Kairos! A Super Hero Radio Drama: Episode 1 – Pilot

Fear has gripped this great nation today,
as it is revealed that we may no longer be the alpha species on this planet . “Meta-humans” is the official designation
being given to these people with extraordinary abilities… “Meta-humans”, really? In other news, it seems as though there has
been a rise in vigilante crime-fighters, as a group calling itself “The Heroes Corp.”
has begun lending aid to local law enforcement around the globe Now joined by renowned geneticist Matthias
Thomson to get his thoughts on our new favorite heroes. Dr. Thompson, thank you for joining us. Please, call me Matthias… and, it’s a pleasure
to be on the show. Calling himself “Captain Phantasma”, and local
authorities are looking for anyone who- Terror rippled through the streets today,
as a woman calling herself “Mistress Anima” has been revealed to be the ringleader behind the
group known as “The N.E.O.” The prospect of these extraordinary people
using their powers for good, and helping ordinary folk, is truly inspiring. I wish to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to
this Captain Phantasma, whomever they are Research continues to develop here at Tom-Tec,
as we hope to, one day, be able to harness these “Meta’s” abilities to cure even the
most critical of humanity’s ailments, though… You really should ask Dr. Thomson about that. Tom-Tec is in the news again today, as their
CEO is claiming that they have found a way to reverse people’s meta-human abilities. This coming as a sign of hope and relief to
both those suffering from their own abilities, and local law enforcement. In a reveal that has shocked the world and
changed the very course of history, CEO of Tom-Tec International, Dr. Matthias Thomson
revealed to the world today that he is the man behind our nation’s hero, Captain Phantasma During a press conference this afternoon that
was called by the Captain himself, Phantasma removed his mask in full view of the reporters
on site, as to not incur any doubt. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Today, CEO of Tom-Tec International, Captain
Phantasma himself, Dr. Matthias Thomson, revealed to the world yet ANOTHER world-changing endeavor. Two years ago, when I revealed myself to the
world as Captain Phantasma, I made a promise… To continue to fight for the betterment of
mankind, and to uphold justice, in ALL of its forms. Today, I would like to unveil our latest endeavor… Ladies and gentlemen of the world, I am pleased
to announce… The Thomson Institute for Meta-Human Studies. This will mark a new age for this fine city,
and it shall become a beacon of hope, for those wishing to understand and harness their
abilities. Don’t get me wrong, love the guy, but… naming
the place after himself… bit cocky, don’t you think? Well, he IS the foremost expert on all things
meta-human. gives him a BIT of leeway. That day started out normal enough. My friends, Grant, the sarcastic one, and
his older brother Aiden, the smart one, had invited me along to check out the meta-human
exhibit at Science World City saved, once again, by Captain Phantasma
and the Heroes Corp. This time, foiling the latest from the villain,
Earl Grey. Oh, wow! They have the old broadcasts about Earl Grey! Ya know, for a guy bent on removing human
emotion, he was a pretty good comedian. After an intense battle, Captain Phantasma
has finally brought an end to Mistress Anima’s reign of terror. Hard to believe someone like that existed. I mean, full cognitive possession? It’s unreal, and they never did figure out
how she did it. could’ve been an ortheocorticep-style pathogen…
though, that wouldn’t make sense… no organic material left behind… possibly some form
of electromagnetic interference, interfering with delta brain patterns… Ugh, Lil, he stopped speaking English again! Help! [Chuckles] What he’s trying to say, is that
Mistress Anima had some really bad mojo, and he’s glad she’s gone! Oh, and that’s me, by the way, back before
the whole “saving the world” thing started. …Right… Yeah, let’s… go with that. Hey, he’s just proud of his little brother! This is his way of helping you out. Ah, yes, by being the enormous nerd we all
know him to be. Oh, lay off, The Dart. Hey, not so loud, man! I really don’t wanna deal with that today. Might be a bit late on that one, buddy. Look. I am pleased and honored to announce this
year’s honorary inductee to the Heroes Corp… Grant Harrison, The Dart! Dammit! I bet nobody will even no- -Don’t- -Dude, it’s The Dart! Hey, Dude! Dude, over here!- -Dart!- -Dart!- Looks like you’ve still got a fanbase. Wouldn’t wanna disappoint them. -Dart, Dart, Dart, Dart, Dart!- [Sigh] You guys suck. [Whoosh] -Hi.- -Nice to meet you.- You know, I think he secretly enjoys this. -Always a pleasure- -Daaart!- [whoosh] -Hey.- [Chuckles] He has his moments. [Whoosh] Still, hard to believe he’s that fast. Well, not really. I mean, our dad could see through fabric. How do you think he met mom? Uhhh…. Anyway, we know that these powers have a genetic
component, similar to non-dominant traits, so based on Mendel’s theory of genetics, we
each had about a one in four chance of getting something. I just got the brain. Uhhh, right. I think I remember hearing something like
that on the news once. [Whoosh] Hah, whew! Alright, that, that’s enough… of that…
today. Sorry, Aid, we’re gonna have to… cut the
trip short. Whew! [Sigh] Yeah, I figured you’d say that. Okay, come on, buddy. We-we don’t have to leave! It’s fine, we can stay. I… just- I just gotta catch my breath, it’s
fine. Don’t worry about it, the exhibit will be
here all year. There’s always next time. I’m fine, I’m fine! See, look! -Though the city is safe once more, the
real question remains… Are these people truly our saviors, or merely
wolves in sheep’s clothing?- [Door Slams] As we left Science World, sirens filled
the air around us. You’d be surprised how many people think they
can get away with petty crimes when you’ve got superheroes running around! Looks like you may have burned out too quick,
Grant. Think they need your help? No, sounds like something small-time. The cops can handle it. As the words left Grant’s mouth, we were
hit by a blast of air and an unmistakable laugh. [Laughter speeds past] The cavalry had arrived …Or I guess Booster’s got this one. Really!? You think that’s Him!? Oh, do I look OK? Really, Lil? He is such a wanker. No, he’s not! Haha! Fear not, citizens, for I, Booster, shall
apprehend these rapscallions! Oh my g- Wow! He looks even more handsome than he did in
his movie! You seriously watched tha- Nanana- He’s Heroing. Come back, thieves! Surrender now and I shall show you mercy! [Whooooosh] As Booster chased after a pair of criminals
attempting to outrun a man who can literally fly, Grant noticed one of the other thieves
taking off in the opposite direction. Boost- ah, damnit, okay, one sec. [Whoosh] Ahhh! What the hell! Why, you lit- Wait, The Dart? [Chuckles] Neat! [Wham] Aargh! [Pow] Ow! [Ka-Blam] Okay, Okay, man! Just hand me over to the cops! Sorry, buds… You’re Booster’s catch. Aw, seriously, man! Don’t do me like that! Oohh Hey, man, I’m not the one knocking over banks. Ah, many thanks to you, citizen! N- Norman, it’s me, Dart? [Awkward Laughter] Shut up kid, I get paid
for appearances. Oh, wow! That was Amazing! Heh, it’s nothing you haven’t seen me do befor- You’re SO amazing, Booster! Those thieves didn’t stand a chance! Ah, well, yes, young lady. Just doing my part so citizens like you can
rest assured you can sleep safely at night. Hey, do you think I could get an autograph? Lil, you know this guy just- Now, young man, there’s no need to be rude! If the beautiful lady would like an
autograph, I’m always happy to oblige a fan! Oh, just make it out to Lily. You know there were four perps, right? Of course I know that! That’s why I’ve got… [Counting under his breath] Three… Cunning strategy – Lead them into a false
sense of security, huh? Grrr… [Clears Throat] Of course! All… part of the plan! Good day! [Whoosh] Bye, Norman! He signed it to Linda! He also apparently keeps pictures of himself
on hand. Gee, what a dreamboat. [Scoffs] Anyway, we’ve gotta split, Lil. I’ve tired myself out a bit too much, and
Aiden’s got his nerd shit to study for. Hey, not all of us can live off of saving
the world. You gonna be alright getting home, Lily? [Laughs] Yeah, it’s not like some rampaging
truck’s gonna get me. [Chekov cocks his gun] Don’t forget to look both ways before you
cross the street! Shut up, jerk! [Giggles] I’ll see you guys later! Bye!- -Later! I hoped Grant would be alright. With his powers growing, he was able to run
for a bit longer than he had been able to before. Unfortunately, his body still couldn’t handle
the stress, which meant he couldn’t use his powers for very long. Pull over, criminal, and face justice’s sweet
vengeance! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I’d had enough of Booster’s antics for
one day. I figured I’d shut out the world for a bit
with some music. Not my brightest moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Don’t worry, I’m here to save the day! You, get out of the way! Lindsay? Lindsay? Wait, he can’t mean me!? [Honk Honk Hooonk] [Crash] It happened so fast… Faster than you would think. People always say that bad things seem to
happen in slow motion, and that you never get a second chance. But then, they can’t do what I can. [Funky Time Sounds] ♪ ♪ Hey, not all of us can live off of saving
the world. Are you gonna be alright getting home, Lily? Sorry, what? Don’t forget to look- -Both ways before you cross the street… [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah. Hey, you alright? you look like you
just saw a- a- a ghost. I… I… There was a… truck! And… it… Lily? What’s going on? Nothing was making sense. I felt sick, I felt like I was still stuck
in that mangle of metal! I… I don’t know. Okay, you know what, nerd shit can wait. We’re getting you home. …Right. Come on. This is some major Deja Vu, guys. Like, there was this- Pull over, criminal, and face justice’s sweet
vengeance! [Truck Passes By] -truck… Just like before, the truck barreled its
way towards the crosswalk, only this time, some other oblivious person was about
to get hit. Look out, civilian! [Breath] I got this! Grant, no! You’ve pushed too hard today! [Whooosh] Grant darted into action before Aiden could
finish, knocking the person to safety. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until he got there
that he realized he wouldn’t have enough energy to get himself out of the way. [Whoosh] Oh… Oh shit… Grant! [Honk Honk] Hey, look out! [Truck Accelerates] No, no, no, stooop! [Crash] And it did. In fact, everything stopped. Or at least, near enough to it.I didn’t have
time to question it, I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity. The hell? Grant! Jesus… Whew! I thought I was dead! Wait, Lily? How did you- -I… I don’t know. D- Did you… W- With the time…? Wha? What the hell was that, Grant? I’ve never seen you do that before! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Uhhh… I don’t think that one was me, Aiden. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ It’s almost time, you know… You’ve done such a good job. I have done a good job, haven’t I? Indeed you have. Soon everything will be back to normal [Laughter] As it should be… [Singing]
♪ ♪ I’m goin’ nuclear [Evil Laughter] Lightin’ up this town ♪ ♪


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