Karlie’s Relationship Drama & Che Mack’s Apology – Check Yourself: S8 E7 | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Check Yourself. Season Eight. You’ll be watching us… Watch the show… For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural
and honest reactions. We’re watching it… With you. Okay, the next scene you’re
about to see is me being funny and trying to, you know,
lighten up the mood and make my girl laugh
and get her mind off of things. ♪♪ So I got this dress.
It opens all down the side. See, this is the real (bleep).
Pooh showing me her outfits. Getting ready, just,
you know, girls, how girls
should be together. ♪♪ Girl… I thought you said
you got money. That tiny ass closet…
What the hell? Wait, what is that on the wall? What is that?
This bitch! Wait, hold up, hold up,
hold up, hold up. This bitch, she kept every box
that she shopped at on the wall? Girl, so you gotta tell
me about the party now. You know, it was all
cool in the beginning. I dropped
the bomb on ’em. Did you tell how old
she was at the party? Yeah. So I got you
in trouble, huh? Girl, yeah, I lost
my job behind that. Bitch!
You ain’t never had a job! Career non-ass help. They looked at me, like,
what is wrong with you? Che, I’m sorry, girl,
I got you in trouble. But you know what?
You had your own issues with Karlie, so own up to it,
bitch, own up to it. They don’t know what
the hell Karlie did to you. You don’t have to get
their approval, girl. As far as I’m concerned
(bleep) all them bitches. (laughing) Everyone, this is what
a hater sounds like. Everybody
is backstabbing. Yeah. Everybody go gossip
behind each other’s back. Wait a minute?
You the only one be gossiping behind each other’s
back because, baby, I got
the receipts, honey. It’s, like, they all fake. Right. Everything I touch is
just turning into dookie. That’s not true, boo-boo,
it’s called life. You just gotta
roll with the punches. I shoulda chose a better
word than doo-doo, where Karlie probably
has doo-doo stains right
where I’m sitting at. ♪♪ I got something to make
you feel better, girl. Why? What you got? I got something to make
you feel real good, girl. Something to perk
you right on up. When she pulled
that (bleep) out, I didn’t know whether to laugh
or be scared. Why does Pooh even have
a double-edged dildo? Who is she booty bumping with? (laughing) Ahh! I gotta sanitize my hands now. I can’t believe
I touched it. When I touched it,
it was kind of, like… creamy. Eww. The next scene you’re
about to see is thirsty Che Mack trying
to get in my good graces. Y’all know she be trying… When somebody calls you… Then they gotta
spread this (bleep). Ladies! Oh, here go this fat ass ho. Bitch, your wig is crooked.
Straight it out. The part is– The part’s
supposed to go down the middle,
not to the side a little bit. So I was just telling
them that I’m having a cabin trip, like,
a couple’s retreat. Oh my God!
Here we go with the cabin! Is this for therapy
or something? Like, you know, “Baby, I’m
sorry, I won’t do it again.” I don’t know.
It shoulda been a all-girls trip where everybody can be able
to get their groove back because these men ain’t (bleep). So you and your boo gotta come. Come on with the lie, bitch. You engaged.
You supposed to be
jumping off the wall. I know!
What’s going on? Yeah… I’m gonna need
to talk to y’all. Is Karlie cursed? Is her vagina Pandora’s Box
the bad one? ‘Cause this box ain’t hot, baby. She can’t keep ’em when
she get– I don’t understand. So he comes home
one day and tells me he has a baby on the side. Rasheeda was, like… Yes, bitch, this mother(bleep)
got a baby on the side while we been together, mm-hmm. His thing is this was before me.
Yes, I give that to him. Bitch, it wasn’t before you. He was (bleep) her
while he was with you. He gonna be (bleep) her
after you, okay? How does he know?
Did he get a DNA test? Did he get a test? He don’t know.
He still ain’t got a DNA. The mother(bleep)
still ain’t got a DNA! You didn’t tell me. He didn’t know
it was his? (bleep and exclamation) Why would he
tell you that? He is not gonna just be, like, “Oh, Karlie, guess what?
Oh, I got a phone call today. Guess what, I got a baby by
a bitch that I used to (bleep).” That’s right, Rasheeda.
You done been through enough
(bleep) to know better, girl. That’s why these girls
unmarried. They never had a man
longer than six months. They need to learn something
from you, girl. School ’em, girl,
school ’em, girl. (crosstalk) But he don’t know… Karlie, come on! …Talking anybody,
you talking anybody,
you talking anybody! You’re supposed to tell me! Why would he tell
a ho his business? Karlie… You need to go to him and you need to be, like, look. Let’s just put
the (bleep) on the table. Rasheeda, she ain’t gonna put
(bleep) on the table, girl because she putting
(bleep) on the sheets. But, girl, I’ll tell
you about that later. I’m tired, I thought
this was the last one. Karlie is tired. Hair, nails, booty, soul. It’s time for her to check out. Please promise me
that you’ll have this
conversation with Mo. Oh, here come this
fat, ugly, uncomfortable looking mother(bleep)
coming up the stairs. (crosstalk) How y’all doing? How are you? Oh… here’s that fan again.
Hi, girl. Hey, Karlie, hey, Mimi. Bitch is smiling
from ear to ear. Aren’t you happy that
them mother(bleep) braces done came up ’cause bitch,
you like, hey! Che Mack… Karlie, she say hi. Shekinah, I can’t–
You so goddamn ugly you like the goddamn snot man
on the goddamn commercial that runs up and sticks
to the guy’s windshield. Well, I mean, first of all,
I’d like to say I apologize. Finally a grown woman
around in the circle. That’s right, Che Mack,
’cause even if you feel like that, girl,
you wanna apologize, I support you 100%, whatever
way you wanna roll with it. But at least you
a grown woman to say that. You know, you never
know what people are going
through at the time and… …I apologize to you,
but what I won’t apologize
is for Pooh. She was cool… But once I saw
how she was messy. You wanna talk
about being messy? How about when you was friends
with Tommie and then you gonna (bleep) around and (bleep)
Scrapp behind her back? Let’s talk about how you being
friends with Mimi and talk (bleep) about Mimi
behind her mother(bleep) back. Let’s talk about how you
talked about Shekinah. How she is short, ugly, fat,
uncomfortable, mother(bleep). She ghetto as (bleep) and you
don’t (bleep) with her. You is the messy bitch. And I’m hearing all these
lies that she’s telling about how I slept with her. I slept with her husband. Pooh trying… Well, Pooh tried to
give me a fake (bleep). She tried to give
me a dildo. (laughing) That’s right, Che,
I’m glad you told them hos. I wanna see what they
fake ass response is here. So she tried to
have sex with you? Yes. This is some sick (bleep). You want bitches
who don’t even want you. (crosstalk) She wasn’t even
trying to hear it.
She go in the closet. She pulled out… pulled
out this, talking about, “I got something to make
you feel better!” And it was vibrating
on both sides. I was vegan right
then and there. (laughter) Ooh, look at Karlie.
She’s getting excited. She’s having a flashback. When I put that… in her.


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