Kathryn Hahn Pranked Mark Rylance While Acting in a Broadway Play

-We have talked about
this before. We went to college at the same
time at Northwestern. -Yeah. Go, Wildcats.
-Well, go, Wildcats. And you were a theater
person then. I knew your husband,
because he was an improviser, and I knew him from that world. But you guys
were in stuff together. You did “Hamlet” together.
-Yes. We did “Hamlet.” We did “One Flew Over the
Cuckoo’s Nest.” -And he was
McMurphy in that, right? -He was McMurphy.
I nurse Ratched. -Wow!
-What?! -Yeah. -Yes. -And then I saw you
on Broadway years ago in “Boeing-Boeing,”
which is a fantastic show. -Yes.
-And that was a great cast. Mark Rylance and…
-Yeah. Brad Whitford… -…Bradley Whitford.
-…Christine Baranski. Yeah, it was an amazing cast. -And that was —
With a show, like that, which is sort of this really —
like, a fun romp. It’s, like, a farce.
-Yes. -And you had fun with it,
as well. -I love fun romp.
-It was a fun romp. But you guys would also have
fun with each other. -Yeah.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. We would. I would tell —
when it’s a long run like that, you have to keep it fresh. -And what was one of
the things you would do? Because I’ve heard tales
of something you would do every night to
Brad — No, to Mark. -Yes, to Mark. Mark was — It was really fun to
make Mark Rylance break. And there was a scene
in which my character had to flash him. Like, I would come —
You know, I’d go like this if he was sitting there
so the audience wouldn’t — You know, I would obviously
have something on, but the audience
wouldn’t know it. And we would always try to have
something there to make him laugh. And one day,
I literally just took Bradley Whitford’s head shot and
I taped it to, basically — And I went like this,
and all he saw was Brad Whitford’s head shot. And it definitely
made Mark Rylance — Brad Whitford was in it,
so is it wasn’t out of context. I should have started with that.
-He was in the show, yeah. -He was in the show. It wasn’t just randomly
Bradley Whitford’s head shot. -Although, by the way,
I think he probably would have laughed at that, too. -Yes, that kind of also would
have been amazing. -Just, like, every night,
you did a different “West Wing” cast member. -Yes. -It is always
such a delight to see you. Congrats on the show
and thank you for being here. That’s Kathryn Hahn, everybody.


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