Kill the Debbie Downers! OFFICIAL TRAILER | Video by Peter Ruocco

[Russian folk song “Kalinka”] Well, yesterday to me is just time that’s passed. Life was better when I was young because you
always get you wanted. Time that has gone by and that you can’t change. Yesterday. I didn’t have to worry about anything in the
outside world like politics, and I only had to focus on what was going on with me and
my family. Those things and that time will never come
back. Moscow. And there’s nothing you can do about yesterday
except maybe sing a song. [“Kalinka” continued] In a hundred years,
I think life will be quite different from what it is now. There will be advances… like maybe there
will be a cure for Alzheimer’s. Sell our house. Pack everything up and go back to Moscow. I can’t be depressed about it. Clean up, and move on. There will be more women in leadership positions
if this world is still here. To try to make this life and the life of those
around you better than it is today. That will be tomorrow. [Russian folk song]

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