Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 16 || English Subtitles || 9th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Good Hatim, good. See, now you are under pressure.
He made a basket. in! Oh, our sister is all in veil. Hello.
Hello. Hello. How are you? Fine. Hello mama. Come on finish the match. Show me.
Sure. I came to return these things, this wealth, car keys,
ticket so Switzerland, all this. Return? Why? Zeeshan doesn’t like it brother. If Zeeshan doesn’t want it,
there must be a reason. No reason, he just doesn’t want it. Doesn’t want it? We gave this to you, not him. What does he think of himself? Tell him, he cannot make all this so soon,
convince him. Brother Asim, please have manners. He is now my husband. The husband is more important
than your brother. Asim, be quiet. You be quiet, this relation only happened cause of you, you threw our sister in a well,
we got such good proposals, he has nothing, no money, no home.
Will you not stay quiet? He is a good and respectable man. You know he took a 2 million loan to get
his life back on track, so he will not take all this. Fine, what is the need to fight in this. It’s a general discussion,
you people sit down. Rida. Rida. Child, how will you go? I will go, I have my car. Are you two happy? What was the need to say this? Why do you fight on small things? This is the limit, with me around, why did you
three have to get upset? Your mother is alive,
I would have spoken to her, you are the youngest, stay that way. We gave this to you, not him. What does he think of himself? Tell him, he cannot make all
this so soon, convince him. The husband is more important
than your brother. Asim, be quiet. You be quiet, this relation only happened cause of you, you threw our sister in a well,
we got such good proposals, he has nothing, no money, no home.
Will you not stay quiet? You are back. Did you return the tickets? They must not have liked when
you returned their things. Did they curse me? You are back. Why are you crying? Why are you crying? What happened? Did he say something? I will teach him a lesson.
Tell me. Why do you cry? No child, don’t cry like this, I don’t like it. We want you to stay happy,
not cry. Stop it. She is sad, you are fine now, get the booking done for Murree. Yes. Cry… If he says something tell me,
I will teach him a lesson. Why would she cry? Rehana, I came here really worried. Why? Look Shamila…Yes, you came to complain about her
that she is ill-mannered, talks ill and doesn’t do work at home. This is what you want to say, right? No, nothing like that. I just want to say that you
talk to Shamila and… It’s the same you want to say
but who can teach you. Rehana how are you talking to me? Sister, I never expected this from you. You would treat my daughter like this. What?>You should know that, tell me what do you want from me, I have respected you more than her, I have scolded her, I have loved you more than her,
you didn’t care for my love or my child. if you loved me, then you should have trusted my love. I will go now Rehana. Say, what do I have to do now? Smile. No, I don’t know how to smile. I am really sorry, I have hurt you, your heart was broken. Please smile once, I will feel you
forgave me, if you don’t, I will feel you didn’t forgive me. No. Look Rida, I cannot tell a joke that you will smile, please smile yourself. Please. Please, look I…yes mama? You scared me. You look good when you smile. Thank you. Call your mama and tell her that you
we are going to Murree tonight. Okay, play that tune it was great. First promise you will
smile all your life. God willing. Yes, I kept it in the bag. Yeah. Okay, so aunt came over? Mama, did you tell her that
I came to her the other day. No, I didn’t give her a chance,
in fact I insulted her. That is great. Aunt thinks what she says and does,
no one can say anything in response. I really want to insult her. Leave it, to hell with her, she is your husband’s wife, think that and respect her. The day the husband is in
my control mama, I will see what mother and who’s mother. Okay, fine, I will call you. Zahida! What were you doing here? Getting the clothes from the roof. Were you getting the clothes
or listening to what I said, you were playing detective.
Okay, tell me, what did you hear? Tell me.
You are done investigating, so tell me,
what did you hear? You are not doing right for sister Khadija. I am not doing right? What is wrong, tell me? Speak up.
You have heard it all, speak up. You are not doing right for this home. Not even for the home,
so what will you do? Go tell the people or aunt?
Shamila is really bad. I will tell son Faham. You will tell Faham? It hurt? I slapped you in anger madam Zahida, you don’t know me, I can do anything in my anger, so next time you need to be careful, keep your mouth shut. Yes, I won’t say anything. It is best for you. Fine? Send Shamila and Faham for lunch. I called them, they will come. Zahida madam, get bread, this is cold. She just got this 2 minutes back. but this is cold. I just got fresh bread. Zahida madam, its cold that is why I am asking
you to get it, so get it. I just said I got this fresh bread just now… Sister Zahida, you have started arguing nowadays. If she is saying that get bread, get it. Son Faham, I have never said no to any work, I have always done what
I have been asked to, but see, this bread is fresh, check it. I saw it, you are arguing again. Look, I agree, there is an additional
person in this home, if you think the work is too much, find another job. Faham, what are you saying I am right mama, all this is cause of you. You people have given the servants so
much importance that they listen to no one. How did you find out in so many years that I have given them importance
and they don’t listen to anyone. Blame it on me. Since I came to the house, this is happening. Shamila… What was the need to say all this to her? You could have tolerated her a little. Now food, who will have it? Faham, you are blaming your mother… I am not hungry either, get this cleaned. Are you tired? Love doesn’t let a man get tired. Can I ask you something? Yes, go ahead. This is a beautiful place and then you being here with me, how does it feel? priceless. Precious. Best. Beautiful. Time changes its colors. There is a time when we cry, then after some time we laugh at it. Some time back I felt I had
lost everything, I am ruined, I have no happiness and now? Beautiful, so beautiful that no matter where I look, I only see love. I see a light, I just see love. Just love. Only love. What was the need to say all this to her? You could have tolerated her a little. Come in. Were you sleeping? No, come in. Mama, forgive me. I shouldn’t have misbehaved with you, I am really sorry,
I misbehaved with you. Please. No son, you didn’t misbehave. You got upset on the wrong thing, it’s the sign of a normal man. My anger was wrong mama, I have never reacted on what
you said ever, I feel bad. No son, leave it. Let it go. I am not upset,
you go sleep, its really late. How can I sleep, I am not at peace. I am restless how I spoke to you. I told you son, I am not upset with you, you didn’t misbehave with me, don’t worry, go. I promise mama,
I will never misbehave again. Mama? Okay fine, I forgive you. What is all this happening? This didn’t happen earlier in our home. I don’t get it, all that didn’t happen earlier is happening. But why? Faham, did you not think why all this is happening. I have thought about it, but I don’t get it. If you see everything in front of you and you don’t get it, then don’t think. Meaning? Nothing, go come on. Go sleep. They have reached MUrree. They are safe. Ouch. You look really upset. I am upset. I have become upset. I don’t understand what is happening. Slowly, everything is becoming weird. Asim never spoke to anyone loudly earlier and now he is misbehaving. Rida was so sad today and I, I have never argued with
mama and I did that today. Everyone’s behavior is changing, it feels like hatred is taking over love. Hatim, after papa’s death, I have tried hard to care for you people. To protect you people. I tried a lot that love comes into our home, I don’t know when I missed, mama was also saying that
everything is in front of your eyes, but people cannot see. What is it? Hello. What? When did this happen? I am coming. Yes. Bye. What happened? All ok? Rida, mama fell, she is hurt. Mama fell? We have to go back. Will we go back right now? Yes, she is my mother. I am her only support,
if I don’t go who will? Zeeshan, I was just asking…
Please Rida, when responsibility comes
in front of wishes, you should take care
of your responsibilities. You are right, I wanted to say the same,
you don’t worry, we will go right now, you call for the ticket,
I will go pack the bag. Thank you Rida, you are supporting me at all steps. Thank you. Don’t embarrass me like this, she is my mother too.
You call now. Hello. Its all getting ruined Hatim, in front of me, I cannot do anything. Don’t cry. My brother,
I cannot do anything. Hatim, I cannot do anything. Hatim,
help me, save this home. Nothing like that has happened,
what is wrong? It will all be alright. It will all be fine. You listen to me brother. Yes. Asim is young, if he misbehaves,
you forgive him, why do you fight back. I try but… Hatim, look at me, you said that Zeeshan is a good boy, he will keep her happy,
what is he doing to her? Nothing, I know Zeeshan, he is sensible and a good boy. She must find it wrong temporarily, but we will handle it slowly. You will handle it all. Even I made a big mistake, save us brother. Save us brother,
save the home from getting ruined. No, nothing is your fault, why do you think that way? You are mine and Asim’s strength, you have protected us and Rida,
why do you fall weak? If you fall weak,
what will happen to me and Asim, what will happen to this home. All till be well brother, I will go get you water, be strong. Sister Khadija, this is the list of the grocery,
have a look. It must be fine, get it. Who is here? Must be Shaukut, he rings the bell like this, I have asked him
not to ring it like this…Wait, what is this? List of things for the kitchen. Go get it with Shaukat. No, let me check the list first, I will see the things, then you get them. You get so much useless
stuff which later disappears. Look at this, you have listed this,
its already there madam Zahida. What do you want to say? I take those things with me? I have no home even. I don’t know, its possible. Madam Shamila, don’t blame me like this, no one has ever said this to me. That is why you have
become like this. Madam Zahida, what did I say?
You are crying. Shamila, you are doing wrong with Zahida, she is not just a servant but a member of this home, I am sure she cannot do this. Aunt, you saying this doesn’t change
her position or her thinking. SO you stay in your limit Shamila, don’t interfere in the matters, I can handle it well. You are forgetting, you gave the keys of the home
to me yourself. Giving you keys doesn’t make
you the owner of the home. Till I am alive,
only my decision will work, no one can say anything in this matter,
do you get it? You go and get these
things with Shaukat. Go. Thank God, its not a fracture. The doctor said you
rest and will be fine, don’t worry sister. I told you its just a twisted ankle,
you guys got me to the hospital. Hello. Yes, have you people reached? We are in room 408. Who are you talking to? Zeeshan? Rida and Zeeshan have reached. You told them, I had told you not to Habib,
now see its just a sprain, I spent them with difficulty,
you guys called them in 2 days. Mama. Hello. Hello. Hey,
why did you come? Hello, live long. Why did you people come back? Its just a sprain, you went 2 days back, I had told Habib not to inform you.
I am fine, go home now. Its not a fracture,
it’s a sprain. How can we leave you here and go? No, I am telling you, you came from travel, go and get fresh. Take Rida with you. Let us stay for a while. Okay fine, leave in a bit. You are fine mother? Cant you see, I am fine. I am fine. I am sorry child, you had to run from there cause of me.
No problem, you get fine quickly. Hey Zahida, you are sitting here
and I am waiting for my evening tea. Zahida, you are crying? I will go back to my village, I cannot see madam Shamila insult me. Okay, come sit with me. Zahida, she is doing nothing to you, compared to what she does to me, us two sisters loved each other but she put hatred in Rehana’s heart for me. But sister Rehana… No Zahida, Rehana is not like before she has gotten so away from me that she will never be convinced. No matter what, tomorrow morning, I will go to my village, I cannot get insulted further. You will not go anywhere Zahida,
till I tell you to. I cannot stand
madam Shamila insult me. Zahida, you will leave, but tell me, my home, my people, where do I go leaving them. The mental torture she is giving me, you can’t even imagine. You are the one with
whom I share my sadness, if you leave, then? Please agree for my sake. Fine sister Khadija, I will not go anywhere, I will stay here for your sake. Come, make me tea. Sir, may I come in? Sure. Sir, doctor Zaheer? I am sorry, he has gone to London for seminar,
I am seeing his patients. Sir, these are some reports,
please check. What was the complaint? Doctor, I had fever, body ache and weakness.
I got the tests done, so these are the reports. Do you have symptoms of fever now?
Not anymore. There is no infection,
the reports are clear. Your reports are fine. Okay, your fertility report has some issues. I don’t get it sir? In simple words,
you can never be a father. What did you say sir? Not me, the report says
that you cannot be a father. What is the matter mama?
No food. Faham. Faham. This is the limit of ill-treatment, the servants of the home are so ill-mannered,
no one talks to them. What happened?
Who misbehaved with you? Zahida. She didn’t set the food, she was taking food for someone in a tray, when I asked her she insulted me.
Is this my respect? Mama, I think the insults are increasing,
you please see for yourself. If she was taking a tray,
she was taking food, nothing so big, I will still ask her and you… you are after Zahida. Did you see? Aunt is still taking her side, not believing me. You leave it, let it go. I cannot. Today she, tomorrow all others
will follow the same pattern. Is this my respect in this home? The servants of the home
will misbehave with me? Zahida. Yes? Zahida, who did you take food for? For me, why? Hey, no problem. You come from here. Mama, why in the room? You said that everyone will sit on
the table and eat together, so why is this happening? A lot of other things are happening
that didn’t happen before, everyone is quiet, no one can see. Meaning? Nothing, go. No mama, what happened? Let me talk.
Come on tell me, who is quiet? Go. Mama, one minute. I will not eat with a person who misbehaves
with my mother, my sister, because of whom, the peace of the home
is ruined. Speak slowly, calmly. You go from here son. One minute. Cant you see brother? You are taking her side? Because of her mama is in pain, Rida is in pain,
we are all fighting. Stop it. This is happening cause of you, the house is breaking, mama is in pain. Asim,
Asim, I am telling you to stop. All this because of what? This woman… GO. Asim…


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