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Bro, got a call from Delhi… Pasupathi brother has to speak urgently. [HUMMING] I want a baby. It’s not something found for sale. Does that make me a showpiece? I am saying no for now. I had an abortion thrice until now. This time, I am not doing it. Stop staring now! This is what brought me
here in the first place. What is it at this hour? Sis, I need to speak to him urgently. What is it? Brother called from Delhi. He says it’s something urgent. Seems your phone isn’t connecting. Hello…
– Hello… Greetings! Ah, greetings! This is Pasupathi speaking.
– Ever heard of the name Machiraju? Yeah, I know. Is doctor sir home? Is doctor sir home?
– He is not home. He will be home late. Doctor Sir will be home late it seems. We have enough time. Where will he go, man? He is not home.
He will be home late. Hey, you said *** wasn’t available… Er… Actually… How did doctor sir find it? That’s the matter with you. You are contesting as an MLA
from Nalgonda Constituency… Mr. Machiraju Veerraju… Greet the future MLA… There’s chicken, fish broth
and other delicacies. But you have no time to eat. Your health is at stake, doctor sir. Why don’t you tell him?
– Why are you here? My grandma used to say… Every fish has its eater’s
name written on it. My name is written on this fish. My grandma used to cook too. One day, I just returned from school. I could smell something yummy. I lifted the lid to see and
found hot fish broth. When I went with a plate to eat. My grandma said,
“Hey, Pasi… Eat it once it’s cold.” I said, “Let me have two morsels. Move…” She didn’t listen. I pushed her away. She was quite old. She slipped, banged in to
the wall and died. She was a great woman. Get out of my house. Leave…! Hey, doctor sir…
I heard you were going to Delhi. Hey, let go… Look… You hold a knife and so do I. But it makes a lot of difference. If a goon like you enters politics… The word ‘Democracy’
would lose its purpose. Your logic sounds good. Now listen to my logic. To withstand politics, You should be brave enough to
watch your family die. Let me see if you have that. Hey…! Parvathy… Parvathy… Parvathy…! You couldn’t even bear
watching your wife die. Why do you need politics, eh? Die, you scoundrel! In the period of this village’s history… Whether it’s the persistent
`brutality or a timely ordinance… Game of cards played on the porch
is the village’s universal law. Behind the bloodshed
spread over a few inches… The first name noticed in
the village’s history is… Hey, Kali… That guy didn’t die. Damn! [DOOR SLAMMING] What are you doing? Leave him… Leave him! No! [CHOKING] Shut up! Hey, rather than your brother
living like this… Let him die for the better. [GASPING] When the murderer eats in peace… Why are you panicking, sir? Carry on. Hmm… You have had enough. Let’s go! Where? He is asking where . The victim’s sister filed a case,
you idiot. Come on… He is eating.
– He has eaten enough. He was hungry. Let him eat. My stomach is full, mom. Cop has got a good news. Do you think I am a postman
to get good news? Come on, I say… Why are you taking my son? What has he done? Leave him! Leave my son!
– Hey, move away! How dare you touch my mom? I will kill you for it, man.
– Hey VRO… Your son abused a cop. Take a good look at him.
This will be your last glimpse. He will not return. Lock him in, guys. How dare he mess with a cop? I will show him. Kali… Dear. Kali… Kali… No, sir… Public knows how brutally
your son hit him. I get it, lawyer. People saw what happened. Doctors know and the police do too. Forget about what happened. No one in the village will be
a witness against Pasupathi. He will be bailed out. But it will take time. Hey, submit him in court day
after tomorrow. Come on… Sir… Acting smart, eh? Sign here. Sign here, man! Hey, sign it, man! Sir… Hmm? Mom is here. Whose mom? Yours or mine? Huh? Kali’s mom is here, sir. What is it? She is here to see Kali. [SMIRKS] Is he some people’s leader, eh? He is an ass. That ass is full of dirt. I have dusted it well. Go take a look. Hey… Are you guys his friends? Yes, sir. Careful, boys! Dear… Mom… Mom, You think your son made a mistake? Hey, tell mom I am fine. Malli, how’s your girl? Why bring her up now? How’s Teertha? Haven’t seen her after last time. Hey… Leave, guys… You have chatted enough.
Get going. Eat… Hey… There’s only 10 minutes time. Finish it quickly and come. Got it? No one should doubt us. Hmm… What’s the time?
– 12 am, bro… They must be done. I’ll check on them. Go on… How could he mess with Pasupathi’s men? You bloody woman! You’ve brought me disgrace. I pampered you as you were a
motherless child. Is this how you finally repay me? He is a scoundrel locked behind bars. This is your fate for trusting him. Go to hell, sinful woman! You are a disgrace to our family. “As elegance showers” “As my heart gets wet” “I stand restless in your presence” “Thinking of him
My dreams begin to bloom” “Heart is mesmerized every time we meet” “As heart overflows with joy” “I jump around like a child in love” “As elegance showers
As my heart gets wet” “I stand restless in your presence” “Does a raindrop ever
exist without a cloud?” “Does my life exist without
your presence in it?” “Does any harmony sound without volume?” “Does my heart leave you
no matter the agony?” “As your dreams sparkle in your eyes” “This is the truth unspoken” “Though I have to face death” “I want it to bring us together” “Shall I be your shadow for eternity?” “As elegance showers
As my heart gets wet” “I stand restless in your presence” “I look for you in your absence” “I look for myself when we are together” “I felt affection for the
first time through your heart” “My teary eyes show my
longing for your presence” “As your thoughts fill me up” “Every voice guides me to you” “You have transformed me greatly” “Everyone would wonder about the new me” “As elegance showers
As my heart gets wet” “I stand restless in your presence” “Thinking of him
My dreams begin to bloom” “Heart is mesmerized every time we meet” Hey, sir is calling you. Sign here. Who bailed me out? Seems you didn’t kill him. It’s him. Sign here. Take that. Where’s dad? He didn’t come, Kali. So, who… That brother bailed you out. Kali… Kali Charan… You shouldn’t be in there, Kali. I’ve heard a lot about you. I know why you hit Rekha
and who killed him. Your place is not in a police station. You should be in the public. Public really needs you. Go… Mom and dad are waiting for you at home. If you need anything, don’t forget
this brother is here for you. Go… Go home. Bro, Kodela Prabhu
bailed Kali out. He doesn’t seem to forget his
brother’s murder. His brother could do nothing. What will he do? Greetings! Greetings! Please be seated. Kali… Vijaya, get coffee. Ah, Kali… Greetings, bro… I heard you bailed my son out.
We are forever grateful to you. No. it’s my responsibility. Such good deeds give me satisfaction. – Greetings, sir…
– Greetings, dear… This village needs a guy like Kali. One guy like him… This village will prosper. Kali shouldn’t be in the station… But in the public. I don’t understand your point. What’s so hazy, sir? Kali should be amidst people. He should live for his people. Kali must contest in the
coming elections. I don’t know how to tell you. These type of things
wouldn’t suit us. The people you mentioned earlier… We are one of those people. I don’t think you know this. We are migrating from this place. Forgive us. Wherever you are,
I wish for your prosperity. I will leave, dear. Bye… Greetings… Bye kali. Okay. Mom, was dad being honest?
Are we leaving for real? Yes. Why didn’t you tell me, mom?
– She is telling you now. Why do we have to leave so urgently? What will you achieve here? Getting into all kinds of scuffles…
Will you become a rowdy like Pasupathi? Yes. So what? This fury killed my daughter. It wasn’t because of my fury
but your foolishness. Because of your incapability… If you made one sign that day… My sister would have been alive. I didn’t kill her, dad.
You did. [ Supporters Cheering ] Why do you seem off? Everyone is celebrating. Your Pasupathi is going
to be an MLA. I got news that my party
ticket is confirmed. Everyone is happy for me. But why do you seem angry? Tell me. What do you want? The guy responsible for my
brother’s death is running away. I want him and his parents. Did you forget everything
my brother did for you? Did you forget? Do something. Do something. Do something. [TELUGU ALPHABETS] How are you? Fine. You? I am fine. We are leaving the village. I will come along. I am not here to take you along. What about me then? Get married to the guy your dad
suggests and be happy. The thing you just said…
Can you please repeat it? Forget me. Dad…! Dad, had coffee? Dad, it’s check. Mo, look… Your hubby lost. They came as a family of four.
They are leaving as a family of three. God doesn’t play fair at times. [SOBBING] Hey, Kali… Kali… Kali, stop! Kali, look what it is. Okay, dad. Malli, what’s the issue?
– Lorry isn’t starting, Kali. How long will it take, bro?
– I will need some time. It will take time, Kali. Kali, ask mom and dad to leave,
we’ll repair and start. It will take some time dad. Do something. Come with them. We will keep going. Okay, dad. Careful! You move… Bro, make it fast. Get going, bro. Don’t take too much time. Make it fast. Make it fast. Get in… Get in, Srinu. Kali… Mom… Kali… Kali, stop! Guys, let me go. Kali, no! Guys, they are dying. Listen to us, Kali. Kali…! Mom… Malli, pull him back. Mom.. Hey, Pasupathi… Come out! I will kill you all. [SCREECHING] Instead of holding
your parents’ funeral… Why’d you come to me, you pimp? Do I have to do that too? Guys, call Bhola. Why didn’t you kill him yet? Kill this cunt! Kill this cunt! Kill this cunt! Tie him to the tree. Hey… Shave his head. Why aren’t you killing him yet? What do we get from killing him? He is running like a coward. When he roams on the
streets like a mad dog… All the villagers shall wet their
pants thinking of me. Dump him in the middle of the village. Look… Pasupathi shall be elected by default. This is all because of you, Kali. Because of you… Forgive me. I know the pain of parents’ demise. Don’t forget, Kali. Even when my brother died… I sat to a corner,
capable of doing nothing. That shouldn’t be the same with you. You are dead in the public’s eye. Prove that you are alive. Only two ways are open to you. Run… Revolt… Ants become fish’s food
during monsoon floods. Those very ants make fish
their food during drought. Opportunity knocks everyone. Think about it. Brother, When is the nomination? [APPALUSE] Hail, Kali! Hail, Kali! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Prabhakar brother! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Kali! Hail, Kali! Hail, Kali! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Kali! Hail, Kali! Brother is coming. Hey, don’t repeat this.
– Okay, brother. Are vehicles ready for the party meet?
– Yes, brother. Okay. Go upstairs. Hey, Kali… [INAUDIBLE] No! No! Don’t go in. Why’d you do this, Teertha? You asked me to be happy, right? I felt doing this would make me happy. Where? What’s this foolish behavior? My love cannot be forgotten
like yours. It only ends with my death. [CHUCKLES] Yeah, right. “You are mine” “I am yours” “Don’t separate us” “My dreams in this heart…” “Don’t leave me behind” “My goal is to reach you” “Don’t you halt it” “Let no distance between us” “Never and ever slip away” “You are mine” “I am yours” “Don’t separate us” “As my heart feels the pleasure” “My eyes begin to melt of joy” “The love in my heart…” “It gets me dreaming again” “In your presence, no agony touches me” “This very moment…” “I turn to be your shadow” “I reside in your heart” “You are mine” “I am yours” “Don’t separate us” What, sir? Have I heard it right? Who would vote for him, sir? Huh? You are making a mistake. He is right for this. He is a wounded tiger. Come on, Kali.
I was just talking about you. You know him, right? My Kali… He is a tiger, eh? He’s a cat. I had him wet his pants. Ask him. Hey, didn’t I have you wet your pants? [LAUGHS] Hey, Pour me a glass. You wait, sir. He is going to be an MLA. I want the MLA to pour me a glass. What are you looking at?
Go ahead. This idiot can’t even fix a peg for me. Is he going to contest? [LAUGHS] Whoa! Will you shoot me? What are you waiting for?
Shoot me. Shoot me, I say.
What are you staring at? Brother, everyone is talking about Kali. If you killed him like you
did with Machiraju Veerraju… It wouldn’t have come this far. No one knows about our
rivalry with the doctor. But even a kid knows
our rivalry with him. That’s got me thinking. I can resort to violence. But as we are desperate for the win… I am hesitant about it. I am just back from the doctor. He said I am pregnant. How many times have I told you? Can’t you behave according
to the situation, crazy woman? Yes, I am crazy. I didn’t know it when I slept with you. I am saying no for now. You always say this. Have you ever said something different? I have to know it’s a baby boy or girl. Get lost then! Narayana… Huh? What is it? She is creating nuisance all the time. She is pregnant. She is pregnant. Not you… Hey, make it fast. She is not here. Let’s go look there. Hey, she is running that way. She went into Prabhakar’s house, man.
Let’s go tell brother. I know Kali didn’t kill my brother. I will stand as witness. Kalavati is right. If she claims to be the witness… Pasupathi’s political career is closed. She shouldn’t stay here for long. Go hide her in the horse stable. Go… Hmm… Come on… Okay, bro. Come on… Until you stand as witness in court… It’s better for you to stay here. Kali, I am hungry. I am pregnant now. Hmm… What is it? What got you thinking? I don’t know why I feel scared. Kalavati… Kalavati… Kalavati… Kalavati… Why are you so crazy about me? Life or death… It’s with you. With dad’s sincerity Government
transferred him to this village. I wished to study in Bombay. It’s been 3 years since you graduated. What is he planning to do? Dad, brother wants to do MBA in Bombay. Whoa! The education
here won’t do for him? Why don’t you tell him, mom? My brother lives there anyways. He will stay with them and study. So, three of you made
a decision already. He never listened to me anyways. Huh? Carry on… Hey, are you wearing the hearing aid? Yes, mom. Enough, mom. It’s your first day of college.
Why don’t you wake up early? I am getting late. I am running late. Let it be, mom. Hey, did you just wake up? Get lost, man! Dad… What is it, dear?
– You forgot your pen. Oh, thank you. Let’s move… This is your college, dear. This college is much bigger than
Chittoor college, dad. Yes, sweetie. Dad, one minute… One… Two… Two rupees would do for today, dad. Bye, dad.
– Careful! [PRAYER] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Did Manga take a smack at you? We heard something. Heard something? Heard something, eh? Now do you hear it? Does it feel good?
Now watch the film. You see how he fell down. Why’d he fall into the water? What’s wrong with him? Hey, where are you going? Kali, the girl you feel for… She isn’t from this village for sure. Yeah, he is absolutely right. Sarcasm, huh? What’s your problem? He is getting furious, bro… Where is he running, man? Hey… Hey… Damn! Did you take the ticket? Erravalli… 10 tickets… Erravalli… 10 tickets… Are you guys 10?
– Just give it I say. What will you do with 10 tickets? You think I’d buy every day? Whoa! Here are tickets for a year then. People on the other side,
take the tickets… Oi… Oi…
– Huh? Come give tickets here.
– Why are you in a hurry? Wait on… Hey, that’s him. The guy I told you about…
That’s him. Who is it, girl? Get down, people. You guys were really annoying me. Get down now.
– Do I get down, man? We aren’t at your village yet.
Wait on… Sit down.
-I’ve been shouting for tickets. People are getting down.
– Learn to respect my age, man. Where are you going? Where are you going, Kali? Let’s explore the village, man. We’d be smacked
if someone noticed, Kali. I am with you. I will deal with it. Kali, let’s leave. It’s okay. Come on… Let’s go back.
– Her attire looks great, right? You smiled at him, right?
– That’s why he’s here. Okay, you go. Let’s see her house and leave.
– You have seen enough, man. You shouldn’t even look at a girl
from a new village. You carry on… Excuse me… Excuse me, listen… Oh god! I am Kali and you are… Hey, is my daughter home? Yeah, auntie. Yes. [DOOR SLAMING] Doesn’t she like me? “Slowly… slowly…” “My heart is slipping towards you” “It doesn’t seem to look around” “As it is lost in your presence” “Though my eyes are wide open
My dreams seem to linger” “I see you in pure conscience” “My hearts fills you in itself” “It resists my presence at any cost” “Slowly… slowly…” “My heart is slipping towards you” “I never wished anything for myself” “You are my boon for real” “It’s after I see you” “That my heart feels
moved like rising waves” “What’s hiding in your closed heart?” “How does my heart
know from a distance?” “Are you glances hinting me something?” “How do I cherish
my memory in your heart?” “Slowly… slowly…” “My heart is slipping towards you” “It doesn’t seem to look around” “As it is lost in your presence” “Maybe we are destined to be one” “Our love is going to bring us together” “My fate rushes to you” “It comes running for your love” “With no notice of who you are” “My heart loved you at first sight” “Though I reveal my identity” “And shower all my affection” “Would your heart ever reach me?” Dad, check… Hey, wait on…
– Come on, pay up. Pay up, dad! Mom, look…
Your hubby lost. You get inside, dear. Hello, sir… I am Cutting Ramulu. I got to know our village has a new VRO. I came to pay my respects. What are you looking at?
Offer everything. We pay respects as such every
time a new VRO arrives. What are you here for anyways? It’s nothing, sir. A small issue… It’s nothing for you. Where are you, Nagulu? Bro… It’s your work, man. Speak up. Greet sir.
– Hello, sir. Showing off, eh?
– Greet him well. Be proper. Hey, stop! Come on, sir…
You know Pasupathi brother. This is how much I value him. I’ve been in this business since
I was a kid. It’s nothing, sir.
I wish to open a small store. A wine store, you know… Brother also supported me. He is roaming jobless, sir. Show him some mercy
and he will live, sir. You know… Meet me in my office for such stuff.
– Okay, sir. Go now…
– Thank you. One minute… Sir…? Take these back.
– This is how we respect in Nalgonda, sir. No, thank you. Take it back. What are you looking at? Take them back.
– Sir says he doesn’t like all this. Okay, sir. Bye… Bye, ma’am… Come on, guys. Let’s go. Dad, who were they? Forget it. Bought vegetables?
– Yeah. Give it to mom.
– Okay. [INDISTINCT VOICES] Come early tomorrow.
– Okay, sir. Thank you. Pavitra… What’s new today? Why’d you get coffee? Nothing is new. I’ve been getting it since 25 years. It’s been a few days since
your daughter is getting it. And, she can get it only if I make it. All right. Isn’t Pavitra home yet? No, dear. It’s 6 already. [INDISTINCT VOICES] Hey, Kali… What is it, dad? Sis isn’t home yet.
Go check. She will come, dad. Hey, go look… Kali, why is your dad acting like mine? You idiot…
[LAUGHTER] Hey, Malli… Take the ball. Lakshmi… Brother… Is Pavitra here? No, brother. I didn’t meet her today. Okay, dear. Where were you, girl? Dad has been irking me. Wait, let me talk to dad. Hop on… I will not sit behind.
I will sit in the front. Okay. Sit! I will kill you if you press the bell. I will not come then. Get lost! Come on… I asked you not to press the bell. Go now. Get lost, you and your bloody cycle!
– Get lost, you shorty! Get lost, man! You get lost! Come on, dear…
– Dad… Sweetheart… You yelled at me until now. Question her now. Bro, wake up. I am late for college. Bro… Wake up… Get lost! Didn’t you go to college yet? Bro, wake up… Didn’t dad take you? Uh-huh… Oh, did he forget? Yeah. Why do you want to go anyways?
Stay back home and help mom out. You will have to learn eventually. Mom, she will be home all day.
Make good use of it. Mom, look… Hey, drop her for today. She is pleading you. I am telling you. Go…
– Wake up, bro… I will drop because mom’s telling me. All right. Let’s go. Damn! I forgot to give you something. What is it? Happy birthday, brother! Where’d you get all the money from? Money I won from dad and
stole from his wallet. Do you like it? It’s really nice. Thank you so much! Okay, I am late for class. Kala… Kala, where’s my chain? Tell me, Kala.
Where’s my chain? It’s here. Give it. I am running late. Come get it. Give it I say. Kala, what’s this?
– Come get it. Hey, you… I am being nice.
Give it. There’s no time. Stop kidding. Give it.
– Come get it. Listen… Hey, you… Give it. Get it. Give it. Give it I say. [CHUCKLES] I know how to take it from you. Take it. Let go. Shirt will be wrinkled. [LAUGHS] What are you laughing at? Bro, it’s time. You… Hey. Bro… Hello, bro… Ramulu, what is it? I had some work with you.
– Okay. It is… I will sort it once I am back.
– Okay, brother. Move… What happened?
– It’s nothing, Rekha. I mentioned brother and
he still doesn’t agree. The new VRO… Hello, sir… My name is Rekha. You know Pasupathi, right? I am his brother-in-law. He is a dear friend of him. He’s our man.
– Hello, sir… Brother-in-law agreed. You have to approve. You are here about the 2nd
street land in Gandhi Nagar, right? Yes, sir. You can’t get a permit for
your business there. Rules don’t approve. What’s with the rules, sir? Don’t we know how rules work? I have seen many people. It’s whatever you say. Whom are you trying to teach, sir?
– Come on, sir. Sign it. No. There’s a ladies
hostel in that area. You can’t get a permit there I say.
Rules don’t approve. Look for another land and I will sign. Hey, whom do the girls approach
if they are in trouble? They come to us, brother.
– You see, sir… Our men are nice people. You don’t have to worry about it. Sign it and it will be done, sir. I can’t allot you that land.
You will not get a permit. Come on, sir… You will decide the place and sign, eh? This will not work out. I have decided the place.
You do the sign. That’s all. Come on, sir…
[PHONE BUZZING] Hey, what are you doing? You scoundrel! I am talking to him. He is signing it. Can’t you resist? Make it fast.
– Okay, bro. Don’t you get it? I can’t fix it, bro. Why’d you pull it then? Our men are nasty people, sir. They keep pulling something all the time. This will not work out. I give you 5 minutes time. Sign it. Hey, sir will sign. Let’s go. Let me see him not do it. Bro, it’s been long. They are not nice people.
Don’t mess with them. Sign it, sir. I am not against signing it. If I sign for the land they asked… The entire village will be destroyed,
let alone families. Hey, did he sign it?
– No. We respect him and he’s fooling us.
Scoundrel, come on… You rascal…
– Sir, please let him go. Leave me. Let go… Come on… Come on, move… Bro, he is not signing it. Hey, VRO… Are you kidding me? Don’t you get it? Why aren’t you signing it?
Don’t you know who I am? I don’t know who you are. But you are making a mistake. There’s a ladies hostel in the
land you asked for. So? That’s why I am not signing it.
– Haven’t you heard of us? Pasupathi…
– Pasupathi? I don’t know him. I will kill you, bastard. Are you kidding me? I was being nice to you.
Don’t you get it? Now, I have to hold your neck. What do you think of yourself, huh? Rascal, I will kill you. Can’t you just sign it? Rules listen to you. Whom are you trying to preach, eh? Don’t you get it the first time? Haven’t you heard of us? Pasupathi… You rascal… I will kill you. Kali, you… Kali… Kali… No. Don’t hit my son. Hey..Hey.. Hey, don’t fight.
Let’s not get into this. Leave him. Don’t hit him. Hey… Don’t hit my son. Hey Leave him. Leave my son. How dare you hit my dad? Come on… You are dead. Idiot… Leave him.
– Hey, Rekha… Let go… Rekha, let go… Listen to me. Leave him. He hit me.
– Listen… I will kill you, man. Listen to me and leave.
– I will not leave you. I will kill you. What are you guys staring at? Come on… Leave… Kali…! Who hit you so much? Did you fight with Prabhakar’s men? Sis, the new VRO… Aren’t you ashamed to say that? Bloody pimps! You don’t fall short of anger. Show it to him.
Not here. Did you tell brother-in-law, huh? Wait… Who are you to hit him? There’s police and law for it. No son can watch his father
being beaten up. That’s what I did. [HUMMING RANDOMLY] Hello… It’s me. Hey, how are you? Hmm… You forgot me after reaching Delhi, eh? I can’t fall asleep without you, man. Only that runs on your mind, girl. Call Rekha… Okay but tell me when
are you coming back. I will tell you.
First call Rekha. When are you coming? Don’t you get it?
Call him. Tell me when you are coming. Will you call him or not? Call him! Hey, Rekha… Brother-in-law… Yeah? Brother-in-law…
– What’s his name? Kali… Full name… Kali Charan… Who is he? The new VRO’s son… Stop fooling around. I will sort it once I am back.
Got it? Damn it! Hey, what’d the phone do, you cunt! Hey, move the vehicle.
– Bro, the tyre is punctured. Why isn’t she looking at me? [BUS HONK] Teertha, wait… I will be waiting at Aaleru for you. What? Angry? Does the village have to
know we are in love? I heard you are getting
into scuffles recently. I’ll slap you! Okay, come on… “In the chirping bird’s soul…” “I heard the melody of my heart” “In the blossoming flowers…” “I looked for my dreams” “Reaching out to the sparkling sky” “Are the rising waves of my love” “At the horizon of passing clouds…” “Lie my imaginations” “In the chirping bird’s soul…” “I heard the melody of my heart” “This is the dawn I was unaware of” “It is newly presented to me” “As this world becomes my abode” “I see my love in cool
breezes and green fields” “In the chirping bird’s soul…” “I heard the melody of my heart” “This is the love that caresses rainbow” “Mankind exists only because of love” “I am always in your presence” “Love is blooming all around me” “In the chirping bird’s soul…” “I heard the melody of my heart” “In the blossoming flowers…” “I looked for my dreams” You leave, Teertha. Rain is getting heavier. No. It’s okay. I will wait. No, Teertha. Listen to me. Go home. I will not go.
I said I will wait, right? Look, there’s the bus.
Get in, Teertha. Ah! Dad… I will be late tomorrow.
– Okay, sir. Come at 12. Kamla auntie is coming home
tomorrow for sister’s alliance. Hey, son… Did you like the girl? Dear, do you like him? She must’ve liked him. Dear, you must be relatives. But having the engagement
without alliance… Where’s my daughter going?
She is going to one of our homes. I mean… My sister’s home… All right. What about dowry? Let my sister ask for it. I will give anything. She will ask for all your wealth.
Would you give it? [LAUGHS] One minute, brother.
I will check and come. Okay. Bro, Teertha’s dad made
her quit college. Okay, you go. I will take care.
– Hmm… Careful… Greeting, sir! I am Kali Charan. I graduated with a degree. I want to do MBA in Bombay. Why are you telling me this? Your daughter and I are in love. I thought you were studying
well in college. I didn’t expect you to get so indecent. I can have my parents talk to you. We don’t have the culture of having
daughters married to a roadside rogue. I mean… Leave! We are sincerely in love, sir. Don’t say another word. Leave… Teertha is my life, sir. Life, eh? Ah, what’s this? ‘Dear Kali… Forgive me if yesterday’s
incident hurt you. Dad is taking me along
for my cousin’s wedding. I pray all these issue settle
by the time I return. Yours, Teertha…’ Kali… Hey… Wait on… [CLAMOR] “As sky descends to our laps” “To spill colors all over us” “Oh… As it dawns to welcome holi” “It’s celebrations around” “As the hills and valleys shower rains” “Our joy has no bounds” “As our friendship blooms together” “The colors of love fill us up” “As sky descends to our laps” “To spill colors all over us” “Rainbow hiding behind the sun and rain” “It has rushed to the earth now” “It glorifies above our abode” “In our spreading smiles
and sparkling eyes” “Let’s see the colors reflect” “And never leave each other’s side” “Affection is what
flourishes in this abode” “Is anyone ever so blessed like us?” “Thousands of years aren’t wished for” “These celebrations would do for life” “A life where love is forever showered” Come on… Move…
– Dad… Dad…!
– Leave her to me and get out, guys! Your brother shall realize.
How dare he hit me, huh? Where are you running, girl? [CLAPS] [GASPING] Brother, no… No, brother… I am pleading you.
– Who’s your brother, eh? Brother… I will touch your feet. Let me go. Dad must be waiting for me. Leave me, brother. Brother…! Shut up,
you bloody woman! [SQUEALING] Brother…! How was it? Had fun? [CRYING] Bro… Hey, go tell your brother
what happened here. Bro, she is deaf. Yeah, I forgot. Where were you, girl? I am talking to you. Everyone is done celebrating but you. Why don’t you speak? Hey… Where were you? Why are you home late? Did you ask her where she was? She is home, right? Hmm… Your daughter is
always right for you. [CRYING] Hey, rice is boiling. Look… Can’t you hear me? You have gotten really deaf recently. Where’d you lose your hearing aid? Kali… What is it, mom? Sister’s hearing aid is in
that old box. Get it. Okay. Here you go. Where’s your chain by the way? She is asking you.
Answer her. Where’s the chain? I lost it during holi. Look how carless she is.
Lost it during holi, eh? Shorty… You are getting meaner. And angrier too… Why are you guys taunting her? She said she’s lost it. Hey, girl… Did you tell him or not? How’d you like it?
Was it that great? Want it again? Come on… Sit here… Bro, that idiot is here. Bro, looks like she didn’t tell him. Will you tell him now? Where were you, girl? I asked you to wait at college. Couldn’t you wait for 5 minutes? Let’s go. [WEEPING] Hey, Kali… Take this carriage to dad. Dad… I am really happy, dear. Auntie called. Do you know what she said? She said Pavitra would be my
daughter more than daughter-in-law. What more can a dad wish for? This is enough. This is enough for this life. Dad… Pack it, dear. Jeep will be here in 10 minutes. You can go home. No, dad. I will go. Let me help. Ah, Pavitra… Need some money? No, dad. Come on… Take it. Show me your hand. Take it. Go home safe, my sweetheart. [BUS HONK] I am sorry. Pavitra…! Pavitra… Wake up, dear. Wake up! Pavitra, wake up. Kali, it’s your sister. Ask her to wake up.
Ask her to wake up. Ask her to wake up!
Ask her to wake up! Dear, it’s our Pavitra. Ask her to wake up. Tell her. Ask her to wake up. Dear… Pavitra…! Pavitra…! Pavitra…! Pavitra…! “Don’t claim to be God” “Be blindfolded forever” “Why do you play with lives?” “Don’t reside in temples” “Stop breaking our hearts” “Why take the disguise of almighty?” “Death and birth are your celebration” “Make us weep no more” [PHONE BUZZING] Hello… Dr. Jayaram speaking… Yeah, tell me. I need to tell you something. Why’d you call me, doctor? I don’t know how to tell you. It’s okay. Tell me. Way before the accident… Your daughter had been raped.
– Ah! My daughter’s name is Pavitra (Sacred). I will assume she didn’t
lose her respect. This matter should die
right here, doctor. Please keep it between us. “What have I done to be punished?” “I have worshipped a rock as God” “Do you know the agony
of losing loved ones?” “You might know if you were human” “Are you God for real?” “I sob because of you” I had to go to Bombay before
I could forget sister’s memories. Calm down, man. Calm down… Who are you, man? Pulling my daughter’s chain… That’s my sister’s chain. Hey, what happened? Only your sister has one, eh?
– You look educated. Why are you pulling chains?
– How can you say it’s your sister’s? Wait on… Uncle, that’s Pavitra’s chain. Let go. Take your hand off. Let me look.
– Why’re you messing with us? Would no one else have that chain? Yes. Look, uncle. It has dad’s picture. Let go. Let me look, woman. Yes. It’s our girl’s. Yes, it is our girl’s chain. Tell me where you found the chain. We bought it from the old
man working at the factory. Go ask him. Brother…! Who’s your brother, eh? Brother, let me go home.
Dad must be waiting for me. Shut up, I say! Brother…! [GRUNTING] What are you doing here, brother-in-law? [LAUGHS] Thinking of your sister, brother-in-law? Can you hear it? Can you hear it now? Can you hear my sister crying? Listen… What’d my sister do, eh? Come on… Get up! What’d my sister do, eh? She was a little girl, man. She was a little girl. What’d my sister do, man? She was an innocent girl. My sister… More than what I gained,
I lost in this village. [PHONE BUZZING] Hello… What’s wrong? Where are you going, dear?
To get water, brother. Okay. Go… Hey, Kali… Kali…! Pasupathi’s men are here. Where’s Teertha? She went to get water. I will find Teertha. You go… Hey, switch the fuse off. Okay, you be careful. Dear, you are fine, right? What happened, brother? Bro… Bro… Bro… Bro… Bro… Bro… Leave us, bro. Let us go. She’s a poor soul. I will touch your feet, bro. Let us go. Please let that poor soul go. I will fall at your feet. Brother… Brother… Brother… Let her go. Show some pity, brother.
She has no one. Brother.. Chitti… Chitti… Brother… Brother, let her go… [SCREAMS] Hey, Sathi… Sathi, what happened? Sathi, talk to me. You will be fine. I am with you. Sathi… Teer… What happened to Teertha?
Sathi…What happened to Teertha? He took… Sathi.. Hey, Sathi… Priest, brother is going
for the nomination. Make the worship great. Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Hail, Pasupathi brother! Where’s my wife? You didn’t kill him the last time
he was at our home. Hey, close the entry, guys. Only one of them shall step out. Kill this scoundrel! Kill him! Hey… Come on… Come on… Kill him! Watch, everyone! If anyone goes against me… This will be the condition. When he roams around like a mad dog… I thought people would fear me. But this dog charges on to me now. I will kill him like a goat
and sacrifice to the Goddess. Leave him! Let go! Leave him! Let go! Let go… Hey… Hey… Hey, Pasupathi… Leave him!
– Hey, Pasupathi… Leave him! Hey… Hey… Hey… Hey, Pasupathi… Hey… Hey… Hey… Hey, Pasupathi… Hey… Hey, Pasupathi… Hey… Hey… Hey… Where’s my wife, man? Hey… Hey, Kalavati… I am pleading you. Hey… Tell me where my wife is. Hey, Kalavati… Hey… Hey… Will you kill me? Huh? Oi! Hey, Kalavati… Hey… Hey… Hey, Kalavati… Tell me where my wife is. Kalavati… My wife is innocent, man. She doesn’t know anything.
– Hey, Pasupathi… Ah, blood… Teertha! Teertha… Teertha… You will be fine. Open your eyes. Just look at me once. Teertha… Doctor… She is out of danger. What are you looking at, lady? Is everything going as you planned? I don’t know why I am scared.
– Crazy woman! You can see, right? Come, Kali… I’ve been waiting for you. Like Ravana’s death was celebrated… The entire village is celebrating now. I’ve been waiting for this day, Kali. I’ve been waiting for this day. Forgive me, Kali. You made a mistake. You made a huge mistake. It’s really tough to get
you bailed this time. Yeah, right. What’d my parents do, bro? Why’d you get them killed? Sister, Kali’s family is leaving town. Hey, Malli… Only two shall die. Pasupathi asked you to kill all three. Only two shall die. Why, bro? That’s politics, man. Politics for a post… More than what Kali Charan
gained in this village, he lost. Society didn’t let him
live like a commoner. It made him a politician. But politics destroyed him. His wife Teertha is living in
a remote village now. [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]


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