Key & Peele – Obama’s Anger Translator – Meet Luther – Uncensored

(Hail to the Chief
by James Sanderson) – Good evening my
fellow Americans. Now, before I begin,
I just want to say that I know a lot
of people out there seem to think that
I don’t get angry. That’s just not true. I get angry a lot. It’s just the way
I express passion is different from most. So, just so there’s
no more confusion, we’ve hired Luther here
to be my anger translator. Luther. – Hi. – First off, concerning
the recent developments in the Middle Eastern region,
I just want to reiterate our unflinching
support for all people and their right to a
democratic process. – Hey, all y’all
dictators out there, keep messing around
and see what happens. Just see what happens. Watch. – Also, to the goverments
of Iran and North Korea, we once again urge you
to discontinue your uranium enrichment programs. – Hey, Machmud, Kim
Jong, I think I already done told both y’all
86 your shit, bitches. Or I’m going to come over there and do it for y’all! Please test me and
see what happens. – On the domestic front,
I just want to say to my critics, I
hear your voices and I’m aware of your concerns. – So maybe if you could
chill the hell out for like a second, then
maybe I could focus on some shit, you know? – That goes for everybody. Including members
of the Tea Party. – Oh don’t even get
me started on these motherfuckers right here. – I want to assure you
that we will be looking for new compromises with the GOP in the months ahead. – And you know
these motherfuckers are going to say no before
I even suggest some shit. – I know a lot of folks
say that I haven’t done a good job at
communicating my accomplishments to the public. – Because y’all
motherfuckers don’t listen! – Since being in office,
we’ve created three million new jobs. – Three million new jobs! – We ended the war in Iraq. – Ended the war, y’all. We ended a war. Remember that? – These achievements
should serve as a reminder that I am on your side. – I am not a Muslim. – And that my intentions
as your president are coming from the right place. – They coming from Hawaii
which is where I’m from which is in the United
States of America, y’all. Okay? This is ridiculous. I have a birth certificate. I have a birth certificate. I have a hot diggity
daggety mama-say mama-sa birth certificate
you dumb ass crackers! – Okay, Luther, rope it in. – Dial it back, Luther, damn. – In conclusion, last
night I had a conversation with Michelle. – I says, “Bitch.” – Nope, I did not say that. I did not say that. – I did not say that.


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