Ken Denis Movie Theatres are a Hole in One! : Ground Floor

hi I’m Ken Denis owner and operator of
the new Ken Denis movie theaters I know what you’re saying “we already have too many movie theaters in town we have six!” well there’s one big difference at our
place and that difference is we will sell you a popcorn with the penis hole
already cut in the bottom it’s for your hard penis hello! it’s a bad batch this is where your hard penis goes… in
here! other movie theaters you go in and you say “hello I would like one popcorn
with a penis hole, please” and they say “we don’t sell that” and you say, huh?! and then you go “well in that case
one pair of scissors please” and they say “we don’t do that” so then you have to go home get your home scissors. and then you get on the bus and
you have the scissors and the bus driver says “honk honk what are you doing with those scissors?” and you say “why don’t you mind your own beeswax and just drive the bus, pig” and then you’re on the bus and
you’re fuming about the driver and you wind up leaving your scissors on the bus so you’re back at the movies and you’re
left with no other choice but to punch a hole in the bottom of the popcorn with
your dang keys you’re jingling your jangling your poking
you’re spilling your popcorn everywhere and by the time you don’t get in a hole
in there you got no popcorn left. and then you sit
down and your girlfriend says “um where’s the popcorn?” you gotta make up a whole story about some rude bird in the lobby that
came and ate all the popcorn and then by the time you finished
your story, you’re soft too soft! and it defeats the whole purpose of the thing so come on down to Ken Denis movie
theaters we got all the latest movies we’ve got salad brothers we have mommy’s
little daddy and this week we’ve got the brand new
happy birthday the movie Ken Denis movie theaters it’s a hole in one for your hard penis

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