Kanchana (Muni – 2) Full Movie || Horror Comedy || Raghava Lawrence, Sarath Kumar, Lakshmi Rai

I made pudding for you.
You like it, don’t you? – Yes, mom. Your clothes are ready, madam. Mother, why do you always refuse me
to play in this ground? Tell me. Come quietly. Don’t look there. I said don’t see there. Let’s go quickly from here. Come. Oh no. Rekha, it’s late. Go to bed.
– Okay, mom. Good night. – Good night. Rekha! Rekha! Rekha! – Mother. Mother. What happened, mother? The door is open, mother. Why aren’t you coming inside? Mother! Mother! Where are you, mother? Mother! What happened? Rekha. Tell me. What happened? Tell me. Did you have a nightmare? Mother, I dreamt.. ..that someone dragged me
to that ground.. ..and killed me, mother. I told you not to go there, didn’t I? That place is haunted. A bad evil resides there.
Nobody goes there. But you don’t listen to me. I think even your drape is cursed. We need to dispose it at once. Where is the drape? Don’t leave me alone, mother.
– I will throw this drape. What are you doing? Are you blind? Are you wondering
why did I come here all of a sudden? I’ve also come to play.
Bet match. It’s not the usual 10 overs match. Only in three balls,
you must hit two sixers. If you win,
you get double the money. Who has the courage?
Two sixers in just three balls. Buddy, it is a good offer. If we lose,
we will be left with nothing. – Yes. Brother, if father finds out,
he will stop giving pocket money. The pocket money
that he gives is not sufficient. Rs.2000. Hold the bat. Give me the ball. I won’t spare him. He got hit. Bring stretcher for him. Next. How much is your bet? – Rs.5000. Where will you get
so much money from? – You. I lost Rs.5000. Hey, no one else wants to bet? – No. No.
– Let’s move on to the next ground. Didn’t you hear what boss said?
Pick the money. – Hey! Buddy, why are you all
bruised so pathetically? Two sixers in three balls. If you win, you get double the money.
Otherwise, you’ll be doomed. It is a good offer. The money will get doubled
in no time and I will become rich. Just a minute. I will check
how much I have in my pocket. How much will it be for Rs.20000? Tell me how much? – Rs.40000. Alright, here’s Rs.20000.
Where’s your money? – Give the money. Out with the money. – Hurry up. Only two balls left. One sixer is left.
– It will be a sixer again. One more sixer. One more sixer. – One more sixer. Come on, you can do it. Come on. Hit a sixer. – Come on. Sixer. Thank you. – Wait. I was surprised there was no hitch.
Time for action? You will hit me?
– You think I can’t? Come on, hit me. – Right away. Hit me. – Give me that stump. Wondering why I drew this circle? I want to play a game with you now. If any of you hit me and
throw me out of the circle.. ..you are the winner. But if I hit you and throw you out.. ..then I’ll be the winner. Who wants to come first? I am sure you won’t come. You want to see
whether or not I am strong. So, you will send
your stooges first, right? I was right. Hey. You are finished.
I will break your bones. I learnt how to use it
from Bruce Lee’s student. Oh, you learnt it
from Bruce Lee’s student? Show me your skill.
– Watch carefully. Hey. No, don’t let go. He broke my hip. Even you don’t go. He thrashes very badly. He is stronger than Bruce Lee.
– Go and thrash him. Go. Even you go. Boss, I will go now.
– Were you waiting for invitation? No one will go, I’ll go. Excuse me. Had you gone earlier, I wouldn’t
have broke my hip. – Shut up. Come in. If you step out, you lose. Rules of the game. Stop staring. Try again.
One more chance. Hey, come on. Instead of thanking me for giving
you a chance, you want to hit me? Never mind. I think you need to be thrashed.
Come on. Hey! Sixer! Sixer? I’m going to hit a sixer.
– But where is the ball? Brother! Come on, brother! How can you dance without me? How can we dance without you? But you are late. Move aside. Let him dance. Hey. What are you doing? – Helping him. Are you crazy? Move back. He’ll get up by himself. Brother, not your weakness,
show them your strength. Remember. No pain, no gain.
Forget the pain. Forget your pain.. ..drink water. Show your will power.
All the best. Bye. – Bye. What’s the time? – It’s 6. 6? What? It’s 6? Oh, my God! – Where are you going? Tell me something. You fight with guts,
dance with style. Why do you get the shivers
as soon as it is 6 pm? You won’t understand.
– Won’t understand? Tell us. I will tell you, don’t laugh. It’s a secret. I will tell you,
don’t reveal it to anyone. – Tell me. If I need to go
to the restroom at night,.. ..I call my mother to stand guard. Even at this age? What has age got to do with it? Everyone is scared of ghosts. Spit. You want to spit on me, right? I feel like doing the same
when I look at myself in the mirror. Do you know why? – Why? During the day,
I’m a very brave man. But at night, I tremble with fear. Raghav, ghosts don’t exist.
– They do exist. Look around.
Women walk on the road.. ..they cover their bodies.. What are you doing?
Come to the point. I mean to say
they cover their bodies. But there are women
who leave their tresses open.. ..and dance like as if
they are possessed. And you say ghosts don’t exist? Ghosts exist. But we shouldn’t talk about them. If they learn that we’re interested
in them, they may come after us. Really? – Yes. Uncle, we’ve been asking you
to tell us a story.. ..you escape giving excuses.
– Okay. I will tell you.
– You can’t give excuse today. You want to listen to story? – Yes. What story? – Ghost story. Ghost story? – Yes, uncle. I can tell you a story,
being kids you will get scared. Uncle,
first tell us the story and then.. ..we will see whether it is us
or you who will get scared. Is that so? Okay. In a village.. Raghav! What are you doing? Telling a story, mother.
– What story? Ghost story. Ghost story. He fears ghosts,.. ..but he only talks about ghosts,.. ..watch ghosts movies,
act like a ghost. – In a village.. Make him understand. He’ll tell ghost story
then he’ll trouble me at night. Make him understand. I don’t know any ghost stories.
– Stop eating like a bull.. ..and call him. Raghav!
– I am not scared. I am bravely telling a story. He is courageous and
you are asking me to stop him? He is not a kid. He’ll come. You know his bravery
is only for two minutes. And then he’ll jump
and sit on my waist. In a village..
– Tell us what happened next. You’re only telling the same thing.
– If you are in a hurry then go. My link will break. Understand? If you are scared, come closer.
Come close to me. Come. There was a huge bungalow
in that village. In that bungalow.. move. I’m fine now. I’m very much concerned about you. I sat between you both
so that you don’t get scared. Come close. Don’t be afraid.
I am there. Don’t be afraid.
I will tell you the story. If you want to go to bathroom.. ..or you feel thirsty,
don’t go alone. – Okay. I will come along. Where did I stop?
– In one village.. Say it softly.
Why do you give sound effects? Okay. Sorry. In that village is a house. House? Don’t act smart. I wonder when they will reform. In that house,
there was cool breeze blowing. There was rain and lightning too. No, it is my story.
Don’t give me suggestions. I won’t care that you’re my
brother’s children. I will slap you. Raghav, won’t you have food?
– I am coming, mother. I forgot the story. I’ll probably remember after
having food. – Where are you going? If you forgot the story
then we will remind you. Listen to us. I will listen to the story only if
you tell it without background music. Without it there won’t be thrill
in the story. You may find it thrilling.
My heart may stop beating. Don’t get scared like children. Your ghost has two hands
and two legs. My ghost has 10. And five heads. – I get scared of
ghosts with two hands and two legs. Don’t call the ghost
with 10 hands and 10 legs. Wait. Listen to my story now. What you said was just a story,
but mine is scary. In it there is a witch
with long tresses. Along with the ghost, you also
called a witch? – Yes, uncle. Along with long tresses,
she also had big eyes. Red eyes. Are you hungry? Tongue. Long tongue. Uncle,
why are you putting your tongue out? With its long tongue,
it’ll suck the blood of the person. Mother! – He has started again! Get away. Let me go. He’ll come now to climb
on the waist. Uncle, I won’t spare you. Slowly. – What are you doing? Why do you behave like a child?
– Stop it. Have food. Raghav, come on,
you’ve grown up now. – What, mother? You’re of a marriageable age.. ..but you climb on waist
for mere things. After you get married,
what will you wife think? Get down. You are sitting on my waist
like a coward. You are my brave son, right? Get down. – No, mother. Get down. – No.. Get down. – No. – Get down. I sprained my waist. I’ll get back at you both
in the morning. Shut up. He got started again. Mother.. I’m scared. Where are you sitting?
Sit on your chair. Idiot. Brother, the dog is barking. Dogs will bark. They say that dogs bark
like this when they see a ghost. Mother. Raghav. – Mother. Please stop it. I just started eating.
– Please allow me to eat. He neither allows me to sleep
at night nor eat in peace. If I have a problem,
what can I do? Fatso, eat with your right hand.
– Okay. Hello, Priya. You have holiday for one week?
You are coming here? My younger sister
is coming here tomorrow. She has holidays. Are you excited? Have food. Sister-in-law. – Yes. Your sister is coming tomorrow?
– Yes. Down. Is she the same,.. ..when I saw her
at your wedding? No. She has now become
bold and beautiful. Totally modern. She looks like a model.
She’s taller than you. That’s okay, I’ll use a stool. She is stylish than you.
– I will change my style. She’s fairer than you.
– Never mind, I’ll use powder.. Sister-in-law. Talk about anything,
but not my complexion. You’ve now become courageous. When kids were telling you a story.. ..you climbed on mother’s waist
getting scared. Shut up and eat. I don’t want to eat. Come with me. What are you doing? Let me eat.
– You don’t eat, allow her to eat. He will kill me one day. You told me ghost stories
when I was a child.. ..to make me eat and sleep. Now you blame me? Listen. – Yes. Go to bathroom or wear a diaper. I won’t wake me up at night. Alright. – Oh, my God. Mother. – Now what? I want to go to toilet. Should I also remove your fly?
– What do you mean? You should be ashamed. Mother, am I a kid to call you
if I want to go to toilet? Then why are you troubling me? So that no ghost catch me
when I’m in the toilet. I will slap you. Go inside. – Come with me. Leave me. – Stand inside.
– I’m coming. Do it. Mother. – Now what? Sing a song. “Someone is missing..” Mother, I told you to sing,
not scare me. – I’m singing a song? What song is this? I’m not able
to urinate. Sing a good song. All right. I will sing. “Water, what’s your color?” ‘You are colorless.” Don’t urinate on me. Turn away. “Boiling water, falling water.”
– Here it is. “Waterfalls,
river water, sea water.” ‘You are colorless. Water.” Wonderful. – “Wonderful water.” Water. – Hey mom, you rock. Zip yourself. What will I do about this boy? People deck their bedrooms
with beautiful things. But he is decking it with shoes. You were the one who taught
me all this when I was a kid. You were then a kid,
but you’ve grown up now. Spirit can enter
into the young and old. All this is futile. No spirit can cross the border
and come close to me. If it comes,
Lord Hanuman is with me. SANSKRIT Lord, save me from all spirits,
ghosts and witches. Okay? Mother. – Sleep. If you wake me up at 5, I’ll get
ready and go to pick up Priya. Sleep and also allow me to sleep.
The driver will pick her up. “Beautiful youth..” “Beautiful girlfriend.”
– “I’m waiting, come.” Raghav, who are you waiting for? I’ve been watching,
you’re seeing here and there. What is it? – Nothing, mother.
My friend was supposed to come. For which friend you’ve been standing
here since morning to welcome him? I know all your friends. You had bath,
sprayed perfume and.. ..standing here since morning
like a hero. There is something. I have bath every day and get ready. But it is different today. Don’t teach me. Something is fishy. – Really? Something is fishy. – My mother
is becoming cunning day by day. Why hasn’t she come yet? Priya is here. Come soon. She shouldn’t know I was waiting
for her since morning. After she comes inside,
I will make a casual entry. Come fast. Why is he dancing? – Priya. Priya. – Hi. How are you? – I’m doing good. Bless me, aunt. – Get married soon
and have many children. Bless me too. – Same to you. Hi, aunt. – Hi, aunt. How are you? He is a kid in big packet. – Mother. Hi. – Hi. Such a sudden unannounced visit? Look at that!
As if he didn’t know she was coming. I was just going out,
I see her all of a sudden before me. Then why did you
keep an alarm at 5:00? So, how is everything. – Everything? You are very beautiful. I enquired about you. How are you?
– Me? I am fine. You have a wonderful dressing sense. Thanks. – Always dress up like this. Brother in law, control.
– Nice. I like it. Priya, couldn’t you wear
some other dress? I’m wearing decent clothes only
because I was coming to your house. Otherwise, I wear
skimpy clothes at home. Wow. You look very beautiful
in these long clothes. These clothes reveal
more than covering. Why? It is so soft.
What’s wrong with this? If not at young age,
will she wear it.. ..when she becomes old like me?
– Exactly. My husband never allowed me
to wear such clothes. Otherwise,
I would’ve looked beautiful too. Even I was a damsel. – Mother. Even you wore such clothes? Raghav. – Mother. I maybe old,
but I’m still beautiful. Do you want to see how many
drowned in the swimming pool? “I became crazy
looking for my Ranjha.” “Ranjha, I can’t live
without you.” Enough. Raghav, wasn’t I looking hot? Terrible. – What do you mean? I mean terrific. Don’t compliment me. I feel shy. Sister-in-law. – Yes. Did you also wear clothes like these
before you got married to my brother? Brother-in-law, it’s wise
not to reveal all the secrets. By the way, great look. Go and freshen up. Go. Kids, go with aunt. – Bye, Priya. Sister-in-law, come here.
– Now what? I’m going now to play cricket. On my way back.. ..if you want me to buy something
what Priya likes, you can tell me. I’m in this house
for so many years.. ..you never bought
even a small gift for me. Sister-in-law,
how can you both be same? – Why? You are my sister-in-law.
– And Priya? She is my dream girl. – Since when? Just a compliment. She doesn’t like gifts.
She likes the beach. But I can’t buy beach today. You practice batting today and
play cricket tomorrow in the beach. Okay. Beach. You, me and beach. Here you are. You called me to play cricket,
but why are you all standing here? Apparently a building is coming up there. Building is coming up there? – Yes. Mark here at 10 feet.. Whenever I set out
with the intention to play.. ..no one can come
in between my bat and ball. Does anyone know a new ground? I remember. There is a ground nearby, Raghav. It’s been vacant since many days.
No one goes there. If we can clean it up, we can play.
– Okay. How much longer?
– We are almost there. This is the ground. Wow. Perfect place to play cricket. It will be great fun
to even hit sixer. Start cleaning. Here, sprinkle water. You too. Hit it. Hit it hard. Hit it hard. The surface is hard.
Don’t you have strength? Stop. Hit it hard. Hit it hard.
– Give me the bat. I will hit. I think we need something heavy. Hit it hard. – Hit it hard. Go and bowl. Give the ball. I think it’s going rain. Raghav. – Tell me. What’s going on? The clouds have turned black.
I hope there’s no ghost here. Is it necessary to play in the dark? No. Let’s go from here.
– Alright. – Let’s go. My stump. Forget the stump. Run from here. Wait. Don’t leave me alone. Come fast. – Hurry up, Raghav. Hurry up. – Sit on the bike fast. Go, go, go. As soon as we started playing there,
there was storm. You look wonderful in this outfit. Where is this stink coming from? Kamakshi! – What happened? Coming. What happened? There’s awful smell from this bag. Yes. Such a terrible stink. Did I say it in English? Don’t get angry. Come and have food. I will ask brother-in-law
what he has kept in the bag. I will have it cleaned at once. Sit. Brother-in-law, come fast.
– Yes, sister-in-law. I’m coming. What’s this bad smell from your bag? What? From my bag? – Yes. Bad smell? – Yes. I think you didn’t find anyone.. I took this to the new ground
to play that’s why it’s stinking. Where is chutney?
– Brother is calling, go. Coming. I’m bringing
the chutney right away. How did I get here? Mother. Sorry. – No problem. Mother, please come fast! I’m coming! He doesn’t even allow me
to eat in peace. What happened? Why do you keep calling me? I wanted to wash the stumps
and the guard, so.. So, should I stand out
as a bodyguard? Go. Thanks. – Go fast. Why is this red in color? Maybe it is the red sand? Mother, is the smell gone?
– Take it away. He is such a pain. What do I do about him? Sister-in-law. – Yes. Check now if it stinks. Even you have nose.
Smell it yourself. Raghav. – Brother. Don’t keep your cricket bag there. Keep it in the store room.
– Yes. Keep it in the store room. Go. – Brother’s stooge.. – Go. I will go. What happened, mother? Were you both quarreling? I heard someone crying. Yes, the sound was coming from here. I didn’t hear anything.
We were asleep. Okay. Go sleep. Are you alright?
– Yes, I’m alright. You go sleep. Who is it? Who is there? The one who has fear within
also fears his own shadow. Even I got scared
seeing my own shadow. All this is imagination. I’m such a fool. Ghosts don’t exist. I shouldn’t get scared. Shubbu. Shubbu, what are you doing here? Shubbu. Shubbu. What happened? Tell me what happened? Tell me. – Oh God. What are you doing here
at such late hour? I was sleeping inside. I heard someone’s voice,
hence I came out to check. I don’t know what happened
after that. You silly.
Even I heard someone crying. Must be dog or cat. What was the need to wander out? Even the ghost will get heart attack
if it sees you in this pose. Go and sleep. No, it wasn’t an animal.
It was probably ghost. Pay attention on work. There is no ghost. Go and sleep. Even if it comes,
it will get scared of me. Mother, it’s me. You looked worried, hence I followed
you to make sure you are fine. But you turned out
to be more coward.. ..than brother-in-law
and you scared me too. I’ll kick you. Lift me up. Alright, I will lift you. Come on, get up. I will help you.
– Why are you holding my leg? Hold my hands. Give me your hands. Come on. I’m dead.
– Why did you get so scared? This woman.. ..she got scared and scared me too. She claims she saw a ghost. Ghost! Ghost! Stop yelling. If Raghav hears you,
he will come running. Look, he is coming. – Ghost! Brother-in-law,
you’ve climbed the wrong tree. It doesn’t make any difference. You just got to save yourself from
the ghost. – If your brother sees.. ..he will kill me. Sorry. Mother. – Can’t you see me
sitting down? Put your foot down. I said put your foot down. Why don’t you climb on that tree?
It’s strong. – Where is it? Stop! Aunt, catch. – Catch. She is wearing blue and me too.
– Catch. Come on. Matching clothes.
Made for each other. What are you
gawking at me for? I like your look very much. – Hey. Kids, come here.
– What happened, uncle? Your mother wants you
in for breakfast. Go. Yes, we will go.
– Kids are very cunning. You’ve worn this dress
to play with the kids? I am a model. I will do everything in modern dress
and it’s my style. And I am a common man. To do things
like a common man is my style Shut up. ‘Shut up’? Don’t speak in English.
I don’t like it. Why? – I’m weak in English. She laughed that means she’s falling
for me. I will propose to her. You look beautiful when you laugh. You look gorgeous when you shy away.
– Stop it. When you turn around,
you look amazing. – Please stop it. Sister-in-law. – What happened now?
What did you do? I need to talk to you. – About what? It is important. Not by me,
but it is surely possible by you. What is possible by me? – The thing
that is not possibly by me. Tell me clearly. Sister-in-law.
– Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Your sister.. – My sister? Your sister.. – Tell me. I love her. How dare you? Did you propose to her or not? Sister-in-law, where is your feet.
– Bless you. What’s going on between
sister-in-law and brother-in-law? Have you become his love guru? I was giving him tips about love. My sister and he would
make a wonderful couple. – Got it? That’s right. If his complexion and
her complexion gets mixed up.. ..what’d be the complexion
of their children? Are you my mother? – What? Are you my real mother? Look, what he is.. – Is it my fault? Your husband was dark.
Is it my fault? It was you who gave me birth, right? Don’t get angry. Calm down.
– What do I do? I can tolerate everything.. ..but if someone comments
on my complexion, I get very angry. Alright. You’re on the fire of love. How do you know
she reciprocates your love? Why do you think she is here
to spend her vacation? We are in love with each other. We just need
to propose to each other. For that, I have an awesome idea.
– What idea? Let’s go out together. If she sees me dancing
with other girls,.. ..she herself will confess her love. Wow. What an idea, brother-in-law.
– Good idea. I can’t dance.
We’ll only go outing. – No problem. We will go. But I can dance. – I will.. Priya. Good morning. I came to spend
my vacation with you. But you are doing
Garbha with other girls? Not doing Garbha, I will dancing. Even Garbha is a dance format. Why did you slap me? Sorry. Just sorry won’t do. I love you. He managed to woo her. Dear! Wake up. I said wake up. Wake up fast! I don’t know where
your concentration is. There is no salt in the chutney. I’m trembling with fear and you are
licking chutney in your dream? Wake up. Listen to me. Why are you troubling me? Horse is moving of its own accord. You bought a horse
and you never told me? It’s not real horse,
but a wooden horse. Move, horse. Stop talking rubbish
and come with me. Come. Come. I will show you. – Coming. Are you okay? I’m sorry. If it turns out to be a lie,
I’ll turn you into a horse. I’m telling the truth. I know. Come, I will show you. God, protect us. See, I told you it is
moving on its own accord. Something is really wrong,
otherwise this wouldn’t happen. Leave my hand.
– Where are you going? Don’t leave me alone.
I’m getting very scared. It stopped. It stopped. I’m such a fool.
It was moving because of the wind. Wooden horse. – I know. It was moving because of the wind.
– I understood. Then why did you spoil my sleep? I’m sorry.
– You ruined me my sleep.. I’m sorry. – Shut up. If you wake me up again,
I will thrash you. Understand? I’m going to bed, don’t wake me up.
– Don’t leave me alone. Everyone create their own stories. It is due to incomplete sleepy. Otherwise, I don’t.. What? – You had left me alone. Come. I have to catch the flight
at 5 a.m. to Bangalore. And you wake me up
saying horse is moving. You never told me
about your trip. I informed you now. Sleep. “Wooden..” Where are you going? Today is Goddess Saraswathi festival. So sister asked
me to drape a sari, so.. I see. You look beautiful in this sari. But this isn’t how you wear a sari. I will help you. Like this.. Today is festival.
Control at least today. “Hail Lord Hanuman..” Kids, where are you? Raghav! – What happened, mother? Go and bring the things fast.
We need to perform veneration. I’ll bring my bike. How can you bring a bike inside.
I will kick you. Bring small thing for the veneration.
– Small things.. I’ll bring my cricket bat.
– Bring it fast. Are you done with the veneration?
– No. Goddess Saraswathi,
I should win all the matches I play. Raghav, break this coconut for me. This flooring is too expensive. Where can I break it then? On my head. Use your mind. Mind.. – Wait, take this, break it. Can you break it in one shot? I’m sure you will be impressed. Let’s see. Hey! What a power. Super. – Super? Did you break the coconut? – Mother. Give me the coconut. – Here. What is this you showing me? I asked you to
break the coconut into two. You’ve shattered it to pieces. Mother.. – Aunt. Your son has super power. He broke the coconut
to bits and pieces in a jiffy.. Yes, mother. Even I didn’t
know the extent of my power. Did you have to show your might
on a coconut? Shall I show you mine? God, where will
I bring another coconut from? Go inside.
Time to go to the temple. This was bound to happen.
– Mother? Must have been the wind. Why did the camphor go off?
– Don’t worry, I’ll be back. Here. This lemon has been blessed
by Goddess. Keep it with you. Keep it under your pillow
when you sleep. – Okay. Everything will be fine. Thank God the priest
gave me this lemon. Hail Goddess. Throw the sanctified lemon
given to you. Throw it out. Throw it out. Greetings, priest. Greetings. Sit down. We are troubled a lot.
Please help us. – What trouble? Some evil force has entered
our house and troubling us. Strange things are taking place. We hear voice screaming
and crying at night. And when we go out to check.. ..it comes before us and disappears. Suddenly an apparition
appears before us. Why didn’t you tell me
about it earlier? Raghav doesn’t get down
from my waist. The lemon you gave for protection.. ..the evil power forced me
to throw it away. Priest, please show us a way
to come out of this trouble. Let’s go inside
and discuss about it. You want to find out.. ..if there’s evil force
in your house, right? – Yes. I have a book. I will look into it
and give you an idea. If you follow it, you will find out.
– Okay. Lord Shiva’s favorite
is the third eyed coconut. Place it in the centre of your house. And you have to pray to God
to protect your family. If there is an evil force,.. ..the coconut will swirl
and point to the direction.. ..where it is lurking. This is the first idea. We will do as you say. Priest, if this idea doesn’t work,
please tell us another idea. I’ll tell you. – Please hurry up. Cook a feast.. ..and bring a cow to eat it.. ..in the centre of your hall. The cow has to eat the feast. If the cow runs away
without eating the feast.. ..it will confirm that there’s
evil force present in your home. Priest, if this idea doesn’t work,
please tell us another idea. This will be the last
and frightening ordeal. Why, priest? In the last ideas.. ..the evil force
will not cause harm to you. I’m sure about it. But the last idea is different. By doing this,
one of you can also die. Why are you scaring us, priest? Switch of all lights in the house. Light a single lamp and
place it in the centre of the home. One of you shed a drop of blood.. ..into the lamp and
step out and close door at once. And you will have to wait. If evil force
is present in your home.. ..it will come before you. It is a very difficult idea. Isn’t there a short cut? – No. You are supposed to hatch a plan
to send Raghav out of this place. And not walk on the grass
like a buffalo. Don’t worry, mother.
I’m thinking of an idea. I got it. – What? I got an idea. – What idea? I’ll send my sister back home
claiming my dad is sick. How will we benefit
if your sister goes back? It will benefit. If she goes,
brother-in-law will go behind her. Wonderful idea.
You are so intelligent. Only today I learnt that you’re
intelligent. – All your blessing. Raghav is coming. Start your act. Why are the two
sitting like this today? Why are the two sitting,
facing opposite directions? She is facing east and
she is facing west. Why? Maybe my mother did not
fall at your mother’s feet today. I think she’s right.
– Is that so? Sister-in-law. Go away. You fell down? Never mind. I got a call. My dad is unwell. You are crying as if he died. A ripe mango can fall anytime. Brother is not in town. Shall I book a train ticket for you? I can’t go. I will send Priya.
– Priya? Mother. – You are making such noise? My heart is in deep pain. Since your dad is unwell. That’s what I just told you. I didn’t listen. Mother. Mother. – What, my dear? Is your heart aching? Sister-in-law’s father.. Your heart started aching
when you heard your uncle is sick? My son is so softhearted. Never mind.
You go along with Priya. – Really? Did you see how the pain vanished? Also take these kids along. Sister-in-law,
I won’t take them along. Only Priya and I will go. We’ll also come. – Brother-in-law. If my dad meets them,
he will feel happy. What happened? Her father is unwell and
she set out on a ramp walk. Be quiet. Priya, father is unwell. Father is unwell? What are you doing? Put her hand. – I think she will
faint after hearing the news. So I held her before itself.
– Shut up. Leave her. Go and get ready. Sorr. – Go. Go fast. Go. Hurry up. – Let’s go. Go and get prepared. Now we have lots of work to do. Listen, come in with the cow
when we tell you. Until then wait right here.
I’m scared of cows. – Me too. Keep it there. Praise be to Lord Shiva. Praise be to Lord Shiva. Praise be to Lord Shiva. Praise be to Lord Shiva. There is no evil spirit in our house. Coconut swirled, mother. – Yes. Come on. Let’s try the idea
of feeding the cow now. Mister, come in.
Bring the cow in. Please eat the feast. Please eat the feast. Why are you seeing around? Catch it! Catch it! Catch it! My cow! There’s evil force in this house.
Go away. Run away from here. We know that. Get lost. Do you now believe that
there’s evil force in this house? Why do we have
to do the blood test? Let’s go from here. – Wait. My husband built this house
with so much hard work and love. I don’t have
the heart to abandon it. Let’s do this one last test. If nothing happens,
we will live happily in this house. Please co-operate. – Okay. I will switch off the main power. All the Gods, please help us. Save us from ghost. Goddess. Don’t leave me alone
and abscond like that. That’s why I brought you here. We are yet to drop the blood.
A drop of blood.. Hurry up. And let’s go from here. Goddess. Hurry up. I don’t want to die here. Hurry up. Hurry up. Make it fast. Why are you hitting me?
– Cut it fast. If I poke, it will be painful. You will die and get me killed too. Do it fast. If you can’t, I will do it.
– Oh, my God. On one side is the ghost and
on the other is my daughter-in-law. If you don’t cut,
I will become a ghost. Hurry up. It’s done,
let’s go from here. Why are you pulling
my tresses? I will become bald. Close the door. Look. I can you see
a shadow there. – Wait. I can also see a shadow. It tasted the blood,
it’s confirmed now. What happened? Why are you both crying? Don’t cry. Stop crying. Remove that sari from your head. Tell me what happened? What do I tell you, priest? I saw it myself.. ..a black shadow
came to our house and.. ..and licked my blood. Can you exorcise it
from our home, priest? Look, I told you all the idea I knew. You will have to call a tantric
who exorcises ghosts. Priest, it has captured my house. The root is clear now. My husband built the house
with so much love. Please help. I can’t help you more than this. Maybe he’s scared. How will he help us?
– What did you say? I helped you and you call me
a coward? Go away from here. Baba, please come out. A ghost has entered into our house. Please drive it away.
Please come. – Please come. Hail to Lord. No. Please come. – Please come. Listen,
we gave an ad just last night.. ..and we already got a customer? I think we will do well in the
business of driving away ghosts. Yes, boss. And we can also
make extra money in this business. Don’t call me boss. I was your boss
when we were in jail. Now, you are my disciple
and I am your Guru. Please come in. Come in. – Come in. I think we have come
to a wrong place. – No. I think.. they have locked us in.
– Stop. Let’s go. – I said sit down. Listen. Look a good look at this place.
I think this place is surely haunted. Boss, don’t think much.
There is no ghost in this house. We just need
to open the mantra book.. ..and pretend to be tantric.. ..and take lot of money and leave.
– Do it fast. “It is you.” Give it to me. What mantra is this? Movie songs? Have you come here
to drive away the ghost.. ..or play antakshari with it? We were caught
because of you last time. Take out the book of mantras. I picked the wrong book.
This is the right one. Let’s sing the mantras. Stop it! Boss, usually I am the mimic,
but you are doing it today? Not mine,
it was someone else’s voice. Oh my God. Yes boss, even I saw
a thing like ghost. – Me too. We were fine in the jail.
Save my life. For four people to live,.. ..it doesn’t matter
if we sacrifice one life. Who are those four? Me, my wife and my two kids. I hit you. Who hit me? Baba, what happened?
– What happened? We have caught it. It is in this. – Really?
– I will release it in the sea. We are already petrified.
Why are you scaring us more? Will it come back to our house? Not at all.
It is safe in it. It is locked. Priest, where are you clothes? Seeing the attire of the sage,
the ghost ran away. That’s why we take off our attire. Seeing us without attire,
it came out and challenged us. And then we had
two rounds of wrestling with it. And Guru thrashed it. But it looks like your Guru
got thrashed. My Guru didn’t get thrashed.
He is in sleep asan right now. He does it after fighting
with the ghost. – Is that so? II had paid you Rs.20000,
but I’ll pay you Rs.30000 now. Give it. – Here. Here. Go and clean the house from inside. I will clean him from outside. Go. Get up. Guru. Get up. He looks confused. I think
he will ask the usual questions. Where am I? – Here he is. Do you know me? No. Then the money is all mine.
– Only if you are alive. Hope it has less sugar. – Yes. How was your Bangalore trip?
– Excellent. Here. Was everything alright
during my absence? Yes, we had a wonderful time. Where are Raghav and the kids? We.. sent them to her dad’s place
since he was unwell. – Really? We sent the drive. They will be
here any moment. Here they are. Mother. – Hi. You got started as soon as you came? You are having alone?
Won’t you offer me? Priya is our guest.
I will offer her not you. He has become
a womanizer after marriage. Mother. – Yes. You missed me a lot, didn’t you? The ghosts never made me feel so.
– Really? – Yes. Did the ghosts slap your face? Not ghosts, your sister-in-law.
– What? Sister-in-law. What have you done?
– Mother. I’m sorry. – No problem. Kidding.
– Oh, kidding. I was just kidding. “If you want to come with me,
shake it and move with me.” “Can you just do it, O baby?” Raghav. “If you want to come with me,
shake it and move with me.” Raghav. Get up and come to my room.
– Your room? No, mother will wake up. If you don’t, I’ll go away tomorrow.
I’ll never come back. Come. Get away. Leave me, don’t touch me. Why did you come now?
You refused initially? Leave me. Sorry, one. Sorry, two. Sorry three. I will tell sorry.. What are you doing in my room? How did you get here? How did you come from here? What are you doing here? If aunt see, what will she think? Even I said the same thing. I was sleeping. You brought me here. You then went this way
and coming from the bathroom. What black magic is this?
– What did you say? I brought you here?
You are mad about me. You must be dreaming
in the middle of the night. And reached here sleep walking. Is that so? Earlier,
dreams used be like trailers. This dream was like a complete film. Yes. Since your love for me is long
and strong. Leave now. What’s going on?
– Raghav, leave from here. Was it really a dream? Leave. – Everything was fine.
How did it..? Go. – I’m going. I’ve come so far,
I will surely do it. Raghav. Listen to me. Please go from here. Kiss me just once. I will calm down. Raghav, what happened? Nothing. You are leaving tomorrow, right?
Leave in the morning. Okay? You didn’t like the kiss?
– I did like it, but.. ..you are still young. Leave tomorrow. Okay? I gave you what you asked. So what? Was it a favor.
If not you, who will kiss me? Sleep.
You have to leave tomorrow. Shankar! Go home and call me. Prepare well for your exams. You must score high marks. Will you keep talking to her
or also let them romance? – Why not? What are you saying, mother? There’s nothing I want to tell her.
Let her go. There’s nothing you want to tell me? We talked all these days,
aren’t you happy? Did you both fight? Sister-in-law,
she must focus on studies. She has exams. Why talk about love? Leave. – I’m going.
Remember, I will never call you. Raghav, you should’ve pacified her? Is she a kid to pacify?
– Forget that. Tomorrow is your brother’s
and sister-in-law’s wedding day. We need to go shopping. Let’s go. Listen, your choice is unique. First,
let’s buy sari for sister-in-law.. ..and then clothes for brother. Come. What color do you like? I like whatever color you like. Look, it should be very costly. My son is rich. Look, this is your mother’s choice
from the roadside. Just Rs.150. Doesn’t it look rich? You pick the sari. What about this color?
– Not that good. Alright. Show me that red sari. Show me even that one. Oh my. Show me even that red sari. Yes, this one. Wow. Son, why are you picking
all the red saris? Do you like red, Kamakshi? But I liked it. Make your wife wear the sari
of your choice. Show me all the red saris. Hurry up. Take out all the red saris. Hurry up. Even that one. Have you gone mad?
Why are you talking like a female? You are disturbing me a lot.
I will try the saris. Okay? He must be kidding. Excuse me, sister. Are you finished? Even I need to try the saris. Look over there. He’s putting us to shame
before the entire shop. Let’s check on him. How does this sari look on me?
Please tell me. – Has he gone mad? What’s this? – Tell me how I look?
– What are you doing? Nice color, isn’t it?
I look good in it, don’t I? Don’t walk away without telling me. Remove the sari.
– Looks good, right? Take it off. – I’m wearing it
after a long time. I lost practice. Looks good, isn’t it.
– I said take it off. Get away. Why are you disturbing me? Do I wear sari every day? You should praise me. Praise you? Should I praise you more? Did you hit me? – Yes. Why? – What’s all this? What’s this?
Did you find only me to try the sari? What will people think of me? Did we make you wear sari?
What’s he blabbering? If not you then did I wear it myself? Make him understand?
– What are you saying? Mother talks rubbish. At least you should’ve
thought about me. I am going home. He put us to shame.
– This is too much. Why are you so silent?
Tell us what happened? – Alright. I’m sorry. Okay? You didn’t drape the sari
in the shop, I did. Okay? Why are you sitting upset?
– Since you confessed, I’m not angry. Why is she tense.
Did she lose something? Kamakshi, today is your wedding day. You should be with Ram.
What are you doing here? What are you looking for? I’m looking for my bangles. I don’t know where I kept them.
I looked everywhere. You’ve been forgetting things
these days. You must’ve kept them
in the cupboard. Go and check.
– Yes, she must’ve kept them there. “It is wedding night, she is..” Dear. Wake up. How do the bangles look? Tell me.
I’m wearing them after a long time. Hear the sound. – Brother-in-law. How do the bangles look?
– What are you doing? How do the bangles look? Tell me.
– No! Get up. Listen.. – How many times will you
wake me up? I’m human not machine. God.
You only have that on your mind. Will you continue to sleep
or listen to me? – What happened? Come up and see
what your brother is up to. My brother is in love
with your sister. He won’t do anything to you.
– Come and have a look. He’s wearing my bangles and
showing them off. – Stop it. Look, I’m up now.
What do we have to do? Tell me. There’s nothing we have to do.
Come with me.. ..I will show you what’s going on.
– I see. Let’s go. Come. – Show me. Come on. Go upstairs. – Come quietly. Come. Come. Where is my brother?
– He was right here. Did he disappear? I saw him right here. – Stop it. I will show you where my brother is.
Come with me. Come. Oh, my God. Excuse me. Hello. – I have something
very important to tell you. Don’t faint. Tell me what happened? Your brother applies
turmeric paste and bathes. I will right back in a minute. What rubbish are talking? Look, I’m telling the truth. Last night you said he wears bangle. Now, you say he applies
turmeric paste and bathes. Tell me that he also wears sari. One more thing. He also tried sari. When we went to the shop centre
to shop, he tried red sari. What happened? Why are you crying? You did disturb me at night, but if
you disturb me when I am at work.. ..I really get mad with you. What did you say? – I’ll get angry. I’m already angry. Is that so? You’ll also be thrashed.
I will come home and teach you. Kamakshi! How could you? – Why are you yelling this way? Do I go to office to work
or hear you blabbering? Last night you said.. ..Raghav wore
bangles and dancing upstairs. Today you say he anointed himself
with turmeric powder,.. ..while I am at work.
– I knew. You’ll not believe me. I have kept turmeric and vermillion. He will come here, have bath
with turmeric paste, adorn himself.. ..only then you’ll realize.
You can see it yourself. If you tell something
about my brother.. Hey, don’t hit her. Stop!
She’s right. What? Are you both
out of your mind? In the shop on your wedding day.. ..that’s what he did, picked all the
red saris draped one on himself. When I slapped him, he asked
me if I had draped that sari on him! He would have been just playful. I too thought so. But she showed me the
bathroom after he had showered. Whole floor was yellow with
turmeric powder. Also yellow footprints. Is this called being playful? Where is he now?
– Who knows? When will he come?
– I don’t know. – I see. Will a man use turmeric?
In no house will this happen. But it’s happening in this house.
– Shut up! – What is it? Let him come.
If you are proved wrong.. ..then I will teach you
both a lesson. Let Raghav come home. Finished your homework?
– Yes. Even I finished mine.
– Listen, Raghav! Where did you go? I went out. You seem tired. Did you eat?
– No. – Shall I give you? – Yes. Go take a shower, we can eat. Brother-in-law, the geyser
in your room is not working. You do this, have bath
in my bathroom. I will get the geyser
repaired tomorrow. Okay. – Where is the chutney?
– You go. He’s going in for his shower.
– Hurry up. You go and see it yourself.
– I want this. Children, have food and go
into your rooms. – Hurry up. What’s he doing? He looked at the turmeric powder.
Then he looked all around. He’ll check then rub it on him.
Watch him. Go. Why are you vibrating
without a ringtone? Stop shivering and see him.
– Listen, stop shivering. Did you see? You are shivering
seeing his reality? You were right, Kamakshi. He ruined the dignity of our house
in turmeric powder. When I told you the truth,
you were shouting at me. Now you know the truth? Are you hurt?
– Move aside. Let me see. Come. How do I climb? Mom! Children, did you have food?
– Yes. You go into your room
and do your homework. Good night, father.
Good night, uncle. Bye. Go to sleep soon.
– Good night. Sister-in-law.
– Yes? Serve me chicken piece. Sure. – Give me soon. That’s enough. Raghav, are you
taking part in any play? Why, brother? Why are you behaving like this? Tell me something. Your wife asked me
in the morning.. ..whether I was wearing her bangles
and walking on the terrace.. ..and you ask me
if I’m doing a play. Do I seem like a joker to you?
– Do we look like fools to you? What’s turmeric powder
doing on your feet? No, why are you hiding it? Stop looking at me.
Answer me. I don’t know. How can turmeric be on your
feet without your own knowledge? Hey, answer your brother soon. Tell me, why are you quiet?
– I said I don’t know. You are lying. I saw you rubbing
turmeric paste with my own eyes. We all saw what you were doing! Is mother lying? Hey, can’t you talk? What’s all this going on? Hands off me! Raghav. Brother, what happened to you? You found out? You found out? Have you all found out? Okay, forget it.
– What do you mean ‘forget it’? What’s happened to you
Why are you behaving like a female? Move your hand. – Tell me,
why did you apply turmeric paste? Leave my hand.
– What do you mean by that? You tell me, why did you apply
turmeric paste? I said, move your hand!
– Raghav! Answer me! – Move your hand!
– I’m telling you, answer me! Move your hand!
– Why don’t you speak? Move your hand! Will you touch me? Dear! What happened
to you, get up! You were touching me.
Touch me now. Come on. Touch me now.
Come on. Why do you look paralyzed?
Touch me. Leave him. – Don’t touch me! Go away! I will thrash you. – No! How dare you touch me?
Wretched man. If a man touched you,
won’t you get angry? I did right by getting
angry at him, right? Yes, right.. Yes, he was asking me
why I applied turmeric paste. Naturally only a woman will.
Do you expect a man to do so? Scoundrel, tell me. He is lying as if
he fell unconscious. Who cooked? I asked who cooked food.
– I did. It is very tasty. Oh God, why is he eating
with his left hand? Mom, don’t go near him. Raghav, why are you
behaving strange? You hit your brother
so brutally. You are eating from
your left hand now. Raghav, what happened to you? Raghav, what happened to you?
– Keep quiet! Why are you talking in Urdu? Wretched woman, a Muslim is
bound to speak in Urdu.. ..do you think I’ll speak in Tamil? You think I’ll speak Tamil? I’m eating after many days. If you interfere.. ..I will kill everyone at home. Understand? Son, eat slowly. Wow, is this all for me? This is chicken 65.
– I’m 62 years old. This is a chicken piece! This is a chicken piece!
– Had I had to cook chicken today? I will not eat this
chicken piece here. I will go there in the corner
and have it. Hey Chetak! Come out. Stop. Very good, Chetak. Dad – What, my son? I want to urinate. Shall I eat chicken
and then urinate.. ..or urinate and
then eat chicken? Urinate and then eat. Unzip me. It’ll get caught
and pain if I do it myself. Careful, father. Zip is moving by itself.
– Yes done, I’ll go now. Dad, some fatso
is lying in the way. Move to that side. Why are you crying? Shut up! First tell me who he is.
– My husband. You are supporting him?
Go up. Shall I send you also up?
– Super. Super? Oh.. Bring me down. Please, get me down.
– Why are you screaming? I am petrified.
Bring me down. – You are petrified? If you come down
you shouldn’t support this fatso. I have no idea who he is. Then come down. Brother-in-law,
thank you very much. Okay, good.
– Forgive me. Go stand there. Go. And you. I love your smile.
Let me go and urinate. Attack.. – Oh. Chicken, wait here. Okay? You sit quietly. A.. B.. Dad, I decorated
the wall with A and B. Shall I add a ‘C’? You talk so much. ‘Dear, he wore my bangles. He draped my sari.
He took my dot. He took my flowers.’ If you keep complaining,
I will slash your neck. I have an important job. Until I don’t finish it.. ..if you hassle me before that
and hinder my progress, then.. Understand? Then, keep quiet!
I’ll take leave. Take him to a doctor. My one son is lying unconscious
and the other is becoming insane. Priya, get into the car.
Hurry up. I am sending both the kids to you.
Take care of them. I’m sending them with the driver. Why are you so agitated, sister? A small problem here. As soon as I solve it
I’ll call them back. Listen, the way Raghav spoke
to you when you left.. ..it was not his fault. You don’t get angry. Sister, don’t talk to me about him. He’s innocent.
He doesn’t know anything. Maya (illusion) is making him
do all this. You mean, there’s a girl named
Maya in his life? Nothing like that.
Not the Maya that you are thinking. Sister, what are you saying? We are taking him
to the mosque tomorrow. He’ll soon be back to normal. Mosque? – Don’t question me. Give me two days.
I’ll solve everything and call you. Okay, sister.
– Call me as soon as the kids reach. Will Raghav be alright? Yes, you take care of the kids.
Call me when they reach there. Convey my regards to him.
– Okay. I’ll hang up now. My tank is about to burst,
let me go to the washroom. – No! If you leave me for a minute,
you are not my mother. Hey, I’m not leaving the world.
I’m just going to the bathroom. Why are you both
troubling me so much? I am so terrified
of Raghav, mother. Mother. Why are you scaring me?
I may pee here. Sorry.
Forgive me, dear. If you both are scared
and sit here.. ..who’ll take Raghav to the mosque?
Come on, get up. What? Take Raghav to the mosque?
I won’t come. I will come with you,
besides sitting here all night.. ..my legs are hurting.
– I won’t stay alone at home. Kamakshi,
you go to Raghav’s room. I will go the washroom,
you take them out until then. I don’t have the courage
to go to him. You come along. They both will get peace
only after my kidney fails. What kind of a daughter-in-law
I have got? You come that way. Son, get ready
to go to the mosque. Run, he might come out. Call him.
– You call him. Call him.
– You call him. Raghav.. Raghav. – Call loudly. Raghav! He’s here. Mom, come with me. Mother, I’m getting scared alone. He is getting scared
by scaring us. Mom, what have you
applied on brother’s face? We’re taking him to the mosque. Last night he had a nightmare.
– What? A nightmare? Yes, he is very scared. To cure him.. ..we are going to the mosque
for them to treat him. You also come along. I’ll also come, mother.
My whole body is aching. Feels like 10 people
smashed me. Did you hear anything?
– No, I didn’t. Did you hear?
– Yes, I did. Come, dear.
Let’s go. – Come. Let’s go. I don’t know which
ghost has surrounded us. What happened to him?
– Where are you going? I am checking the tyre.
– Son, you come with me. Everything is fine, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Go away, devil! Go away! You go ahead.
I’ll buy flowers and join you. Go away! Go! Come, touch this and pray. Come and pray. Devil, go away!
Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away! Come in. Come in. Son, come inside.
Oh God.. Why are you leaving me alone? Please come. Don’t leave me alone and go. Where are you going
leaving me with him? Come with me. Please come. Come in. Why are you lying there? Take him inside.
– Mom, you go with him. Have mercy on me. Let go off me. Let go off me.
– Come inside. Leave my hand.
– No, I won’t. Leave me. Leave me! I left you! Mom.. Sir, save my son. Save him. Come. I said come. I won’t come. I’ll show you now. Stay away from me. What happened? You ran away today,
but I know how to catch you. What happened? Demon ran away in fright.
– Very good. Baba, I hope he won’t return.
– Do as I tell you. Okay. Thank you.
Come on, darling. I can’t wait more. Let’s go inside the room soon.
– What’s happening? Got scared? – Yes. Must be some electrical flaw.
Even I got scared for a moment. No. Go away, no. Who are they? – My forefathers. I am leaving. – Get lost. You can die here alone!
– Hey! Will you go alone?
Take me along! I am scared. Then get up soon! I think they left. Demon, go away! This is not your place.
Go where you came from. He’s here. Priests, what are you doing here?
Don’t you have work in your mosque? Instead of praying there
why are you here? What are you looking at? Are you wondering
I got scared at the mosque.. ..but I came here bravely? That was your area. This is my area! Stop your chants. Stop your chants. I said stop your chants. Isn’t your name Salim? You stay in the back lane
of Dongri Naka, right? Your daughter just got married? Today is her
consummation night, right? She must be ready to consummate. If you wish her night
to be smooth… ..then stop chanting or I’ll show
her consummation to everyone. Do you want to watch it? My dearest daughter! Daughter? There’s more. Demon is misguiding you.
Don’t concentrate on him. No. Leave my daughter alone.
Please don’t harm her. Almighty, save her! Don’t do this.
She is not at fault. Oh Almighty, have mercy.
Leave my daughter. What? You didn’t leave? I’ll go.
– Stop! Priest. – Where are you going? What are you watching?
I’m there too. I’m here too.
Isn’t it nice? Go. Leave this place.
– I’ll go. Priest. – Don’t go, please! This is the best way. What happened to him?
– Ram! Come, demon.
– What say? Where you had come from.. Do I have to tell you specially?
Get lost. Get lost. You drew them both away. But you can’t make me go. I’m telling you, leave from here. Or you can’t be safe
from the sacred water. Hey demon.. Go away. No, no. No, no.
– Your time is up. Don’t sprinkle this on me. You can’t do this. Then leave Raghav’s body
and go away. – No. You cannot escape. You have to leave from here. Come out of Raghav’s body soon! I’m going. I’m going. Mother. Raghav, come here. Why are you hiding there, mom? I am too tired, you come here. Come here soon.
There is a ghost – Ghost? Hurry up! Mother! Ghost! Don’t come in the front. Stop crying.
Who are you? Answer me. Won’t you tell?
– I will tell you everything. My name is Kanchana. What is it? What? You tease? Geeta. Hey you! I believe you eve-tease her on the
road every time she passes by. You pass dirty comments on her.
You ask her to sleep with you? What happened now? Though she is like me,
she wants to become a doctor. She wants to do something
good for the society. But scoundrels like you
don’t spare people like us too. People like you
are not worth living. I will tell you what this
Kanchana can do. Take this.
– Listen to me. Don’t. Move, mom. Don’t do that. You move aside.
– Mom, please leave him. Kanchana!
Stop it. Put the stone down.
I said, put the stone down. Do you want to go to jail
by killing him? I always obeyed uncle Rahim
though I never obeyed anyone. My own parents despised me. Why don’t you die?
– Please, don’t hit me. We are getting humiliated by you. If we ask you to wear a watch
you wear bangles. Instead of putting on your pants
you parade in a skirt. You behave like a girl. Begetting you was my
biggest mistake. Go away! Dad, don’t hit me
I’ll try to change myself. But I am unable to. It’s not my fault. God made me like this. Dad, I had read it on internet too.. ..such behavior is because
of hormone changes. It’s not my fault.
Don’t send me away from home. Are you teaching me science?
Get lost. My own parents chased me out
as they learnt I’m a transgender. How could I explain it to them
that God made me such? When I was roaming the roads
then uncle Rahim supported me. Are you hungry? He was neither my family
nor my relative. But he understood my hunger. He took me to his place. Dad. Dad, I want to urinate.
Unzip me. You do it yourself. No, I’m unable to open it. Is that so? Go. Dad, shall I write A B C D on this?
– Okay. Are you wondering
why he’s urinating in the hall? He’s not like us.
He’s mentally weak. You eat. Yes, have it. Why are you crying? I told him my story. You’ll never cry hereafter. There’s Lord Shiva
on the right side. ..and you have Shakthi
on your left. If combined, you are a miracle,
you are Ardhanareeswar. What’s your name?
– Karthik. From today you are not Karthik,
but Kanchana. Father and son went to sleep. I thought deeply of my plight
that night about the society.. ..accepting transgender like me. Isn’t it true people hate us.. ..because we beg
or get into bad habits? I decided never to
travel that path. The one who gave me place, how could
I tell him that I want to study? But I wanted Krishna to study. He was like me and thrown
out of his house. He wanted to become a doctor. Uncle Rahim supported him
and gave him a name Geeta. People like uncle Rahim
are Godly. He took up the responsibility
of educating Geeta. No school was willing to admit her
as she was a transgender. Our school will be defamed.. ..if we admit such children. No one will admit
their children in our school. Sir, a guru is next to God. I wanted to become a doctor. But no one supported me. Even he wishes to
become a doctor. I couldn’t fulfill my dream,
but because of you.. He felt sympathy on us. He agreed to admit Geeta
in their school. Good people are still alive
in this world. Geeta studied well. But when Geeta was in final year,
we got a call from school. Our dreams turned into reality. I must tell you this. I first refused to admit
Geeta when she came to me. I thought if a transgender
studies in our school.. ..our school will be defamed
and no one would get admitted here. It is that same Geeta
who has brought glory to our school. Today because of Geeta,
we all are proud. It’s a record
in our Indian history.. ..that a transgender has secured
1st rank in medical.. ..and has got a scholarship. The name of our school
is famous in the entire world. Our lovely Geeta
is the reason for it. We all are proud of you, Geeta.
Give her a big hand. All credit of Geeta’s success
goes to her mother Kanchana. Had she not pacified me
to get Geeta admitted.. ..then we would’ve lost
a good student like Geeta. We are sending Geeta abroad
for further medical studies. So that she can
become a doctor. Thank you. – Now, I call upon
Geeta to come up on the stage.. ..and say a few words. Come on, Geeta. Respected chief guest,
our school principal.. ..and my teachers. I am very happy today. My dream is coming true. My mother is the
sole reason for my success. Mother, come up to the stage. Greetings to all. I think gratitude is an essential
virtue in this world. I need to thank three people here. If Geeta and I are
standing here before you.. ..main reason is Uncle Rahim. Had he not supported us.. ..don’t know
where we would’ve been. I’ve never seen God. But I’ve His form. Oh Almighty. If Geeta had not been
admitted in this school.. ..she could not
have achieved this. For giving scholarship.. ..to go abroad and pursue
her studies in medicine.. ..I thank our principal. Finally I thank Geeta
for making my dream come true. I have to share
something with you. Our government has
supported us extensively. People used to address us
with different names. But the government tagged
us transgender with respect. Why didn’t our family support us? I was beaten and throw out
of the house in childhood. Though I was their child.. ..they left me
on the road to suffer. If they had understood
and supported me.. ..I’d also have become
a doctor today. What wrong did I do? Did I smoke, drink,
gamble, or drugs? If I had done all this,
I am wrong. Is it wrong to be born like this? Geeta was also
thrown out of her home. She has achieved today. Not only this.. ..there are so many people
in the world, who are transgender. Still they achieved something
with their hard work. No matter which field it is,
doctor, engineers.. ..social workers, they are
on high post in this world. We transgender are no less. Superb! I have one request to you all. If you have a child like me
at home don’t make her an orphan. Don’t spoil her life. Treat her as your own child. Forgive me if I spoke out of turn.
Forgive me. Bless you, my child. Geeta, by working hard.. ..washing vessels
in everyone’s house.. ..and by doing petty jobs.. ..I saved Rs 25,00,000
for your education. Now that you have got a scholarship
you can do anything with this money. I too have a dream, mother. What is it, my dear? When I come back from abroad.. ..I want to open an hospital and
give free medical aid for the poor. I’m happy to hear this, dear. Don’t worry.
I’ll buy land with that money. After you complete your education,.. ..we can build a hospital.. ..and provide free treatment
for people. Okay? Geeta, our dream will
surely come true. I decided to fulfill
Geeta’s wishes. I bought a land in few days. I shared this news with Geeta.
She was ecstatic. I was very happy
my dream was coming true. But at that time… Kanchana, someone has
trespassed into your plot. Scoundrel! Go and check. You dare to touch me? Come! Come! Come, I’m waiting for you! Come. Come. Come. Am I a child to be
hoisted on to your waist? Are you a man? You are stabbing me behind my back.
Face me fair and square. Come! Tell me who sent you?
– Don’t hit me. MLA Shankar sent me.
Leave me. Let me go. I’m not at fault. I beg of you. Move, scoundrel! You’ll confiscate my land? Move! So you are MLA Shankar? Stop her!
– Don’t you have any brains? I bought this land with
a great difficulty. Didn’t you feel ashamed
to take a transgender land? Shameless man! Hey, who are you to stop Kanchana?
Go away! Hey! – No! You idiot. You said Kanchana
was a woman. You never told me
she’s a transgender. Do you know that what
we have done is a big sin? If they curse us, our life
will become miserable. You are right.
Let’s not take that curse onto us. Let us give her land back. I made a mistake. I did this only for her. Now that she herself
wants to return it.. ..then why should I object? Hereafter, you won’t have
any problem from me. I acted in haste and anger. I didn’t realize you would be
such a gentleman. If possible, please forgive me. Keep these documents. Sorry. – It’s okay. No problem.
I’ll pick them up. Kanchana. What happened, Kanchana? Kanchana.. – Uncle Rahim.. They have confiscated
our land with deceit. When I came here,
then, uncle Rahim.. ..they played a charade
of returning that land. Kanchana. Uncle Rahim, they are.. ..not humans, but devils. Scoundrel! Uncle Rahim! You killed my father.
Father! Father! You killed my father. You killed my father! I won’t spare you! I won’t spare you! You killed my father! Why did you kill my father?
– Please, don’t hit him. Did you think this was real? It’s all a game.
– Really? Game? It’s a game. Will you play
the thief-cop game? I like playing thief-cop game.
– Okay, I’ll show you something. I even have a gun. Is it nice?
– Yes, it is. First you can shoot me. Then you can shoot yourself.
– Okay. It will be fun playing. I will shoot you. Shall I?
– Yes, shoot. Shoot. Shoot. I will shoot you.
– Shoot. I am dead. It is fun playing this game.
– You shoot yourself now. I’ll shoot myself.
– Okay, go ahead. It will be fun. Really.
– I’ll shoot. – Yes. Kanchana, it is fun
playing this game. We are playing. Shoot yourself.
– I’ll shoot myself. I won’t spare you. Shall I cast them in the sea? Are you mad? If they float on
the shore, it will be a police case. Poor Kanchana! She bought that land
with hard earned money. Let’s bury them
in that same piece of land. Her soul will rest in peace. Our sins will be washed away. She’ll disintegrate and merge
with that mud within a year. It is good fortune
to build a house.. ..where a transgender
has been buried. He buried all the
three of us in that land. The land that I had bought
with hard-earned money. Is this fair?
Tell me. What happened to you
was unjust I agree. But I can’t leave you free. They’ve come to me
believing in God. If I let you go.. ..then humans will
stop believing us. So, come inside this.
Come on! No. Don’t confine me to that. Today is full moon night. I must somehow kill Shankar. Only then
Geeta will get that land. She’ll build a hospital there and
she’ll treat the poor for free. After I kill Shankar,
I’ll be at peace. Give me some grace time.
Just some time. Won’t you come? Please don’t sprinkle
sacred water on me. – Come. No, I’ll come. I’ll come. I’ll come.
– I said come. Bring Raghav here. Get up. Priest is calling.
Get up. – I won’t come. Don’t get scared, son.
The spirit came here because of you. You played cricket in that
awful place and brought it here. Come on. Come. Hope the ghost won’t come out. O Almighty, keep the spirits away. Tie this talisman
around his wrist. I’ll throw this in the sea. You should ensure the talisman
doesn’t fall off his wrist.. ..for three days. If it does,
this spirit will return. Careful. I’ll take leave. Go away, devil! I’ll not spare you, Shankar! I told you that all my men
are disappearing one by one. You said you would
solve this problem. I dreamt someone threatening
to kill me by full moon night. It’s full moon tonight. I have come to you
in complete faith. You killed a transgender
and her family. That soul has entered a body
and killed your men. It is that same spirit
which is out to get you. Priest, protect me. If you want to save yourself,
you should do whatever I tell you. Yes, priest. – There’s only one way
to escape from that soul. All the transgender
will assemble tonight near the sea. They will choose one
of their clan as a Goddess. They will light a sacrificial fire,.. ..they’ll sing and dance
around it.. ..and ask their worries
to be dispersed. After they leave,
you add the three bodies.. ..you bury into that
sacrificial fire. All the spirits will be burnt
to ashes in that fire. Go quickly and get this done. Quick. Dig fast. Quick. Quick. Go fast. Get them out. Yes.
Keep them here. Hurry up. Careful. Is there no one in this world
to get us justice? Oh God, we’ll sleep
peacefully tonight. First you invited all the spirits to
come into the house and tensed us. He’s sitting quiet now.. ..as if he lost his kin. Raghav, what are you
thinking so deeply? Do you want to get more spirits
into this house as paying guest? No, right? Then go to sleep. Go to sleep. Mother. – What is it now? Isn’t Kanchana’s story
very emotional? What do you plan to do? Why are you staring at the
talisman again and again? Remember this.. ..do social service for the living
and not the ghosts. Don’t remove that talisman
at any cost.. ..as I don’t want to get slapped
by a spirit. Mom.. Will you answer my question?
– Go ahead, son. If Kanchana was from our family and
all this would’ve happened with her.. ..and somebody would’ve killed her,
wouldn’t you help her? True, but this is a spirit. Don’t remove the talisman.
– I won’t. I won’t take it out.
– You are my good son. Please, don’t. Sleep.
– Okay. I will sleep. Swear by me. Yes, mom. – Okay. Drive fast. They are taking us away.
Will you not help us, Raghav? What’s your name?
– Kanchana. Why have you come?
– To settle an old score. Where did she go? Something sinful
is going to happen here. Let us all leave. Everyone has left, boss. Get down. Go towards the holy fire.
Come on, hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. Come on. Why are you gaping?
Dump them in the holy fire. Kanchana has come. Run. Run. Come. Save your lives. Run! Let’s go. No! Let’s run! You are dead! Kanchana, I will kill him. You went in as a human
and came out as a skeleton? Go away. Where’s the driver? They buried him in the sand. This car’s driver? They pulled his head out!
– Jinxed people. Come on, let’s run!
– Let’s run! Where are you running to? Stop for some time. Why?
– I’m going to kill you. I won’t stop. Fatso, I told you
to stop, didn’t I? Why are you after me? Will anyone stop knowing
death is behind him? You all killed me, didn’t you? I’ll kill you again today. Will you kill my son? Kill him. – Dad, don’t worry.
I’ll deal with him. Fatso uncle split into two. Kanchana! I’m here! What are you looking at? If you have guts,
come inside! I know, you can’t come inside. This is Lord Narasimha’s temple. Come on, come! If you do,
you’ll burn to ashes. Come in. Come in. Narasimha! You say justice
will always prevail. Is this your justice? The wrong doer
who sinned is inside. The spirit who
did nothing wrong is outside. I am going to step in. If injustice should win,
burn me to ashes. If justice should prevail,
make way for me, Narasimha! Show me the way. Lord Narasimha! Lord Narasimha!
– No. Lord Narasimha! No, no.. – I’m coming! Who will save you! No, don’t kill me! No, no. Spare me, Kanchana. I beg of you! Lord Narasimha,
I won’t kill him here. Do You know why? You let me enter this holy place. I won’t tarnish this sacred
temple by killing him here. I will kill him outside. I will kill you the
way Narasimha had killed! Come. No, Kanchana! Kanchana! No! ‘Since Raghav helped Kanchana.. ..so whenever Raghav has a
problem Kanchana comes to help him.’ ‘Raghav fulfilled Kanchana’s desire
of building a hospital.’ Wait. Close your eyes
and get down. Come. Open your eyes. Kanchana Hospital.
Did you like it? Take this. Congratulations!
– Thanks. ‘My dream couldn’t be fulfilled.. ..but because of you,
his dream will come true.’ No.. – Hey. I thank you for making
my mother’s dream come true. I didn’t do. This was my duty. It’s all God’s grace. Like you, all other transgender
should achieve their goals. I will pray to God. You just serve people.
Kanchana will be very happy. This is my blessing. He talks to everyone nicely,
but he doesn’t have time for me. I know how to get him close to me. Ghost! – Ghost? Where is it? Only my waist was left
you perched there too! You should’ve looked around. I don’t have permission
to sit on anyone’s waist. Get down. With whose permission
did you build this hospital? Whom should I ask?
– You should have asked me. I’ll consult her and let you know.
– Who?


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