Kid talks middle school drama in VRchat

oh yeah my grandma so I let her use the VR and play job simulator and she fell straight towards the ground I guess she started bleeding ah I think that my dad was a dentist so he can fix her Jason Johnson my family’s I hate but I like five no four siblings besides mean there’s like seven people in this house in total so see if anyone coochie can get you games again I like my friends oh yeah he’s a nerd it’s actually in there he’s like really flying he’s actually no doesn’t really have girls studied like he’s actually kind of like he’s like nerdy and chubby just really talking shit about cage yeah like lame I just became friends with them because I’m like what’s the answer he’s like eh I’m actually really somewhere I have a 4.0 GPA right now we see you’re not even really friends with cage a little bit kind of he doesn’t sit at a table anymore cause he would rather sit with this girl adding this cage have any friends that actually like him I don’t know he’s just like super nerdy he gets played all the time they’re just right like I basically like here for seven years like how do I make seven seven one two three four five six seven I like therefore this menus sorry the girl you liked what was her name again her name’s Annie like what do you like the most about her you know what really draws you to her Oh her volunteer and then the older girl that ever liked me with this ugly girl named Megan Barbara she’s actually done ugliest thing I’ve ever she’s business students thank you I hear you man yeah fuck you all right yeah I’m just looking like a love triangle here äúi is a partisan love for angle and he’s just messing everything up yes oh I knew it I fucking hear you like yes he said I kissed you know what you like hiss I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know yet I don’t know if that’s true and maybe maybe not own her and my sister used to be friends since you used to come over to my house and he just doesn’t know because he thinks he’s Mexican and all that oh I’m moving on to another subject but this is still about her wait no I’m sorry you have to explain the Mexican part the confused okay hold the mixing table dish for Mexicans a nerd like one white person would you sure I’m not being racist first rule is mostly Mexican so your sister is friends with the girl you like okay and the girl you like sits at the Mexican table and not with your sister anymore yes okay okay continue for when I’ve been over to our house that’s pretty cool they they’re pretty rich no oh so you like her cuz you want to get that money no but it may be a big bonus house the owner this neighborhood put your birds in here so they throw me around okay so yeah anyways he went over to Danny’s Ellison and what happened I was kind of a friend then back then before all the other stuff happened ok so the other stuff is the fact that you I kissed Danny that’s what stopped you from being full right no a new Mexican table oh so you were you were also upset about the Mexican to you [Laughter] guys living in Texas I’m crazy homie I might crash no this can’t be the other I’m too emotionally invested in this story now you son of a bitch you’re not leavin now interesting I don’t know I started my vacay thanks for this I’m so invested in this no is like years old I had 12 entities because my brain was fine done – – fine and I was about to die I have a scar in the back of my neck and he won’t go back and basically I overheard an eden-like me because I have a spy in the back of my head well she probably just doesn’t like me because she just doesn’t like me that’s probably the whole reason and also I don’t know if my friends like me cuz I’m being annoying sometimes and start talking right so I talk to them way too much the only dude just chill about that the last time she went to my house you didn’t talk to me his pen a depressing I don’t have usually much social skill in real life but I have a harder time talking to people it’s just kind of nice here I just feel mmm I feel more welcome than VR doing any other place that’s what I feel there’s no Mexican table in VR that’s what makes it so easy to you know communicate there’s no there’s no Mexican or Russian table dividing us we all sit at one big one big table is the most interesting story you’re hearing oil this is probably the most interesting story of my life okay give me give me a 1-minute schnapps where I’m gonna time you Thank You Seth and you know what I like we’ve had [Music] you


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