Kidding (2018) | Official Trailer | Jim Carrey SHOWTIME Series

MR. PICKLES: It’s the part
of you that no one can see. But you know it’s there. And I do too. That’s the part
of you that no one can take away, because that’s a
part of you that’s really you. You see, the stuff
I like about you isn’t the stuff on the outside. What I like about you
is the other stuff. The inside stuff. Smiles are a little
gift we give each other. That’s the most beautiful
part of your soul. She left you because
you’re a pussy. Please don’t use a bad word
when you could use a good word. Every pain needs a name. What do we think one is called? [EXPLOSION] MAN: You are not a real person. You are a man in a box. [SCREAMING] MAN: You’re a trusted brand. No one see a man. I feel something new today. Something’s growing inside me. CONAN O’BRIEN: Our
next guest is your son, your daughter, your
stepdaughter, from this couch in Columbus, Ohio. Please help me welcome
Mr. Jeff Pickles! [CHEERING, APPLAUSE]


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