Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu TRAILER | RGV | Sirasri | Ravi Shankar | #KRKRTrailer

Breaking news After disasterous historical defeat of
Babu’s party, which had made him CM for 3 times, some extreme conditions are building up. Ram Gopal Varma’s
KAMMA RAJYAM LO KADAPA REDDLU God himself backstabbed me, Uma. [siren wails] It’s my responsibility
to make your son the CM. We have to establish peaceful
atmosphere in Vijayawada. [gunshot] [stabs] [gunshot] [groans] Breaking news Murder politics have started in the
state in a manner never witnessed before. Now, that’s the big news and big debate. Public is completely losing
trust on our government. [thunder rumbles] Breaking news News sources claim that the arrangements
for the arrest are completely ready. People protesting: CM down down… There is no questioning anymore. We’ll just work towards it. [groans] 1000 percent out of 100. Don’t forget that I’m
staying in Vijayawada, too. I know very well how to
deal with different people. Ram Gopal Varma’s


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