Kerry Washington Shared a Shakespeare Stage with Gwyneth Paltrow in School

All right, today. What a big show we have today. Speaking of big, Kerry
Washington is here. Why’s she looking up? Looking at up there? We’re going to play
a game with her. She doesn’t know it yet. She’s backstage. She has headphones on. There she is, listening to
something with a pretty dress on. Today we’re playing mystery
word, sponsored by Shutterfly. Here’s how it works. While I’m talking
to Kerry I’m going to somehow try to get her
to say the word gazpacho. Shutterfly is celebrating
20 years of stories and they’ve helped us change
many lives on the show, and if Kerry guesses correctly
or– she doesn’t guess. If she just says
the word gazpacho, you’re all going to get a
$250 Shutterfly gift card. That you can use to get
personalized gifts, all sorts of things. My dad already loves. You know he’s going
to like lurve you. Well, that’s– he’s going
to like me more than Reese Witherspoon. Reese and I have a competition. I know. I know you do. What she does is she steals
your friends from you. But she becomes close. You have people like that. They become close
to you and then they find out who’s close to
you, and then they take them. That sounds– that makes
it sound so strategic. Yeah. Oh no, it’s strategic. You think so? Yeah. Oh she’s– yeah she’s
lonely and she needs. My dad after he met
her, he was like she is the nicest, smartest, most
professional, hardworking. And I was like,
I’m your daughter. Right, yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Do I matter at all? That’s what I’m saying. She’s already done it to you. Yeah. All right. All right, I’m going to
invite your dad to the show. He’s going to– Oh. Yeah. He’s got it– he’ll
just be stay– I’ll get him a seat. Sit here. Yeah, have a seat back there. Maybe in his featured
background artist outfit. Right, yeah. So I don’t know how I’ve
known you for as long as I have and you haven’t
mentioned that you went to school with Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwennie. Were you friends with Gwyneth? No. Growing up? I mean she was like,
you know in high school a few years difference
makes a big deal. Yeah, yeah. So I’m not trying to say
that she’s older than me, but she’s a little
bit older than me. And so she was a senior when
I was in junior high school, and so she was like, even back
then she was Gwyneth Paltrow. Really? Oh yeah. Was she acting then? What would she doing? Yeah, we actually
did one play together because she was the queen in– of course– in
Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I was one of the fairies. The middle schoolers
were allowed to audition for the
fairies in Midsummer. So we had one amazing
show together. Oh, wow. Yeah. She’s a lovely person
I like her a whole lot. I do too. You know thing about
Goop is they recommend, they have recipes. They have all kinds of
food items on there. What’s your favorite food? In general. Oh is this about the game? I don’t know what game
you’re referring to. All I’m interested in
is what type of a food, do you like a solid
food or a liquid food? I like– I like solid food. Mm-hmm. OK so let’s narrow that down. If you couldn’t have solid
food, what kind of liquid food would you have? I like smoothies. Smoothies. I like fresh pressed juices. I’ll good, so you
like a cool liquid. Yeah. I like cool liquid. Sometimes if you’ll have a
soup of some sort, like a– I like a puree soup. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. Especially if it’s chilled
like a you know like a cold– Like a gazpacho? Yes! [CHEERING] [BELL RINGING] Yes. You all win a $250
Shutterfly gift card. Wow, that’s amazing. Wow. And it’s called American Sun. It’s available now on Netflix. Watch it and create
some good conversation. We’ll be right back.


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