Kings Road History – Seditionaries (Sex) and Rolling Stones

This is Sloane Square and that’s King’s Road and it’s called King’s Road because in the old days when the palace was at Westminster this was the road that led to Hampton Court and you needed a King’s pass to travel from the palace up to Hampton Court a lot of people around here are called Sloanes well they were in my day I think these days they just call them……… rich. and that Royal Court Theatre over there In one of the early Columbo episodes, Columbo goes in there and solves a murder It looked really looked really dirty and grimey back then we’re talking early 70s It’s quite sad of me but I really like the fact that Columbo has walked down this alley Also it’s quite appropriate that I’m wearing this hat because this which is now McDonalds used to be the Chelsea drugstore from the famous Rolling Stones song I went down to the Chelsea Drugstore, to get my fair share of abuse You can’t always get what you want and they also shot some of A Clockwork Orange in there Along from McDonalds is Wellington Square just off Kings Road and in the James Bond books by Ian Fleming He describes Bond as living in a small plane tree-lined street off Kings Road which is possibly this one or it could be Royal Avenue over there but I reckon this is a Bond type square Very humble place…a humble dwelling a lot of famous people lived around this area Down in Tite Street is where Oscar Wilde lived So here at number 430 Kings Road is the famous shop that used to be called Let It Rock it was opened by Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McClaren back in the early 70s and that’s exactly where they launched the Sex Pistols from in 1975 This used to be called Sex or Seditionaries now it’s called World’s End, it’s the most famous shop on Kings Road, it’s number 430 It’s owned by Vivienne Westwood Adam Ant…everyone comes in here, Blondie still comes here Cass, from Skunkanansie Hi Cass from Skunkanansie! Very famous shop with very famous visitors That’s the mountain hat from the 80s Looks like the one Boy George wears That’s the same era Hand made in London The Alice in Wonderland store, very tiny but very powerful and really influential in the history of London fashion also with Galliano and McQueen Vivienne is a clear influence on them as well. Visit us! I really do feel like Gulliver in here, that is massive That would suit you It’s a man’s shirt, the Sex Pistols wore this After you walk down Royal Avenue just around the corner is Tite Street Someone’s obviously tried to turn it into Tit Street How hilarious As I expected there’s a blue plaque because this is where Oscar Wilde lived It used to be a street famous for artists which is possibly where he got the idea for The Picture of Dorian Gray, because of all these people coming and going with big frames of paintings and easels Oscar Wilde lived here until 1895 when he was arrested for “Posing as a sodomite” It was quite sad because I think it was here that his wife fell down the stairs and broke her back, and she later died Not a lot of people know or think about the fact that Oscar Wilde was actually married but we’ve been to his wife’s cemetery in Genoa, Staglieno cemetery another video available on Joolz Guides Youtube channel There was one particular bloke called James Whistler who was a famous artist who lived in this street and was always having these run-ins with Oscar Wilde and it was he who said to Oscar Wilde when they were at a party famously They overheard someone make a witty remark and Oscar Wilde said to Mr Whistler, “I wish I had said that” and James Whistler said, “You will, Oscar. You will.” Do you have a favourite Oscar Wilde aphorism? Here at number 152 Kings Road is the pheasantry called the pheasantry because they actually used to have a pheasant shop he many years ago and if you wanted a nice plump birdthis was where to come I have to confess my ignorance I don’t know what a pheasant looks like but that ain’t one of them This is King Charles’ old hunting lodge Hence the road being called Kings Road So the picture up there is of King Charles It is indeed Which King Charles? King Charles ll It’s changed quite a lot over the years it’s got this rather peculiar Greek feel to it and more modern Pizza Express architecture In 1915 a lady called Eleanor Thornton drowned and she was a model and used to hang out here because it used to be studios she is the model on which they based the spirit of ecstacy on the front of the Rolls Royce There’s a connection with me because I had to re-sculpt the spirit of ecstacy for the new Rolls Royce BMW She stood up in the car and she was wearing some fancy dress and it was billowing in the wind and that’s where the guy got the idea to sculpt the icon. In the 1960s it then became studio flats upstairs and a pretty trendy nightclub downstairs and this is where Eric Clapton had to escape out of a bedroom window when there was a drugs raid by the police..and it’s now a Pizza Express One day, someone, not us, 100 years from now a guy in a bowler hat will be here going “remember this used to be a Pizza Express” No you’re joking! That’s amazing! And that’s why they never knocked it down..because of that fact

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