Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episode 13 – 20th February 2019 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Ahmed, what is your problem?! How much more will you hit me? And why?! What is my fault?! What did I do? I am a man! Your husband! And its your right to obey whatever I say! Is this your manhood?! You beat a woman and call yourself a man?! I have stepped outside to earn and run your home, because of you! And you?! You think I’m weak… and you try to impose your thoughts on me?! Not anymore! I will not bear any of this anymore! I will tell mom and dad everything tonight! I’ll tell them everything about you and how I’m living there! Why are you even waiting for tonight? Why wait? Lets go and talk to them right now! Ahmed: Come with me!
Mariam: Listen to me! Mariam: We do not have to make a scene!
Ahmed: We do! I will do it right now and wreck havoc here! You have a long tongue! Ahmed: Now come with me!
Mariam: Ahmed. Ahmed for God’s sake! Don’t tarnish my parents respect! Why? What happened now? Ahmed? Mariam? Please come outside, aunty is calling you. Yes, you go. We’re coming. She was scared herself. I said I would go right away. I would tell her parents everything. She begged of me then. Ahmed, I’m warning you. She loves her parents a lot. She’ll never bother them. I don’t know. She’s flying high here. Let her do it. I know how to clip her wings. But you have to bring here first. You’ve been talking to me for so long, where is she. She’s inside with her family, talking to the guests. Wow. And you’re telling me stories here. Go inside and sit there. Don’t you know Farah isn’t as innocent as Mariam. Go inside. Alright. I’ll see. Bye. Okay, bye. No Mariam. I know you haven’t been crying just because I’m getting married. There’s something else. Please tell me Mariam what it is. If I can’t help you… at least I can advice you about it. Hello. Ahmed, I have to ask you something. Of course. Ask me. What is it. Ahmed, why is she so tensed? Why is she crying hysterically? What is she hiding? See Farah… If you’re doubting my love for her, then its wrong. She’s your sister, ask her. Ask her, if I have ever hurt her in any way? Tell her Mariam. Tell your sister. See Mariam… If you stay quiet this way, Farah will be worried. She’ll be tensed. She’s getting married tomorrow. Do you want her to be married tensed? How will she stay happy then? The relationships she’s finding happy today, she’ll be questioned by her husband and mother in law. They will worry her. They’ll make her life a mess. I’m worried about uncle and aunty. Think. How will they feel watching their children worried… How will they live? They’ll die! Take your sister in confidence. And get her married without any worries. Now, everything is in your hands Mariam. Tell Farah. Tell her nothing is wrong. Tell her Mariam. Tell me Mariam what it is? You’re getting married… That’s why, I just got sad. This is it… Nothing else. See Farah.. I was telling you nothing is wrong. You were worried without any reason. You’re getting married tomorrow. If you keep talking to her all night, how will you be fresh tomorrow. Right Mariam? Right. Now let her rest. We’ll go. Come. Sleep. Your sister is very sensitive. She gets worried. But don’t you worry. Its your wedding tomorrow. Smile. Be happy. Are you angry? See Mariam… I did not want to spoil our moods. I did not want any arguments too. But its all your fault. When I told you not to wear a saree, why did you? Whats wrong in a saree? Its not about anything wrong. I asked you not to. You had so many other dresses you could have worn those other than this saree. For me. I would have felt that you valued what I said. However, this is our personal matter. And this will stay with us. Please stop being upset. We’re here to celebrate. We’ll stay happy and go home. Uncle and aunty will be happy too. I promise you that I… I will never hit you again. I’m sorry. Please don’t be upset. Go and change. It was good. This was one of the most memorable days of my life. You were with me. Everybody made us feel so important. I felt so good. Alright. And how was I looking? I was thinking… if you looked so beautiful in this yellow dress, how would you look in your wedding dress tomorrow. Affan you took so many pictures of us together. At least send some to me. Not at all. Why? When you come here, we’ll sit and watch them together. We’ll enjoy together then. Let it be. Now tell me what gift do you want from me tomorrow? Anything at all. Oh wow. Such a humble wife. Will you be like this only today or for the rest of our lives? This is just for today. I’ll be nagging you for the rest of our lives. Come fast please. Yes. I’m coming. Shahana: But try and come early.
Jamal: Of course I’ll be early. Jamal: Do you need something from the market?
Shahana: Please go to the decorators and instruct them to finish the decorations fast. And yes. Tell him to arrange garlands for sure. Jamal: Alright.
Ahmed: Hello. Jamal: Hello.
Ahmed: Now tell me uncle. What do you want me to do today? There’s nothing at all. You get ready and have breakfast. People will come to clean the place up. Jamal: Just check those up and hand them over.
Ahmed: Alright. I’ll take your leave now. Bye. Where is Mariam aunty? Making breakfast? No dear. They have gone to the salon. You could have woke me up, I would’ve taken them. Why did they go all alone? No dear. Your uncle called a car from the office. The driver will be there with them. What do you mean? They’ll go directly to the hall? No, no. They’ll come home first and then we’ll go. Your uncle forgot his phone here. I’ll just be back. He’s becoming so forgetful. How did you like your room? Its beautiful. I’m surprised. I’ve been coming to this place since childhood. But I never found this room this beautiful, ever. This is the second time, I’m seeing you all dolled up. You look beautiful. By the way, you’re a miser when it comes to giving compliments. But.. please don’t be a miser when it comes to love. Here. Its for you. What is this? Open and see it. What happened? Don’t you like it? Its beautiful. Even I should’ve gifted you something. Farah.. You’ve given me your support, And that’s the biggest gift of my life. Affan, you’re the best. I will try, to return your love more than you love me. These traditions are so weird. Now see, families give away their daughters, then they give food at the wedding. And then they send us breakfast. You’re lucky dude. That you got to see all these traditions. But in our case, we got married and that was that. You shouldn’t have gotten your tickets for the same day. We couldn’t even attend your reception. Actually, the workload didn’t allow us to stay anymore. I wanted to throw a grand reception here as well. Whats wrong Mariam? Your very quiet. You’re telling them right, I wouldn’t be able to explain it better. By the way… Aunty wanted you to come as well. No. I have a lot to do for tonight. The bride and groom are going with you. By the way, Jamal and Shahana should’ve come too. It would have been great. You’re right. Oh Ahmed, have some more. You haven’t eaten anything. Oh no. I’m done. You eat. And, by the way. Nice watch. It is nice since you gifted this to me. Both of us? Ahmed, didn’t you ask me to buy everything I wanted for Farah. So.. I found this watch. Oh. Alright. It looks good. Thank you. Didn’t we get so late last night. I couldn’t even keep a track of time. Yes. But you didn’t tell us. How was the event? Tell him. How was it? It was great. And what about you Ahmed? The arrangements were amazing. Oh. Why did you come here. Everybody is asking for you. Where did you get such an expensive watch from? I bought it from here. Where did you get the money from? Mom gave them to me. Ahmed: Your mom?
Mariam: Yes. You’re lying. You’re lying! Mom wanted us both to gift them something good. She wanted to keep our respect in Affan’s eyes. Did you tell her about our situations? She’s my mother Ahmed. She must have realized it. She understands. You go. I’m coming. Who is calling? Ahmed… Yes dear. How are you Ahmed? I’m very angry mom. I absolutely detest Mariam! I have no idea how I’m controlling myself. What happened? At least tell me. She, gifted Affan such an expensive watch from us. What? Where did she get the money from? I asked her. I did! She said, her mom gave them. To keep our respect. What are you saying Ahmed? I don’t understand. Just know that this mother and daughter are actually planning against us. Where would they get 25,000-30,000 for a watch?! I knew it. I knew we’re sending her there but she won’t be back so easily. Tell me what should I do? Attend the reception today and get back in two days. I will try. And listen. Play it along with tact. Are you understanding what I’m saying Ahmed? What happened mom? You were right. There is someone… Someone else in her life. And he’s very rich. Uncle, this is for you. What is this? Actually, this is a small gift from all of us for you. A mobile. Oh dear. You didn’t have to. I don’t want it. Uncle, didn’t you give me so many gifts. I never said no. Pleas dad. Keep it. Jamal, please don’t say no. The children bought it. They’ll be heartbroken. And yes, tomorrow, you’re having dinner with us. But why all these formalities. What’s the point? The point is uncle, we are hosting a dinner for Mariam and Ahmed. Alright then, the two of them will come. Uncle, we’ve already been to so many dinners. No more please. This is not fair Ahmed. I’ll be upset if you people don’t come. Farah, it won’t be possible this time. But I promise, next time. You’re not over because you don’t want us to come over, right? Now what am I supposed to answer to this? Alright then, we’ll accept their invitation. We’ll definitely come. Affan: Uncle, you’ll have to come too.
Jamal: Alright. We’ll definitely come. Your family… has all the love and respect for him only. They don’t even value, respect or honor me at all. No. Its not like this. What isn’t? Am I a kid? Or stupid? I see and understand. Everybody is running around him, pampering him. Ahmed, they just got married. Mariam: He’s the groom. He deserves a little protocol.
Ahmed: Of course. Give him protocol, what about me? I am being treated like a servant who does all the work here. Ahmed. Dad thinks of you as his son. Mariam: He asked you to do things because he trusts you.
Ahmed: Trust, my foot! They didn’t even treat us to a dinner here. They hosted our wedding in a big hotel, that’s it. And that wasn’t for us but instead to sustain their own reputation. And did anyone ask my mother how was she? At least they could’ve asked me if I wanted anything at all. They keep calling me their son. To hell with everything. I don’t want to be anybody’s son! I am their son in law! I want to be their son in law! I am their elder son in law! I want the respect and position of the elder son in law of this family! I am not their son! Here’s your tea. The house has become so empty after Farah’s wedding. Yes. She always kept jabbering about things she wanted. I was actually thinking the house will become even quieter once she goes back to Malaysia. Why? We’ll go visit Farah and Skype Mariam. And then we’ll even go for a walk. We need to look after our health as well. Am I right Mariam? Mom.. Mariam: I want to talk to you and dad.
Ahmed: Hello. Hello uncle. Hello aunty. Where have you been lost? Uncle I went to get a car from Zain. Car? Yes. I thought to take Mariam out on a drive today. Alright. Of course. Go ahead. You people come along as well. Come uncle, I’ll really like it. No dear. You people go ahead. What will we do. Alright. Lets go Mariam. This…. This time? Yes. The weather is so good. Come. We’ll enjoy. Go dear. Go get ready. No. Its alright. You already look good. Come. Bye. Mariam, when do you wear this dress before? I didn’t wear it before. Ahmed bought it for me today. She didn’t like it but I bought it for her. So you guys went shopping today. Yes. I thought we’d shop a bit. Just preparing to go home. Talk about leaving later. First come here and stay with us. No aunty. I have a lot of work to do in Malaysia. Not this time, but I promise, we’ll definitely stay next time. Next time stay there but you have to stay with us this time. Farah, get the guest room ready for them. Alright Affan. Affan we cannot stay longer but for one day. Mariam? A guest will come with his own free will but leave on ours. Both of you are staying here. Mariam. Mom called. Come out. We’ll talk to her. I’ll talk to her when we get back. See, she just gave us a missed call. Come outside. Talk to her. Go dear. Apa is calling. It must be important. I’ll just come. Why did you say yes when I said no to staying over. Are you trying to humiliate me in front of Affan? Are you trying to embarrass me?! They’re giving you respect. Mariam: They invited us over with so much love..
Ahmed: Enough! I am done with all this love. I don’t want more. Ahmed: You!
Mariam: Ahmed… Do not insult me all the time! Don’t keep me tensed. I’m tired of all this. I get angry! Ahmed, is everything alright? Is everything alright? You can tell me if anything is wrong. Maybe I could help you. I don’t understand. What do I lack? I don’t know what is wrong. She keeps misbehaving with me all the time. She fights on petty issues. She snubs me every time! Mariam? Mariam snubs you every time? Yes. Do you know. What was she insisting upon right now? What is it? She wants to stay here for a month. And I should go. So let her stay here. See, you guys came for my wedding. Affan: Never know when you come again.
Ahmed: My mom isn’t well Affan. She is sick. I cannot leave her with the servants right. I left her at my sister’s house. Now you tell me. How can I let my mom stay at my sister’s place? I cannot do this. I don’t even drink water from my sister’s house. But how can I make her see reason this time? Ahmed.. If you allow, should I talk to her? No. Its alright. I’ll convince her with love. I’ll try to make her understand. A third person between a husband and a wife, is not good. Anyways… Thanks. This… What is this? Packing. We’re going to Malaysia tomorrow. Tomorrow? Why tomorrow? Why so suddenly? Won’t it look awkward? Mom and dad will be worried. Farah and Affan as well. You’re very worried. About Affan!!! What do you mean? You’re very friendly with him. There’s so much love. Yes. So? What then? Then you should have married him? You could have loved him more. Why did you marry me?! Pack for yourself. I am not going with you. What’s wrong Mariam? What are you saying? What does this mean? I’ve decided now. This helplessness of your’s I know each of your dramas. What’s wrong with you Mariam? You think I’m acting?! No Mariam. No Mariam. Please listen to me. I cannot leave you here and go. Ahmed: I will not go with you.
Mariam: Have you lost all shame? Didn’t you feel any shame saying such a useless thing? Ahmed: I didn’t mean it about you.
Mariam: Why about Affan as well! Why did you say it? Alright. I’m sorry. I take my words back. I’m sorry. Okay? This won’t happen again. Ahmed: Now, lets go. We’ll pack.
Mariam: What do you think? You think I’ll agree to what you say? Mariam: You think I’ll go back to hell?
Ahmed: Hell? You’re calling it hell? Its our house. Ahmed: Do you want a divorce?
Mariam: Don’t divorce me. I don’t care about anything. Mariam: I will not go back. This is my final decision!
Ahmed: HEY!!!! Enough! I’ll see how you don’t go back with me?! I beg of you please. Please. Don’t do this Mariam. I beg of you. What is happening here? Haven’t you guys decided about your honeymoon yet? I have been asking him a lot. He says he cannot get any more holidays. Why can’t you take an off? You still have a lot of them. So, you’re only making excuses. No more excuses. Take her somewhere. I think no more of my excuses will work. Now you and your daughter in law are together. Yes we are. Actually I have a reason for not going yet. What’s that? How can I leave mom all alone here? So she can go with us, right? Are you mad? I’m asking the two of you to go on a honeymoon. How can I tag along? So how can I leave you all alone mom? Nothing will happen to me. I can live on my own for a few days. So my dearest wife, where do you want to go? Lake Saif ul Malook? Lake Saif ul Malook? Alright. I’ll go get the tickets tomorrow. No. Not yet. Why? Let Mariam and Ahmed go back first. I want to spend time with them until they’re here. Alright. Mariam why are you crying dear? I cannot understand a thing like this. See.. Whatever it is, tell me with ease first. Please relax and tell me. Dad… What happened? Actually.. Mariam dear, tell your dad what is it. Why are you afraid? What happened to you there? Tell your dad dear. Dad… There’s nothing like what you thought it is. Actually… I’ve been living in a lot of pain there. Mariam is right uncle. I’ll tell you. I don’t know why mom hid everything from you. She always tells you everything. She didn’t tell you anything. Uncle, we had a big loss in business. Such a big loss that it shook our foundations. We don’t live in luxuries in Malaysia. Like we used to. But apa told me about it. I knew uncle. Mom couldn’t hide it from you. See Mariam Life goes on like this. Businesses profit or earn a loss. But then again, you never know how things are in real or the future. Thank God uncle you understand this. But Mariam doesn’t. Why are you so worried dear? Whatever is happening you’ll all handle it together. You, Ahmed, Apa. Dad, I supported Ahmed like he wanted. I work a job there. I run the finances of the house. And despite that he hits me there. Uncle. Please listen to me. Think about it. The loss shook our foundations. And if Mariam is supporting my finances at this hour, I respect her for that. I care for her and I always will. But this doesn’t mean she’ll always work. Only, until I find a good job. I will make her leave work. I promise. You hit my daughter? You hit Mariam?! I was very much worried about the loss. I wasn’t in my senses. And I couldn’t tolerate her behavior with me. And I hit her. But just one uncle. Not more. And I’ve apologized to her. Enough of this Ahmed! Not anymore. You’ve fooled me enough. Now you’re manipulating my parents? What are you trying to say? That I couldn’t bear things? That I couldn’t understand your position? I torture you? Is that so? That’s why you hit me? Is that what you’re telling my parents?


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