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hello guys welcome back so we are back
again with the trailer reaction in so today we are going to do the reaction of the film Karwaan Karwaan is the Bollywood debut film of Dulquer Salmaan We have talked about this trailer earlier in another video in one of the tv tuesday video about dice media’s Little Things link in the description. Try watch it, we mentioned the film when we talked about Mithila Palkar and the trailer is here now. Three of the big artists comes together in this film. Big artists in the sense that Dulquer Salmaan, Irrfan Khan and Mithila Palkar
Mithila is a YouTube sensation, DQ is well known to us and Irrfan Khan, he is one of the most biggest known name in Bollywood. so let’s see
the trailer oh what the hell?? and there she is perfect timing As far as now, it is quite funny. A
comical , slice-of-life kind of a mixture. But will be a
completely entertaining one and the trailer proves that. Every scene maintained that comedy element comedy element especially Irrfan Khan’s role. I’m guessing his role itself was to bring in the comedy part in the film, yet an important character in their life or the story. So far the one thing that string up the three characters is role of their father in their life. Kind of like they are not attached to their fathers in their life. And it was a bummer in the first scene itself the fathers death was told, which seems to be made from a call center it was so damn funny I remember DQ’s character wearing a glass last in the movie Solo and what an irony, this film’s story is also written by Bejoy Nambiar. We all know Bejoy Nambiar as the one who brought Solo, an *Anthology in malayalam for the first time So i though it would be a serious or intense theme never expected a comedy filled one from him. its good. Its really good, coz t will be an entertainment for us too, yet we might get something meaningful from it. Even though it ‘s DQ’s debut film, we all know DQ and so i don’t think there will be any problem just need to see how the trio combination works out From the trailer I have to say, it is really really good each scene was at that correct moment. Also, one of the scenes, the one with the truck .. not a truck.. what was that… one in which Mithila calls Irrfan driver, reminded me of the scene from the movie thenmavin kombathu if you thought so too, let me know in the comments BGM and cinematical , superb. Especially about the bgm, being a mallu , it was kind of good to hear Malayalam, that too in a bollywood film. It was nice. That too our common slang was used in the bgm. it was kind of fun. the rap section also maintained the correct mood. the cinematography oh my goodness it’s
just wonderful. We talked about all but the director. Bejoy Nambiar is not the director. Akash Khurana is the director of the film. I’m not familiar with the name. But I’m guessing he’s a debutante as well. If I’m worng, please let me know. I’m really
waiting to see this film in theater. I think it releases on August 3rd, given that there is no other issues and that it doesn’t get delayed. So I’ll definitely watch it. You too should watch as well coz who doesn’t like a comedy film. right? So basically its a light-hearted comedy and slice of life
kind of a film. it will be fun to watch will see you guys in a next video until
then, Chaoo


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