KANDE – New Punjabi Film 2018 (Official Trailer) | Releasing on 11 May 2018

Kabaddi (Sport) is only for lion It’s to be played like the lion The Gurdwara is very small Why not build a new Gurdwara? If you all men have decided to make it I will provide a big 6 acre land Oh Princess of the birds I’ll drop you off Hai Hai (gay expression) Actually, i feel kind of dizzy now Oh starting everywhere, flirt. Always wearing these floral shirts. Change your clothes for once it looks like as if you’ve moulds on it Aunty , your eyes are always on my clothes? you know it. oh mom,… oh , what are you doing Today your target lost twice, father. A person dies from a gun wound but if the prey doesn’t get tortured the hunter does not get satisfied I shall torture your prey to death Try it no bro you’ve agreed to friendship but won’t even listen to me. Where is Meher? mother there’s a guy ,Bajveer, he lives with him nowadays Mother they’re drug dealers Every home in punjab i want to see yellow colthes one day, only Jantu will rule Punjab Please give me the goods I can’t bear it anymore, I’ll die. You’re the heir of such huge property, you don’t lag money People nowadays leave their parents in the old age homes Kick the old woman out of the house… yes! Mother I need money I’ve nothing for you! The lands, the property, everything belongs to me! Now everything will be destroyed no matter what. Today, 24 years ago, you humiliated me and kicked me out from Sardar’s palace, The son whom you’ve rose in your womb today he kicked you out and left


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