Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 18 || English Subtitles || 23rd Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

What did you say? You will leave me? What else can I do? If you tease me like this,
I will really leave. I did everything that you wanted,
still you don’t care for me. I only care for you Rida and I cannot imagine living
without you now, you and me separate, I can’t even think that. I really love you, I really really love you. I have loved you with passion. Do you understand passion? You don’t get it. I had told him that madam will
pay for that, she told me. Hearing this Mr. Zeeshan got upset, its good madam RIda sent
me away sooner, or else I was afraid they would fight. Fine Shakoor you leave. Fine. Mama, what is the matter? What does he think of himself? One minute, yes Rida? Mama, what was the need
to send Zareena, you don’t know Zeeshan,
he really got upset. Child, your brothers saw your
responsibility and did this. All that is fine mama, but I live in Zeeshan’s home,
my husband’s home, I will have to live the way he wants me to,
not like how my brother want it. Fine child. I understand, but we are hurt the most when we
see you worried, no one else. Since we came back from your home,
we have not been at peace. Child I…Give me the phone. What is Zeeshan’s issue? What is his complex that
he wants to hide? What do you mean?
What complex Asim? No, there is a complex that he
is doing all this with you. Nothing like that Asim… Rida, he is from a lower class, and this is his complex
and you don’t get it. You are a smart girl,
why are you tolerating this, you talk to him and make him
understand. Asim, what are you saying? I mean you speak up, what are you tolerating this, what do you lack?
If he cannot keep you happy, you leave him, we are with you,
don’t worry. You have gone mad,
don’t say these stupid things to me. What happened? She cut the call. Yes, he is her husband, she must have
gotten upset. What husband mama? He cannot care for her responsibilities and what does Rida lack? If he cannot keep her happy, tell Rida to leave him,
we don’t lack anything. Asim. How do I make you people understand? What do I do? what are you tolerating this,
what do you lack? If he cannot keep you happy, you leave him, we are with you, don’t worry. Hatim, I think these are your shirts,
they came in Faham’s wardrobe. Yes sister in law, these are my shirts,
I was looking for them. The laundry comes together, so they got mixed,
I will keep them in your room. Thank you sister in law. Hatim. Yes, Hatim, I have been worried about something for the past
couple of days, thought I would discuss them with you. Yes, go ahead. Hatim, I feel bad seeing Rida’s fate, our innocent Rida, she has gotten ruined. She had servants around here,
and there, she cant even keep a
servant by her will. I could never imagine Zeeshan
would be so ill-mannered, I couldn’t even imagine. Yes, even I didn’t realize
a lot of things. That is why I said don’t give so much dowry,
so many things, now you people see. She didn’t care for RIda
or you people. Actually sister in law, brother Faham and mama don’t let
me speak in this regards. Hatim, someone has to talk about this. Only you can fix Zeeshan’s brain, aunt and Faham don’t say
anything out of courtesy. Till then God knows what
they will do to our Rida. No Hatim, dusting, cleaning and
cooking was not Rida’s job, what all are the making her do? No Hatim, if our Rida is not at peace then
how can we be at peace Hatim? I know Hatim, I know you too are really disturbed, but we will have to take some action. You are right. Then talk to Zeeshan. I get quiet thinking of Rida, what if Zeeshan bothers her further. Hatim, our Rida is not happy
anyway that we be quiet. No Hatim, we cannot leave him like this. Think about it, its important to talk to him. You are right sister in law,
I will talk to him. Anyway, I cannot say more, rest is up to you. Poor Rida. Look, we cannot send this letter,
till brother Hatim comes and approve it…. hello brother Hatim, the letter… I wanted to ask… what happened? Hatim, what is this? Your resignation, but why?
What happened? Sir, I have some personal issues, I cannot continue. But…Sir,
please understand my situation. Okay, you come to my office. Sorry. What happened? What happened? Yes, show me this. Type the address…
type the address. Zahida, did you distribute the fruit crates as
per the list in the orphanage and the relatives. Yes, I have sent it,
these 20 crates are left. Ok, do one thing, Shaukat, take another 10 crates and give
them in the orphanage and the remaining 10 take them
to the neighbors, Zubia. Wow, when its for free, waste it. Wow,
you are wasting so much money. Madam Shamila, I don’t think you know, madam gives away food and
fruits every season to relatives, orphans and servants. Yes, why shouldn’t she?
Its for free, it’s the same here, one earns the other spends. You people go. Do your work. This is not from today, this is the rule of the home till the
time Faham’s father was alive. After all, spending on the poor
doesn’t reduce your earning, it grows. Yes, he was alive, but now my husband Faham cares
for the expenses of this home. Yes, that’s his responsibility, and now do I have give you the accounts for Faham’s earning and the lands? I am not that lucky to have a claim
on my husband’s earnings. After all aunt, till you are there, I can never get this right. Your attention please, this is Mr. Zaki, he joined our office today. This is Muhammad, Marium, Ayesha, Amina, Sadia and Taimur.
Hello sir. Hello. This is Zeeshan. Zeeshan is an honest and
hard working employee. This is Mr. Zaki, he has joined in place of Hatim, he is rich in experience in our field. Welcome sir. Thank you. Aren’t you a little late Mr. Zeeshan? Sorry sir, I got late by 15..
it usually doesn’t happen. Its alright, now you people will complete
your project under Mr. Zaki. Any questions? I look forward to working with you all. Come Mr. Zaki, I will show you,
your office. Yes, why shouldn’t she? Its for free, After all aunt, till you are here,
I won’t get this right. Mama, you are sitting here. Mama, you are crying? No, just watery eyes. Who can stay happy in this home
with this woman around. Mama, you give us courage,
how did you give up? I had never been worried of pain, but this girl’s cunningness is defeating me. You are right, those who attack in front of
you can be stopped, but those who attack from behind, how do you stop them? Mama, I have gotten really upset.
This house is becoming lonely. At times I think about how a
person can instigate a whole family. You have sister in law Shamila’s
example in front of you. Mama, I want to go to Islamabad for a few days, I feel suffocated in this home. Its weird, the whole environment
of this home is weird. Mama, let me go for a few days, please. I will stay away and feel better. Son, she already has Faham and
Hatim under her control, my son you are the only one
who understands my pain, if you too leave then what
will your mother do? mama, I am scared of myself that
I do something wrong in my anger. Mama, you have made me swear on you
to not tell anything to brother Faham, please let me go mama. Fine son, go. Go. Leave peacefully, don’t worry about me,
I will handle it all here. I will be fine son. Go. Mama, you don’t have to give up, I will be back soon. Fine son. Go son, may God protect you
and you come back safe. What happened? If you tease me like this,
I will really go. Zahida, call mama she has
not come for food. She is resting, she is unwell,
she said you people eat. What happened to her? Faham, aunt head a headache cause of her BP, I have fed her, given her medication,
she is sleeping. You go, get fresh bread for Faham. Sure. Its weird, this has never happened that
mama ate alone. Yes, she is unwell so its important to
eat on time and rest. You are right, she needs to rest. Faham, did Asim tell you before he left
that he is going to Islamabad? Yes, he called, he was at the airport and called.
I spoke to him. Okay, he told you when he left. Although, he should have asked you before leaving, you are his elder brother. He asked mama, same thing. Bread. What is the matter Zeeshan? There is something that you
are not telling me. Why are you worried? What has happened? Tell me please. Zeeshan, I am asking you. Why do you face this pain alone? Wont you tell me? I am your wife. I really love you. I am your partner in pain, share it with me, I will stand by you at all times, but you tell me what is the matter. I am asking you Zeeshan. Can I ask you something? Yeah. You will never leave me, right? Never. No matter what happens? No matter what happens? No matter how tough the time is? No matter how tough the time is. You won’t leave me, right? I won’t. Yes, you are right, obviously, you have an issue, I am sorry Mr. Jahanzaib, your payment is due for long, I have told you that I faced a
big loss in business, I will recover from it soon,
I have gotten into another agreement, as soon as the agreement will be in its
practicality the loss will be recovered. Yes. So nice of you for understanding.
Okay, bye. Bye. Faham, you had a loss in business you
didn’t mention it to me. I don’t discuss business
deals at home. Faham, the homes that spend like crazy, these financial crisis do occur. What do you mean?
What do you want to say? I mean to say that the
servants of the home have a free hand that they can take anything
they want including bags of wheat, fruits and what not from the kitchen
and no one asks them. If this is how things are then no matter how
big the treasure, it will run out. What are you saying? Our servants have been working for ages,
they are really honest people. Okay, when these honest servants fool
you and deceive you, what will you say? Speak openly, take someone’s name,
who are you talking about? I don’t want to take names, all servants in this home
are here to fool you, anyway, you were so worried, what have I started.
Your business will get fine soon, tell me what do you
want for breakfast? Hello. Hello. What happened to you?
You were not there for dinner, nor breakfast today, are you ok? No, I am fine. I wanted to talk to you mama. Go ahead. I don’t know maybe I am thinking too
much that’s why it feels weird, but, I feel you are not
talking to me properly. Did something happen? When son’s get married,
a mother should step aside. What are you saying?
What does this mean? I mean mother’s should
care for their sons. You have cared for us all our life, this is all you have done.
I wanted to say something. Go ahead. I wanted to say that when we get money from the lands,
you will have to manage the expenses of the home from it. I have some issues, that need to be solved. So you please manage from it. Faham your phone, you forgot it. Hello aunt, how are you now? Mama, I am going to work now,
I will talk to you at night. Bye. Here you go, your juice.
I will give it to you. What happened Zeeshan? What happened? Nothing, I am getting late. Let me help you. Its fine.
Your file you left this too. Zeeshan. Oh no, Zeeshan, what is the hurry? You have not had breakfast,
nor had juice, you didn’t eat well last night,
are you feeling ok? Lets go to the doctor. I am fine, there is no need to go to the doctor. Yes brother Shaukat, keep it here. Shakat Baba? Hello. Hello. Madam, your mother
sent this fruit for you. What is all this? Fruits. Mama must have sent them, these come from our lands, they go to all family,
so she sent these to us. Why? Can I not buy this for you? Why is your family making
a joke out of me Rida? They send things daily,
you know I don’t like it. Sir, its fresh fruit from the farm, madam said that I deliver it here,
it’s a gift. I don’t need this gift, we don’t need gifts. Am I a beggar, can I not buy fruits and
give to my wife? Zeeshan. Rida, please, you know well I don’t like all this, after today, no one will send anything
to this home without my will, nor will you keep it.
If you need something, tell me, I will do anything but get it for you. Please. Sir, you please take all this and
take it back. Please. I don’t need this. Brother Shaukat, take all of this. Sister, how do you live with sir? Its so difficult to live with him, if you agree to me, take a divorce. What nonsense is this?
Have you lost it? Shaukat baba. Yes madam. Shaukat baba, you please don’t tell mama that
Zeeshan sent these crates back, you keep them all,
I beg you mama shouldn’t find out, you know how well mama is,
and if brother Faham finds out,
he will be dishearted. Where will I take all this fruit? You keep it, give it to someone,
but don’t tell mama. I got my share. Swear to me, please. Okay child, don’t worry, I will do something. Thank you. Oh God, you give daughters such fate, a daughter who ruled like a
princess is suffering now. Yes, you are right, but I feel that some car is chasing me. Did you note the number? No I didn’t cause the car
is usually different. Okay, I am going out of
station for some work, I will put someone’s duty on
this to keep a check. Yes, please, thank you. Ok, Farhan’s matter… ok Hatim is here, I will talk to you later. What happened? Nothing, he was just
asking Farhan’s status. Its good you came, I will introduce you
to the office management. Then there is an important meeting,
attend that. Sure. Lets go, let me take out my note.
Come on lets go. Hey, why did you bring it back?
You went to drop them at daughter Rida’s. Why are you quiet? Speak up. I am sad seeing a daughter’s fate. Parents can give their
daughters everything, but not a good fate. Tell me clearly, why the riddles? When I took the fruit, Mr. Zeeshan sent it back, he argued
with madam Rida and said that I don’t need this, I am not a beggar. Madam Rida
was really crying, but when I was bringing it back she
said I should distribute thing amongst the poor, so I got it back and kept it here. She said not to tell anyone. You do what daughter Rida told you. Right now, madam is sending me to the
land for some important work, let it be here, once I return we will do
something about it. What is Rida doing? She is fixing the cupboard. She is always working, she doesn’t sit for one moment. Sir is still not happy with her. He always scolds her and insults her. Does Zeeshan always scold her Yes, at times it feels he would
raise his hand on her, she used to live like a
princess in her home, here she had to adapt to so much. Don’t mind mother, you talk to sir. Okay, now come on,
bandage it already. Zeeshan.Yes sir. Is the file for Farooq sons? Sir,
I was working on it, You are working on it?
You still haven’t finished? Its been 2 days you
have not completed it, what do I tell boss, he is asking me, should I tell him you
have not completed it yet? It will be ready by tomorrow. Not tomorrow, you have till today, you have to finish it by evening, I will have a meeting with boss, then what he says or does,
don’t complain to me. Yes sir. Look at this Faham. What is this? Fruit crates. Yes, but what are they doing here?
Why are you showing me? This is what I wanted to show you,
these have been stolen. That madam Zahida did. Aunt gives everyone their share but madam
Zahida has collected everything by stealing. This is what I wanted to tell you,
but no one listens to me. I don’t get what is happening
in this home. I didn’t expect this from Zahida, I am upset at her action,
I will deal with her. Sister Zahida. Yes. Zahida…its sad, no let me speak. The whole family trusted you so much, we thought you were honest
and you stole in our home. Faham, Zahida cannot steal son. No son Faham, I didn’t steal. Okay, if you didn’t steal, then what
about the crates outside your quarter? Okay, aunt must have given you two, where did the rest come from? Madam Rida was really crying, but when I was bringing it back she
said I should distribute thing amongst the poor, so I got it back and kept it here.
She said not to tell anyone. Answer me. How will you reply?
You have been caught red handed. Sister Zahida, I don’t think the situation is such
that you shouldn’t work here, it won’t look nice. Faham, son…Mama, please.


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