Kimetsu no Yaiba Original Drama Arishi Hi no Kyoudai

Yup. It fits perfectly. So warm… Since you can’t stand cold, I stuffed plenty of cotton in. Thank you, Sister. Shigeru and Hanako should now be ready for winter too. Can I really take it? Sure. You look really cute now, Hanako. It’s super warm, sis! Eh? Nezuko? Where’s Mom? Mom is at the river. Is that so? Nezuko. Tomorrow,
I’m gonna go to the town to sell some charcoal. We were able to make some fine coal this time. Good for you, bro. Look, bro! Sister made this for me. Looking good, Rokuta. Can I go show it to Mom too? Sure. Make sure you don’t trip on the way. Yeah! – I wanna go too!
– Me too! Are you sure about this, Nezuko? About using your two overcoats to make coats for the kids? It’s fine. They were getting too small for me anyway. And I’m not bothered by the cold. You don’t need to worry about me, bro. Nezuko… All I’m doing is making you endure hardship, Nezuko… * Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Siblings As They Had Once Been * No! Of course it’s out of the question! Nobody is asking for your opinion, Take. Bro, please! Take me to the town with Shigeru, too… Brooo! Sure… Even you, Hanako? Why? Hanako. Shigeru. The town is very far from here. I know! You know… Even if you go too,
you’ll only be getting in Bro’s way. I absolutely won’t be in the way, Bro! Please, Bro! Me too. I promise not to. Please! Stop this already. This isn’t the first time they’re begging
me to go to the town together, but…
Stop this already. This isn’t the first time they’re begging
me to go to the town together, but… But… They’re strangely desperate today. There is something more to this… You can beg all you want and- Alright then. Let’s go together. Eh? Hooray! Thank you, bro! Are you sure, Tanjirou? Right? They’ll only slow you down. Don’t worry. I’m our family’s oldest son.
I can take care of the two. Bro… If you say so, Tanjirou… Hanako. Shigeru. Be sure to listen to your older brother. Yeah! I get it already. Nezuko. Takeo. I’m leaving the house to you. What happened to them? The moment we started
going down the slope, they’ve both gotten quiet. Again… They’re looking at each other again. Oh I know. There’s something they’re trying to tell me. So that’s why they kept wanting to go with me. Hanako. Shigeru. Could it be that you want to tell me something? Eh? Bro? You can tell your big bro absolutely anything. Bro… You see… After you sell all the charcoal,
there’s something I want to ask of you. Ask? Could you maybe buy an overcoat for
Sister with the money you’ll make? Hanako. Yesterday, when we went outside… Shigeru kept loitering around the house so
I accidentally heard you and Sister talk… So, Shigeru and me talked it
over and decided to ask you to… Sister has nothing to wear in the winter, right? Don’t you feel sorry for her? I’ll do whatever I can to help you… Me too. Just please buy a coat for Sister. Bro? Bro? Sorry… We really are siblings, eh? Actually, I had the same idea in mind. To buy a coat with the money
I get from selling today’s charcoal. You too, bro? That’s my bro! Mom wanted me to buy vegetables
and dried fruit to prepare for the winter, but… It’s not like we’re in much of a rush to buy that… We still have some firewood. If I start making it into
charcoal tomorrow, I’ll be able to go sell it in a week. Even if I buy Nezuko a coat, we’ll be alright. Sister will be happy, won’t she. Of course. Nezuko will be very happy. I’ll sell all of it! Well then! Let’s do our best to sell out! Yay! So many people… If there’s such a crowd here, someone
who’d buy our charcoal must be among them. Bro, where are we gonna sell it? We’ll go visit some regular customers first. Let’s go. What is this place? The people living in this
row house are your big bro’s patrons. Oh my. It’s Tanjirou. Tanjirou! You already have some new charcoal? Yes! I came to sell some. Listen, folks! Tanjirou’s here. Ooh, it’s Tanjirou. Tanjirou. You’re early today. Tanjirou. I’m glad you’re here. Ochiyo! Your favorite, Tanjirou’s come. I can hear you. I’ve been waiting, Tanjirou. You’re in demand, aren’t you, Bro? You’re incredible, Bro. It’s gotten freezing lately, hasn’t it. You’re more cold-sensitive than
two people put together, Gen. Tanjirou. Looking healthy as always, eh? Fortunately, yes. Are your teeth giving you pain again, Kiyoshi? Yeah, a bit… If that’s so… try this. Rockfoil leaves. Add salt, knead it into a mash and
apply to the tooth. That should do the job. Also… For you, Haru, I have this. A herbal ointment. My mom is using it too, she says it’s good for cracked skin. You remembered about me? Thank you, Tanjirou. You’re such a thoughtful kid. You coming here from such a distance
already deserves thanks, and yet… Oh? Are these kids your siblings, Tanjirou? Yes! Oh my. You have a cute little sister. You’re helping your big brother? Good boy. Say, Tanjirou… Could you help me fix a shelf to the wall? Of course. Shigeru. Hanako. Take care of the charcoal. Sure. Leave it to me. Let’s see… Looks as good as always. It’s our big bro who’s making it, so… Fill this strainer to the brim please. Yes! I’m sorry for having you do this again. My lazy husband doesn’t do anything at all. Eh…? A scent of a person. Mrs Ochiyo, this house was empty before, wasn’t it? Eh? Oh, a young couple with a boy moved in the other day. A heavy, wet kind of cough. A saddening sound. An unpleasant sound that would make even a child sad. Okiku… That’s what the woman’s name is… Okiku seems to have a weak body. Looks like she’s sick in the chest. Her chest…? She’s still young, too. I can smell a person who’s been lying down for a long time. We sold a lot, didn’t we, Bro? The second basket is only half-full now. We should be grateful to the people from the row house. You two have worked hard, too. Was I of help to you, Bro? What about me? Sure. You both can boast about it to
Nezuko and Takeo when we come back home. Where do we go next? We’re already here. It’s the rice seller’s place.
He’s always selling us rice and miso. What a big shop. Hello! It’s me, Tanjirou. Thank you, mister. You even bought all of my charcoal. Are you sure you’re fine with not
exchanging it for rice and miso? We still have what you’ve given us the other day. And, we need some money today. Those two are your sister and brother, right? Yes! Hanako and Shigeru. They’ve come from so far away to
help their big brother? Good children. Consider this a reward. Thank you! And some for Tanjirou, too. Thank you! Bro, it’s candy! It’s pretty… You can eat it on the way home.
You’ll feel less tired that way. Is this alright? Something this expensive is… Come visit me again when you have more charcoal. Yes! We did it, Bro! We’re out of charcoal. Yup! Now we can buy Sister a coat. Right, bro? I can’t tell without going to the store, but… I think it should be enough. …And then THAT happened. A small shadow leapt out from behind
a corner suddenly… and ran into me. Ow… Are you alright? I let go of our rice wagon and leaned towards the boy. This scent…! I smelled the same smell I felt before Okiku’s house. Are you perhaps… Okiku’s child? Eh? Do you know my mom? The child, looking at me with his
round eyes seemed to be Shigeru’s peer. His face is similar to Rokuta’s. You there! Don’t move, kid! You had the gall to steal my wares! Minoru? Tan-chan? This young man who came chasing
after the boy is Minoru from the grocery store. He frequently buys my charcoal. Did this kid take some of your vegetables? Yeah. He stole some carrots from us. The boy’s hand truly was gripping a carrot. Tan-chan, let me deal with the kid. I’ll set him straight. I can tell the boy, who hid behind me, is shaking. The idea of handing this frightened child to the man is… I can’t do this. Minoru, I’m sorry, but could you let me deal with him? Eh? Do you know the brat? No, but… I’ll make sure he
doesn’t do anything bad anymore. So please, Minoru… Stop it… I can’t have you bow before me… Oh well… Geez. I get it already. He’s yours. Thank you, Minoru! I’m letting Tan-chan take care of you, but… You’re not getting any mercy next time, kid. So your name is Isamu. Yeah… Why did you steal that carrot? Do you like carrots that much? I don’t, if you ask me. I wanted my mom to smile… Mom has been coughing all morning, and looking like she’s in pain. She’s stopped smiling. I couldn’t stand seeing Mom’s suffering face… When I went outside, the aunties were talking about how you should eat carrots if you have a disease like my mom’s. Carrots? Oh I know. They probably thought of ginseng roots. So I thought Mom would smile if I gave her a carrot… …So you ended up stealing one. Yeah. It’s bad to steal people’s things though, Isamu. Your mom wouldn’t be happy if you gave her a stolen thing. That would only make her sad. You don’t want to see your mom sad, right? I don’t. I won’t do it again. I won’t do anything that’d make Mom sad! Good. What’s more, the carrots you heard about… It’s not the kind they’d sell in a grocery store. They sell those at the pharmacist’s. It’s a medicine? Does it cost a lot? Yeah, it does… It’s rather expensive. Really… I can’t do anything for Mom… Isamu went back home, saying his mom would be worried if he came back late. Thank you for helping me, mister. He thanked me in his loud voice as he was on his way. I can imagine what Isamu felt. It would be hard to bear if your parents had pained expressions on all the time. Our dad had a weak body and had to lie down a lot too, but… He always had a smile on. He didn’t suffer like Isamu’s. He really was always smiling. It would be nice if Isamu’s mom could smile again. If only her cough went away… The reason why our dad was always smiling is
because he didn’t have a painful cough, isn’t it. Nah… Even Dad had fits of cough sometimes. Really? I had no idea. Me neither. I only remember Dad
watching us play with a smile on his face. Right. When reminiscing about our father, what comes
to mind is his gentle smile and his calm voice. Like a murmuring stream. I remember a slight sweet scent
coming from Dad, smiling peacefully. A sweet scent? Bro, look. They sell used clothes here. Bro? What happened? I’m sorry, Hanako. Shigeru. Come one, come all! You won’t pay much! Minoru! Tan-chan! What’s up? Do you have ginger? How did it go, Shigeru? Isamu and his mom were asleep, so I just left it there. Is that so? Thanks, Shigeru. Aren’t you glad they had honey at the pharmacist’s, bro? Sure. The sweet scent I could barely smell around Dad… That was honey. Whenever Dad had a fit of cough, he would drink
a mixture of grated ginger and honey he had nearby. I’ve just remembered. I hope this honey and ginger makes
Isamu’s mom’s cough at least a little better. I wish smile returned to her face. I’m sorry, you two. We can’t
buy a coat for Nezuko anymore. I’m sorry! It’s fine, Bro. You don’t need to apologize so much. Yeah. After we bought the honey, we were left with only
enough money to buy vegetables, but what can you do. We need to buy one for Nezuko next time then. Your bro is going to do his best making charcoal. – I’ll help you!
– Me too. Well then. We should go home now. Heave-ho… I’ll push it from behind now, thanks. You two must be tired. Not at all. This is nothing… Let’s have a break. Have some water, Bro. Oh right. Candy! Remember what that mister said?
You’ll feel less tired if you eat some. Right! Candy! It’s so pretty it feels wasteful to eat. If you don’t want any, I’m taking it, sister! No…! I’m gonna eat mine. Sweet…! Tastes good. Right, Bro? Yup. Takeo? Isn’t that enough firewood for the stove? It’s for Hanako and Shigeru, and their baths. They come back all dirty from
going down the mountain, so… They’ll need a lot of hot water. What was that giggle right now? Nothing. Sister… They’re home! They’ve returned, eh? Bro! Sis! Welcome home. Welcome home! We’re back. Hanako. Shigeru. Welcome back. Welcome back, Bro. I’m back, Nezuko. You’ve sold all the charcoal, didn’t you. About that… What happened, Bro? Uh… I’m sorry, Nezuko. Eh? What? Why would you apologize? Nn… Actually, nevermind… Nevermind? Now I have to know, Bro. Anyway, I brought something for you, Nezuko. Candy. You like it, don’t you. You too? Me too…? Hanako and Shigeru already gave me theirs. It’s a souvenir, they said. Those kids… Just like me, they only tried
a single drop and saved the rest… They’d wanted to give their candy
to Nezuko, since we couldn’t buy her a coat. We really are siblings! Bro? I sure do hope you two weren’t getting in Bro’s way. We were not! He praised us, too. Hanako! Shigeru! Bro? What happened, why would you hug us all of a sudden? I’m just happy. Stop it already, Bro. Stop rubbing my cheek with yours, it tickles. What are you talking about?
You two liked it when you were kids. Take that! Stop, Bro. We’re big already. Please. You’re still children. Take’s jealous! So you want some too? Haa? Quit clowning. You jealous, Takeo? I’ll do it to you too, then! Take that! Rub rub! Quit doing that. It’s embarrassing. Brooo! * translation by: BDNRZ Translations *

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