Kaun Kaisey {HD} – Hindi Full Movie – Mithun Chakraborty, Ranjeeta – Hindi Movie -With Eng Subtitles

“He will come.” “The prince of my dreams
will come one day.” “He will take me away
somewhere in a palanquin.” “He will come.” “The prince of my dreams
will come one day.” “He will take me away
somewhere in a palanquin.” “I wonder what spell
youth has cast on me.” “I can’t live without you now.
Come to me, darling.” “I wonder what spell
youth has cast on me.” “I can’t live without you now.
Come to me, darling.” “Oh, darling. Oh, darling.” “How much longer will
you make me suffer?” “He will come.” “He will take me away
somewhere in a palanquin.” “He will come.” “The prince of my dreams
will come one day.” “He will take me away
somewhere in a palanquin.” “I’d like to be in
your arms forever.” “I say nothing.
My eyes express what I feel.” “I’d like to be in
your arms forever.” “I say nothing.
My eyes express what I feel.” “Oh, darling. Oh, darling” “When will you run your
fingers through my tresses?” “He will come.” “He will take me away
somewhere in a palanquin.” “He will come.” “The prince of my dreams
will come one day.” “He will come.” “He will take me away
somewhere in a palanquin.” “Take me away somewhere.” “Take me away somewhere.” Who’s telegram is it?
– Rakesh’s. He has got married. He got married without asking us? This has never
happened in our family. Mother, now that he has got
married, it’s better we accept it. He’s coming here
tomorrow with his wife. Mother, give them your blessings. Mother, what about me?
– God bless you. Rakesh, take her to her room. Let’s go.
– Come, Sheela. What kind of a wedding is this? There was no wedding procession
or the farewell. I had… Mother, what’s the need
to think about all this? Come, now. Hello Rakesh! – Hi! Rajan!
– Congratulations, my friend. Thank you very much. Come sit. Let me introduce you to my wife.
– Sure. Want to meet her?
– Of course. – Okay. Sheela. – Yes. – Darling,
please come in the living room. Come. Meet my best friend Rajan. He’s also our legal adviser. You?
– Renu. You two know each other? Yes. While I was studying
at the law college… …I stayed a few months at
her house as a paying guest. Sometimes I used to be so broke… …that for months
I couldn’t pay them on time. Man, you’re really lucky. Girls like Renu are hard to find.
– You’re right. That’s why I married her as soon
as I could without wasting time. You two be seated. I’ll get some tea.
– Good idea. Rajan, I changed Renu’s
name to Sheela. How is it? Well, whatever name
you choose will be good. It’s good you and Sheela
know each other. – Why? No need to hide from you. Mother is not happy
with our marriage. Poor Sheela feels lonely. If you visit us often,
she’ll not feel lonely. There’s a saying that says… “Even a dog from one’s mother’s
place is dear to us.” And you… I’m a paying guest. Hello. – Hello, Rakesh?
– Yes, speaking. Income Tax officials
might raid your house. What? Income Tax raid? Yes. Whatever money
and jewellery you have… …keep it elsewhere
as soon as possible. I see. Thank you.
Thank you very much. Okay. Good morning, Mummy.
Good morning, Aarti. Good morning, Sheela.
Do you want tea? – No, thanks. Has your brother come
back from the city? He has been here more than an hour.
– Oh! I had gone skating. See you.
– Bye. God knows why are they
always on the move. As soon as it’s
morning they are gone. Why do you worry so much, Mother?
Rakesh is not a child now. I know that. But he shouldn’t give
his wife so much freedom. We belong to a royal
family after all. My darling, sweetheart.
– Let me go, Rakesh. What’s this? You’ve just had a bath
and you’re up to your dirty tricks? A man is basically dirty.
Don’t worry, I’ll have a bath again. Look, there’s someone
in the bathroom. Bathroom…
– Wait, I’ll check it out. Bye! Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Any messages? No, sir.
– Oh, hello. Good morning. Hello, Rakesh.
– Hi, Rajan. Mr. Verma, encash this cheque
and give it to my wife. – Okay, sir. Congratulations. The verdict was
passed in the Delhi case. – Really? That means we have won the case?
– Of course, we have. Who is your lawyer? Have you
lost a single case till now? If I had lost any of my cases… …you wouldn’t be my lawyer,
you’d just be a friend. Hello. Yes, this is Rakesh Rai. I’m leaving.
– Sit. We’ll have tea together. I have to meet a client.
– Never mind. Sit down. Yes, I remember. It’s at 6:30pm, right? One second. Are you coming with me.
– Okay. Please reserve three seats.
Rajan and I will be there… …and I’ll confirm from
Sheela and tell you. Okay? Thank you.
Thank you, very much. One minute. Operator? – Yes, sir.
– Connect me to the health club. Hello. Hello!
– Is it Simla Health club? – Yes. Is Mrs. Sheela Rai there? Yes, she is in the gymnasium.
Who’s speaking? Rakesh Rai.
– Just a moment. Mrs. Sheela, I think your
husband wants to talk to you. Thank you. Yes, what is it?
– Mr. Chopra had called. Yes. We’re going to Mr. Chopra’s
function. – I hope you are coming. If you don’t want to take me,
then I won’t come. What are you doing? At least
give me a kiss. – Silly man. What’s happened?
– Nothing. He has a habit of
kissing on the phone. Mrs. Sheela, you are very lucky. You got a husband who
loves you very much. I didn’t get Rakesh. He got me.
– How come? In 1978, I was
boating in Nainital… …and suddenly fell from the boat.
– Then what? Well, Rakesh saved me from
drowning and proposed to me. Then you got married. Preeti, can I tell you something? As far as love is concerned
all men are fools. Right? How do I know?
– Don’t lie. How is your boyfriend? My boyfriend?
– Yes. Mrs. Sheela, you know my
mother’s responsibility is on me. And I have a brother studying BA
(Bachelor of Arts) in Chandigarh. I know about that. But
even love has its own place. Tell me the truth.
You have a boyfriend, don’t you? Let my associate go. Perhaps, you don’t know me.
My name is Vinod. And my enemies know
as Inspector Vinod. I have three bad habits. No.1. The one I get hold
of doesn’t get away from me. No.2. The one I get after,
he doesn’t get saved. No.3. The one who the
God of Death sends for… …we don’t let him
go without punishment. Boss is doing his work.
Don’t move from here. Our sir is football champion. If you hit him on
head then he’ll break leg. And I’ll kick you
on back. Get in. I think you are lose.
Are you all right. I think your something is broken.
Get in. You look like a wrestler
not a hockey player. Start wearing briefs, henceforth.
You’ll be frozen in this cold. Get in! Sorry. Just listen. I was coming here and
on the way… – Did I ask anything? Whether you ask or not
it’s my duty to tell you. Listen, I was not late on purpose.
I was really caught up on the way. Then why did you come? There’s the road. Go get caught
up again where your heart wants. I’m so caught up where my
hearts wants that even… …if I want I cannot come out. Listen, darling.
– Don’t call me darling. Listen, dear.
– Don’t say anything. You don’t say anything now,
just let me speak. The job of a policeman
is so demanding. You never know when,
how and who we’ll meet. Look, the hoodlums did this. You’re badly hurt. Let’s go home. First promise that you won’t
get me out from where I’m caught. As if you’ll come out.
– You are right. Rajan, will you keep
on playing canons? Have some whisky.
– Thank you. Now see how I play a
cannon pot, give me. You’ve put ice again. I am sorry, Rajan. I’m
used to it, you know. I don’t know how you people
have whisky without ice. I just can’t do without it. Come on, Rakesh and Rajan.
Mummy has reminded twice. The food will get cold. Oh, darling. You serve mother. We will have a small one and come. What do you say, Rajan? I’m a hermit. If I get it it’s
because my boss wants me to… …and If I don’t get it
still is my boss’ wish. Nothing doing. When you two start
drinking, you drink too much. Come along and drink on
the dining table. Come on. Come on, Rajan.
She’s the boss of the house. She’s going to Mumbai tomorrow.
So, I must make her happy. Yes.
– Come on. Let’s go. It’s better if one stays
away from Simla during winter. But for daughter-in-law to go
alone so far… – Come on, Mummy. Don’t worry. I have a
lot of friends there. Mother, if Sheela wants
to go, then let her. Yes, let her go. She goes out of town twice or thrice
a year. Have I ever stopped her? And it’s no use trying to stop her. During our times, if elders
stopped us… – Mother… …Have you finished eating?
Then come wash your hands. Yes, now I have to
wash my hands off. When they finish eating,
you people go home. Go soon.
– Yes, madam. What time are you leaving?
– At seven in the morning. Fine, I’ll also come along. You’ll come with me? I’ll see you off at the Delhi
airport, then I’ll come to Simla. Rajan, you too are coming
with us, aren’t you? No. Tomorrow, I have to
be present in Delhi court. So, I’ll have to
leave tonight itself. What about the registry
of my land at Chamba? I’ll come back and settle that. All right, I won’t be able
to come in the morning. Let me wish you a very happy journey.
– Thank you. Right, good night, buddy. And thank you very much.
– Good night. Good night.
– Okay, I’m leaving. Stop all this. How much
more do I have to wait? Hold on. I’m sure I’ll forget
something or the other in the morning. So, I’ve done all the packing. Rakesh, please come and help. Oh, God. Madam can’t
shut a suitcase. Come on, move. I’ll do it. What are you doing,
Rakesh. Let me go. Let go. You’re a big tease. Meet Mr. Gupta. And look after
yourself. – Okay. – And listen… Bye. – Bye-bye.
– Bye. – Bye. Mr. Rajan, you did the right
thing by coming to Delhi. At least the case was
heard in the court. – Yes. I think by next month a
verdict will be passed. I hope you’ve booked a seat on
the Mumbai flight. – Yes. Okay. Let’s go. Okay. – You go ahead.
– Thank you. Right. Let’s go. Hello. – Sir, the call you
had booked for Mumbai… – Yes. Due to bad weather
it may be delayed. Then do one thing…
Please do me a favour. I’m going to Hotel Shiraz.
Give me the line there. Okay? – Okay, sir.
-Thank you very much. Hello. – Hello.
– Who is it? – Rajan here. Rajan, how are you.
Where are you speaking from. I’m speaking from Delhi. Listen, if we take up the registry
of your after two or three days… …I hope there won’t be a problem. Has anything important come up? Yes, an urgent case has come
up in the Mumbai High Court… …and I’ve to go there. Perhaps it might take
two to three days. Don’t worry. Take your own time. Thank you very much. We’ll meet later.
– Okay. Good night. Sir, a call for you. Hello.
– Hello. Hi, sweetheart.
Did you reach safely? Yes. Are you speaking from Delhi? No, from Simla. But you’re not here.
So there is a vacuum all over. You must have had four pegs by now. I have, but it’s not
having any effect on me. Are you speaking from home? No, I am about to go back home. Okay. Good night. Hey, sweetheart. I love you.
– Me too. Bye.
– Bye. Good night. Rosaline! Thank you. Can you give me a lift.
– Sure. Rosaline! Rosaline! Where do you want to go?
– A little ahead. Your car is very nice.
– Thank you. It’s very cold today. It is cold. Brandy is very
helpful in this cold. I think you need Brandy. Oh, so sweet of you. Where would you like to
go? Home or the hotel. Wherever you take me. Wow! What a beautiful house. Don’t talk aloud. Come. Come inside. Rakesh.
– Yes, sister. You’re so late.
Should I serve food? No, I’ve had it already.
You go to sleep. Okay. Good night.
– Good night. Good night. Oh, music! What’s your name?
– Rosaline! Sweet name. What will you have?
Whisky or Brandy. Anything.
– Sure. Some ice?
– Sure. “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “This is a very romantic time.” “The urge is young.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “This is a very romantic time.” “The urge is young.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “Ever since I saw you,
I’ve had not peace, oh, darling.” “Ever since I saw you,
I’ve had not peace, oh, darling.” “At first sight, you’ve
enticed me, oh, darling.” “These alluring gestures
will take my life.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “These youthful days are rare.” “These youthful days are rare.” “Let it happen if it has to.
These lovely moments might pass.” “This romantic time
might never come again.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” “This is a very romantic time.” “The urge is young.” “Come near me.” “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy.” Brandy. Oh, Thank you. What do you do?
– Job! Everyone do work. Where do you work?
– Rai garments factory. Excuse me. I’ll just be back. ‘What am I doing? ‘ ‘She works in my factory… ‘ ‘… and can black
mail me tomorrow.’ ‘lf people in the
factory come to know… ‘ ‘… I’ll be humiliated.
And Sheela… ‘ ‘What if Sheela comes to know? ‘ I’ll go right away
and drop her home. Rosaline! Come on Rosaline. Let’s go home. Rosaline! Oh God! She is dead. Hello. Simla Police Station. Speak up. Why don’t you speak? I’m listening. Speak up. God knows what kind
of people ring up here. Someone doesn’t speak.
– What happened, Dhelaram? People call up, but
they don’t speak. Forget it. Have your tea. It’s very cold.
– Yes, it’s quite cold. Did you hear what the boss said?
– No. He tells me to catch
that six foot tall fellow. Look at his height and look at me. So what? Take a ladder
and go catch him. Dhelaram, you’ve gone mad. You’re right. I am mad.
But you don’t even have brains. Don’t touch it.
– Why? These scoundrels ring
up and trouble us. You should just hear. Hear. Dhelaram, can’t you hear the
phone ringing? – I’m listening, but… What are you listening to?
Why don’t you pick up? If I pick up, no one speaks. Hello. Simla Police Station. What? She’s dead? Excuse me. – Yes.
– Do you have a jack? Jack? No. Actually, our jeep has a flat
tyre and we don’t have a jack. A girl was electrocuted due
to a broken electric wire. Can you drop us a little further?
– Yes. Come on, get in. Just drop us there. Thank you very much. Come on. Come here. Here’s your
gift for modeling. Sweets.
– Thank you. Uncle, give me one more.
– How can I give you another? If I do, my shop will close down. Come children, lets
take another photo. Come on. Come on. Look, there is snowman. Snowman, snowman, welcome to you. You are one and we are two. Uncle, the snowman is not speaking. How can it? It will
speak only if it can hear. it doesn’t have ears,
or a mouth, nor eyes. I will make eyes for it. Okay?
Should I? – Yes. Yes? Okay. Look. Here is its neck. This is its eye. As soon as the eye is
made it will begin to see. Mr. Nand. Yes. Take a photograph of her feet.
– Of her feet? Why should I take a
photograph of her feet? Because, this girl didn’t come
herself, she was brought here. I see. She is wearing shoes
on the wrong foot. But who is this girl? Her photograph is
hanging in my studio. She had come to get
her photograph taken. What’s her name?
– Her name is Rosaline. Send the body for post mortem. Rosaline didn’t come home at night. God, please protect her. I don’t know where she
is and what she is doing. You’re only interested in drinking. You drink all night. Your daughter didn’t come
home since last night. Go and find out about her. Just a splitting headache.
Just a hangover. That must be her.
– It must be Rosaline. Police? Are you Rosaline’s mother? Yes. Why?
Has she done something again? Is she in police station? No. She is in the hospital. Hospital?
– Oh, God. Why? What happened? This morning we found
Rosaline’s dead body. We’ll know the details after
we get chemical analysis report. I can only say for now
that she died of poisoning. Come to her assistance,
all you saints of God. Meet her all you angels of God. Receiving her soul… …offering it in the
sight of the most high. May Christ receive
you who has called you. And may the angels conduct
you to Abraham’s bosom. Receiving her soul and offering
it in the sight of the most high. Rosaline, my darling. I killed you. Forgive me, Rosaline. Forgive me. You took my photograph? My God. To take pictures
is my profession. I have a shop on Mall Road,
Nand and sons and sons. Give me the camera. – Camera?
– Give that camera to me! Hey, what are you doing?
– Quiet! – It’s an expensive camera. What are you doing?
– Keep quiet! My shop will close down. Hey! Tell me one thing. Can a young, beautiful girl
commit suicide without any reason? If one has a lover like you,
any girl will commit suicide. Perhaps, even I will.
– No. I don’t won’t to die a bachelor. But it seems I’ll
die as a spinster. Look, I promise you. Next year on 31st December we
will definitely get married. Next year?
– Oh! Forget about yourself, I’m
thinking about Rosaline. Who is Rosaline? This morning we
found her dead body. I don’t understand this. If she hasn’t committed suicide… …there’s a conspiracy
behind her death. I have to first find
about her character. I’m sorry. I’m here
to trouble you again What more trouble can you give us? You have killed my young daughter. No, my darling. No. Have patience. I want to ask about Rosaline.
– Go ahead. Do you think Rosaline had any
enmity with anyone? – No. Do you suspect anyone?
– No. Do you think she committed suicide? We don’t know anything. If she has committed suicide,
then why did she do so? Was she in love with someone?
– Look, Inspector. My daughter
was a very ambitious girl. She always liked expensive things. She wanted to become rich. Did Rosaline collect
all these things? Inspector, Rosaline
suffered from kleptomania. She would pick up things and
then ask who had bought them. That means Rosaline suffered
from impulsive stealing. I found this in her bag… Can you tell me
something about this? Tell me how did she treat
her brothers and sisters? She loved them and would
bring sweets for them everyday. Any special friend. Inspector, how could
she have friends? She never worked more than
three months at any place. Was she working even now? Yes. At the Rai Garment factory. Hello. – Sir, a police inspector
wants to meet you. Police? Send him in. Hello, Mr. Rai. Hello.
– I am Inspector Vinod. Please sit down.
– Doesn’t matter. I have come in connection
with a murder of a girl. That girl used to
work in your factory. Can you tell me
something about her? Actually, I very rarely
go to the factory. You… Just a minute. Operator.
– Yes, sir. Please send Mr. Verma. Okay.
– Thank you. Light? Mr. Verma is in-charge
of the factory workers. You can talk to him. Mr. Verma.
– Yes, sir. This is Inspector
Vinod. – Hello. – Hello. He wants some information. Please help him. Okay? He’ll help you.
– Thank you, sir. Come.
– Okay. On the 24th, where did
Rosaline go at 5:30pm? At 5:30pm everyone leaves for home. Do you know anything
about her character? No. It is hardly one and half
months that she joined us. Did she have a friend? No, sir. We are only concerned
about our work. Who is her friend or
not we are not concerned? Thank you very much.
– Okay, sir. I want to meet Mr. Vinod Boss is inside. Go in. ‘Out! ‘ ‘Rosaline, my darling.’ ‘What does she think of herself? ‘ ‘After that Rosaline got angry with
him at the disco and went away.’ ‘Rosaline! Rosaline! ‘ When I came out I saw that
Rosaline was already in the car. I called out to her,
but she didn’t hear me. Did you meet her after that?
– No. Do you remember what
time it was then? It must be about ten. Was the car a Fiat
or an Ambassador? It was an imported car. It was
big and was green in colour. Driver, master has asked you
to keep the car in the garage. Is your master home?
– Yes, sir. Tell him Inspector Vinod has
come to meet him. – Yes. Forgive me, I’m
disturbing you again. No problem. Please sit.
– Doesn’t matter. I want to know where were
you on the night of 24th. On the 24th, I left my wife at
Delhi and came back to Simla. You came back home directly? No. I went to the office
and booked a call to my wife. When I didn’t get through to her,
I went to the Hotel Shiraz. I had a meeting there and
after that I came home. When did you come back home?
– It must have been about 10:30pm. You were driving the Dodge?
– Yes. Were you alone?
– Yes, absolutely. Think again, Mr. Rai. Did you come back
alone from the hotel? What is there to think, Inspector? I think you’re forgetting.
You gave a lift to a girl on your way. Lift? Yes, I remember now.
I had given a lift to a girl. She was standing alone in the cold. She asked me for the
lift and I gave her. Then you brought her home? No, I didn’t.
I dropped her on the way. Where?
– Wherever she told me to? You left her at her home?
– Look, Inspector Vinod… I was not
at all interested in that girl. She asked me for a
lift and I gave her. And I dropped her
wherever she told me to. Is it clear?
– Oh, yes. Oh, yes. From what you say,
I feel… Well, forget it. Forgive me for disturbing you.
– It’s Okay. Excuse me.
– Yes? Where did you drop that girl? Near the ice skating rink. Yes?
– Mr. Rakesh Rai? Yes, this is Rakesh speaking. Can you meet me? Who are you? I’m your well-wisher and
I can solve your problem. Problem? What problem? I can’t tell you this on the phone.
Come to Hotel Aashiana at once. But how will I recognise you? You don’t have to. I’ll find you. Hello? Hello? “I am here. So are you.” “I am here. So are you.” “Why should there be this
distance if we’re in love?” “Where are you going?” “You won’t find anyone
with a heart like mine.” “I am here. So are you.” “Why should there be this
distance if we’re in love?” “Where are you going?” “You won’t find anyone
with a heart like mine.” “If you come close to me and
talk looking into my eyes.” “Then that would be fun.” “If you keep thinking like this all
alone. If you don’t play a game.” “Then it’s useless
living like this.” “Come under the shadow of my
tresses and enjoy yourself.” “I am here. So are you.” “Why should there be this
distance if we’re in love?” “Where are you going?” “You won’t find anyone
with a heart like mine.” “I am here…” “We’ll get along well.
Then why do you delay?” “Why don’t you test me?” “We’ll get along well.
Then why do you delay?” “Why don’t you test me?” “He is a winner who
loses his heart.” “Come play this game.” “After enticing me with your
eyes, where are you going?” “I am here. So are you.” “I am here. So are you.” “Why should there be this
distance if we’re in love?” “Where are you going?” “You won’t find anyone
with a heart like mine.” Did anyone suspect you?
– No, sir. Did you get any clue from his car?
– No. I danced close to another
man on your bidding. And you didn’t even
tell me what you wanted. When the right time comes,
you’ll know everything. So, my dancing and his
coming here was a waste. Nothing will go waste. Hail Hanuman. Miss Khanna, good morning.
– Good morning. Why do you stand in front
of my shop every morning? Today, I’ll come in. I want
to get a photograph taken. If you can get in through
this door, you can come. I can enter the door
of your heart too. All right, if you want to, you can.
But don’t spoil anything of mine. Come in. Come. Carefully. Come. Just a minute. My shop is shut. Excuse me. Hello. This is Nand speaking. Nand. No, it’s not what you think.
I am Nand. ‘N’ for Nanda, ‘A’ for Anda, ‘N’
for Nanda, ‘D’ for Danda. Nand. Hello? Hello? The line got cut. My shop is shut. Mr. Nand, tell me something. Why do you say
‘My shop is shut’ so often? It’s very simple. My grandfather started
this shop. Nand and sons. Then his son, that is
my father took it over. After that his son,
that is I ran the shop. I’m unmarried, nor do I have a son. That’s why my shop will close down. But your shop can
still remain open. I haven’t got married yet. Oh, God. You came here to get your
photograph clicked. – Yes. Come in. Come. Come in. You want to take a
photograph like this. Yes. I want a beautiful
photograph clicked. Beautiful. Which pose do you like?
Standing or sitting? No. The sitting pose
will spoil all the beauty. It should be standing
and that too on two legs. On two legs? But you’re already on
two feet. My shop is shut. You’re great. I’d like
a photograph of my Jimmy. Jimmy’s photograph?
– Yes. – But why? I’m getting him married… …and I want to send his
photograph to his girlfriend. The shop is shut. I’ll click it straight away. Tell me what size photograph
you want to get clicked. This, this, or this. This is Rosaline’s photograph. The shop is shut. You know her?
– Yes. Hello, police station.
– Simla Police Station? Who is this? Inspector Vinod?
– Yes, speaking. Is Rosaline’s murderer arrested? No. Who are you speaking? You won’t be able to catch him.
Keep on trying. Hello. Hello? Sheela. What are you doing here? You were supposed to come back from
Mumbai. So I came to receive you. But Rajan, how come
you’re with Sheela? I was coming from Mumbai and
I bumped into her at the airport. So, we came together. You are going to Simla?
– Yes. I have some work in Delhi.
Let’s pick our luggage. – Come. Come.
– Let’s go. What’s the matter?
Why are you so quiet? You didn’t talk to me on the way. What’s the matter?
– Nothing. Why are you so worried? I haven’t done anything Sheela.
But I’m trapped. What do you mean? I was on my way back home after
I talked to you on the phone. A girl asked me for a lift. ‘She wanted brandy,
so I brought her home.’ ‘After giving her brandy
I went to the wash room.’ ‘When I came back
from the wash room… ‘ ‘… her dead body was
lying on the sofa.’ What? I always thought you
were a very decent person. I always praised you about your
character in front of people. But you? Sheela, don’t misunderstand me.
– Shut up. You bring a young girl
home to offer brandy… …and you ask me not
to misunderstand you. You were forced to tell me
that’s why the secret is out. What if that girl had not died? Listen, what did
you tell the police? I told them that I had
dropped her off on the way. All right. Say this
to everyone who asks. Don’t admit that you
had brought her here. Both of us will have
to pretend as if… …nothing has happened. Hi, Preeti. Mrs. Sheela, when did you return?
– Yesterday. How was the journey?
– Very nice. You never go out of Simla. One must go for a change
once or twice in a year. This is for you from Mumbai. So sweet of you. Thank you. Welcome.
– Come on. Greetings, Aunt.
– God bless. You’ve come after a long time. It hasn’t been a long time.
I didn’t come yesterday. Did you see that, Mother?
He is so engrossed in work… …that five days mean
just one day for him. You two chat while
I’ll go and get coffee. Preeti, Riku’s letter has arrived. It was bound to. That poor
fellow must be waiting. You should have at
least rung him up. I wanted to, but it
just slipped my mind. He is my brother.
So it didn’t bother you. If it were your brother,
you would have remembered. You have to think more
about your wife’s brother. …than about your own brother But right now there’s
only one thing on my mind. Rosaline? No, about her murderer. Tomorrow, you’ll suspect me too. I suspect someone, but
I don’t have solid proof. Where did you buy this from? I didn’t buy it, Sheela
bought it for me from Mumbai. Who is Sheela? She’s the wife of Rakesh Rai
the owner of Rai Garment Factory. Really?
– Hello, Mr. Rakesh. Hello.
– Excuse me. We policemen always come uninvited. If I’m not mistaken, Mrs. Rai.
– Yes. Sheela, Inspector Vinod.
– Hello. Perhaps, you’re not aware that
Mr. Rai is trapped in a murder case. I’m sorry. He’s not trapped,
but has got involved unknowingly. No, Inspector. I know nothing
about that murder case. I believe you. You dropped that girl that day,
but another problem has cropped up. There is no problem. You’re bothering a
respectable man unnecessarily. Don’t feel bad, Mrs. Rai. It’s the duty of the police
to protect his dignity. But being a good citizen, it’s
also your duty to help the police. Beautiful. It’s a lovely billiards table.
Can I see it? Sure. Mrs. Rai, our game is
just like billiards. Many a times people
refuse to give their statement… And if they do, somewhere… Beautiful pieces. Mr. Rai, don’t you think
there’s some mistake here? One, two, three, four, five. A small piece is missing. Isn’t it? Perhaps, the servants
have misplaced it. No, Mrs. Rai. The elephant
was stolen from here. Who stole it? The one who came here on
the night of the 24th night. Mr. Rakesh Rai, we found this
elephant piece in Rosaline’s handbag. That means you lied.
Rosaline did come here. Mr. Rakesh Rai, I arrest
you for killing Rosaline. I’m sorry. Please come. Inspector, I am Nand.
– Who is it? Not what you think. Nand. Inspector, you’ve arrested Rakesh Rai
for the murder of Rosaline. Have I done anything wrong? By the way, he has
been let out on bail. Inspector, my life is in danger… …but I don’t want to see an
innocent man being done injustice. What do you mean? I don’t know the reality… …but I want to tell
you what I saw and heard. Keep this to yourself. If he comes to know that
I have told you everything… …my shop will be shut. What did you see? I saw a drunk man crying
at Rosaline’s grave. He was crying and saying,
“Rosaline, I have killed you.” “Rosaline, I’ve…
I’ve killing you.” What is his name?
– What Rod is he? Rodricks. Rosaline, I promise… …I’ll make Rakesh Rai’s
grave right here. You’re right, Rodricks. If you commit another murder,
the punishment will be the same. Police? Answer me.
You poisoned to Rosaline, didn’t you? I didn’t kill her, sir.
I didn’t kill her. She was my sweetheart.
– Don’t lie. Didn’t you admit at Rosaline’s
grave that you killed her? I didn’t kill her. I killed her morally.
Killed her morally. Had I not fought with her, she
wouldn’t have gone that night and died. You’ve spun a good tale
to escape the police. You loved Rosaline. When you saw Rosaline with Rakesh… …you couldn’t
tolerate her betrayal. So, you followed her. When you found Rosaline alone
in the room, you killed her. This is a lie. That’s not true. If you don’t believe me,
you can ask the hotel owner. The hotel owner?
– Yes. Where were you at that time?
Tell me. I was so drunk that I slept there. If this turns out to be wrong… …I’ll beat you up so badly
that you’ll come to your senses. Dhelaram!
– Yes, sir. Lock him in.
– No, sir. No, sir. Go and inquire from the disco club. No, sir. – Take him away.
– I didn’t kill her. God promise, I didn’t kill her. Take him away.
– Sir, I didn’t kill her. God promise, She was my darling.
– Get in! This is Karishma’s photograph.
And this is her mother’s. And look at the clothes… – Are you
the manager of this hotel? – Yes. Was a man named Rodricks
here on the 24th of November? Rodricks? I don’t know any Rodricks.
Pick up the glass. Rodricks is a murderer.
– I’m not concerned with the murder. All I have been told to ask
what was he doing here on 24th. The one who drinks
a lot, that Rodricks. That Rodricks? – Yes. – He slept
here that night after getting drunk. Slept here after getting drunk?
– Come on, Bankelal. It’s so confusing. – Constable,
you’ve locked Rodricks in, didn’t you? You have locked him up?
– Yes, he is in the lock up. Don’t release him.
– Why? If you leave him,
my shop will be shut. Amazing, if I leave him, your
shop will be shut. – Yes. If I keep him in, your
shop will remain open. Yes. – I do not understand anything.
He must be crazy. You’ll understand
everything later on. Don’t say anything from your side. Sir.
– Yes. You told me to enquire
about Rodricks. – Yes. On the 24th, he slept at the
disco after getting drunk. Take out.
– What? Are you drunk?
Take him out from the lock up. I’ll take him out. Boss tells me to take him out.
– Get that job done. Come on out. You drink too much. Here he is. Don’t drink too much. Go on. I won’t drink, sir. Camera. I’ll put off the light. Now the door. You? My shop is shut. Brother Rodricks,
studio timing is over. Your life has finished, man. I had told you to
keep your mouth shut. I have shut my mouth. Right now, I don’t know
where I am speaking from. You went and informed
the police inspector. My shop is shut. Why would I tell the police?
Do I want to die? Today, you’re going to die. What kind of death has
come in the darkness? Rodricks, switch on the light.
– No! The cat and mouse game
looks nice in the dark. What do I do?
Should I report to the police? He’s crying? What’s the matter? You’re crying since you
had come to do wrong. All right, I’ll forgive you. The shop is shut.
Why is he still crying? Don’t cry. I’ll forgive you. Rosaline… Rosaline… Don’t cry, Brother Rodricks. Look, my Rosaline is alive. She is crying. She is crying. I’m not a bad person, Rosaline.
I only drink. I swear Rosaline,
I’ll not drink again. if you come back alive,
I’ll never drink again. I swear on God. Don’t cry. – I swear on God. – Brother
Rodricks. Brother Rodricks, calm down. Come here. Move. Rodricks, take your Rosaline home. The person who has killed you,
God will punish him. God will punish him. Preeti!
– I am here. Look, who’s here.
– Hi. Hello, brother.
– When did you come? About two hours back.
But you let me down. Because of you I delayed my
college program by an hour… …but you didn’t show up. Sorry. I got stuck in a case. Riku, don’t listen to him. He always gets stuck
somewhere or the other. How are your studies? I’m preparing for the annual
sports. Here is the souvenir. My exams will be wrapped up in April.
– You want to study further? No. I’d like to take on a job,
like you. Driver, stop in front
of the police station. Yes, stop here. Do it. Okay?
– Yes, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. He doesn’t do anything himself. Where is the Inspector Vinod? Go there. Open the door
and you’ll see him. Inspector Vinod? Yes. Hello, Mrs. Rai. He is my advocate Mr. Rajan.
– Hello. I’ve come to bail out Rakesh. I am sorry. This is a murder case.. ..and you can’t get bail so soon. But, it’s not a murder case. Rakesh has been involved in
this case unnecessarily. Mr. Rajan, I have taken a
remand from the court for seven days. If you want, you can come
after seven days.. ..you can get the
bail order from the court. I can’t leave him
before seven days are over. You want to
trouble him purposefully. Let me tell you, Inspector.. ..if you cause any kind
of inconvenience to Rakesh.. ..I’ll drag the whole police
department to court. Come on, Rajan. You are lying. Your friendship was with Rosaline. You had often take her home. No, inspector. I’m telling truth, inspector. Even I don’t know her. Mr. Rakesh Rai. You were with her
illegitimate relation. No. And she try to blackmail you. Because of it you gave her poison
for remove from the way. – No. This is false. It was put
on me is an accusation. After taking lift she
asked me for brandy. So I brought her in home. When I came out of the
wash room, she was dead. She was dead. She was dead.. She was dead.. When you get her
home anyone seen you. My.. My elder sister. Yes. That means after divorcing
your husband.. ..you’ve been living in this house.
– Yes. Inspector, she’s my daughter
and has a right to live in her home. Yes. You said that when Rakesh came
back on the night of the 24th.. ..he was alone.
– Yes. That means
Rosaline was not with him. No.
– You’re lying! You knew Rosaline very well.
– No, I didn’t know her. Mrs. Aarti, you knew very well.. ..that in the absence
of your sister-in-law.. ..your brother would
bring that girl home every day. You wanted to kill
two birds with one stone. So that your path would be clear. The girl will die and
your brother would go to jail. You took advantage of this and
on the night of the 24th.. ..you put poison in
Rosaline’s glass. If you’ve committed one
murder so much finesse.. It’s not difficult for you to commit
another murder that of Mrs. Rai. No! So that you could take over
all the property. – No. Inspector, what are you saying?
I can never think of doing this. You’re lying..
– Inspector, my daughter can’t do this. Our family will not..
– You both are lying! All right, inspector,
if you think I’m guilty.. ..then arrest me. I’ll accept that I poisoned
to Rosaline.. ..but please release Rakesh. My brother is innocent. Let him go. Let him go. Please let him go. You can go. Inspector Vinod, did you
find out anything about.. ..Mr. Rakesh’s
personal and social life? Yes, sir. Rakesh Rai is a member
of the Simla Rotary Club.. ..and ice skating club. But he is not fond of
going to the club. And prefers to spend his time at
home in the evening with his family. Who all are in his family? He has a wife, a mother
and a sister. That night his
wife was out of Simla. I have interrogated his
mother and sister.. ..but it has been of no avail. There must be
servants in the house as well. Yes. But at night all
of them go home. The room in which Rosaline died
was closed from all sides. I checked myself. According to the laboratory test.. ..the bottle from which brandy
was poured in Rosaline’s glass.. ..did not have
any traces of poison. No, there was no poison in it. Because according to
Rakesh Rai’s sister.. ..Rakesh had brandy from
that bottle as well. But Rosaline died by
consuming poison. – Yes. Vinod you change your direction.
– What? I mean change the direction
of your thinking. Don’t worry about who
the murderer is. Find out how did
the murder take place. How did Rosaline
end up consuming poison? If you get this answer.. ..it will be easy for you
to find the murderer. Since the police department
has not applied for more remand.. ..the court gives permission
to release Mr. Rakesh Rai on bail. But he’ll not go out of town without
the permission of the court. And whenever the court or
the police department need him.. ..he will present himself. Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank you, Rajan.
– My pleasure, Rakesh. Rakesh, I hope you are all right. Hello.
– Do you recognise my voice? Who are you? Congratulations. I believe you’ve
caught Rosaline’s murderer.. ..but have you found out
how Rosaline was murdered? No. Well, you won’t
be able to find out. This isn’t a cup of tea for
a newcomer like you. Forget it. Hello, exchange. This is Inspector
Vinod from the police station. I just got a phone call.
Where did it come from? Just a minute. Yes.
– From a public telephone on Mall Road. Sheela, it’s clear
that Rosaline used to drink. She took drugs a couple of times.
I have proof of that too. But when she went to the disco
on the night of the 24th November.. ..she didn’t take any
drugs nor have whisky. But according to the post
mortem she died of poison. Who gave her this poison? That means someone else had given
her some kind of poison. But when she came here
she was absolutely all right. That’s all right. That’s all right. But
what have you done to yourself? Anyone looking at you
will think you poisoned her. Go shave and go to the office. Behave as if nothing ever happened. Come on. I know, Sheela, but I’ve been
arrested by the police. There’s a murder case against me. Don’t worry. I’ll fight your case. You didn’t commit the murder. Then why are you so worried? Rajan, I know I didn’t poison her. But Rosaline died. Someone
gave her poison. Who is that person? Until the guilty is found.. ..the police will
look upon me as a murderer. Beliram, why haven’t you
brought the car yet? Good evening, Mrs. Rai. Why have you come here? I have come to meet you.
– Why? I want to ask you something. Sorry. Whatever you
want to ask, ask my lawyer. “Why and how did it happen?” “The thing that happened.” “Don’t ask me. It was
an obsession of youth.” “Don’t ask me. It was
an obsession of youth.” “Whatever happens
now let it happen.” “Why and how did it happen?” “The thing that happened.” “Don’t ask me. It was
an obsession of youth.” “Don’t ask me. It was
an obsession of youth.” “Whatever happens
now let it happen.” “Why and how did it happen..” “When you’re struck by it, you’ll
know it. Such is love.” “The state of my lover’s
heart will not be hidden from me.” “When you’re struck by it, you’ll
know it. Such is love.” “The state of my lover’s
heart will not be hidden from me.” “Then why should I yearn and sigh?” “Then why should I yearn and sigh?” “If the heart’s secret is
revealed, then let it.” “Why and how did it happen?” “The thing that happened.” “Don’t ask me. It was
an obsession of youth.” “Whatever happens
now let it happen.” “Why and how did it happen..” “I know who is looking at whom.” “You’ll never
find a beauty like me.” “I know who is looking at whom.” “You’ll never
find a beauty like me.” “What are you searching for?
Where are you lost?” “What are you searching for?
Where are you lost?” “Come let’s have a drink together.” “Why and how did it happen?” “The thing that happened.” “Don’t ask me. It was
an obsession of youth.” “Whatever happens
now let it happen.” Is it coincidence or are you
following me on purpose? What if I say I am following
you on purpose? May I know the reason? There’s no reason
for being in love. What? Yes. I don’t know why, but when
I see you I feel like following you. But you won’t get anything from me. I don’t want anything. Just be in front of me. The more I see you the
more pretty I find you. Really? But the police are very dry people. Yes, of course. If you
ask me, I’ll leave everything. Oh, really? For now, take this stuff to the car.
– Oh, yes. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Listen. Can you give me
a lift till the high court? If you talk nonsense, I won’t. All right, if you’re not
in a mood, I won’t. Right now, you’re not a
police officer, but a friend. Okay? Thanks for making me your friend.
– Come. Driver, take the
car to the high court. Hi. At least give me a sweet smile Why? Didn’t you get
anything from there? From where? Tell me what’s wrong with me?
Am I not beautiful? Don’t I love you?
– What’s wrong with you? Something was wrong long ago. But I witnessed everything
just today. Don’t you care at all that
you’re cheating on me? You’re betraying me.
– What do you want to say? What’s left to say? But I’m sad that you fell
for a married woman. Best of luck with Sheela. Listen to me.
– Let me go. I’ll clear your doubt.
This is my duty. No need to spin a story.
I saw you with my own eyes. You saw me sitting with
Sheela in the car. I don’t deny it. I’ve been following Sheela
since many days. Look, this is a
souvenir of Riku’s college. This is Sheela. Before
her marriage her name was Renu In 1977, Sheela was the college’s
swimming champion. And exactly a year later, in 1978.. ..Sheela and Rakesh got married. You’ll ask me what’s the
connection between.. ..my sitting in the
car with Sheela and this. Do you remember you had told me.. ..that before marriage Rakesh
had saved Sheela from drowning. Now tell me how can a swimming
champion drown? It means there’s something
wrong somewhere. Nothing is wrong. In love,
one tends to lie. And Rosaline’s case has no connection
with Sheela’s marriage. I don’t understand why is
inspector talking like this suddenly. It’s better to stay away from
these police officers. This Inspector is after
our family now. All that is fine. But what reply do I give
to this invitation? I have no objection to going to Mumbai. This way I will meet Guru as well. But without Rakesh
I won’t have fun during New Year. Sheela, I won’t be able to go. The Japanese party is
coming to meet me. We can always have
a holiday later on. Business first. What do you say, Rajan? Am I right? As you wish. I’ll write back
that we’ll be coming. Okay, I’ll go to
Mall road and come back. Drop me on the way. A friend of Rosaline’s stays there. I have to make some enquiries from her.
– So, let’s go then. Do you know he said as if.. Let’s go now. Inspector Vinod,
my case is in the court. You should not be coming here. You’re misunderstanding me. All I want to know is
where did you both meet first.. ..and how you got married. I met her in
Nainital for the first time. I saved her from drowning.
And then we got married. Do you want to ask anything else?
– No. Anyway, thank you very much.
– It’s okay. Why did he come here again? I don’t understand. He was asking
me very strange questions. When did we meet first?
When did we get married? Strange.
– Really. Hail Hanuman.. Oh, God. Come on. Hello.
– Hello. What’s the matter? Why are you
shutting the shop so soon today? That is because there
are no customers today. I’m your customer. You’re my permanent customer.
– Yes. What’s the matter?
Today, Jimmy is not with you. Jimmy? I got Jimmy married. Congratulations. You took such a good
photograph of his.. – Yes. ..that Jimmy’s wife
Nimmi kept him in her bungalow. Kept him in her bungalow?
– Yes. My shop is shut. You mean Jimmy will now
stay at his in-laws? Yes. I have a house in Simla too. My shop is shut. I don’t even need your photograph. I have asked the priest
to fix the marriage date too. Look, Miss Khanna.
– Yes. At my age, it would be
a big mistake to marry. What has age got to do with it? Nand, make this
mistake once. Then you’ll see. You’ll be very happy. Miss Khanna..
– Yes? Now Nand can never have any fun. Oh! Don’t worry. I’ll get the prescriptions
of all the doctors I know. You’ll be very happy. Okay.
I’ll get it right now. Okay? God, has she left or not? Jankidas and Company. Excuse me. What? Is your name Mr. Nand? Yes. Do you know him? No.
– Try to remember. Did you go to
Nainital twenty one years ago? Yes, I did. Did you meet a girl called
Madhumati there? “Come..”
– Madhumati? “Oh, outsider.” “I have been waiting
here since so long..” “..that my eyes are tired.” Yes, I did meet her. But how did you know? I’m the offspring of your mistake. My son. I’ll correct all my mistakes. Now Nand’s shop will not shut down.
– Oh, Daddy. Nand & son & son & son. Sorry, Inspector.
I thought you’re a capable officer.. ..and handed over this case to you. But even after a month.. ..you’ve not been successful
in your enquiry. Sir, I’m trying my very best.. ..hoping to find that who
could benefit by Rosaline’s death. I’ve interrogated every person.. ..who has had
anything to do with Rosaline. But there has been no success. You haven’t been able to find
out where the poison came from. Sir, I have found some clues. I can assure you that
very soon I’ll solve this case. Give me a little more time. Okay. Thank you, sir. ‘The police is not capable enough
to solve Rosaline murder case.’ ‘You’re wasting your time.’ ‘You’d better
close this file forever.’ Hello. – This is Rajan speaking.
Mr. Rakesh Rai’s lawyer. Yes, Mr. Rajan, what is it? Inspector, ever since
I got Rakesh out on bail.. ..a person has threatened
me thrice. What kind of threat?
– Threat to kill me. Kill you?
– Yes. The first time
I didn’t take it seriously. The second time
I thought of contacting you.. ..but I put it off. This evening he gave
me an ultimatum. What’s the name of the one who
threatened.. – Calling up the police? Who are you? Put the phone down. I said
to put the phone down. I have told you many times
not to accept Rakesh’s case. You have invited your death. Mr. Rajan! What happened? Inspector, he shot
at me and ran away. Lucky, the bullet didn’t
enter the leg. It just brushed past. I’ll take you to the hospital.
– No. Please ring up my doctor.
Let him see it. Thank God I came. He ran away
hearing the police siren. Number?
– 4698. Dr. Puri. Who was he?
You can recognize him now. The truth is this,
until now I suspected you too. Me?
– Yes. Although, that night
you were not in town. At least I have found out
that there is someone else. Hello. Hello, Dr. Puri?
Just a minute. Doctor.. Aarti, I kept a cheese box here.
Did you see it? Sheela, you know that except
for you and Rakesh.. ..no one else touches this fridge.
– Found it. Just the two of you prefer
things chilled. We feel very cold. I always like to check everything
before leaving. Whenever there’s a party, I don’t
like to disturb you people. Besides, everything should
be at its place. Sheela, where have you
kept the overcoat? I got it put in the car
with your suitcase. Good. I’ll leave now and
reach Delhi airport by nightfall. When will you return? By the 31st all
business meetings will be over. It’s a New Year’s Night. If everyone insists, I might
stay there overnight. But I’ll be back by the 1st.
What is your programme? We might have to stay for a couple
of days after New Year’s. Rajan, you are going with her.
Look after her. Don’t worry. Sheela is
smarter than both of us. It means I won’t
meet you for New Year’s. So, let me wish you. Happy New Year.
-Thank you. – Happy New Year. Bye-bye. – Bye-bye.
– Bye. See you in the morning. What’s the matter, Preeti?
You look very tired. It’s nothing.
– Had a fight with your boyfriend? He’s outstation. Actually, I’m really bored of
seeing the same faces everyday. There is getting so monotonous.
– Saw that? So, you agree with me. Listen, take a week’s
leave and come with me to Mumbai. I’ll introduce you to my Guru. And we’ll spend
the New Year’s there. I’m very keen to come, but.. No excuses. Or else you’ll spend
all your life in this health club. Listen, I’ll pay for your airfare. But.. – No ifs and buts.
I’ll book two tickets. This is Mrs. Rakesh Rai.. ..and she is
Inspector Vinod’s fiancée. They will be at our New Year’s
party with the lawyer. Make one of them New Year Queen. Do you know why you
have to do that? Good. Welcome, Mr. Rajan.
Welcome Mrs. Rai. – Thank you. Mr. Rakesh Rai didn’t come. He is busy with his business.
– Oh, I see. Meet my friend Preeti.
– Hello, pleased to meet you. Please come. – Come.
– Please come. Please make yourself comfortable.
Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, may
I have your attention please. Before we usher in the New Year.. ..this year too a Thumps
Up Queen will be chosen. All the ladies
will be served drinks.. ..hard or soft, whatever they want. Thumps Up Queen will
be that fortunate lady.. ..who has a pearl in her glass. So, ladies and gentlemen
carry on with your dance. And best of luck. One. Two. Three. Four. “I am alone, but there
are many lovers.” “Wherever I look, there is beauty.” “Each one is
prettier than the last.” “What should I do?
I’m in a dilemma.” “I am alone, but there
are many lovers.” “Wherever I look, there is beauty.” “Each one is
prettier than the last.” “What should I do?
I’m in a dilemma.” “One says she is the
most beautiful.” “Another says there
is no one like her.” “One says she is the
most beautiful.” “Another says there
is no one like her.” “Oh, my heart,
tell me who to believe.” “I am alone, but there
are many lovers.” “Wherever I look, there is beauty.” “Each one is
prettier than the last.” “What should I do?
I’m in a dilemma.” “Look at her face, it’s so innocent.” “But what’s in her heart,
nobody knows.” “Look at her face, it’s so innocent.” “But what’s in her heart,
nobody knows.” “She will loot you with her smile.” “She is famous for it all around.” “I am alone, but there
are many lovers.” “Wherever I look, there is beauty.” “Each one is
prettier than the last.” “What should I do?
I’m in a dilemma.” “I am alone, but there
are many lovers.” “Wherever I look, there is beauty.” “Each one is
prettier than the last.” “What should I do?
I’m in a dilemma.” Here is the Queen of the Year. Miss Preeti of Simla. Please go and change your dress. Who was it?
– I didn’t see him in the dark. Hello, sir.
– Hello. Unload the luggage. Hurry up. You? – I have something
important to talk to you. But one can’t talk after drinking. Okay. Please come.
– Tell me. Please come. We
were waiting for you. What’s the matter? Why were we
sent a telegram to come soon? What is this party for? I’ve been acquitted of
the Rosaline murder case. Inspector requested for
a party, so I accepted. Has the police shut the
Rosaline murder case? How can we do that, Mr. Rajan?
You’re a lawyer. I’ve found a witness who has
pointed out Rosaline’s murderer. Who is it? I’ll tell you in a moment.
Let’s party first. Come. So, Mr. Rajan. You wanted to
know the name of the murderer. Mr. Rajan.. If the curtain on the
murder case rises slowly.. ..the interest lasts
for a longer time. By the way, you’ll
be surprised to hear.. ..that the murderer’s name
starts with an ‘R’. Please. Drink. Cheers. Please drink it. I said the murderer’s
name starts with ‘R’. ‘R’ for Rajan, Rakesh. Rodricks and Renu. Mrs. Rai, before your marriage
your name was Renu. – Yes. Mrs. Rai, in 1977, you were the
swimming champion of your college. Yes. Swimming champion? Later when in 1978, when you met
Rakesh, you were going to drown. I mean a champion was drowning. Mrs. Rai, you pretended to drown
in order to trap Mr. Rakesh. What do you mean
I was trapping him? Marrying a wealthy man
is no less than a trap. And when you saw Rakesh was more
interested in Rosaline than you.. ..on the night of 24th November.. ..you hatched a plan to
remove Rosaline from your path. You left Simla, so that
no one suspects you. Mrs. Rai you killed Rosaline.
– No! You’re right, Mrs. Rai.
You’re not the murderer. But then who is the murderer? Mr. Rajan, did you suspect there
was something in this glass? You won’t tell me, but I will. Everyone is surprised that how did
Rosaline die suddenly. Isn’t it? Mr. Rakesh, even you don’t know. That night you gave Rosaline
brandy and went inside.. ..but when you
returned she was dead. There was nothing in that brandy. Because after you
rang up the police.. ..you drank liquor
from that same bottle. Then what was in that glass? Mr. Rajan, you know
Preeti, don’t you? To make Preeti the New Year Queen
a pearl was planted in her glass. That’s it. After seeing
that pearl I understood.. ..how Rosaline had died. Rosaline died because of this ice. Ice? Yes. Do you remember you had put
ice in Rosaline’s glass? – Yes. There was something in that ice
which caused Rosaline’s death.. ..and that was poison.
– Poison? The ice melted in the liquor,
Rosaline took a sip.. ..and she died that very moment. You were supposed to die,
Mr. Rakesh. – Me? – Yes! Because you always
put ice in your liquor. And the murderer also knew.. ..that no one touches this
fridge except you and your wife. That’s why on the
night of 24th November.. ..you went upstairs after dinner.. ..the murderer mixed
poison in the ice tray. And himself left Simla. So that no one suspects him. How could the police suspect
that there was poison in that ice? When Rosaline drank
brandy with that ice.. ..she died instead of you. He failed the first time. When you were going out for New Year,
he adopted the same method again. He knew that as soon
as you reached Simla.. ..you’d put ice in
your drink and have it. With that liquor, you would die.. ..and the police would believe.. ..that to save yourself from
punishment in Rosaline’s murder case.. ..you had committed suicide. But this time too he failed.
Since I had reached on time. My associate sent that
glass to have it tested. Mr. Rajan..
– Beware! Nobody will move. If anyone moves forward,
I will shoot. Inspector, Vinod. Now you can’t escape. So, it’s you. Great, counsellor! I must
say you are very intelligent. For a moment even I was stunned
that who could be the murderer. To remove yourself from
the finger of suspicion.. ..you used this hired
scoundrel very beautifully. You made him ring me up so
that you are not suspected. You fired a shot in the air,
pretended to be injured.. ..so that no one suspects you. He tampered with my jeep and
you attacked me wearing a mask.. ..so that you are not suspected. Counsellor, your plan
is worth praising.. ..but today you’ve
run out of tricks. Take them away. Inspector, that Rajan..
– Rajan has been caught. Why did he want to kill me? Wealth and love. Love? What do you mean? Mr. Rakesh, perhaps
Sheela didn’t know.. ..that when Rajan had stayed
at her house as a paying guest.. ..he fell in love with her. When he saw Renu as your wife,
he felt jealous. He wanted to somehow make Renu his. In order to save yourself
from the income tax.. ..you gave all your papers
and wealth to Rajan.. ..he felt that his dream
was going to come true. He was sure that after your death.. ..he would tell Renu that he
loves her and convince her. Me? That’s what he thought, but
couldn’t fulfil his dream. Anyway, Mrs. Sheela, I’m sorry
I troubled you a lot. Please forgive me. Bye-bye, Mr. Rakesh.
– Goodbye. See you Sheela. I pretended to drown. For the sake of love. Isn’t it? In love, all lies is justified. Come on, cheer up. Smile.


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