Kean University Hosts “No Hate” Town Hall

This is our second annual “No Hate” Town
Hall, so it is an opportunity for us to convene the general public, to have more awareness
building, to educate and to provide opportunities for individuals to meet others who are concerned
and who want to, address the issues that we are facing in our community. So today we have individuals and organizations
that are directly impacting and changing our society for the better. We’re excited to be here to really talk
about the issues of structural racism and why it’s time to stop brushing these issues
under the carpet and really get into conversations and acknowledge structural racism and how
its embedded in our systems all throughout our state and our society. We have a panel of experts, which is comprised
of state political leaders and the FBI’s Civil Rights division, to respond to the information
and also, from their perspective, to discuss the intersectionality of these things. My biggest take-away was the idea that I can
take what I learned here and the things that were discussed and I can bring them into my
classroom here at the University, and discuss these things with my students, in a now more-informed
way. You can make a change. You can’t change a system with your mouth,
you need to have action, you need to do something. We have to work at providing those types of
understanding, awareness and education that will help people not behave in a way that
would isolate people or exclude people from their opportunities.

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