‘King Jeongjo and Hamlet’ play held at Seoul palace as part of arts festival

It’s sunnier than yesterday but it will be
breezier. Those of us in the capital area are seeing
temperatures 3 to 4 degrees lower than yesterday… and the top temperatures will be 24 degrees
Celsius in Seoul and Daejeon… while Daegu, Gwangju and Jeju will reach 25 degrees. The nation starts the long Chuseok holiday
from the first day of October. Light showers are expected over the weekend,
so those of you that plan to head home over the weekend or next Monday will need to drive
with caution.. as that band of rain will bring a chill to the air. With that, let’s take a look at the international
weather for viewers around the world. Most regions in South Korea will enjoy a sunny
autumn day,… while North Korea will have mostly sunny skies but cooler highs than the
South. As for major cities in Asia,…Beijing will
have a similar weather pattern to Seoul with a high of 23 degrees under lots of sunshine. Meanwhile, those of you in Wellington will
enjoy plenty of sun but temperatures will be similar to yesterday. Heading to North America, exceptionally hot
and humid conditions will continue in Montreal AND a Severe Thunderstorm Warning has also
been issued, but things will return to norm on Thursday. As
for South America, Lima and Rio de Janeiro will be under sunny skies. Taking you to Europe,… those of you in Paris
will have a rainy Thursday while Stockholm will wake up to a foggy morning. Lastly to Africa, Cape Town will be mostly
sunny and warm with a high of 23.

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