Kathmandu | Nepali Full Movie | Aakash Adhikari | Suresh Marhatta

With number of possibilities
and opportunities… …where one’s golden dreams of life come true… …the beautiful country America. In this city San Francisco of United States… A Nepalese youth studying and researching on
film making for a longtime, in United Film Academy… …Aryan Rana, today he’s being honored as
the “best student” in Film Direction. It is a matter of proud for Nepal and Nepalese people. Nepalese residing in the USA has organized
a picnic to celebrate Aryan’s achievement. Ladies and Gentleman! If I can have your attention for a moment, please! Come little closer.
Thank you! Today a first Nepalese… …has been honored from United Film Academy… …of the USA, in Film Direction. We all Nepalese are dignified and proud of it. Listen friends! We should make a film on the miseries… …and suffering of the Nepalese people residing in USA. You are right! I want to share my sorrow. It’s been 9 years I haven’t seen my daughter. How desperate I am. The miseries of all is same Amar. We all’ve lost something here. Nepalese think it’s easy to earn dollar in the USA. But no one knows our hard life here…
…none thinks, we work 18 hours everyday. Right! I’ll make a film on this subject. But not here. Firstly, I’ll go to Nepal. Our country is just known as the land of Mt.
Everest, Lord Buddha and Gorkhas. There are hundreds of indigenous people,
languages and cultures in our country. I want to introduce them to
the world through the medium of cinema. Hey! Simu, Preeti. What are you doing here? Come on, take it baby. Astha! You know it, I don’t drink beer. Hey! Preeti, take it. No, thanks. Wow! What a surprise. You both sisters-in-law are same. Jems! Don’t cross your limit. You’re crossing your limit. Resh is only my best friend. Her choice is correct. Resh is upcoming Rock star. You got it! See! Brother is coming. Hi! Hi! -Hey! -Hi! Resh. -Hey! Simu. What’s up? I am fine. -Come on! Let’s rock guys. -Ya! Let’s rock. Oh! Come on, Samyukta. You have an excellent figure. Expose it. Okay. -Just a minute. -Okay. -The phone disturbs when the work is in progress. -Hello! -Hello! Mom. Hi! Simrik. I am busy right now,
I’m in the middle of the photo session. I will call you later. -Mom! -Okay, bye. -Bye, talk to you later.
-Bye. What happened, Simu? Is auntie busy? Yes! But… …I love my Mom and Dad. What did the policeman say to you? Time isn’t good. Don’t stay out late night with your wife. Thats funny. You know! Simrik’s father, Ajay. -We’ve been married for 17 years. -Oh! But none told us a married couple. -Isn’t it funny? -Yes! Isn’t that funny? You know! Married life is… …nothing… …It’s just like a… …legal prostitution. I am… …so fed up. Anyways, I think I get better going now, Sunay. You can take my jeep. Okay. Take care. Bye. -Okay, good night. -Good night. Hey! Ria, what kind of surprise? I bought the plane ticket to Nepal. Are you kidding? Ya! I am coming to Kathmandu the day after tomorrow. Oh! Really. For three months vacation. OK! Talk to you later. -OK! See you then, bye. -Bye! Aryan, where’re you going? Ya! I’ve an appointment with a producer. It’s worthless to meet him. I have already make you meet with top producers. But your concept doesn’t match with them. You meet with commercial film makers… …and talk about making social films. If you’ve such thoughts… Why did you come back from
the USA in the first place? It’s been a long time you are here… …but what you did? Anyways… The wine you drink and the woman
you choose are entirely your choice. Come on. Let’s have some breakfast. No! Thank you. Today there is Sukhwindar Singh’s concert… …and I making preparations for the program. -So, I’ve to go. -Sukhwindar Singh! Really! Today it’s Saturday, if you are free… …then come along with Simu to the program. Ya! These two tickets for you. -Take it. -Wow! How nice. -Thank you so much. -You’re welcome. Simrik is disappointed with me. I was thinking to make her happy. She’ll be glad to see these tickets. -Thank you once again. -It’s all right, bye. Bye, see you there. Good morning baby! I’ve a gift for you. Wow! Mom. What is it? Make a guess. Wow! -Do you like it? So lovely Mom, thanks. Now, I’ve another surprise for you. Can you guess, what it is? Sorry! Mom. Today you and me… -We’ll have breakfast together. -Wow ! After that we’ll go out for the lunch. Wow! then… After then… We’ll go for your favourite singer… …Sukhwindar Singh’s concert. -Sukhwindar Singh’s… Cool Mom, I Love you. I love you too sweety. Mom! Are you sure, you are free today? I am totally free. -Whole day for me? -I’ve got the whole day for you. I’ve canceled everything for you. Oh! Hi Sunay. Where are you? Hi! Sunay. Hey! How are you? I’m fine. Do you want something to drink? No, thanks. -Are you sure?
-Sure. -Okay, come have a seat.
-Okay. You can go to the concert next time too. Listen to me Sunay. I’ve already told you, I can’t go today. I’ve promised to spend the whole day with
my daughter today. Mr. Tuladhar has invited you to play cards. Especially to you. Think yourself. He supports us in our every program. They are planning to appoint you…
…as the judge of this year’s beauty contest. Okay, I’ve to go now. Wait a minute. Yes! I’ll ask my daughter. Simu, the beauty contest is near… Today, I need to attend an urgent meeting. I hope you don’t mind. No problem.
Its okay, best of luck Mom. Oh! You are so sweet. Thank you so much. Hey, how are you? Fine, thank you. Here are the tickets for the concert. You can go with Resh, Astha or any of your friends. But not in these clothes. You are the daughter of Nepal’s no.1…
…fashion designer Samyukta Rana… …and you are wearing these simple dresses. Unacceptable! And don’t mind, but… …your friends always complain about your clothes. Come on! Cheer up. Why’re you so sad?. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you 10,000 rupees. First go and buy some good dress. And then you go for the concert, okay. Smile! That’s like a nice girl. -Bye!
-Bye! Bye! Mom. Hello! Hello! Daddy, It’s me Simu! Hi! baby. How are you? Fine! Daddy! I won’t talk to you. You didn’t reply my message…
…and didn’t call me even. Sorry, baby. I was busy. I am going to South Africa now. Mistakenly I rang at home instead of office. Anyway… I am happy to hear you. I’ll try to be soon at home. Okay, bye. Once turn back to your past life… …who’re you till yesterday? …who’re you till yesterday? Shut up! Being Miss Nepal doesn’t mean… …the world is within your grip. Anyone could be Miss Nepal. Bharat, get the car ready. Simrik, if I hadn’t a fashion show today… ..I’d not have left you in this condition. But you understand my problem, no? It’s all right! Come home as the show ends, Mom. I need you. So sweet! Of course! I’ll come back. -Ishu, take care of her.
-Yes Ma’am. She hasn’t taken anything, give her some soup. OK, Ma’am! And call the doctor soon. Don’t worry, I’ll call him immediately. Friends! My mood is off today. Hi! Resh. Oh, hi! Simu. How are you? I’m okay. Hi! Simu. Hi! Didn’t you go to the concert? No! My mother could never understand me. She gives more priority to her society…
…rather than her family. Simu, please! Let’s move, let’s go! I won’t go! You promise? Yes! What about these? Won’t you go here too? Wow! -Wow! Sukhwindar Singh. -Wow! Oh! Ya. All right guys, we’re not going practice today. We are gonna go have fun with Sukhwindar Singh. -Oh! Yeah.
-Hurray! Hey! You ladies and Gentlemen Let’s dance with Sukhwindar Singh City of contented and sad Has been the dream of rich and poor City of contented and sad Has been the dream of rich and poor Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Some look for adequate love Some seek shelter You almighty bestowed to all Now its the turn of this poor You almighty bestowed to all Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu To portray its beauty,
I don’t have any art To praise its beauty,
I don’t have words Hey! You ladies and Gentlemen Let’s dance with Sukhwindar Singh Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu City of contented and sad Has been the dream of rich and poor City of contented and sad Has been the dream of rich and poor Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Bravo! Well! Wonderful! We watched a good program today. Thank you! Very much, “Shanti Trust”. India’s most popular singer Sukhwindar Singh..
…made our program successful.. Once again, Please! come on the stage, Mr. Sukhwindar Singh. Welcome! Sukhwindar Singh. Our audience has expected…
…some words from you. I hope you’ll say something to them. Namaste! I’ll never forget your love. I like Nepal very much! Thank you! Very much. Thank you! You heard him. The love he showed for Nepal. The program he came here for. We all are thankful to him. As the child labor exploitation is increasing… …he is here to support us to stop it… ..and he said that he likes Nepal a lot. I’d like to thank him from my side too.
Thank you! Also I’d like to say that…
…children should be given education not the work. Because children are the future of the nation. Thank you! Very much. Mom! Today’s editorial has written about you. what? Read it for me. Wait, listen Mom! “Shanti Trust” has been an example for social work. It has given a new life to…
…several drug addicts and socially avoided women… …making them able within themselves. Its too hard for the good doers to get evaluated. Fortunately the newspaper wrote about me. Come! I’ll put some oil on your hair. Mom! Is it necessary? Brother. Ya! It is. Come here. It’s a pure mustard oil from the village. We get impure oil here in Kathmandu nowadays. It harms your hair. Put on bro, what if you get bald head?
Who else’ll call you a rock star? Mom! You love us so much. Your Daddy died early. This poor mother can give you nothing… …except love. What do we toast to? Heartly welcome to Nepal. I love Nepal as much I love you. -Thanks! Cheers. -Cheers! You know Brian, Peter, Britney,
they miss you so much. Ya! I miss them too. Hey! What about your Mom? I bet you. She hates me most of all. Well! Not quite. So… How did you manage that? You know. When you love someone this much. It doesn’t matter where you live. Love has no borders. So… My Dad support. We convinced her. Wonderful! I love you! I love you too! Happy Valentine’s day! Cheers! Come on, give me more. Come on guys! Come on! 13… No! No! Bhawana. -What’re you doing?
Its Valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day! Happy Valentine’s day! Hey stop! Who am I for today? Valentine’s Queen! And Resh? Valentine’s King! Then where is Resh? -Stop that bus…
-Fulfill our demands… -Don’t leave it… Aryan. What’s going on there? Hey! Ria. -There is some problem.
-What’s? -I think we can’t go this way now.
-Really? Yeah! – When did you give this information? Now, you know it. -No, we don’t know. Look, you are spoiling your party’s political image
with such demonstrations. It’s not good at all. Why do you poke your nose? – Please! Control your hands.
-Whats right and whats wrong? Okay! -You turn the car and go.
.-No! -No! Don’t go. -Its okay, don’t worry. -No! It may be dangerous, don’t go.
-I’ll see that, there is a school bus. Okay, I’ll see that. come… Ria go, come on. Turn the car and go. Come fast…get down. Be careful! Aryan.Listen to the evening’s news… Today’s accident…Kathmandu… Hello! Sir, do you need the taxi? Hey! handsome, wanna come? What are you staring at? You might be trying to say,
why we don’t do prestigious work? You know it… …this society hesitates to accept us
as a part of their society… …how’ll they let us to work? Go! Go, tell your society and your government…Wait! Wait! You are trying to run. -Come here! You had fun and now trying
to run without paying. -I will pay you! Take it.
-Shameless Dacoit! Give it! Go to hell! Let’s move. Mom! Mom! Mom! -Mom! -Ya, baby. Father is drunk and lying down there. No one is there to hold him up. Let’s go Mom and help him up. Bro! Give us 20 rupees. We are hungry! I’ll buy food for you… …but I won’t give the money. You’ll sniff “Dendrite” with the money. Brother you know nothing… …dendrite lasts longer than food. -Give it here. -He’ll die today, sniffing the Dendrite. -Gore, what’s wrong with you? Get up. -Wait. Taxi. Please! Doctor. Please! Doctor, check this child. Sorry! It’s too late. He’s dead. Oh! No. Doctor, what’s wrong with my friend? Your friend is no more.<...supposed to bear the responsibility of nation future>Oh! He is dead.Hey…
Ria! Aryan! What’s wrong, what happened? Hey! Ria. He’s dead. Who’s he? He’s a street child. I don’t know…
What’s all going on in this country?<...and our society>Let’s go! Okay! -Son! -What’s wrong uncle? Please! Make a call to my son. I came from the village yesterday… …diarrhea is killing me. I was compelled to come to
the hospital before visiting my son. The incoming call to this subscriber is not allowed Uncle. -This number is blocked.
-Oh! God. This number is unreachable. I think I’ll die. Tomorrow I’ve a hearing in Supreme court. My son doesn’t know that I’m here. One has to visit Kathmandu for everything. It’s been 7 years,
I have been visiting the court. I’m in great trouble. How shall I bring Bidhyadhar tomorrow? Uncle, don’t worry. Where does your son stay? Shit! the kerosene is about to finish. Is the food ready? Give me the food. Can’t you see.
There isn’t enough kerosene. Today there is a strike, I’ve to walk. There is stale rice, if you want…
…you can have it with salt. OK. I’ll have it. OK friends! I’m leaving. What are you talking? I passed Masters degree from this city. What did I get? Better I’ll go to my village and do something. Hey Bhimsen! Don’t talk nonsense! Sit down here. Shame on you. Don’t lose your hope. Thousands of people come in this city Kathmandu…
…with their dreams everyday. How long have you been here? It’s been only 8 years. Look at me! I’ve been struggling here for 40 years. But still I’ve hope to do something. My father told he’d be here early morning. He hasn’t arrived yet. My incoming calls are blocked. Just a minute, Ria. I’ll check inside. Okay! Excuse me! Does Bidhyadhar live here? Yes! I am Bidhyadhar. Your father is in hospital. There is distinct fun in Maya’s party. -She never hesitates to spend.
-It isn’t that? She must have done works for
some ministers or businessmen. So this is the party for. Her anniversary is just an excuse. Madam! You are always busy in backbiting. You must be in hurry to backbite me. -Hi! Maya. Happy anniversary.
-Hi! Congratulations to you. Thank you! Congratulations!
Happy anniversary! -Congratulations!
-Hi! Aryan. Thank you! Ria, She is Maya, wife of Amar bro. And she is Ria. Hi Ria!
Welcome to the party. Congratulation!
Oh, thank you! That’s Ria, Aryan’s girlfriend.
She’s come from the US. And Ria, you know about her. -My sister-in-law. -Hi! Ria, nice to see you again.
-Hi! Nice to meet you. -Hi Sunay! -Hi! Excuse me guys! Resh! -Huh! She gives me the glass. -Hello! Baby! I am your Papa. Papa! Hi, Papa! Happy anniversary! Thank you! And what are you doing right now baby? Papa! We are in the party now. I’ll pass the phone to Mom. -Yeah…
-You know Samyukta… Excuse me! Mom! -What’s wrong baby?
-Dad’s on the line. Oh! -Excuse me!
-Yeah, sure. So Ria… Why are you disturbing me knowing that
I am busy in the party? How many persons are you
trapping tonight in our anniversary party? Actually, I don’t have any concern with you. I do care only for my daughter.
You better take care of my daughter. Bastard! Is she your would be auntie? It’s not sure yet. Oh my god! You speak Nepali too? I have learnt a little bit. Excuse me guys! -All right!
-Bye! Let’s go! She speaks Nepali quite well. Let’s go and get a soft drink.
They always keep laughing. Look! Ex. Miss Nepal. -Is It?
-That’s not true. Who is the guy with Ex. Miss Nepal? Her illicit husband. -Simu wait!
-Simrik stop! Catch this Simu. Ria. You spoiled the whole mood of party. I am sorry about this Ria. It’s okay. What’s the matter with you? What’s wrong with you, huh? What stupidity did you show in the party? I am asking you Simrik. Come here. -What is the problem?
-Sister-in-law! Aryan, you keep quiet please! What is the problem? Whom are you showing your anger? Not once or twice… Every time you do like this. I always wonder what you’re dissatisfied with? You never disclose your dissatisfaction. Do you know something? I’d to hear disgraceful words because of you. -Mom! I didn’t leave the party for my reason.
-Then, for whose reason? Yours! Sister-in-law! Simu did wrong today. But I don’t say she is completely wrong. In the party, some ladies were talking…
…about you and Sunay. so… If she listens to backbiters… …Thats not my fault. Sunay is my best friend. She should understand that. It’s not that Simu listened to them. But it is important why she didn’t reply them. I don’t know why she didn’t reply. She should understand and trust her mother. She should understand that her Mom isn’t wrong…
…before listening to others. I don’t understand what’s wrong with her these days. I wanted to talk about the same. Simu always stood first in school days. But she couldn’t secure good division from class 8. Playful Simu suddenly changed. I think… …Simu needs something from us. What is she deprived of? I’ve given her everything she wants. Credit card doesn’t give everything… …something has to be given from heart. Teenagers are like this only. At this stage they think…
…I know everything and I am the best. If we can read their feelings… …Parents should be able to be
friendly with their children. Not only theoretically… …if we implement these things practically…
…today’s generation has that quality… …they’d be best. Somewhere aren’t we doing wrong…
…failing to understand these things. Good night! Aryan. Yes! I came here by yesterday’s flight. Yeah! Invite all of our board members for dinner tonight. Okay! Condom! Disgusting! What is this? They’re photographs. Can’t you see what they are? You know it better, Sunay is my best friend. Without any sexual attraction…
…man and woman can never be friends. When there can be relation between father and daughter…
…brothers and sisters… ..why can’t a man and woman be friends? Disgusting people like you can only think such. Now, let me ask you. What the hell is this? A Japanese company gave it to me as a sample. And you used it! Mistakenly it might be a opened one. Don’t try to hide your mistakes…
…making it an issue. Who’s trying to hide the mistakes… …You know it better. This’s not the first time you’ve made this mistake. Don’t take me as you are. What mistake did I do? Not a single! Loose character like you has made several mistakes. You bitch! Don’t ever try to touch me.
Do you understand? You! Bastard! Brother! Sister-in-law! What’s wrong with you guys? Every time you’ve to quarrel as you meet. Don’t tell me! Say everything to your innocent sister-in-law. What do you mean by innocent? Whom did I’ve illegal relation with? -Bastard! -Mom! What the hell are you doing? What are you people doing? Baby! Don’t touch me! You! You! You! Not once…not twice…! Simu! You quarrel everyday. Simu! What’s wrong with you? Why’re you not listening to me? Simu! Take it! No! Astha. Simu! -First…
-No! Try it first. Then you’ll know what is life? Simu! Astha! I won’t… Simu! You… Listen… Look at me! I’d more tensions than you. You know it! My parents got separated when I was 9 You tell me how much I was hurt? Look! When I took this… …I’m too happy now. Simu! Look! I’ll teach you. Don’t worry! -No! Astha.
-Simu! Just you see.
Look at me! Look at me! Come on! Simu! No! Astha.
-Come on Simu. No! Astha.
-Come on Simu. -No.
-Sniff it! -No.
-Sniff it! -No.
-Leave my hands. -I won’t take drugs.
-Simu! Leave my hands. Sniff it! Sniff it! Simu. Got it! How good it feels. This is life. Look at me Simu. How did you feel, Simu? Now, you’ll have your own life. Be the owner of your own life. Kathmandu… City of contented and sad Has been the dream of rich and poor City of contented and sad Has been the dream of rich and poor Kathmandu… Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Some look for adequate love Some seek shelter Nothing has the giver got The beggar gets the empty pot Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu… Don’t know the pain Heart breaks down into fragments Why my own shadow repels from me Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu Kathmandu…this is Kathmandu -Jams. -Ya! Sit down. Come on. -Jems! Do you’ve the stuffs? -You need them? You got the money? Ya! There’s shortage of stuffs in the market. Buy them up. Or you may face the shortage. Roni. -Listen! -If you got the money, take one more. It’ll take some days for the stuffs in the market. Shit, I don’t have the money.
Do you have? I don’t. Okay! Take one more. Pay me later. Thank you! Jems. Jems. Do Resh come here? -Leave it! –
Leave it, he’s gone to Pokhara. Hey girls! Good luck.
Bye! Hi guys! In our country… …We’ve to do it in our own. Simu! What’re you doing? Thats none of your business. Lets go! Astha. Lets go! What’s going on? You liar. You cheater! You! You! Hey! -You!
-Astha, You. Come on.
You wanna hit me. Hit me. Come on. Hit me. Hit me. No problem! Now, its my turn. Ya! Okay. Come on. Come on, hit me. Come on, hit me. Are you all right? Are you all right? Resh, let’s start the rehearsal man Sorry guys. -I’m not in mood today.
-Resh. -We’ve a plan for outing today.
-Okay. You guys go. Sweeta.
Lets go. Okay. Mr. SSP. I’ve a good business plan. What kind of? Actually… I want to open one Gigolo’s Club. Gigolo’s Club! Yeah! …means male brothel! Wow! Excellent idea. This’ll add a new charm to Kathmandu. Probably this business was lacking in this city. See these money leeches! How bore must their wives be. Maya! Maya! Come to the point. I’ll take all the responsibilities…
…for the security of this club. But I need 40% from it. Mr. SSP. The country isn’t run only by police. I’ll have to link with every Party for this club. Who knows? Which party will rise?
Whose government will collapse? I believe in 4 P’s… …Police… …Politics… …plus Partnership… …equals to Power. Let me try my luck! Where’s my luck today? -Simu. They’ll know. -Sorry!
-I’m loosing. No harm in loosing!
It’s all peoples money, not yours. -Mom!
-All are not the same. MR. SSP throw it fast. Mom! Give me 10,000 rupees. Why 10,000 rupees only? -Take 20,000 rupees.
Enjoy and have fun. This is the age. But baby don’t get pregnant. And if you get pregnant,
no need to inform me… …have an abortion yourself. Take it. Thank you! Mom. -Bye, Mom.
-Bye, baby. -Bye! Auntie.
-Bye! Sweetheart. Whats up Mr. leader? You can’t see chair and girl? You are too much Maya. Your daughter has grown up so faster. We businessmen are in trouble due to the strike. Talk about it to the politicians. The strike is due to the fight between their parties. Activists are fighting within themselves… …and the Politicians are enjoying here…
…playing cards, drinking whiskey. Your brother, Ajay Bikram Rana… …don’t think he’s innocent as he seems. His hobbies’ll be written in tomorrow’s headline. Don’t forget to read it. Pen is more powerful than the gun. These kind of vile aspects should be revealed. But… Many people commit suicide due to these kind of news. And houses of several innocents are broken. We’ve well understood,
seen and read these things. Do you mean to say,
Mr.Ajay is innocent? Where there is the scarcity of basic needs…
…crime fosters there. Its rather better to find out…
…the causes of the scarcity…
…than the causes of crime. No woman has interest in this profession…
…unless they are compelled to. And they’ll never tell their poor family… …they earned money for living, selling their body. People who encourage prostitution are criminals. Of course! The impacts of my brother’s mistake… …shouldn’t affect my family. And also not to the obliged women and their family. So… Don’t publish this for the sake of humanity. This isn’t an order but a request. I’ll convince my brother. Next time, a bullet may miss the target but I won’t. -Thank you very much!
-Thank you! Dhane, I forgot to tell you in hurry,
Boss had ordered me not to let anyone in. Shit! You’d have told me earlier. Aryan sir has already gone inside. Come on! Come on! Ajay. Simu! Simu! What is this? What is this? Astha…where are you? Drugs! No! Cigarette! Oh my god! Is this the photo from the photo session? There is nothing else than the model’s close up. Where is our creation? Where is our design? Immediately call Madhav for another photo session. Madam! How about calling Sunay bro than other? Sunay! Where is Sunay? It’s been more than 2 months,
he closed his studio. He didn’t even call once. It’s OK, he didn’t have time when he left. But he’d have called once then. What a stupid man. Sister-in-law! Come with me once. I am sorry, Aryan.
I’m very busy right now. Excuse me! Sorry! Sister-in-law! -It seems like Simu has started taking drugs. -What? -Yes. -What nonsense! -Please come with me.
-I don’t believe. -Please come with me. I will show you.
-Oh my god Come here. Simu was taking drugs here. Astha has equal share with you, in spoiling Simu. Astha taught her to take drugs… …and you guys compelled her to do so. If you’d understood her feelings… …this day wouldn’t have come. she was taking drugs here… …and she’s hidden drugs in that drawer. Is this the drugs? Where is the drugs? Where is the drugs? Didn’t you find the drugs uncle? Where is the drugs? You’d have found if it was there. You’d have found if it was there.
It’s easy to blame, isn’t it? You see that Mom. Simrik! Why are you crying? If you haven’t mistaken, .
you needn’t to cry. Aryan would have thought before blaming others. Simu! Don’t cry! Don’t you hear me? Auntie! I’m the reason for Aryan uncle’s blame on Simu. He’s trying to save himself, blaming me. Because he… …because he’d asked me for long drive … …and to spend a night with him.
-Oh my god! -You shut up bitch!
-Aryan! Daddy! Baby! Don’t worry! I have heard everything. Daddy, today me and my friend got insulted in my house.
I can’t tolerate this. Dad, Mom. I need a decision today. Whether Aryan uncle’ll stay here or me? This is your house, baby. You don’t need to go anywhere. Aryan’ll leave this house. Sister-in-law! Don’t you feel ashamed? Isn’t Astha same as your niece? Now, get out of this house. Good decision brother. Here is the car key and the visa card. Yeah! One thing… …its most important, keep it safely. Simu! Results of bad company is always bad. Be careful! And take care. Yes! Your master mind is great. Poor! Aryan Uncle. Aryan! -Ria! -Lets go back to USA. Yes! You were correct, I was wrong. That means my daughter Astha is doing well. Yeah! Oh Riya! went Nepal & none told me. Yeah,She was even there to surprise me. Ria loves you a lot Aryan! Couple should be like this! Now do you any plan to stay here? No, Amar bro I have prepared a documentary drama I’m having dialogues with a production house… …Possibly the work will be done soon …I will shortly return Nepal. I know that you won’t stay here! “Red Eye Production”, 9696 Hold it. This is “Red Eye Productions”,
its really famous. Yeah, come in. Struggle is key to success. Don’t lose your will, Aryan. Good luck! Aryan. You’ll surely get success today. Thank you! Amar bro. See you later. Bye! OK, bye! Crazy…I am crazy girl I am crazy girl Crazy… I am crazy girl Touch me…come and make me cool Crazy… I am crazy girl Touch me…come and make me cool Take me home tonight and hold me tight Give me love all night, I am gonna make you mad Oh baby! Crazy… I am crazy girl Oh! My dreamy love Let’s two heart beat together, Our life have just begun Oh! My dreamy love Let’s two heart beat together, Our life have just begun To be with you is my only desire Happiness prevails there where hearts get together Crazy…you’re my crazy girl Oh! My first love I can feel your loneliness Without you my life’s meaningless Oh! My first love
I can feel your loneliness Without you my life’s meaningless Shall I speak your tongue deliberately or unknowingly Or shall I speak with my heart closing the lips Crazy…I am a crazy girl Crazy…you’re my crazy girl Crazy…you’re my crazy girl -Hey Dad! -Hello baby! You didn’t come home last night. Where’ve you been? You know dad. I’ve been with Aryan. Ria, what’re you talking about? You heard me Mom. I love Aryan and I want to marry him. Aryan! We don’t have the same culture. We don’t even speak the same language. And we’re from the two different parts of the world. How could it be possible? Mom! We’re human beings. We understand each other. Language, Culture, the place you’re from,
they can’t stop true love. There is a big difference between feelings and reality. These people from the third world country,
they may appear innocent. But their main intention is to
marry you for the Green Card. Aryan doesn’t need to marry me for a Green Card. He’s is an honor student in the United Film Academy. As you know his talent alone can
earn him a Green Card automatically. However… He’d like to go back to Nepal. OK, just stop it. -You don’t…
-Julie! What more can I say. You know I’ve been Nepal twice
to climb Mt. Everest. I was impressed with everything about Nepal. The wonderful people. Beautiful Mountains! The rich Culture. All the family members live together in Nepal. They share their own happiness… …as well as their sadness. They respect and love their elders. I’ve total confidence in Aryan. He’ll provide a world of happiness
for our daughter, Ria. But, Joshep? Please! Julie. He’s our daughter’s choice. Oh! Thank you, so much Dad. Amar bro, everyone has the
right to live on their own. What so ever. It’d have been better if there
wasn’t any difference between you and Maya. No! No…Aryan. The day I left that home… …my daughter was only 8 years. Even at that age, she knew whose fault was it. You tell me yourself. It is said Amar bro… …a child recognizes his/her mother
within 12 hours of birth. And recognizes his/her father within 36 hours of birth. And they expect love from their parents. Think yourself, how your young daughter would feel… …the difference between her parents. I think Amar bro,if your daughter Astha… succeeds in getting love from both of you… her life will be positively changed
and will be more energetic. You are right Aryan. But I can’t be in relation with
that over-ambitious woman again. Anyways, what are you doing these days? ‘Where is My Nation?’ I’m scripting a docu-drama, ‘Where is My Nation?’ … and a feature length movie “Kathmandu”. Tomorrow, I’ve an appointment
with a production house. Yeah! This is the concept of my script. Drugs & HIV is a huge problem
all around the world, not just your country. I’m ready to finance your project. Oh! Thank you once again. So, where do you plan to shoot this docu-drama? Well! This is Kathmandu. I’m almost dying. Please! Give me a puff. Go to hell. -I’ll provide for you tomorrow.
-He seems to be sick. I’ve just got sister’s camera,
but the shop is closed. It’s so boring. -Please! Give me a single puff.
-Its a good camera. Lets not believe this addict. He might have stolen this, he’ll trap us.
Let’s go. -No, it’s not.
-I’m just out from the jail yesterday, he might send me back. -Please, just a puff. I beseech you.
-Get lost. This bastard nearly trapped me last time. -The camera looks good.
-Won’t you? I’ll kill you. -Huri bro…Huri bro.
-Cut! Good! -You guys really acted good.
-Ya! -Very good. Come on.
-Lets go. In this filmy program, ‘Filmy Talks’ which is televised in
Nepal’s best news channel, Avenues Channel… Me, Uttam Gaudel welcome you all Congratulations! Aryan. Dear audience, today we’re in the shooting spot of
docu-drama, ‘Where is My nation’, directed by Aryan Rana. Right now, Director Rana is
briefing about the shots to his assistants. Lets talk to him. Mr. Aryan, welcome to our program. Thank you very much. Why did you choose the title “Where is my nation”? Well! “Where is my Nation?” “Where is my Nation?” Because… …thousands of children are born in these streets… …and grow up here. But they don’t know their identity and their parents. The streets they shelter in, is their father… …the one who feeds them is their mother. Until they know about their parents & identity,
this nation won’t provide them with citizenship. Though being born here,
they are deprived of their citizenship. That’s why I’ve chosen the title
“where is my nation”. You’ve raised an intense issue. Tell us something about the shots being taken. The shot being taken is… …about those innocent
children who are under privileged… …concerned organizations like NGO, INGO are
running dollar digestion discourse in their name… …these street children are in very tedious condition. And making them the medium,
Drugs and HIV AIDS are spreading alarmingly like fire. So, it’s my personal advice and message of my documentary…
Be careful! Simu! Hello! Where are you? I am at the bastard’s… …he has kept me awaited for more than half an hour. He hasn’t finished his meeting yet. Meeting is over. Thank you very much. You’re welcome, sir. What is this? Now, even I have to wait to meet you? Why are you here again? Ajay! Sorry, Uncle. I have told you several times… …the relation between you and me… … was my blunder. Now I don’t want to repeat that mistake. But I do want to. -Shall I open my clothes?
-Get out! I said, get out! Okay, I’ll go. But I will meet Samyukta auntie. Not only about our relation… …I’ll reveal that it was your plan…
…to make Aryan uncle leave the house. I’m leaving. Wait! Take this… …you are blackmailing me for this, aren’t you? Thank you, Uncle. It won’t be good if you come here onwards. Get out! Bye, Ajay. Bell? At this time? -Hi ! -Hey ! What’s wrong? This time at night? Sorry, to disturb you Maya. Its okay! Come in. Is Simrik here? You guys had a fight again, didn’t you? She asked me for 20,000 rupees calling at midnight. As I denied, she started quarreling with me. And, that wasn’t a big money for you. You’d have given it to her. Money isn’t a big deal Maya. But its necessary to know where she spends it. Such a big money at the midnight… …Maya, I think our daughter’s are taking drugs. No! My daughter hasn’t hidden anything from me till date. She’s told me whatever she has done. It’s obvious the modern youths have different thinkings. They want freedom. Don’t doubt too much. Look! I’ve told Astha not to get pregnant before marriage. And if she do gets, abort it without informing me. You’d also convince Simu like this. Please, be serious Maya. Serious! Anyway! What’s wrong with you now a days? Neither You don’t attend any parties… …nor you visit casino,
what’s wrong with you? Simrik wasn’t like this before, Maya. She’s always with Astha now a days. You too convince Astha. Stop it! Don’t talk rubbish about Astha. You may not have trust on your daughter,
but I do trust mine. Simrik, come here! -You are wearing such kind of dress! -Mama! Don’t you feel shame? Being the daughter of Nepal’s no.1…
…fashion designer and ex. Miss Nepal… …if I don’t be this much fashionable… …won’t you lose your dignity? Let’s go home.
I won’t go. Wherever I go… …whatever I eat… …Whatever I do… …that’s none of your concern. I haven’t come home drunken late night…
…with boyfriend, like you… -Simrik. -Please! Samyukta. Mind your language. Simu! -How dare you answer back to me. How dare you accuse me? When did I come, with which boyfriend?
Tell me? -Then who is Sunay? -Simu! -Who is Sunay? -How dare you answer me back? Don’t you feel ashamed? -You want to hit me. -Leave me Maya. -Come on, hit me!
-Leave it! -You guys go. -You want to hit me. Samyukta! Oh my god! You hurt your finger. Sit down here. You guys are like kids. You forget all, come on. Let’s dance! Yes! You are the same, Samyukta. Why did you pinch the children…
…coming with happy mood. They might have drunk in
the party with their friends. So what? It’s your fault. Yes, Maya it’s my fault. Don’t cry! I love my Mom and Dad. Hey! Simu, Preeti.
What’re you doing here? Come on, take it baby. You know it, I don’t drink beer. Hey! Preeti, take it. No, thanks! Come on! Let’s rock. Hi! Roni. -namaste! Uncle. -namaste! No!
Don’t touch me. Don’t you guys know? I am infected with HIV AIDS. Brother, you shouldn’t talk like that. It is the misconception of Nepalese that…
…HIV infected shouldn’t be touched. There is nothing harm in touching. Hey Pa! Don’t bore me crying. Hey Pa!
You have still got time. Get married. Beget a good son! He’ll look after you. If he also doesn’t… Punish him harshly. You never punished me. -You let me do whatever I wanted.
-Jeevan! It’s all your love that made me so… Listen Pa! What’ll you do? Greediness to earn a lot of money… …I fell in with bad company. I started smuggling drugs. While smuggling… …unknowingly I got addicted. Simu, take my Pa outside. I need to change my dress. Nurses are beautiful here. I need to flirt with them. Uncle, let’s go. Let’s go outside. Come on. -Bye, Jems! -Bye. Roni, you stay here for a moment. Jems! Roni. How’ll my Pa manage expensive medicines? My poor Pa! Should he take care of me?… …or go to work for living? I don’t want to trouble my Pa anymore. Listen! I don’t want to be burden on my Pa. Don’t talk rubbish! HIV infected can easily survive for 15-20 years. Why do you lose hope? Then what shall I do? If you talk rubbish…
…I’ll suicide here in front of you. Come here. Simu was taking drugs here. Astha has equal share with you, in spoiling Simu. Astha taught her to take drugs…
…and you guys compelled her to do so. Oh my god! Simrik, get up. Hey! Why are you disturbing me? What’s going on?
What is this? What’ve you done? Tell me! Auntie, that is… Excuse me, I am talking to my daughter. Get up! And what are these all? What is this? You’re carrying drugs. You bitch! I told you to lock the door yesterday. Lets move Astha. Come back here and answer my question. What is this? -Tell me.
-Don’t you see? These are drugs. Any question? Get out of my house. Excuse me, Mrs. Smayukta! You are calling your mother, Samyukta My love has been excessive to you. Love? When did you give me the love? You are talking about love today. If only I was your legal daughter… …You’d have definitely loved me. Tell me? How many fathers do I have?
Which bastard is my father? Simrik! Lets go! Astha Hello! Ajay! Samyukta! What’s wrong? Are you all right? Ajay! Today Simu asked me such a question… that I couldn’t answer. What kind of question? Aryan used to tell… …that Simu takes drugs. Can you believe it? It’s true You… …what are you talking? Ajay… …do you know? Today Simu… …slapped me, Ajay. Samyukta… …I miss you today. I really miss you. Samyukta. I’ll be there as soon as possible. Simu, what to do? I think I’ll die. I’m completely sick. Ask for the money with auntie.
She’ll give as enough as demanded. I recently took 20,000 rupees with my Mom. Hey! Call your Resh once. Good idea! Hello! Resh! Do you have a thousand rupees? Ya! Simu, where’re you? I am at Basantapur
Tell me, do you have a thousand rupees? Hello! Hello! Hello! Shit! The phone got disconnected.
The battery is low too. What are you doing? See! Excuse me sir!Excuse me sir! Sir! Do you have some money? I am sorry. Sir please! We want to sell this mobile. -Oh! I am sorry. I don’t need any mobile.
-Please sir! Please! My Mom is very sick. Please sir! Okay, I don’t have much money.
I’ll give you some money. -Thank you sir!
-Namaste! Bastard! He just gave 100 rupees. Hey! Let’s go to Dino’s place. Dino! Come in. I did bring them Sit down. Dino!
Dino! Shall we sniff it once? We’ll do whatever you say. Please! I’ll pay you as she gets the money I don’t need the money. These all.. …are for you. I need something… Will you? You know everything, don’t you? Ya! Everything is ready. Take her with you. lets go! -Bastard! Had he given me a dose. I’m so sick.
-Hey! You come here. What do I have to do? Come, I’ll tell you everything. Come with me. Face the camera properly. Okay! I’ll face it. That bastard! For a dose! For a dose! Asshole! Better he die of being sick. OK, I got them. For a dose! -Asshole! Better he die of being sick.
-Simu, where are you going lately? What’re you doing lately? Let’s go home. Astha! ‘W’, you? I got a work for you, come sit. -You got money?
-Let’s go Astha.
-I’ve got more than your expectation. -Bye, Simu, Resh.
-Wait! -Bye.
-Taxi! You’re too much. Today, that bastard… For a dose! For a dose, do you know Resh? That bastard! -It’s all because of my parents. I won’t go home.
-Simu! Let me carry you. Hang up there. Do you know Resh, for a dose,
that bastard raped me today. I’m here Simu. Come here, Simu. Mom! Good morning! Morning! I’ve got a dress for you. Simu, what’s wrong with you? I brought clothes for you. Whether you’ll like it or not? If you don’t like… …I’ll change it for you. And… Keep this money. Take it. Please! If you had shared me all your problems… I’d not have let you in this situation. In spite of your mistakes… …I’m ready to accept you. Resh! Son! Your friend’s call. One second, okay. Hello! Ya, I’ll come. Daughter! What’s wrong with you baby? Feels like yesterday… …your friends… …used to compete to be like you. Why did you ruin yourself? Preeti is coming for 2 weeks vacation from Australia. If you hadn’t dropped your studies, you’d also have been with Preeti. Don’t cry baby! Everyone finds me spoiled. But none cares, why I got spoiled. I am in this situation… …because of my parents. Your parents might have mistaken. But don’t turn those mistakes into punishment. None of the parents want their children to be ruined. But my parents wanted me to go wrong. They used to fight like wild beasts In front of me. They never thought of the consequences on me. When I was a child. I used to cry whole day in bathroom… …because of their row. They never attended… …any of my school functions together. They never came together. When they fought… …Daddy didn’t come home for several days. Mom also used to leave me alone. Because of their personal ego.. …I got ruined. They’d never understand my feelings. Mother! Give this money to Resh. Stay for the meal. No mother. I’ll go. I don’t think, I’ve done any injustice to her. Yes, we’ve failed here. We gave birth to them doesn’t mean.. …we can exert pressure on them. We ask for the price of milk and blood. But sister. We should never forget this… …to give birth is our right… … to live is their right. Then where did we fail sister? Simrik is in this situation
because of the misunderstanding between you & Mr.Ajay. See 50,000 rupees! Where did you get this much money? Listen! ‘W’ used to tell, he’ll give a work for lots of money. Its the money he has given for that work. This is only the advance. Remaining 3 lacs in Mumbai! Listen to me… We’ll go Mumbai after some days. For the shooting of a music video. Do you know? That with Bollywood stars! Wow! how fun it’d be? Listen to me! Simu! Do me a favor. Ya! call your friends who look hot & sexy. Please! You know them all. Why don’t you call them yourself? Why don’t you understand? They trust you more than me. Listen to me! They’ll come with excitement knowing that
the shooting’ll be in Mumbai. Please! Simu. Simu, Please! look at me. Roni, You here! Are you alright? I had been like lunatic after the incident of Jems. Considering my state my uncle brought me here. I understood the meaning of real life here. We were just lost in the materialistic illusions. Remember a thing,
you guys are on the wrong path of life. Choose the right way. Roni! And where is Jems? You all may or may not know. I am HIV positive. Probably if my father, my beloved Roni and… …my source of inspiration Ani Chhoyung Dolma… …were not here then you would not… …have seen me in this stage. I wish no youths repeat my mistakes. I’d like to dedicate this tune to my Guru. It’s bad to have Ego I’ll fight against it I’ll behave my adversary with love I’ll behave my adversary with love Love is the world in the eyes of lovers The world seems wrong in the eyes of bad people The world seems beautiful in the eyes of noble people The world seems wrong in the eyes of bad people Namaste! Congratulations! Brother And, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You changed your life in a right way. Drugs is such a thing
that is troublesome not only to self. But also to the family. Those who’re HIV infected and
drug addicted understand the value of their lives And should also understand that the power to bring
positive changes in their life is within them. And I wish they all succeed in this too. This is my well wishes. And heartly thanks to Shanti Trust for today’s program. Simu. After listening my voice… …I’m confident that you’ll come to accompany me. I love you, Simu. Resh! life is a colorful weather life is a colorful weather love is a free bird love is a free bird Oh! My Cinderella I’ll keep my heart open Oh! My Senorita Amore mio, mamma Mia life is a colorful weather Love is a free bird I’m burnt in the love I’m trapped in love Someone clear me this heart’s riddle Someone clear me this heart’s ecstasy Oh! My Cinderella I’ll keep my heart open Oh! My Senorita Amore mio, mamma Mia Oh! My Cinderella Oh! My Cinderella Oh! My Cinderella Oh! My Senorita Who would believe… …you smuggle drugs and such kind of films? Didn’t you persuade them all to go Mumbai? yes sir!… Why did you run away leaving
your friends at the supermarket? or Is it?… …you got information about the police…
…Is that why you ran away? And… …who kept white sugar and porn movies in your jeep? Answer me!… We know nothing sir! She is our group leader, she knows everything. Sir! the one to make me call…
Sir! that… We don’t know who made Simrik to call. You were planning to sell them in Mumbai
making an excuse for a music video, didn’t you? No Sir! I… Why are you making excuse? You are the one to teach us to take drugs. -Sniff it, Simu! -Leave my hands, Simu.
-No. I won’t take drugs. Sniff it, Simu! Sir! She used to tell us that… Her Mom is having affair with a guy,
so she started taking drugs We never thought you’d take advantage
of our trust, Simrik. Sir, its all because of her. Sir! I know nothing.
She called everyone of us. Yes Sir! She called everyone to go Mumbai for a music video. Now you’ll be prisoned for 5-7 years! Hey! arrest her. What’s wrong? -Simu! -Oh my god!
-Come on, pull her, please! Let’s go down. Please! Ria, open the door. Get in, please! Get in, please! Be careful! Hello! MR. SSP Maya here! Yeah, Maya. How dare that DSP keep my daughter in custody? The case is all against Simrik. And she is in the hospital. It’s not sure whether she lives or dies. Anyway, Astha will be at home by 2-3pm. Arrange things for tonight. Hello! Baby! Papa! I got the green card. I’ll arrange all the process and come to take you here. Thank you so much, Papa. Come soon to take me there.
I don’t want to stay here. Baby! You waited for 9 years… …Just 2-3 months more… …I’ll come to take you. Love you Papa. I love you too darling. Take care of yourself. Hey! Come on bro, let’s enjoy the party. Now, let’s enjoy friends. Let’s watch this gifted Cd from Nepal. What is the gift? What kind of Cd is this? Hey! Is ever a porn movie bad? Let’s watch! People learn bad things faster than good ones. Our country has advanced a lot. What are you talking? Some people made such films for money… …doesn’t mean we should blame our country. No! Stop it! Stop! Stop! -What’s wrong Amar? -She is my daughter! She is my daughter! Oh my god! Hello! Search the site you tube. I’ve no time. I’ve no desires to discuss with you. Search in you tube with Astha’s name. Maya! We could never be a good husband and wife. We were bond with the only relation. That is our daughter Astha. But… But you couldn’t give mother’s love to our daughter. You couldn’t be a good mother! Shame on you! You’re a pervert mother rather than an ideal one. You, shut up! I’m coming to Kathmandu day after tomorrow. keep everything ready! Even the divorce paper… …which you were forcing me to sign it from 9 years. Now, I’m more than willing
to sign those paper and set you free forever. As long as I get the custody of my daughter. Ria! -Where’s my daughter? -She is gonna be OK. No, where is she? -How’s she? -The operation is successful. It’s okay. I’m sorry, Aryan. It’d not have happened if I’d have listened you. Sister-in-law! Our Simu will be fine. Don’t ashamed me by joining your hands to me. Mom! Mom! I’m sorry! It’s okay! Mom! Dad called me today. You know, Dad got the green card. He’ll be coming soon to take me. Mom! Why are you in this old dress? Old things… …and relations… …I understood their importance today. Mom! What’s wrong with you today? Baby. Do you remember that dress? Ya! I remember Mom. I guess I was in 3rd or 4th standard. Daddy…When Mom? How you forgot? Your Dad bought that dress in 100 rupees in Dashain. And this sari from Ratnapark. I had a fight with him for these cheap dresses. Ya! you are right. I’d almost forgotten it. After then we stayed at your friend’s home, didn’t we? Are you missing Daddy today? Come, sit here. Mom! I don’t believe…. …today you’re embracing me so closely. Why this much of love Mom? Baby! I’ve property worth millions, today. But the thing I’m going to lose today… …can’t be saved even with this property. If I had understood your Dad timely… …I wouldn’t have to see this day. Mom! Don’t doubt on me? Simrik nearly trapped me… …saying we’ve to go to Mumbai. -Please Astha! At least, don’t lie today. I never looked back in my life. I got whatever I wanted. But baby… I couldn’t be a good wife. I couldn’t be a responsible parent. I couldn’t be a true mother. I couldn’t be a true mother. Astha. When your Daddy will be here… …tell him, mom had apologized a lot. Why Mom? Won’t you meet with Daddy? Tell your dad… …before leaving to America… …get your facial surgery in Europe. So that none recognizes you. Mom! You used to tell… …there is none prettier than me. Close your eyes baby. I want to give you a lot of love today. So that… So that you won’t need my love in future. Mom, please! -Leave me. Mom, please! Mom, please! Leave it -Mom, please! Mom, please! Leave it And Astha got released from the jail. She’s blamed everything on Simu. Call Aryan Uncle. I…have no other option than this, baby. Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! Oh my god! Astha! Astha! Astha…
…you don’t get out of your house today, Simu may die. If she didn’t, I’d kill her tonight. I’ve sent ‘W’ there. ‘W’ is coming there. Did you get me? Astha… ‘W’… Aryan… Aryan… He’s is ‘W’, Astha’s friend. He knows everything. Resh… …you call the police. I’ll go after him. Good! Hello! Police… You go out. Mom! Yes, baby! I am here. Daddy! Baby! I’m here baby. Daddy! Mom! I’m sorry. I troubled you a lot. No, baby. We troubled you a lot. We’d made the mistakes. We couldn’t understand your inner feelings. Don’t cry, Simu. Baby! Our ego took you far away from us. We won’t repeat those mistakes again. Forgive us baby! Forgive us baby! Resh! Hi! Simu. Hi! -Uncle! -Simu! Baby! Who else doesn’t make mistake in life? To accept the mistakes… …and to determine not
to repeat them again is to prevent the troubles. Being conscious in time, Ajay Rana’s
family was saved from a crucial accident. Again an environment of peace,
love and affection prevailed in their house. Truth remains truth even if the law is blind. Finally Simrik was proved innocent. Aryan Rana’s docu-drama “Where is my nation”
won different awards in Nepal and Foreign countries. Today it has been honored with National award. Aryan Rana!


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