KENOBI – A Star Wars Fan Film

Master. Help me. Why won’t you answer? How long are you going to keep this up? You know you watching over that boy is more of a threat than anything. If anyone knew you were here. You think you’re protecting him? You’re putting him in danger, Ben. And not just him. Owen… No one knows I’m here. They will. And they may not be able to connect the boy to you, but they can definitely connect you to him. You can’t avoid the Empire the rest of your life. The Empire doesn’t know we’re here. And they never will. You’re as foolish as your dead religion. It was just announced that the Empire is in the Outer Rim. The last transport leaves tonight. For Luke’s sake… I hope you’re on it. Qui-Gon: It is not the time Please… *Tusken Raider grunts* *Cries out in celebration* Droid, no. I need you to scan this one. No, you’re incorrect. Scan it again. Luke! Luke! Can you help me find something? Owen? Huh? Troop transport. Stormtroopers. I knew it. Hide the boy. Lars. Owen and Beru. Greetings, On behalf of the Empire. That’s right, it’s just Owen and I. Just the two of you? You farm this land all alone? That seems a bit much. It is, but it keeps us busy. A lot of late nights. I understand. What is the point of all of this? A census? We never had that before. It’s for your own protection, I assure you. It’s important to know who’s coming and who’s going. We don’t need an Emperor out here, we’re doing just fine. Oh, careful. We don’t need your protection. Of course you don’t. Until you do… Sir, found something. Don’t shoot, he’s just a child! Now, I thought you said it was just the two of you. Who is he? Uh, he’s… He’s a… Let’s see some identification. You don’t need to see their identification. Hello there. Hello there… ? Who are you? I’m the boy’s uncle. Ran off on me again. Getting too big for me to keep up with. What of his parents? Dead, I’m afraid. Some time now. Don’t I know you from somewhere? Not likely. Where are you from? We’re just passing through. Huh… you’re very good at avoiding questions… Search him! Oh? Won that in a Pazaak game. Not likely. We go about our business. We are of no concern to you. Come again? We are of no concern to you. Luke! Jedi! Trooper One to Trooper Base! We need back — Don’t let them call it in! Hey! What’s… happening? I’m stuck. It won’t move! Hey, over there! Stop him! *Augh!* Drop it! Augh! Is everyone all right? H-He’ll be all right. We just need to get him home. Are you all right? Ben… Thank you. Of course. May the Force be with you. You’re going to report back that your men were caught in a fight with Sand People. And that the records of this area are up to date… And that there is no interest here. We were caught in a fight with Sand People. Your records are up to date. There is no interest here. Now move along. Moving along. And that you won’t be needing your blaster. I won’t be needing my blaster. Qui-Gon: Obi-Wan… The Force will be with you. Always.

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