? I got all the medicines, please give them to Zeeshan on time. Does he still have high fever? No its gone down now. Thank God, if there is a problem,
please let me know. I will go now. Thank you so much son.
You came so late at night. What are you saying? Doing all this is our duty. You please take care, God willing all will be fine. I will go. Okay. I will drop him.
Bye. Yes, go drop him. Thank you brother. What are you saying? If you say this again,
I won’t come to your home. Hey… Listen, I wanted to ask, are you happy? Yes brother, really happy. Zeeshan cares for you? Yes, he really cares for me.
He is really good. Great. I had a request, if God forbid, if you have any problem,
do let me know. Hey, if not you, who else will I tell. Why are you so worried? What can I do? We brought you up with so much love, I am scared. All of us miss you a lot. I really miss you too. Now go and take care of Zeeshan. Okay. Come, I will drop you outside. No, no need to come outside, you are not that big.
Come on go inside. Bye. Park the car properly.
Hello. What happened Shamila?
Why are you crying? Faham, tell me once, what is my position in this home? Am I that bad,
that anyone can insult me. Who insulted you? Shamila, did someone misbehave? Asim. Asim really misbehaved with me. I got up this morning, I didn’t find you in the room, I just went
to ask aunt where you went. She talked to me so badly,
that I am always investigating you, I don’t leave you alone and so
many other things Faham. So much insult. Okay, you don’t cry, I will go ask Asim why he did this.
No Faham, swear to me, you will not ask him anything, I will handle it. After all, aunt will feel I instigated you. Instigated me for what? If he misbehaved in front of everyone,
you won’t be lying. Leave it Faham, don’t ask him, its his habit, he is stupid. I will talk to him, make him understand. I took it to heart I think. Anyway, tell me, how is Zeeshan? He is better. You should have taken me along, Rida must be worried alone. Yes, she was worried, but you were sleeping,
I thought I won’t bother you. Don’t worry, all will be fine. Tell me, you want something?
Should I make you coffee? No, I don’t feel like it. You rest for a while,
you must be tired, you haven’t rested. Go to work a little late. I will call Rida, ask her about Zeeshan’s health.
I will also call her often to check on her. You don’t worry. Thank you. Wake me in a bit,
I have to go to work. How are you now? You didn’t sleep. No, I will go get something to eat,
you must be tired. No, stay with me. I am sorry, because of me, I mean because of my health we couldn’t go. What are you saying? You are most important for me. I will get something to eat, have a little. I will just be back. Hello. Hello Zeeshan, this is Shamila, Rida’s sister in law, how are you now? Hello sister in law, I am better now. Thank God you are better or else our whole house was tensed. Your house was tensed? IF Rida has a small issue, everyone worries. That is true sister in law, actually all of us love her so much. They all love Rida, but we cannot worry about
her all the time. What do you mean? Look Zeeshan, don’t take me wrong, but saving your home is really difficult. What do you want to say? I want to say a lot, if you hear it. Zeeshan, I want to tell you that if you
want to save your home, keep Rida away from home or else
the love of brothers will grow, yours will decrease. What are you saying? They are brother and sister,
how will I keep her away? You want me to get a sin. Fine Zeeshan, what can I say, don’t stop her, then see your house get ruined. Zeeshan, I don’t think you noted, Faham and Asim don’t like you. What do you mean? Faham, this relation only happened
cause of Hatim’s friendship, why would they like you? They would want that Rida leaves
you and come back home. Yes sister in law,
she is here, talk to her. Sister in law? I will call you in a bit. Shamila, you did your work. Why didn’t you talk to her? You have breakfast,
I will talk to her then. What was she saying? She was saying, if I am fine,
she was asking about my health. Okay, sister in law is really different, she talks differently. Hello. Yes brother Faham, yes thank God, Zeeshan is much better. Yes fine, bye. Brother Faham called, was asking about your health. He could have talked to me. He will call back, he was getting an
international call, really important. Okay. He is worried for you since night, he left in the morning. You must have called him, he loves you so much,
he couldn’t see you worried. I am just… Did sister in law say something? Why? Was she supposed to? No. Who was it? mama. Why didn’t you pick up? No problem, I will talk to mama
and sister in law together. You have something. Why is Rida not picking up her phone? God be kind. Since she left the house has become lonely. You look sad too. After marrying daughters, a mother goes through a
test only they know about. When Rida used to live here, in front of my eyes, I didn’t worry so much for her then, that I do now. Now I just miss her all the time. This is the rule of the world, even daughters of kings get married. Why don’t you go meet daughter Rida. You are right. I should go myself. Zahida, what are you doing here?
Have you seen the kitchen, fix it. You are standing here talking. I was just… She just came here. I don’t care when she came, go and fix the kitchen,
don’t waste your time. Do what you are supposed to. Aunt, you were talking about going somewhere,
are you going somewhere? Yeah, I am going to Rida’s. You are going to meet Rida, yes Zeeshan is unwell,
I will come along. You leave it. How can I leave it, I am Rida’s sister in law. Look if sister in laws don’t ask, people complain, now that I am asking
you give me no importance. Come on lets go. I am not going right now. Now you are not going cause of me. Aunt, I will go. So I will go with Faham. Zahida. Tell Shaukat to take out the car. Okay. You are really smart. Come on, I will get my bag, I was thinking of taking fruits
and flowers for him, after all its your daughter’s in-laws. Hey, why did you make tea? No problem, I was making tea for myself,
I thought I would make it for you too. You could have told me, no need to work in the kitchen right now,
you have only been married for 2 weeks. Would that have looked nice. No problem, have tea. Why are you wearing this pale color. You are a newly wed bride,
wear a bright color. Yes, I will change in a bit. Zeeshan went for his test? Yes. I hope his tests are clear,
he gets fine and you go to Murree. Child, I want you two to stay happy, when you two smile I feel happy. Hey… Hey, you people? How are you? Hello. Hey what was the need of this formality. Come child, meet her. Hello. How are you? I am fine. How are you? I am fine. How are you sister in law? Fine, how are you? Sit. Sit child. Rida, I am really upset with you, you don’t have time to talk
to your sister in law, I was calling you didn’t talk to me. Yes, Zeeshan was
unwell so I couldn’t call. Son, how are you right now? Yes, I am unwell, the doctor got me to get tests,
I got them done. What tests? No, the doctor thought it was
typhoid so he got the tests done. Okay, are you fine now? I will get you tea. No, you sit with your family,
I will make tea. Sure. Thank God, you gave my daughter so much love, that is why she adjusted so quickly. She is my daughter, the light of my house.
She really praises you. You are right aunty, Rida is lucky to have a
mother in law like you or else mother in law’s nowadays don’t
care about the daughter in laws. They want to control their sons. For me my daughter in law is everything. Rida is such everyone praises her. Mama is always asking her,
Rida. Rida. Rida. They have a lot of love. Hey, she is not my daughter in law,
she is my daughter. I will go get tea. You did good mama. Good. Hatim, I am impressed by your
hardwork and smartness. You have made this
calculation skillfully. Very good. Thank you sir. Right now you will have to
work in place of Zeeshan too. Yes sir, I can manage it easily. Good. When is he coming back? Actually Zeeshan didn’t travel. Zeeshan wasn’t well. Oh, I see. Okay sir, I wanted to ask something. Who was the 2 million loan given
from the company? Its not mentioned. Leave it. Sorry sir, I cannot leave the loan,
I need to get an entry done. Okay, if you insist. This loan Zeeshan took on his wedding, he requested me to not tell you about it. You manage it yourself. Yes. Zeeshan is really egoistic
and that is a good thing, if the in-laws are rich then the
sons in laws expect more. Your brother in law is
a genuine good man. You are the only son in law of this home,
you will get the new model car next year. Our family has a status, what will people say that the
son in law uses an old car. Hello brother Hatim. How are you now? Much better now. I was in a meeting with boss, he was asking about you. Yes, surely, there is work pending
and I am not coming. I am sorry. No don’t worry, the work is being managed easily.
You just take care. Yes, I am caring for myself, sister in law Shamila and aunt is also here to ask about my health. Okay, fine, that is good. Sorry, you must be busy, I will call you later,
I need to ask you something. No, I am not busy you tell me. No, nothing special, some work related stuff. You get free, we will talk. Bye. Bye. It would be best that I don’t ask this from
Zeeshan when he doesn’t want to tell me. Rida. Yeah? You didn’t use the crockery set we gave you? I was really busy, everything is packed, I didn’t get time to take out things. What do you mean you didn’t get time? You got such expensive dowry, crockery sets, use them, don’t waste them. Look at this, its so plain and simple. No, all is well. No aunt, it must be good, but nothing like our home. No servants, no guard, no chef,
no one to care for Rida. I think Rida is happy with these
things here. Right Rida? Absolutely, I am really happy. Okay, I cannot see your happiness anyway, you have so much wealth, car, go get your own home, live freely.
Everyone should know you came from a big home. Can I ask you something. Zeeshan…One minute mother. Whatever you gave you Rida, did you get it from your family, I mean… Okay stop, have tea. Can you not stay quiet? Aunt, what did I say? She should use the things her
family gave her with love. She should make her life
easy and others too. Do you have a problem RIda? I am really happy here, not at all. The people who see find problems. I think I should leave now. Come on. Bye. You don’t worry. Don’t worry at all. Don’t take what Shamila said to heart, some people are jealous of other
people’s happiness. Okay? God knows what sin I committed that you
became my daughter in law. I will call Rehana. Why will you call Rehana? Why will you
call mother? What did I say there? What was the need to say weird things. Yeah so, when sister in law Naila would sit with Rida
and talk about me, you don’t have a problem. So you are taking revenge for that? Aunt, the day for revenge is not fixed. God ask you. What happened? What could happen, she said something so cheap at
Rida’s in-laws that they are all worried and now what will be happening with Rida. Mama, why did you take her? Since she has come weird things have been
happening at home, we say weird things. Asim, don’t you dare.
What is happening? Look, if you blame me again,
I will teach you.. What will you do? Tell me what
blame have I put on you? Asim, be quiet, go to your room. I will not go to the room,
I will talk to brother Faham… Don’t you dare call Faham, swear to me. What swear to you?
I am telling you, you won’t call. What happened?
Go from here, go. What is happening?
What has happened? What has to happen? Asim is misbehaving more and more,
day by day. Asim? Who did he misbehave with? Aunt, who else? Mama. Mama. This is the limit. Asim. Asim. Asim… Asim. Asim. Asim, open the door. I want to talk to you, open the door. Asim. Hatim, you come to the room, I will talk to him.
Asim, open the door son. Mama, he was misbehaving with you,
why did you not tell me? Mama, who was misbehaving with mama? You, who else? No son, he was not misbehaving with me… mama, why are you covering up?
I have heard it myself. What? What did you hear? Sister in law Shamila told me, that you…
Oh wow, wow sister in law, well done. Have some shame!
She should have some shame! Asim, asim you are crossing the limit. Sister in law,
you are crossing the limit. Asim! Hatim. Hit me, hit me more. You have no shame! She is turning a brother against a brother,
why don’t you understand? You go inside. Go. I am going. He is misbehaving cause of your love.
Why did you do that? Oh God, oh God, how to I save my home? My God, help me. Please not let my kids have difference, bring them together again, what is happening God?
Have mercy on us. We have given you so much
bank balance, wealth, car, go get your own home, live freely. Everyone should know you
have come from a big home. What are you thinking? Rida, I will not ask you
how much you love me but I will ask you what all
you can do for me. Why are you saying this? Look Rida, actually Rida, I am really proud man, for me there is nothing more than
my self respect. Nothing. You are right, I know well.
But what happened? Rida, I want that you return everything expensive your
family given you like wealth, bank balance, car,
Switzerland tickets. Return it? But why? Zeeshan, whatever my brothers have given me, its from my papa and
they can afford this all. Afford? Rida, I don’t like it myself, whenever I see these things, I get uncomfortable and then
I am told about this that my position and your position is different.
I am worthless. Zeeshan, don’t think that, nothing like that. Sister in law Shamila says this on purpose… I am sure she did this on purpose, but Rida I don’t like it myself, when I will see these things, it will be in front of me,
I will be in pain. Please, I request you to return it. Fine, I will do it, its not worth more than you. You are thinking too much, every girl brings dowry as per
her parents’ position, nothing like that Zeeshan. You want dowry? I don’t need it. I always think that when parents send
their most beloved thing, their daughter, to someone else, there is nothing
more to give. Please return this. When you have said something so big,
I will have to return it. But I am just thinking that brother would mind it, and mama… If you don’t return it,
I will get upset with you. No Zeeshan, why do you compare relations, I have a blood relation with them,
and with you my heart is connected, you cannot remove blood or the
heart from the body. Right? But when distances come in the heart, that should be removed. Can I say something? The position of a husband, a wife should learn to live in that position. You will send it back, right? I will return it all. You are worth the most to me,
these things don’t matter to me. Thank you. What happened?
Why are you in an upset mood? My mood is fine. After all, everything is fine in
this home apart from me. What happened? Tell me. Faham, I don’t know why aunt is upset
with me and scolds me too, and today she insulted me in
front of the servants. Mama? She has never insulted a servant till today,
how can she insult you? you feel I am lying? No, I didn’t say that. Before wedding I thought
I am going to an ideal family where everyone respects and loves me. But when I came here I found out,
I was mistaken. Will you tell me what happened? Zahida. I don’t know whether
I will live in this home or Zahida. What? Do you have
any comparison with Zahida? I don’t have a comparison Faham. Listen to me, when the servants become more
important than family members, its danger for the home. To save the peace of this home,
I want you to fire Zahida. Its best for all of us. Do you hear me Faham?


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