Kathryn, Daniel react to old photos | Exclusive | ‘The Hows of Us’

I almost got into an accident one time while I was playing longboard because I tried riding it on a steep slope. I tried my best not to fall down because Kathryn was there watching me. I was still a newbie on Instagram when I posted that photo. It was during our “Princess and I” days And we were on location while we’re resting on our tent. Was it Kathryn who posted that photo? Yes, I posted that! I’m not sure though, if that is one of our first photos together or our first-ever photo together. Agent was still new back then. I think that is Daniel and I’s first-ever photo together. One thing I’m sure of is, that was during “Princess and I.” It was also during “Princess and I” inside our tent. I remember I was removing my costume that’s why I was still wearing my boots in that picture. Although I’m not really sure why we were posing like that. Maybe because you were already in love with me that time? I don’t know, really. I still have a long hair in that picture. I’m sure it was during “Princess and I.” I think we’re almost done shooting the series when we took that picture. Daniel: Yes, we’re almost done with the series when we took that. Daniel was already a Dasho during that time. She has already accepted me as her fiance in “Princess and I” during that time. Daniel: We were biking in that photo. I rode my longboard before I went biking and took a picture with Kathryn. We were in Ayala Heights when we took it. Yes, it was in a village where our friend lives. I almost got into an accident one time while I was playing. There was a steep slope where I rode my longboard Oops! It was a really steep one, but I tried my best not to fall down. Host: How did you do that? Daniel: Because Kathryn was there watching me. Host: Such a show off! Of course I was still courting her that time that’s why I was trying my best to pretend as if I was a professional. But the truth is I was already trembling from fear that I might fall anytime. Host: Do you still play longboard up to this day? Yes. But not as much as I did back then. Hopefully I get to return soon. I miss playing it. Host: It’s a video. I thought you were referring to the picture. Oh, you were also the host that time! I was also sleepy during that time. Look at how sleepy I look in the video. I was trying my best to catch up with what’s happening. I remember it was in the dressing room. What was I saying there? Host: DJ was sharing how he was planning to build a house in the same village. Yes, I was really supposed to build a house there. The only problem is I don’t have money anymore. I really wanted to build my house there because first of all the place is really nice. So you were okay with it? Yes. The other half was ours while yours was already okay. The location is really good because you’re within Quezon City but the ambiance of the village doesn’t seem like it. Kathryn: It’s cold there especially at night. You’re overlooking, yet you know you’re still in Quezon City. The village is really nice and peaceful. You can even go out at night and take short walks around the area. Yes, that’s the perfect place to ride your bicycle. Yes. It’s also the perfect place to walk around with your dog after a tiring day at work. That’s how nice the village is. The streets there are also wide there. Really nice! What’s that? Host: It’s a photo posted by Ms. Karla Estrada (Daniel’s mom). When was that? Host: During the Christmas special. Kathryn: Ahh, yes. Christmas special! Host: During the Christmas special before. I think it’s around last year or last, last year. Was it last, last year? Host: It’s just last year. Ohh, it’s last year. Kathryn and I were like the captain in that photo and our fans are our army. Our fans our always there for us. They are always there to protect us in wars. It’s always like a war especially during Christmas specials. It’s like a war among fans. Our fans are always there to support us and they always got our back no matter what. They are so cool. They are the best. It’s so cool to have fans like them who are always there for us. It’s like we’re a stand they support. But our fans are not just a fandom to us, we value them in a personal level as if they are our family. They already know that by heart. Thank you, guys! You guys are the best! Ohh, it’s a video. Kathryn: No, don’t play it please. Just don’t! Daniel: Please, stop! I just can’t look at it! Daniel: Ugh! Host: Okay, we’ll stop it now! Host: Your first on-screen kiss from the movie. Daniel: Ew! It’s so weird to watch it in front of many people. Of course it’s from “Barcelona: A Love Untold.” Actually, it’s already around midnight when we shot that scene. Daniel: Yes, it’s already midnight. It was in Intramuros in Manila. We just made it seem that it’s like in Barcelona. The scene seems like it’s really in Barcelona, right? Host: Yes, we really thought it was in Barcelona. But the shot before that scene was really in Barcelona. It’s okay. The first shot was in Barcelona, but then we didn’t have enough time to shoot. So the scene was just left open-ended and hanging. Kathryn: Yeah. Aren’t you guys proud that the scene was shot locally? If only Manila wasn’t dominated by Spain back then, just imagine how beautiful it would be today. Just kidding! Yeah! That’s it. Just a little trivia… The kissing scene in the ending was shot first before we shot this one. So technically, that ‘s our second kissing scene. That kissing scene is a no-sweat, actually. Host: So you’ve mastered how to do it quickly. We just shot it very quick. We just acted like we don’t care about the kissing scene at all. Let’s get over it and not make a big deal out of this. Let’s not make it awakward for all of us. Yeah. I can’t take the way Kathryn talks back then! (imitates Kathryn) Ber-ka-da! (imitates Kathryn more) What did I say in the video again? Host: You mentioned that Daniel is like a really good friend to you and you’re really comfortable around him. That’s how she expresses her love back then. (pretends not to know her old self) It’s so funny to remember our young and innocent days. Thank God for growth and maturity! Was it during our “Princess and I” days? Or was it “Growing Up?” I think it’s during our “Growing Up” days! Host: Yes, “Growing Up.” Yeah, “Growing Up.” We really are just friends during that time. Really? It’s during our “Growing Up” days? Yes. I’m in my “Growing Up” character in that guesting. We’re still just friends during that time. It’s around 2011, I think? I got to know him better after “Growing Up.” That’s where everything started between us. Host: So that’s when KathNiel began.


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