Kill Shakespeare: The Dramatic Reading

[Dramatic music plays throughout] Kill Shakespeare… Yeah, it’s meant to be sort of a mash up tale. You’re going to see a story where all of Shakespeare’s greatest heroes and most menacing villains are going to be pit against each other on this quest to end all tragedy. I’m a huge comic book nerd. Love comic books and sort of get Shakespeare so this seemed like a good kind of marriage of the two. This is just so new and so different and really exciting world to sort of plunge into. One of my major issues with how we teach Shakespeare is that you sit down and just recite and you don’t actually see it and I think that’s something that having the comics and the images from that will really help here. You’re seeing this action happening. You’re seeing it unfold. [Actor as Richard III] This is why the tempest brought you to me Hamlet. You must save my people from William Shakespeare. [Actor as Hamlet] You are ill, sir – I am no hero sent from beyond. [Actor as Richard III] You’re more than you realise. So Anthony and I have created – we’ve been working on Kill Shakespeare – Anthony Del Col, the co-creator – we’ve been doing it since 2008 and so now we kind of have it – we’ve got it honed. Basically how we like to work is we’ll sit together and sort of break the story. Figure out what we want to tell in this next volume of Kill Shakespeare. And then we start to think about well, from our existing characters who fits that story? You know, who has existing story pieces that we haven’t finished with and who are the new characters that we want to get involved with? It’s a weird sort of world, isn’t it? It’s like a parallel universe where these characters you kind of know, you’ve kind of heard of, but you see them in a different way. I actually think comics and theatre are really similar in that both are mediums that you know are false. And by that I mean when you go and see a stage play like you can see the wings – you know you are watching entertainment and theatre doesn’t try to hide that. Theatre actually really leans into that. And I feel comics does the same way. You can see though page layouts and even just turning a page is – in a way that’s different than books – how the book was put together. And I think both are – Shakespeare and comics – I think are really well suited to to kind of strange, always slightly magical stories. [Actor as Hamlet] Hold as t’were the mirror up to nature to find the stuff you are made of. Three words to describe Kill Shakespeare… Sexy Scary and surprising! It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be innovative. And it’s going to be epic. [Dramatic music plays and fades out]

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