Karesea Vlog #5 London Pt. 2!πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§(King’s Cross, Big Ben, Kensington Gardens, Buckingham Palace & MORE)

Good morning, Karens! It is Day 3…2 & 1/2, 2 & 1/2, 3? And we are going the wrong way
We are making a u-ee Bust that U
We’re going to Buckingham Palace today We’re going to…I don’t know where else I
forgot Oh, the London Eye, Big Ben, all the tourist-y
stuff today So I’ll take you around with us…with me
& I’ll see you later Are you kidding? It’s so beautiful here So…I got the floral memo We had to climb 500 stairs for this So yeah dude, I’m tired I’m tired Hey Karens, look at this view! It’s so gorgeous out Here’s Tower Bridge It’s so beautiful, wish you guys were here! Morning guys, it’s our last full day here
in London We’re here at Borough Market
it’s really cute We don’t know what we’re getting but maybe breakfast I’m really hungry and yeah, I’m really excited, today’s gonna be a good day So see you guys later (It’ll make you a sauce for pasta, or salmon,
any seafood, prawns…) Millennium Bridge
St. Paul’s Cathedral in the back You see the very top? Right there, is where I took that picture
and that little video Right on top there It’s the River Thames Also, if you’ve seen Black Mirror, this is
the same bridge On the Millennium Bridge… no Death Eaters here Hey guys so I’m at the pub that was a bank And look what I bought for only 3 pounds y’all! 3 Pounds! Got a little tripod thing that bends like
a gorilla pod So my sister hella got cut off at the last
stop So funny! She got-she jumped out- She jumped off the train and we were still in the train and the doors closed It was really funny So we’re waiting for her Guys, look at how immaculate it is here Alright y’all, so we are on the train on our way to Paris! So that’s the train station you can see it’s
gorgeous And we’re about to head out right now so I will see you guys later Bye!

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