Katravai Patravai – Newton’s Ghost Law | Webseries 2018 | Cinema Calendar Originals | Episode 2

hey chandramuki, what’s up? kanchana called yesterday i can’t dance. back pain. this is a very lucky apartment the rent is very cheap for such a lovely place according to Newton’s first law, an object stays in rest unless it is compelled to change its state by an external force Similarly, a ghost will be in rest in its house, until the external humans habitat the place The ghost will go restless when people started changing the household So why didn’t it kill them already? because it takes some time to adapt the change So, it will think and decides to scare them off It’s called Inertia what’s that sound? I’m not sure. some clothes might have fallen apart. Are you insane, Do clothes make a sound when they drop? It must be a paper falling sound. Go and check what sound is that? Some vessels are falling apart What? so this is how it sounds when you drop a vessel!!! when scare tactics gets fucked up, ghost will move to next level Applying second law here ghost starts to attack. The attacking force is proportional to two things. First one is ‘M’. Flashback of the ghost yes, every ghost has a flashback story next one is ‘a’. the budget of the film yes, every movie has a budget the flashbacks of the ghosts will always remain constant whats your flash back Mr. Ghost? Don’t be shy, speak up hrrr… it’s.. two guys kidnapped and killed me Kidnapped and killed?… let me guess, they are your friends, right? yes yes They did betrayed you,right? yes
They did betrayed you,right? yes see, ghosts will always be killed with betrayal First let me finish, then you can speak. Don’t overlap. huh, where was I? got it… all ghost back stories will remain the same we have a singular variable. The Budget of the movie. If it’s a high budget movie. Ghost will use CG to attack if it’s a low budget film… it will use hands to attack (ghost grunts)
it will use hands to attack (ghost grunts) Since we are not Put Chutney, we have a very low budget for the video (Ghost uses a special move) (chokes) (Don’t look here. Dialog is already in English) Similarly, the ghost will only attack the people who killed her (wasted attempt to scare) pa…. you scared me get the hell away… wait. who the fuck are you? you killed me what? i murdered you?
you killed me what? i murdered you? Getting some wrong information and wasting my time. fuck off you bought matchboxes to burn my body it’s not me it’s you. otha… you You saw my force right? i dropped him off the space and killed him Technically, you only carried him upwards. then it was gravity that pulled him down and killed him So, it was gravity’s death count right? fuck off


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