Something! Let’s go… If he does not kill him, what will his fate be, what will the fate of the people be? You had called for me urgently, What’s that??
Which you can’t say over the phone? Father… Will you tell him? Or should I tell him?? Whatever be the place,
whoever be the people there… Will you say or should I say it! I am getting scared! Other than getting scared, what have we done? From the time these walls have been built,
I am right here! We are living like slaves!
We will die like slaves, is what I thought! But now I have got courage,
I have got belief! Hey.. Hang it on the nail…
– Make way… Hang it…
– Fine… Come… Come… Come! Who is he,
why has he come here, I was wondering! Now I understood… He has come to change fiction into fact! There has been a short circuit!
In the whole town of Narachi, the power has been cut! Near Biligere too, the guards are stationed! Run towards the Boss’s room! In front of Junior Boss’s room,
the guards are stationed! We are escorting him from here to the Goddesses Fair! Where has he gone?
Has he run away? There, in the village fair, the walky signal will get cut! Lots of people there,
be alert… No one should even go near the Junior Boss… Leave… Tell me sir…
If Rocky does not kill Garuda… What will the fate of the people be? She is there, right? Our mother… Goddess Mariamma! The short circuit is near Billigere… Because someone rolled the copper wire to a stone,
and threw it on the electrical cable, the short circuit has cut the power in the whole town of Narachi! it is impossible for anyone to pass unnoticed by us sir… Where does this tunnel go? In the whole of Naraachi, only this tunnel…
Goes directly to the Boss’s house! Even if someone has short circuited it,
to cross Biligire and then come here through the tunnel, they need a lot of time… By then, because you alerted them,
all the guards in the palace, Where else could he have gone… Trumpets! When the electricity was shut, the guards who were here too
had come to the Junior Boss’s room… You don’t worry sir,
by the time boss finishes the fair and returns, the whole palace will be secured… Bring the 3 prisioners in front guys… Panju… He short circuited and cut the electricity not to enter the palace but to come here! Ramana, he is still there…
Ramana, I am unable to catch the signal! Everyone go to the fair, and also inform
the Barracks and ask everybody to come… Ramana…
Ramana… He is still there! He is still there Ramana…
Ramana… Sir. The cell where the 3 prisioners were, One…
One prisioner is still there… Hey… Shantamma! Hey! Stand right there!
– Mamma… Leave me! Your son is going out of control! He has formed a gang and has gone to hit them up! Not only did he go,
but he took our children too! High time you you advised your son! He tortured me in school daily mama! That’s why mama,
I went to hit him! Hey… You took a gang and went!
Go alone! Hello… Hello… Sir…
Tell Kulkarni… He killed him sir… What did you say?
Tell me again… He has killed Garuda sir… Everyone came know about Garuda’s death! Like Suryavardhan said…
The trumpets were waiting! There is news from India… The were waiting to destroy KGF… Madam in KGF… Brother,
Garuda died… They were also waiting to reclaim it! Adeera!
Brother… Till Garuda was alive,
I will not wish to desire this place… My brother said that I did not know politics… But the fact that another person’s
footsteps had fallen there… This nobody knew! Powerful people come from powerful places… When Andrews said he will give
Bombay like giving a candy, for Rocky the ocean also became just a well… Thinking the ocean was elsewere,
he went searching for it… when he saw Garuda, It was confirmed to Rocky that here is man who comes from that powerful place. So, even though he got a chance,
he did not finish him. He left him… To obtain KGF, he needed an army, That’s why Rocky,
in front of everyone he killed Garuda And injected courage to all those who witnessed it and made them all his soldiers! Hey… What are you looking at?
Kill him! If 400 people with guns were ready to kill
as ordered by Vanaram, 20,000 people had mustered coyrage in their hearts,
and were ready to die for Rocky! If you draw courage from the thousand people
standing behind you… Then you can win only one battle! But if the fact that you are leading them…
Makes those 1000 people behind you brave, you can win the whole world! Go… Go alone! He came… This is still the first chapter…
Of the Story… I am enforcing the Army.
And signing a Death Warrant of the biggest criminal in India. Now it is just the beginning…


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